Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is an Action RPG game based on the universe of Kingdom Under Fire series. The previous Kingdom Under Fire series were Action RTS titles that recreated realistic fantasy battlefields of massive scale. Circle of Doom focuses on the development of one individual character, and utilizes an easy-to-learn game system and control mechanics. Circle of Doom is filled with never-before-imagined innovation and fresh ideas. Explore randomly generated vast dungeons and face off monsters swarming the screen in thousands and attacking from all directions along the floors, walls, and ceilings of the dungeons. Actively engage in dynamic battle and create effective combos with various weapons to defeat the monsters. During the heated battle, everything in the environment can be destroyed and affect the movement of enemies. Sometimes carving out a hole in the wall may lead to a new path or unearth valuable items. The heroes will find increasingly devastating and spectacular ways to purge the evil in the forms of new abilities and weapons, or even create their own arsenal by combining the existing ones. Circle of Doom also delivers a complex and twisted story plot in a very different and new way. During a multiplayer game, one player's choice to stick with the plot will not slow the others from journeying onward.

  • Action RPG game based on Kingdom Under Fire universe; complex and twisted story plot
  • Engage in dynamic battle; 70+ monsters ranging from 3-foot goblins to towering behemoths
  • 6 unique characters who can wield 5 to 6 different types of weapons each
  • 50+ abilities, 60+ enhancements, and infinite combinations of weapon+ability+enhancement
  • Explore randomly generated dungeons; 4-player co-op mode via Xbox Live

Customer Reviews:

  • What the heck were they thinking?
    I bought this game thinking it would be like the previous "Kingdom Under Fire" games. Alas, that was an idiotic assumption. This game is utterly different from the previous incarnation which was like "Dynasty Warriors". This one is a basic button mashing dungeon crawler. Honestly, the only thing given great thought was the graphics and the item creation system. Those two things are insanely fine tuned and awesome. Albight, they kind of crippled the item creation system with their patch. The idea was that they'd slow down the process of super items being created and force people to spend more time on the game. What happened instead was that now only a handful of those people that WERE playing the game are left. If you wanna play this one, rent it and enjoy it while you can....more info
  • Good Graphics and Good Story...a little boring.
    I bought this for my husband because I read the reviews of the game.

    We love the graphics, the ability to search for items (armor, coins, health potions, etc). We like killing the bad guys, it gets more difficult as you play the game. A previous review compared it to Diablo and we agree, you have life and 'mana' and an inventory.

    What we don't like about the game is that it's a little boring. You travel along a path to attain quests but it feels like the same game over and over again. Also sometimes when you find an item, the graphics don't allow you to pick up the item (game glitch). The third disappointment is that you can't play 2 regular players at the same time as you can in Diablo, you can only play multiple players if playing XBOX live.

    Overall a good quest game with fighting bad guys and picking up cool items. Small game glitches but not serious enough to start the game over or quit playing. Not as flashy as the new games out there but a great overall game to play. Fast shipping time....more info
  • Fun at first and then....
    The games seem good for a while and then it just never changes. The spells are almost Impossible to get and if you do theres no needed the whole battel system is not needed, its just hack & slash. Overall the game just gets boring...more info
  • Complete garbage
    I can't believe that this is the second game in a series. It seems that a group of incredibly lazy developers fished this out of their toilets to cash in on a popular first title. I played this on a friend's recommendation. He has played the first game, and was certain that the second would be great. I was angered by the waste of both time and money. My friend would not believe what I had to say, until I gave him the game to play himself. He is still apologizing. Now, I will never play the first game, or any other title in this rancid series....more info
  • Not so good
    This game seemed like it would be hot stuff...but its not. there is almost no freeroaming aspect to it and no obvious story line. all that you do is walk around killing stuff inorder to get a quest you have to enter your dream and when you get a quest they are ridiculas. all and all i would sugest renting this game before you spend the 60.00 on it....more info
  • Great game
    This game is actually really fun once you start playing it online and pumping your hero up. Most people that put a bad review about this game has no sence of mind. Yes, this is a button mashing game and repetitive but hey what isn't now days. This game reminds me of a bad version of diablo 2. Which is good since diablo 2 is probably the most amazing RPG around. So what if your not able to wonder from the map. In most cases I like that, that why I can never get lost. There is most difficulties as well you have to beet the normal before you can advance to hard. The gameplay is easy enough but does get a lot harder once you get further into the game. This game overall is addicting and fun if you don't sit and analyze all the negatives about it. I recommend this game for online only that way you can talk to people as your "button mashing." I am sure all you people that rated this bad also hate great games like ninety nine nights and lost odyssey....more info
  • Could have been better, but still fun with friends
    If you are looking for some co-op fun with some friends over xbox live this is a pretty good game. If you are looking for a deep and involving rpg, or the old KOF action rts forumula this isn't the game. To me it feels like a mix between Gauntlet and Diablo. ...more info
  • Nice graphics and Co-Op, Poor Gameplay and Story
    This review was written by my son, James Shea

    A radical departure from the rest of the Kingdom Under Fire series, "Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom" changes the series from a RTS game with some hack-and-slash elements to a pure hack-and-slash.

    First, some history: Kingdom Under Fire started as a PC game that was basically another Warcraft clone. Later, it moved to the Xbox with KUF: Crusaders and KUF: Heroes, which had a really unique system - most of the time it was strategy, used from a third-person perspective from your different platoons, but when you got into melee with your leader's group you would take control of your leader and hack-and-slash your way through the crowd. This helped you win battles that would otherwise find you outmatched.

    In Circle of Doom, the series has moved entirely to that Hack-and-Slash mechanic. There are six characters, all of whom are from previous KUF games (4 from the Xbox titles, and 2 from the original PC one). These characters differ in their speed, their strength, and the types of weapons they can use. In the beginning, five characters are available, with one more being unlockable. Their storylines mostly revolve around their disappearances at the end of their respective games - now they are in a new realm, devoid of humans besides themselves. The only characters in the "real world" are the three idols that you encounter at rest points. These act as the game's merchants, selling you different gear depending on which idol is there (the bubbly Idol of Love, the dark and shrouded Idol of Death, and the Buddha-like Idol of Greed.) Furthermore, you can fall asleep at rest points, and in your dreams you will be transported to the Realm of Darkness, a subdimension that holds the dead spirits of the game's other characters. These spirits are also recognizable from previous games. They assign quests, teach abilities, and provide general story information. Other than those two minor sources, there is almost no story or interaction in the game.

    The gameplay should be at least the redeeming part to the game, but for the most part it's not. Swinging a weapon requires "SP", or "Stamina Points", which recharge naturally. This means that most of your hack-and-slash actions will be punctuated by waiting for your stamina to recharge. This really takes you out of the game and is downright frustrating most of the time. There are lots of magical abilities to be learned, and this requires not just leveling up but also doing quests (most often "kill X number of this type of enemy"). For the most part, the gameplay lacks a lot of the combo attacks and excitement that the Xbox games held in their hack-and-slash sections. It's also possible to do a co-op mode with up to four people over Xbox Live, using head

    The graphics are without a doubt the game's best part. The characters - friend and foe - are all really detailed and textured, and all the effects are really fantastic. The lighting, especially, looks fantastic. The environments - including a forest, a ruined city, and an underground area - are all rendered impressively, with lots of little details and side parts. Blood - which can be turned on or off - is shown as artistic sprays of color. The music is also very haunting and beautiful, conveying the sense of a dead, empty world. The voice acting isn't great, but it comes up so infrequently that it doesn't matter.

    As a whole, this game has a lot going for it (the graphics and the co-op option being the main two) but also a lot more not going for it (the gameplay, the lack of story, the comparison of this game to other KUF games). Even as a hack-and-slash, it's not a whole lot of fun. It seems like a lot of wasted effort on the parts of the development team.

    Rating: 6/10...more info
  • Well...
    It seems to me that the realm of button mashing games is coming to a halt, (not an end) and this game is exactly that. I pre-ordered this game because people had been telling how how much fun the other games in the series are, so I bought it and have got to say, there really isn't anything special about it. The weapons system is far more complicated than it needs to be, the story line for each character is no more than a whim of thought and there isn't really any reason to play this game a second time unless of course you wish to see what the other characters do, which isn't very impressive to say the least. The one thing that the game has to offer...the graphics. The graphics and sound effects are pretty darn good but nothing so impressive that will make you want to play it again to see them again....more info
  • A blast with four friends!
    This game is just average, or OK if you go it alone through campaign, but where the game shines is its CO-OP gameplay. This is similiar to what Oblivion could have been had you been able to unite with friends online. If Oblivion etc is not your bag, then not for you....more info
  • extreme difficulty is fun with 4 people, is quite challenging
    Yes normal mode is kind of boring with 4 people, but it gets more interesting once you unlock extreme mode..

    the max level for your character is 120.
    the starting level of the monsters on the first level in extreme mode is 120....more info
  • Good price, works great
    Always wanted this game since I played the demo. It didn't get high scores so I knew the price would drop like a rock so I waited. 9 bucks later I have a great game that plays fine....more info
  • like watching paint dry
    The gameplay of KUF:COD is so slow that it makes it incredibly boring. Seriously, had the designers just doubled the pace of the fighting and ground covering alone, it would be way more fun. The fighting engine is still a joke, but if were sped up it could be playable. Then toss in the worst item combining system I have ever seen, a story so loose you will be scratching your head, and camera issues that constantly crop up, and you have one of the worst games ever made. I made it through 8 hours of gameplay and just couldn't take it anymore. And since I play Ninja Gaiden 2 a lot, which has an unbelievably deep fighting engine, this was even harder to try to sit through. I will still give it 2 stars because it had potential, but in the end was poorly executed. Eff this turd of a game and buy Ninja Gaiden 2 instead if you want actual action fighting....more info
  • The Most Boring Game Ever
    i bought this game from ebgames. i played it for 20 minutes and took it back to the store. i was playing the tutorial and i had to take it back. this game really gets boring. this game is not even worth renting. you will get bored with this game. if youre the type of player that likes arcade style. then "rent" this game. its not worth $60. and when you do rent it. you will take the game back. this game is a shocker. i want to meet the people that rated this game 5 stars because these people must get amused easily. i cant even rate this game. it just sucked. even the "hacking and slashing" was bad. it was just a major killer on the 360. i cannot rate this game because of boredom...more info
  • Not as bad that some might think
    Ok first off i will be giving you my review of Kingdom Under Fire Circle Of Doom for the xbox 360 .

    Ok first off the enemy ai what little is there is no major issue for most gamers . You will be at some point have alot of monsters around you to kill . So this is where you will be able to button smash big time to kill them all and still walk out alive . If you happen to die for some reason could have had a distraction and lost your focus . In most other battels it will seem like no way i can live . If you can keep getting your attacks off can walk out real easy with little damage done to you.

    The controls for the most part of this game is not real bad at all . In the verry first area of the game you will be able to learn the control system . You can also read the info with the game first , but its better to learn first hand . So once you have learned the control system honestly things you got to do later on will be easy as pie .

    The graphics seem to fit this game good , at some points reminded me of Two Worlds for the 360 . The zone details to me look real good and character detail seems great .

    The audio is not all that bad at times but most anybody will want to adjust the music setting to low or off . The fighting sounds of you fighting the npcs in the game seems to fit with the game fine .

    The game play for the most to me seemed good cause i went in thinking that all or some would be bad . So after a good while playing the game i was really shocked that i did enjoy playing it. Like i covered above the ai is not to hard at times and had to button smash alot . Your also able to boost your characters skills up to boost health and damage . If you have played other games where you have to do this wont be no problem here . If your new to this type of game take your time and watch where you place the points for your character .

    The online part of the game can also add in some great action like most other games you can do on xbox live .

    The fun factor for me with Kingdom Under Fire Circle Of Doom overall was really good . I came into this game looking at different things most other gamers seem to over look and was able to give you all a solid review for this game . The question that might pop in most of your minds is this game worth buying or would it fall under the renting mark . I would honestly say after playing the game for a good while its well worth getting if your into this type . Also far as renting goes it always helps out . If you was wanting to get this for a gift later on renting it first and seeing what its like will help out greatly . The replay value like in most other games is not all that bad . If you played the first time as one class you might want to try a different one later on .

    Final thought i really had a fun time with Kingdom UnderFire Circle Of Doom . I would say it's a game worth buying or renting but the final choice is yours to do . I hope this review has helped you out in whatever way you decide to go . Happy Gaming !
    ...more info
  • No difficulty cause the game to get boring .....
    This game was cool until you spend more than two hours killing the same enemies without been kill. The graphics are beautiful but even Ninety Nine Nights campaings were more fun. Rent this before buy it, Or you maybe are going to want to throw the game to the fire like me....more info
  • Feels like a dumbed-down version of Dynasty Warriors
    I've been a fan of the Kingdom Under Fire series since I played The Crusaders when it came out. As a fan of strategy games, I loved the fact that you had so many different units, weapons and armor to choose from, and I loved the fact that you could play as so many different characters in Heroes.

    I downloaded the Circle of Doom demo off the XBox 360 marketplace, mostly because I was SOMEHOW hoping that, despite all the bad publicity and reviews the game has gotten, it would be a good game.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    To start, what happened to the strategy elements? That was the main point of the first two games, so why take it out of this second one?

    Secondly, when did the game reduce itself to pure hack-and-slash-styled gameplay? I compare it to Dynasty Warriors for that reason (though I WILL say that Koei's Dynasty Warriors franchise is LEAGUES ahead of this game.)

    To give you a rundown on the gameplay, it's like this: You start out by playing as one of the main characters, then engage in a tutorial mode after a cutscene (which I skipped, because I could barely hear the characters talking, as well as the fact that the voice acting sounded horribly lazy.) This tutorial mode teaches you how to fight (not very well at that.) You use the A and X buttons to wield your weapon(s), as well as the B and Right Button (don't confuse the button with the trigger) to use your magic. The first thing I noticed was how slow the response times were. Another thing I noticed was that, when holding the right button (as it tells you to do to use one of your special abilities,) it didn't always respond. You end up clicking or holding the button.

    Another thing: The combat. When I engaged in battle with a few simple enemies, I found a fourth of my health knocked down based on the pure fact that I couldn't attack them fast enough (The Crusaders and Heroes' respond times were MUCH better and faster.) I don't recall there ever being a block button (which was in the previous two games.)

    Added to this slow combat, movement is also slow. I can understand that the characters are carrying a good amount of weaponry and armor, but that gives them no excuse to move like snails. (The only excuse for that would be if they were carrying a hammer or some other weapon, which my character--Leinheart--wasn't.)

    Finally, the map has you following a set path. In The Crusaders and Heroes, the map was free roam--meaning you could go ANYWHERE you wanted. In this game, you are stuck to a set path, which makes moving frustrating (and even more tedious.)

    They're trying to pass the game off as an RPG, but the only RPG elements I see is the story (which doesn't seem all that good, considering you can't even enjoy the voice acting) and the weapon/armor customization (which there is hardly any.)

    I didn't try the co-op mode, but I didn't plan on playing more of this horrible game. I wouldn't be surprised if people didn't buy the fourth installment based on the fact that this one was so bad.

    The only reason I gave the game two stars was because... well, I played it for ten minutes, and enjoyed that small amount of time I played it (though I had no intention to play it further.)

    One final note: I see that CoD was made by Blue Side and The Crusaders and Heroes were made by Phantagram, which is an obvious indicator as to why the gameplay (and everything, for that matter) is so different. I CANNOT, however, fathom why Phantagram would entrust a different company with their series. Seeing how CoD turned out, I hope they reconsider giving another company a right to make another game in one of their series.

    If you plan on playing the Kingdom Under Fire series, skip CoD and play The Crusaders and Heroes (in that order)--you won't be disappointed in either of the two....more info


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