Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - Walk Away Your Waistline! With 1, 2 and 3 Mile Markers (Walk Belt Included Inside!)
Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - Walk Away Your Waistline! With 1, 2 and 3 Mile Markers (Walk Belt Included Inside!)

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Start walking at home with Leslie and a spirited cast of walkers. This 3 Mile Walk features The Walk Belt! More muscles are challenged when you wear The Walk Belt - that's what helps you to burn more calories for a very slimming workout! Leslie shows you how the belt "engages the core muscles" and gives the arms and upper body a firming workout you get a flat tummy and slim toned arms all while walking away the extra weight! Kit Includes: 3 Mile Workout DVD The Walk Belt Workout Meter System Requirements:Length: 48 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS/EXERCISE UPC: 013131542295 Manufacturer No: DV15422

Customer Reviews:

  • Love the belt
    I really like this one because of the walk belt that comes with it. I love being able to work out the upper body along with everything else. This one is brisk, more than some of her others, but I like to switch it around with the Walk Diet for when I have a little more energy and time. And the walking videos Leslie does are always easier on my knees than any other videos I've tried....more info
  • Not walking away waistline
    I am giving this workout tape 4 stars because it is a good 3 mile workout. However, this does not "walk away your waistline". The belt that comes with the DVD is barely used during the workout and when it is used there is no more emphasis on your waistline than without the belt. In fact I could feel more in my waistline area during other parts of the tape. I did like the workout. It is a good 3 mile workout but the belt is not used to its best advantage. It may as well not be included....more info
  • Not bad!!
    I'm a standup comedian, on the road constantly. Many of the hotels I stay in don't have decent fitness centers, or the fitness room isn't open when I finally have time to exercise after my shows late at night. Walking outside is often not an option in the dangerous and/or unfamiliar neighborhoods where the hotels are. This dvd is the perfect solution for me! At least, the concept is. I loved it the first two times through. I liked her friendliness, positive attitude, and the fact that she included her girlfriends in the video. But her high pitched voice soon becomes grating -- too annoying to listen to. And the canned music is awful!! So I just turn the volume off and play music of my own choice while I walk along with them. Now I often just do the routine on my own completely, without the dvd at all. It was a great motivator, though, and I'm glad I bought the dvd. The belt is a good concept, but the elastic is too loose to give me much resistance. When I'm at home, I skip the belt and use hand weights instead....more info
  • Makes You Walk1
    This dvd makes you walk steadier and faster than walking an ordinary circuit path. The belt can be a bit annoying and needs adjusting. This is the reason for the four stars, otherwise it's a fine indoor walking dvd. ...more info
  • It Will Work!
    I just got this DVD from Wal-Mart two days ago and as someone who has done almost every form of exercise, I can say at the 3-day point that if you do this and watch your diet, it will definitely work for you....more info
  • An indoor walking workout
    I was looking for a DVD to break the monotony of a treadmill workout. This is not it. The walking pace is too slow for a treadmill. However, once I got off the treadmill and continued the moves, I did break out in a sweat. This is a good workout for a beginner. The moves are uncomplicated. Leslie doesn't use the waist band enough though the video but you could easily continue the arm exercises on your own throughout the video for a tougher workout. ...more info
  • Best Ever - Leslie Sansone:Walk Away your Waistline!
    Love the DVD! You can use the belt or not use the belt. Exceptional value. Anyone can follow these DVDs no matter what level of aerobics you are doing. You can choose one, two or all three miles at a time. I have several and alternate DVDs. ...more info
  • Leslie Sansone Fan
    I love the belt but the workout that comes with it is not as good as another one I have so I tend to use the belt with the other dvd....more info
  • Great Workout
    I love Leslie Sansone and she has done it again. I like to multi task especially in exercise. I get my aerobic in and strenthen and tone my abs.

    A great buy...more info
  • Can do this everyday
    I have done this video almost everyday and I love it. Energy is at perfect level for someone who did not exercise for a long time but has to now.

    I have seen results in just 3 weeks. Easy to use and lots of fun. ...more info
  • Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home-Walk Away Your Waistline
    Excellent for people who want to exercise, but don't find it easy to go outside walking. Good for bad weather, or for a spur of the moment decision to walk.
    I don't get bored, because she changes types of walking frequently, along with using the arms with the walk belt.
    Her patter and interaction with the other women walking with her, also keep me from getting bored or wondering when it will end.
    It has been an excellent motivator for me, a formerly sedentary person....more info
  • Wish I could turn some of the audio off...
    I have several of Leslie's videos, and really like them...for the most part! Oftentimes, she talks so much it can get annoying after you've heard it a few times - my sister and I have a lot of the things she says memorized! On this particular DVD, I do like the belt, and feel like it does help with working my arms more during the walking, which I think is great. I also do think it helps with me with my abs too, because I can tell the difference even when I just put it on. So for that, I do think this was a good purchase. However...I do find that Leslie really gets on my nerves in this one. Personally, I prefer the videos where she is by herself, but there are four others in this one with her. I just don't really like how she interacts with them - to me, it's very distracting. Obviously, it is for her too, considering how many times she seems to lose count or forget what she's supposed to be doing! Like I said, she does this in some of the other videos as well, but this one was worse. If it weren't for that, I would rate it much higher, because I do like the actual workout; I just could have done without all the chit-chat! ...more info
  • Very Pleased

    The cd and "the belt" were exactly what we wanted. Leslie Sansone keeps everyone's energy level up and three miles goes by quickly. ...more info
  • Walker
    The routine is fast paced and it does really work. It may not be a good choice for a beginner.It is nice to see the walkers sweat and Leslie takes a water break at the 2 mile mark. ...more info
  • Walk off the weight works!
    I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the Walk Away Your Waistline and I love the belt. I have to admit that I do have a little trouble keeping up the pace for the entire 45 min but I am 68. So, if I can lose the pounds at my age, anyone can do it. I love this product and highly recommend it....more info
  • Leslie Sansone good exercise routine
    I think this is a very beneficial physical routine that is very good for toning muscles. I really enjoy it....more info
    I really am enjoying this product. I've used some of her other DVD'S, so this one didn't take long to get use to. She makes the workout fun and the time goes by really fast. You wouldn't think you've just worked out for 45 minutes and walked 3 miles! If you're not comfortable with doing all three, trust me and start out with the 1 mile marker and work your way on up. I use this DVD at least 3 days a week,and the walking belt included is helping to tone my muscles and slim my waistline.Don't worry about not being able to follow, she makes every mile easy to follow along.
    Since it is a little colder right now, I would recommend this DVD to anyone looking to work up a good sweat! ...more info
  • I love this DVD
    I love this DVD because it really gets you moving. I've been doing it 5 days a week since I received it and it has helped me lose 25 lbs! (Of course with watching food intake as well.) But Leslie is really upbeat and motivating. The miles fly by and getting to see where you are on the mile meter really helps. This is a great DVD for anyone looking to get in shape....more info
  • Great for the non-exerciser
    I bought this last summer and didn't even open the box until my New Year resolution. I was very pleasantly surprised. I have tried a lot of different exercise workouts and for a 51 yr old non-exerciser, most included too much fancy foot work or jumping around. This workout is great! I started out with the first 15 minute mile and completed the entire 3 miles the first time. This isn't about fancy footwork or jumping around. It's about getting up and moving. It's so simple to follow and by using your arms, you get just enough of a workout. I discovered that by holding 1 lb weights during the routine, I could boost it up a bit. I was so impressed with this workout, that I've been using it every morning for 15 minutes before work and the entire workout on the weekend. This is my first Leslie Sansone workout and since then I've bought a few more, but this is one of my favorites of the bunch. I love how these are broken down into 15 minute segments. The waist belt is a great addition too.

    This would be a great workout for someone who hasn't worked out in years, is very overweight or an older person because all you do is walk with a few small kicks, leg lifts and side steps. If it's too much to use the arms, then just do the steps. The tempo of the music keeps you going.

    On the negative side, Leslie's voice and laugh sort of gets on my nerves more so than in her other workouts but it's tolerable. ...more info
  • Another Great Workout from Leslie!!!
    I am a big fan of Leslie's walking workouts and have experienced great results from the stomach flattening workouts. After a few weeks of using this tape, I put on a skirt one morining and noticed there was more room in the waistline!!! This tape really works to reduce the waistline. I have to admit this is one of the more boring tapes in regards to the background walkers and the dialogue...but it works!! And Leslie does have her charm and humor shining in every tape. ...more info
  • Time sure flies in this workout!
    I really enjoy this work out! It is very easy to follow, and the time literally flies so fast! The women in the video are "real" women, not your 20 somethings with perfect bodies. You actually feel like you are in the studio with them. At times Leslie gets a little giddy, that can be annoying , but I forgive her because I know I am getting a good workout. The belt really adds to power of the workout too. THis workout is great for the mature woman who does not want to jump around like a jack rabbit during her workout..
    Great video that I am going to enjoy for years!
    ...more info
  • Great workout!
    I like this workout because I don't have to be super coordinated in order to do it - and as it states, it's a very good workout in just 45 short minutes. Leslie's constant "chatter" gets a little annoying sometimes, but you can't help but enjoy the friendship that seems to exist between her and the other ladies. And one of my favorite parts of this - those other ladies are mostly middle-aged or older, and don't look like young, sculpted beach babes. These women are women just like me (except a little more fit) so that I feel like "hey - I can do this" instead of thinking "good grief - I'll never look like THAT!"...more info
  • A fast pace
    This is a great workout. Fast pace, but time just flies by...I started out only going to do 1 mile today, but before I knew it I had completed all three miles:) Not a workout for the beginning walker, but for veteran WATP walkers, this one is a keeper. I love the belt, it really adds to the workout....more info
  • If you want to feel better and look better..........
    Walking with Lesie and the "Sisters in Sweat" has quite literally changed my life. I have 14 of her videos and I love everyone of them. I have gone from a 2X to a size 12 (and I've even been able to buy a couple of size 10's!)!! You will love Lesie and even more you will love the results!! I'm not saying it's an easy quick fix but if you stick with it you will become a fitness finatic and look great and live longer. By the way, I am 63 years old and have more energy and strength than I have had in years!! So..."get up off that couch" and start walking your way to a happier, healthier you!!!!...more info
  • Good walking workout but didn't care for the belt
    I liked the walking workout. It's your basic walk aerobics and I love most of Sansone's videos. The one thing I didn't care for was the belt. I couldn't cinch it tight enough that it didn't move when I stretched out the bands because then it was too tight I was doing knee lifts or other movements. It just felt awkward and I did not feel like it added much to the workout....more info
  • Solid cardio work out - not enough streching
    This was my fist try at an at-home workout. I usually go to the gym but I run short on time some days and thought this would be a good substitute to my cardio workout at the gym. I like Leslie, she gives good advice about health and exercise in general and the workout is totally low impact for those of us with back and knee problems. I get the most out of it with the walk belt. It was challenging at first but after a few runs at it, I don't feel I break into that much of a sweat. It does make for a good cardio workout when I am in a pinch. I would recommend that you spend more time streching that what Leslie does otherwise you may be sore the next day!...more info
  • Great!!
    The Video is great! I have lost inches within the first two weeks exercising just four times weekly....more info
  • Lost 30 lbs with this DVD
    I did all 3 miles in this video 5-6 days a week for 2 1/2 months. I used 3 pound hand weights instead of the walk belt. After being on a very low calorie diet for months and not losing any significant weight, the addition of this video caused me to drop 30 pounds. Unfortch I can't do it anymore, because it is too high impact for me to use as my staple workout...my knee and foot started to hurt. I've since switched to using an elliptical machine, but am grateful for the jump start this video gave my weight loss.
    If I ever see Leslie, I'm going to push her down. The dialogue was very annoying to me in this video - after 2 weeks I could only do it muted. My 6 year old asked me, "Why is she always laughing? Nothing funny is happening."...more info
  • Great DVD
    I purchased this item several weeks ago and I have already seen a difference in my weight and waistline. I had been doing "The Walk Diet" by Leslie and have enjoyed that, but felt I needed something a little more vigorous. This DVD is not for the beginner. I would definitely recommend this DVD to others as it was recommended to me. If you plan on buying this DVD be prepared for a workout and have some water close by as you will need it....more info
  • Exercise Video
    I purchased two of Leslie Sansone's dvd for exercise. The first is "Walk Away the Pounds" and the other is "Walk at Home 1,2,3 Miles with Walk Belt". I enjoy her structured pace and how she keeps the workout upbeat and before you know it the miles have past quickly. I would recommend these videos to both men and women who want to lose weight and have fun while doing it. Each video adds new and different moves and you never get bored.
    Ordering from Amazon is easy and reliable. I have ordered from them for years and will continue to do so. Amazon makes it easy to get whatever you need fast and you never have to worry if this site is secure....more info
  • Target, tone & get fit
    For over 10 years since turning 40, I love exercising. Now 50, this is perfect, I've maintained my weight loss. 45lbs. in these past years. I've gone to love Leslie's Walk At Home DVDs. This one is super to target those areas that really to trim down. Belt adds just enough to tummy tuck, & add crunches while you cardiosize yourself. Displine, hard work, and just loving these programs have given me a healthy heart, blood pressure lowered. Overall good fitness for anyone....more info
  • Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home- Walk away your waistline! 1,2,3 Mile markers
    We really like it. My granddaughters and I use one of Leslie's video's everyday. We have numerous exercise tapes of Leslie's. They are easy to follow and we have had great results. Keep them coming! Fun way to keep moving especially in the winter in Minnesota!...more info
  • very good but not great
    I am relatively new to Leslie Sansone WAH series. I LOVE LOVE the 5mile fat burning DVD. This was my 3rd purchase.
    *Like that it's 3 miles--so it can be a short day for me.
    *Like using the walk belt. it's more comfortable than i expected too.
    *Like Leslie and her upbeat personality

    *Don't like that mile 3 is too low in intensity. it's like all of mile 3 is cool down. I want 3 intense miles and then a cool down. So, mile 3 is a big disappointment.
    *Don't like that she hardly uses the belt. I was really looking forward to more resistance work and whe barely had us use the belt. Could have incorporated it better.
    *Didn't care for the interaction b/n cast, espec the whole water and towel bit. They should have stopped taping or done it more than once and edited it better. I don't mind Leslie's chatter but this aspect was annoying.

    Would I still buy it? Yes b/c it adds more variety to my at home dvd collection.
    ...more info
  • Walk off the weight
    This would be a great video if Leslie Sansone wouldn't laugh so much. A friend has another CD of hers with the same complaint. The talking is ok but too loud and strident. As far as the workout I think it's good. Definitely more than just walking, it's walking and a good exercise. The first time I did it around 9pm and couldn't fall asleep. It gave me so much energy I was no longer tired and I only did the first mile. ...more info
  • Great video
    This is an excellent walking indoor exercise video. You can do 1,2 or 3 miles and get a good workout. ...more info
  • great workout
    Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - Walk Away Your Waistline! With 1, 2 and 3 Mile Markers (Walk Belt Included Inside!)
    Great workout. Really is a good workout on the legs. I agree with pretty much all the other reviews. She does at least 3 basic steps besides just walking: side steps, knee lifts, kick backs, incuding variations. I like the belt and wear it to work the core muscles even if I don't actually use the handles.
    ...more info
  • Keep on Truckin'
    Very good video if you are not into spending a ton of money on exercise stuff. My wife wanted this particular lady as she had used her products before and was very happy with it. This is flexible and allows you to work out over one, two or three miles. Good warm-up and cool-down cycles in the workout....more info
  • Great Workout
    Leslie takes it up a notch in the video. I love the walk belt because you can feel the difference when you use it during the workout. She turns it up enough to break a sweat within the first mile. One of her best workouts....more info
  • A slimming workout I can do every day!
    I am really not a fan of exercise DVDs but a friend who has been using multiple forms of exercise to achieve her fitness goals recommended Leslie Sansome's DVDs to me. I have found this one to be amazingly valuable. I picked it because it has a focus on trimming the waistline (my most problem area) but it is a good aerobic workout too. You can adjust the intensity to suit you by making the movements larger or smaller according to your own fitness level. You can also do only 1 or 2 miles (15 min. each) if you do not have time for the full DVD which is only 45 minutes. When I opened the package I thought the resistance bands attached to the waist belt were wimpy but they are just right when you are doing arm exercises while walking aerobically! The belt also keeps you focused on tightening those abs during the workout. I am using the DVD several times a week and have not gotten bored with it. One last point to mention is that there are "real" women in the DVD doing the workout not models. ...more info
  • Great workout!
    This is a great workout whether you use the walk belt or not. I wish I had known that the belt was made of latex though since I am allergic to latex! But, I enjoy the workout though without the belt. I just use my hand weights instead or you can even go without using anything. I love her workouts!
    The only other thing is that it doesn't stop after each mile. It keeps going without any cool downs or stretches so you have the choice to keep going all the way to 3 miles. I have the original Walk Away The Pounds dvd's and I like how they split them up into separate miles and with separate cool downs and stretches. So, keep that in mind if you are used to doing that. ...more info
  • excellent workout!
    As a woman in my 60s who is striving to improve my health, I bought this and several other Leslie Sansone DVDs. I like to vary my routine and I love using the walk belt! I've had great success with weight loss and toning and strongly recommend this DVD, plus all her other DVDs....more info
  • Fabulous workout
    A friend brought this over and we walked inside due to rains. This was my first time with a walk inside dvd and it was GREAT!!! I highly recommend Leslie Sansone, she is a great teacher and motivator. ...more info
  • Gets my day started
    This review was written by a full-time Mama with a full time Job! I recently decided to get back into shape and purchased this DVD and I absolutely love it! Leslie is someone who would probably annoy me at a social gathering but none-the-less she is a great motivator. I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. as it is my only time to workout (with work and the baby) and there are some mornings that I just don't want to do it. On those mornings I really just think about what Leslie says to you during the workout "You'll feel so much better" "You never say you wished you hadn't worked out" etc... things like that get me out of bed and get me moving, and she's right. I have more energy, I feel stronger, and I am looking better already. I have dropped 5 pounds in one week (while eating right). If you are looking to feel better about yourself and lose some weight, this is a good workout to try. Leslie makes you feel so proud of yourself (even though she can be a bit much at times). I don't really enjoy using any other workout DVDs but hers. ...more info
  • Great Buy!
    The waist band makes such a great difference to the workout as so many more muscles are in motion! Loved it!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I work at a library and so many exercise DVD's come through. I've tried many but this was one of the best. I decided to purchase it to have for myself and highly recommend it. Leslie makes the whole thing fun. You get an amazing workout without even realizing it til the end!...more info
  • Belt to small
    This tape is excellent and gives you a real good workout but the belt that comes with it is for skinny people like Leslie herself. Most people buying this tape are over weight and it must be disappointing to them when the fact the belt doesn't fit only emphasizes this. THE BELT NEEDS TO BE MUCH BIGGER AROUND MAYBE SOMEDAY IF WE WALK LONG ENOUGH WE WILL BE LESLIE'S SIZE BUT NOT WHEN WE BUY THE DVD.!!!...more info
  • The belt fits up to 44" when securely fastened
    For anyone that wonders if the belt will fit them, I measured it. It fits up to 44" when securely fastened. You might be able to fit 45-46 but it will be tight and the velcro may come undone. The belt can be tightened very very small and I can't imagine a human being that small so I didn't bother to measure at the smallest adjustment....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    This dvd is one of Leslie Sansone's best!! I didn't think I could do all 3 miles but all of them are so full of energy that it gives you that same type of energy. I was so motivated to do all 3 miles and did them all!! I do all 3 miles about every night and feel great when I'm done, a must-have for those who want to start getting fit!!...more info
  • Pulled muscle
    I liked the walking. I didn't feel the walk belt helped arms much, but after using it several days my shoulder and neck began to hurt as if I pulled a muscle. My friend had the same problem so we both quit using the walk belt....more info
  • Leslie Sansone Walk at Home - Waistline
    I bought this CD mainly for the exercise belt, but also like the workout. It has 1, 2 or 3 miles and you can change the length of the workout you want. I like the belt as it works the arms....more info
  • Great Work-out!
    Leslie's videos never disappoint! When I first tried it I was suprised @ what a great work-out it was! I used to walk early in the AM with a friend at until I tried a video and felt muscles in places I didn't know exsisted now I own several of her videos! Good for the casual walker to the advanced exerciser! GREAT WORK-OUT!!!...more info
  • Walking(aerobic) exercise with Resistance band
    Leslie Sansone,"Walk at Home.Walk Away Your Waistline"
    We bought two and we are glad. It is great to work out with someone in front of the TV at home..
    It took several days to catch up with her pace then we were ready to use the resistance bands while walking briskly. Good exercise tool for variety in your routine....more info
  • Nice video but not nice belt
    I enjoy the video and it keeps me going. I didn't enjoy using the walk belt. I have sensitive ribs and the walk belt rubbed on them and made them sore. Leslie doesn't use the walk belt much during the DVD much so I just don't use it....more info
  • Excellent Workout!
    I made a committment this year to get fit. I decided to use Leslie Sansone workouts along with neighborhood walks. The Walk Away Your Waistline gives you an incredible workout. I can see a difference after a few short weeks. In fact, I am walking less in my neighborhood and making this and her other exercise routines apart of my daily activity. If you workout consisently with this program, you will see results. I agree with the other reviewers that you may have to work up to the three miles. It took me two times before I could get through the three miles. I am still striving to be able to complete the three miles with full intensity for the third mile. I use a heart rate monitor and this program keeps my heart rate at a high-calorie burn level. The toning and firming is something I can't get easily walking around my neighborhood. Get this dvd. You won't regret it. ...more info
  • Great excercise dvd
    This is my first excercise dvd of Leslie's. I didn't know anything about her, but after reading the reviews on Amazon, I thought I would give this a try.

    I was very pleased with the workout, if you need a good workout and like to sweat this will surely do it.

    I have not had a problem with the walk belt, as long as you have it on tight enough.

    I liked this one so much I ordered 2 more. I just did the 5 mile for the first time today and it is also a fantastic workout.

    I recommend this dvd for anyone that is serious about a good workout. If your a beginner and need to start slowly you can choose to do 1 mile or 2 miles.

    ...more info


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