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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 12/04/2007

The instructor, Elise, was kind enough to answer some questions from Amazon.com about the Element line of DVDs.

Why do you think the recent trend for women is to seek the dancer's silhouette?

Elise: A dancer's silhouette is the ideal physique for a woman today. It provides strength through lean, elegant, streamlined muscles. The strengthening of the dance conditioning movements will help melt away fat while creating lean musculature that is still feminine and graceful. The stretching element of dance creates length, not only in the muscles, but in the spine as well. Training with ballet conditioning will give a woman a strong, tall slender body.

How did you manage to create a ballet conditioning program that doesn't use a barre or any other equipment?

Elise: I created a workout that uses the strength of the core to create balance and stability in the body. The sequences on this dvd are both accessible and challenging for anyone! Many ballet conditioning exercises actually don't use the barre as a weight-bearing tool—it's only for balance. In this DVD a beginner can use a chair to aid in balance, as they build core strength. A more advanced practitioner can do much of the series without the aid of a chair, simply by bracing the body with the strength of the abdominals, and a lifted, elongated spine.

Who is this workout good for?

Elise: This workout is amazing for women and men of all shapes and sizes! Ballet Conditioning uses one's own body weight as resistance, so it is safe to do every day, for women AND men… from the strongest athlete, to the ultimate newcomer to fitness. It works to build strong, lean muscle, raise the heart-rate, and speed up metabolism. Dance also helps create rhythm, grace, and balance while building a supple flexible spine. .

What do you think consumers will find different about Element DVDs from other workout programs?

Elise: I know that consumers will enjoy the pure elegance of these DVDs. This is what truly sets the `element' series apart from other brands of DVDs. The Element DVD's encourage a solid mind/body connection, which encourages practitioners to explore their physical edge, while being truly mentally & emotionally present in the moment. These programs are fluid and graceful in their movement, and provide a HUGE physical fitness element in a nurturing and encouraging environment. .

Tell us about the connection with this DVD and the efforts to reduce global warming.

Elise: Element DVDs support the harmony of mind and body, which encourages a social and global awareness. This harmony encourages us to do what we can to make a difference in the world. For every four Element DVDs sold, a tree will be planted in a national forest. Consumers are therefore doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint, and the dangerous effects of global warming. If we work together, we can spread health and happiness one deep breath at a time.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great ballet DVD!
    This is exactly what I was looking for!! I had taken ballet for several years up until high school. It has now been 10 years since then and I wanted a refresher on the exercises I used to do for strengthening and stretching. This DVD is perfect! It has all the exercises I used to do, what a great way to tone up my body again. ...more info
  • The BEST!
    I absolutely love this ballet conditioning DVD! The voice over is so soothing. I feel really elegant when I do this. This gives an amazing workout, and is my number one, (of many choices), that I can't wait to come back to. I am an advanced exerciser and still feel like I get a super workout. This also makes me feel long and lean and graceful. I hope she makes more in the future....more info
  • love it
    This is a great workout for any level not looking for crazy cardio. plus afterwards you feel very relaxed. ...more info
  • Hardcore Lower body workout
    This is an intense lower body workout. (There is also a great abs workout section.) Some ballet background would be very helpful, but if you have an aptitude for dance movements you should be fine. The instructor guides you step by step through the workout. She demonstrates good technique. The first time through the workout you will either bust out laughing or want to smack the instructor because of some of the things she says. The workout is not for the uncoordinated. This workout is good for intermediate level and above. I have a cheer and informal dance background, yet I feel accomplished upon completing this workout. I only wish that more time was spent on stretching exercises. ...more info
  • Great Yoga Alternative - Perfect for Morn Routine!
    If you are searching for an alternative to the never ending Yoga workouts then you have found the right item. I wanted something that emphasized stretching and strength without the hype for my morning workout...afternoons I like to jog, swim or work with free weights but wanted something more calming to start the day with...but I'm personally "burned out" on Yoga Yoga Yoga. This is the perfect solution! I have zero ballet training so cannot begin to claim that my form is correct however, the movements really challenge...as another reviewer mentioned...within the first five minutes you are feeling the heat build up. Great stretching that is perfect for this middle aged body - emphasizes those areas that tend to become problematic as one grows older...especially if you excercise or lift weights and have a problem retaining flexiblity.

    However, don't be fooled - this is one tough workout! I've only had it a week but must confess that I'm still unable to get through the entire workout without stopping for a quick break (thank goodness for that pause button!). It leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed - not utterly exhausted and hyper - which is exactly what I was searching for on a morning routine. Gets the blood pumping, eliminates that groggy feeling and leaves you invigorated.

    Those with formal ballet training may find issues-but for those searching for a great stretching/strength workout without the hype and hysteria of bouncing bodies across the screen or someone just looking for an alternative to Yoga this is an excellent routine. ...more info
  • Great workout
    I was very pleased with this video. I'm taking an adult ballet class for exercise and I bought this video to supplement that class, since that only meets once per week. This workout is great. It concentrates a lot on the legs and butt, which are needed areas for me. I feel that doing this workout during the week has really helped me improve in class too. It's a great value....more info
  • best ballet work out out there
    This dvd is great for beginners. tough, but doable. it heavily focuses on leg excercises, and a bit of other ones at the end as well. the background is nice and relaxing, and the instructor is very clear. great dvd for its price ...more info
    I love this DVD! I used to do ballet but haven't in YEARS. I was looking for an interesting workout and this is fantastic. It's challenging and fun. I have been doing it every other day for almost 2 weeks and can already see more definition in my legs! You just feel BETTER after this DVD. I plan to continue until I can master the moves as well as the instructor (trust me, some of it is tough). I feel like I REALLY get a good workout in. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Get your legs in shape!
    I have mostly been doing Pilates workouts so I thought I would try this after reading other reviews. This is fantastic! I love all of the leg exercises like tandu, plie, releve. You will hold onto a chair for balance. The leg exercises in the beginning really strengthen your thigh muscles. It is hard to keep doing them until the very last one. That's a good workout to me.

    Towards the end, you will do jumps without using the chair, plus some other standing exercises. I cannot stand in the same place on these jumps the way that Elise does, but it still gives me a great cardio workout.

    Before the cool down, there are exercises on the floor that will work your legs and abs. In this part, you can build up to where you don't use your arms to catch your legs and that uses your ab muscles more.

    I don't know much about ballet, in fact, I have never been to a ballet class. Although, it is gorgeous to watch and I would love to have the dancer's physique. This workout will definitely improve your shape if you continue to do it....more info
  • Drills at home
    This is a great routine to create strength. One will Need to have a base of knowledge to execute the movements. ...more info
  • A True Workout!
    Ballet Conditioning is a fun and intense workout. I purchased the DVD because I do not like typical workout DVD's or going to the gym. I prefer activities such as sport games, swimming, and dance. In addition, I have an interest in ballet, but cannot commit to a class at this time. This DVD is a perfect combination for me. The instructor uses a chair for balance, so no extra equipment is necessary. She explains each move very well, while keeping the workout moving along at a good pace. Ballet Conditioning is definitly a workout that leads to that long and lean dancer's body. My legs were very sore the first time I did the workout....more info
  • Superb!
    This Ballet Conditioning DVD is excellent! It provides a magnificent workout and is fun to do. Set against a beautiful backdrop and accompanied with serene music, I can totally feel my whole body transforming every time I do it. I have especially noticed a difference in my legs and arms after 14 days. I actually look forward to doing this DVD 3-4 times a week. It has become one of my absolute favorite exercise DVD's ever....more info
  • relaxing and effective
    This workout helps to burn calories and relax at the same time. The movements are elegant and powerful. The abs are hard!...more info
  • Welcome back dancers legs
    I trained as a dancer (tap, jazz, ballet demi and Pointe) from age 3 to 19 years old. I am 32 and out of shape, very overweight. This DVD is wonderful. I cried the first time because it was memory lane for me. Elise takes you through the basics of ballet. Don't think this is she she foofoo workout. This is hard core kick your butt workout. You will sweat. I have had the DVD for 3 weeks now and I still haven't made it through the entire workout yet, but I will and I have already seen results. My legs, feet and ankles look wonderful, strong not body builder strong, lean, toned well shaped. My posture has improved greatly. I do this workout 3-4 times a week. Each time I go a little bit further. I love it it's a must have. Even people who have never danced before can do this, BUT pace yourself. It takes time. I trained for years and I still needed to pace myself as I'm starting back after 13 year hiatus. Elise did a wonderful job. By far my favorite workout DVD ever. I actually look forward to ballet dancing again. Total body workout. I walk in addition to this and I sleep better, feel better and my body is changing. My BFF 10 year old daughter said to me yesterday "you look smaller in you face". Needless to say I threw in an extra session yesterday, I haven't noticed my face. Such a self esteem booster for me.

    The scenery on this DVD is lovely and tranquil, makes you want to exercise. Elise's voice is calming and soothing, her dictation is clear, easy to understand and follow. You need only a chair for balance and barefoot is best. Can it get any better??? Get this DVD and try it. If you actually hate it and I can't see anyone not liking it donate it to the public library. I have nothing but good reports for Elise and this DVD....more info
  • Ballet DVD
    My sister is in ballet and she had been raving about how she had been doing ballet conditioning with her friend. When I bought this dvd for her she said it was the exact one she had been doing and it was a great workout to improve core strength....more info
  • It works!
    I thought this was a great, effective workout. I've only done the video about four or five times, and have already had a coworker ask if I have lost weight. My only issue with it is that the music is very new-age; not what you would associate with ballet. ...more info
  • Beautiful workout
    This is a very challenging, very rewarding workout. Lovely, fluid movements, and a lot of deep-down muscle working- especially in the arms and legs. (YES!!!) Elise is a wonderful instructor, very encouraging and easy to follow. Gorgeous outdoor setting (pretty flowers and a view of the ocean!) Over-all great workout- buy it!!
    ...more info
  • So worth it!!!!!
    I almost did not leave a review because I saw that the majority of people had it spot on. I really appreciated this DVD. I love ballet as a beautiful form of expression.So seeing the opportunity to diversify my routine with a well loved artform I was sold. I took ballet for a few years (3 or so) when i was much younger...that's it. So saying that that made it easier for me would be a stretch. What I liked was that the routine seems as though it is easy so you think okay I can try this and then before you know it you are sweating. There is a lot of leg work and that means that it involves using a lot of large muscle groups so it's got to get your heart rate up. I personally don't love voice-overs but this one was not distracting, cues were good and demonstration excellent. I would actually have loved more classical music but that is just by the way. The leg work is GREAT as is the ab work. I am thoroughly satisfied....more info
  • Staying in Shape While Sailing
    This DVD is a great cross-training regime for me as a runner. This video provides an overall workout, focusing on flexibility, strength and balance. The instructor is encouraging in a relaxed manner, which I need to get through the grande plies series that sets my thighs on fire. That's not to mention the ab chapter that puts me to shame. Besides the great workout, another benefit of this DVD is that you can sweat while looking (or at least trying to look) graceful!

    Bonus for boaters: Many of the exercises are adaptable to small spaces. I live and travel on my 35-foot sailboat. Staying fit onboard is always a challenge. I can perform many of the exercises both inside the boat and topside.

    Being quite inflexible, I wish the DVD included additional warm-up stretches or an extras chapter with stretches to better prepare me for the leg lifts to follow. That aside, I recommend this DVD for people looking to increase strength, agility, balance and muscle tone.
    ...more info
  • Great workout!
    I'm 6 months post delivery of our 2nd baby and starting excersize to get back in shape. This video is perfect to get started again! As some other reviewers have mentioned, it may look like you're just gracefully dancing or messing around, yet much more than that is going on. I noticed another reviewer wrote that if you don't have much flexibility this video is very bad for you. I can't disagree more. She mentions in the video, several times, that do what feels challenging to you! You are not going to be able to move as advanced as she does for a while. That's the beauty of this video. You can see how everytime you do the workout, you'll get that much more out of it. Just do the workout so that you can feel the muscles work. The flexibility will come with time. I'm sure before I know it, I'll be able to lift my leg much higher than 1/3 of the way up (although sometimes is just 1/4 of the way)! My 3 1/2 yr old daughter starts off working out with me, and gets tired after about 10 min, so she just encourages me while I work. Its great!...more info
  • Good workout, odd atmosphere
    This product provides an excellent workout. The only complaint I've had about it is that the "atmosphere" of it is more "yoga-ey" than ballet. I guess I'd expect a ballet workout to take place in a studio, led by an instructor in dancewear, with classical music, rather than outdoors with a Weather Channel-sounding soundtrack. Otherwise it's fab!...more info
  • Wonderful
    Teacher is clear and easy to follow. Setting is beautiful. She is encouraging. It is definitely hard if you're not in shape, but don't let that stop you! It's easy to modify moves and you know you will gain strength. I did the first 30min and then was done for the day. Really felt how hard my muscles worked. (I have not danced in many years.) And the kids "joined" in. Highly recommend if you want to have the grace of dance in your life....more info
  • Nice results
    This is a lovely, deceptively challenging workout. Anyone watching you would think you were just mincing around playing ballerina, but it takes strength to hold your arm up for a long time while carrying your body weight on one leg and making small, precise movements with the other leg. I skip the section of "leaps." At 58 years old, I'm done leaping. However, the standing work and very challenging ab work give the kind of lean body tone that most women want. ...more info
  • Challenging and effective workout
    This was a fun and challenging workout which really got me sweaty and feeling spent in a good way. I would caution people with injuries (especially in the knees as she really likes to have you do a lot of plies---including grand-plie which is a pretty big bend in the knees) to steer away from the this video. It is probably not best for a total beginner unless you feel comfortable modifying your exercises to your own abilities and if you do not mind that you might not yet be able to perform the exercises to the level of the woman on the screen. The exercises are actually reasonably easy to modify (do demi plies instead of grand-plies, put the hands on the hips is you get tired from keeping them in second position forever, only lift the leg to 30 or 45 degrees instead of 90 in grand battements etc). If you have never had any dance training (I have only had 6 months of a beginning adult classes) then I would probably think that the New York City Ballet Workout 1 is better for introducing some of the basic ballet steps while still getting a workout. Incorporate this into your workout routine and I do not know how you would not get results. And one more thing---you do not need to be flexible to do the workout as other reviewers have suggested---I had to work for ages to even touch my toes and I found this workout to be possible, with modification of course....more info
  • Excellent!
    I love this workout! But its not just a workout, it teaches technique and form and you don't even know it. The instructor is excellent and so graceful. The pace is perfect, not too fast so its perfect for even beginners. But its also not too slow so you get an amazing workout of your legs, abdominals, and arms too! ...more info
  • Slow pace but you'll feel the burn
    I did this workout several days ago and my thighs are still so sore I could barely walk today! I consider this a success, as I often feel that home videos aren't challenging enough. This instructor does some tough strength moves (like modified ballet barre moves in a squat position held for a longgggg time). Ye-ouch! If I am able to stick with it I would expect to see some firming up.

    My biggest complaint is that the pace of the steps is incredibly slow. As someone who has taken lessons before I was bored and had to do everything at "double time" speed. While it was pleasant enough, it was not as enjoyable as a a standard beginner ballet class, probably because it goes so slow. Also, the instructor kept saying over and over how this will lead to "a dancer's body" in a new age-style voice over. I found this a little irritating. I'd rather enjoy the music and just be cued to what's next than hear about the benefits that I may or may not see one day.

    You probably won't get the body of a professional who dances 7 hours per day from this tape. However, you WILL feel the burn as these strength moves will get results....more info
  • Element: Ballet Conditioning
    I've always admired the strength and elegance of ballet dancers. After reading the review in Shape magazine and on Amazon, I bought the DVD. Wow! This is a challenging workout! I know a few people were disappointed that it wasn't balletic enough, but I don't think it was meant to be. This video is a conditioning workout. I haven't made it through the whole video. I piece them out: core strength and quads one day, stretching and glutes the next (with some yoga mixed in). Frankly after the first few minutes of keeping my legs raised and repeating leg movements, I was sweating from holding certain positions. You do work your arms. Elise has you raising your arms above your head or out to your side and you keep them there for the duration of the exercise. The core strength uses pilates and it left my abs burning for hours.
    This a wonderful video to add to my collection. Graceful instructor. Gorgeous scenery. And a workout that leaves me feeling strong and supple....more info
  • Elegant ballerina!
    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel the burn and get that "elegant dancers' body" (direct quote from the video).

    This is very lower body focused (let's be honest, it IS ballet) and you feel the burn within the first five minutes. She is a very great instructor and has cuing that is very helpful.

    Whenever I finish this video, I feel so strong and elegant. Although during the video, I don't really know what to do with my hands or the correct position of them, but I just try my best to mimic the trainer.

    I think another thing that I like best about the video is how she's so encouraging. She seems as though you could be able to talk to her and she'd be down to earth. I know there are a lot of people that sometimes feel discouraged when a trainer comes off too tough in videos, and she gives off a great and encouraging vibe.

    If you have 50 minutes and would like to feel it pretty much everywhere, this is the video for you.

    It is very balanced (your arms start to hurt after you hold them out to your sides, above your head, etc.) and there is a pilates-inspired core routine at the end.

    Love it!...more info
  • Excellent Video
    I had never done ballet before but this video was easy to follow and has really improved my strength and flexibility. I liked it so much, I bought it for a friend!...more info
  • Not really for beginners
    I'm trying to find a good DVD to exercise, and I thought I'd try ballet - hey, who doesn't want to be more graceful, lean, and strong? All the other DVDs I saw reviewed on Amazon seemed to be for an existing dancer (which I'm not!) to refine technique, or a mix of ballet-Pilates or ballet-yoga.

    So you know who's doing this review - I'm very tall, 235 lbs, 30 years, good athletic background but not in great shape now. I am certainly NOT one of those women whose reviews I read here on Amazon who complain that an exercise video spends TOO MUCH time demonstrating moves, and gives too much of a break between moves. Nope! I need things simple and paced so that I can actually do it. So with that in mind, here's my review of Elise Gulan's Ballet Conditioning:

    1) Gorgeous Pacific background (someone's beautiful house)
    2) Gulan has an amazing figure and is very graceful - gives me something to which to aspire, and trying to imitate her grace took my mind off the difficulty of what I was doing - a tiny bit at least.
    3) I found the moves very difficult, and I was working hard let me tell you!
    4) For a complete ballet newbie, I guess there was a good element of introduction to ballet moves and terms.

    1) I was distracted by the fact that she kept on referring to long, lean dancer's muscles - but she's a beast. Great figure, yes, very graceful movements, yes - but slender and delicate no. Her thighs could not only crack walnuts - but could crack a walnut DESK! With a little self-tan and a tiny bikini, she could compete for body-building, I'm actually serious here.
    2) I have to say this - since I volunteered at a fire station I probably (unfortunately) know more about soft-core pron than most women... I am willing to swear blind that the production company mixing the music does mostly soft-core pron. It was so disconcerting, and distracting - in the first section there was even the classic 70s pron "bow-wow" every now and then. With that ocean background, contact-paper "wood" platform, and fake cultured voiceover - it really was set up like soft-core pron.
    3) Gulan's voiceover is freakin' annoying. I know she's trying to sound soft, musical, warm, and classy - but it sounds unnatural and forced. And she has a VERY weird, distracting habit of "warming" nearly every line (the only explanation I could find for the weirdness), so that it sounds like she's making a dirty innuendo; my mental image is of her constantly wiggling her eyebrows and winking creepily. What the heck?? This really adds to the creepy soft-core pron feeling of this video.
    4) As to the actual exercise - the segment was too long, and impossible for anyone other than a dedicated gym-rat or ballerina to follow. It was very discouraging to me. She just never stops, and never gives you even a second's rest, and rather than switching muscles just sticks with the same ones, nonstop. Yes I know I have a remote, but I think a good choreographer builds exercise programs in segments, and switches muscle groups.
    5) Her instructions tend to give important info a little too late to be helpful - not until the very end of the last leg of moves where she's casually lifting her leg to her ears (ok, I'm exaggerating) does she mention that it doesn't matter if you only lift it an inch, practice will increase flexibility, yada yada. My pulled groin would have appreciated that little tidbit a bit earlier! :)

    My verdict:
    If you really want to do ballet conditioning, and are willing to kill yourself every day until you can actually follow her moves, go for it. If you want to have a reasonably paced, uplifting workout session, go elsewhere. You'll end up discouraged and feeling inadequate, instead of proud of your hard work. And maybe a little creeped out and dirty.

    Whereas I've put in Tracey Mallett every day, this is only the second time I've put in this DVD... and probably not too many more times. Ebay here I come!...more info
  • Disappointing
    I love ballet, so I thought this would be a fun workout. I was wrong. If you don't already have high flexibility, you will be more frustrated then energised. The instructions are vauge. There are few moderations given, and you can easily strain a muscle. Beware if you are exercising in a room with fragile items, as there is a section of constant jumping. I left this workout annoyed at my wasted time and will not return again....more info
  • Excellent
    This is the first ballet video that I have tried. The video is well-produced, absolutely beautiful scenery. I never felt intimitated or lost. The instructor was very good at showing and explaining the moves, so I always knew what to do even though I am not familiar with ballet terminology. This was a good lower body workout too. It's very low impact (except for one short section that you hop through some of the moves to get your heart rate up). This workout will also improve your flexibility. I would definitely recommend this workout!...more info
  • good workout, encouraging voice
    My 10 year old daughter and I thought this was a good ballet workout. We like it better than the NYC ballet and Ballet Boot Camp DVDs. She gives you one thorough ballet barre workout in about 50 minutes, including some abs....more info
  • Loving how it makes me feel
    As a dance teacher I'm always looking for new ways to keep my kids in shape while also keeping myself in tip top shape. This video does the trick for sure! I got halfway into the exercises and my thighs were screaming at me. It does go a little fast for those that aren't already ballet trained but the way the narrator leads you through each exercise is nice. I highly recommend this dvd for anyone who wants to change up their routine. ...more info
  • Highly recommended
    I absolutely loved this workout. It really helped me improve my ballet technique and strengthen my leg muscles. I can see the difference in my dancing. The setting is great and the workout is challenging. ...more info
  • Best Ballet Workout on DVD
    This is hands down the BEST ballet DVD I've ever tried. I've never taken a single ballet class in my life, so it was perfect for my status as a beginner. The next day I could really feel all of the muscles that I'd worked. When I started the DVD I didn't think I'd end up getting much of a work out/calorie burn, but within 10 minutes I was sweating. The great part is, you don't have to do the moves extremely fast or learn tricky combinations. I STRONGLY reccommend this DVD for persons of any age who have ever wanted to try ballet, and for those who are looking for a very unique workout....more info
  • Warning - harder than it looks!
    As a previous reviewer noted, this workout is QUITE intense! I used to dance ballet in elementary school, but have been out of shape for many, many years. In the hopes of finding a workout I would enjoy and actually do, I turned to this DVD.

    Elise is an excellent teacher, very gentle and affirming. The workout is an hour long, so make sure you have enough time to complete it. You do need plenty of space to do all the moves, which made things a little difficult in my tiny apartment. For those of us who aren't quite up to the challenge, it is easy enough to skip the last few reps of some of the exercises (the plie jumps in particular), and you still get a good workout. Remember, if it hurts, don't do it! My favorite part was the stretches at the end - very relaxing! ...more info
  • Good burn, minimal sweat
    This is a solid workout for toning, lengthening, and balancing. It's fun and not too long. It's essentially a basic barre class with some pilates at the end. I did it for the first time yesterday and am really feeling it today - it's hard to sit down, but in a good way. I know if I keep at it it will make a difference in my body! My only dissapointment is that I did not break much of a sweat. Would be great after a two mile run....more info
  • Excellent!
    I found this workout really intense and complete. As in ballet, though it's excersises seem effortless, you have a lot of burning muscles going on there. She gives very precise cues, and it's easy to follow. Her message along the workout is to enjoy and feel happy. The music is nice, but I preffer classical music for the ballet workouts. If you expect some coreography, this is not de case. It is aimed at toning and strenghtening all your muslces, but there are no coreographies included. At the end you have some ballet jumps, that really boosts your heart rate. I strongly recommend this workout....more info
  • Pure Simple Grace
    This is one of the best stretch DVDs I've ever found. It is elegant, graceful, and PERFECT for a beginner and more advanced. I am 31 and just beginning to learn ballet for the first time. I am so impressed with this DVD I do the routine every other day and find I am improving each time. No more sore muscles and I'm getting so flexible! This is set outdoors, has no equipment needed, and the instructor is just so lovely...she gives the right amount of instruction and she gives postitive encouragement which really helped me feel inspired. Absolutely 5 stars....more info
  • Great workout!
    I have always loved ballet, but have never formally taken classes. I knew some of the terms from previous exercise programs (pilates, etc.)... but that wasn't needed. The instructor thoroughly explains what each move is, and over the next 50 minutes takes you on a complete muscle workout! I never thought moving so slowly through a movement could be so powerful. ...more info
  • My legs love this video
    I got this because I was always so jealous of ballet dancers' legs! The first couple times I did it, it was a definite challenge even though my legs were pretty in shape. The balance and grace required to do the moves like Elise does them are challenging and add depth to the workout. Overall, my legs are stronger and more flexible because of this workout. There is an awesome ab section too that gets really deep into the muscles and is still hard for me after doing many times. ...more info


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