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A fierce struggle is taking place within the realm of the Norse Gods, as the goddess Hel has been banished for defying Odin, Lord of Asgard. Angry at her fate, Hel has raised an army of resurrected Viking warriors to wipe out all of humanity in the mortal realm of Midgard, as she seeks to bring about Ragnarok -- the apocalyptic battle that that will destroy Asgard and the Gods themselves. The task of stopping Hel and defending the future of mankind falls to Skarin, a promising but deeply flawed young warrior, ignorant of the true reason for his favor with the Gods. Subtly influence the battle through targeted assassination and sabotage, or wade in to save stricken allies

  • High-impact, brutal combat. Dismember enemies and experience high-impact melee combat unlike any game you've played.
  • Mythical powers. Tame dragons and command them to rain fire upon your enemies. Power up your weapons with elemental abilities and lay waste to your adversaries.
  • Three open-world environments. Explore, uncover and fight your way across huge Norse worlds full of combat and exploration.
  • Climactic, epic battles. Lay the foundations for huge battles featuring hundreds of warriors at once. Subtly influence the battle through targeted assassination and sabotage, or wade in to save stricken allies.

Customer Reviews:

  • viking
    good hack and slasher game, sweet graphics, gameplay a little repative but still really cool. 3 huge islands with a ton of levels & stuff to do, awesome slow-motion melee attacks that really make the game fun to play....more info
  • Could of been better...
    It was ok when I first started to play, then it went down hill after a few hours. The chacter just seems to slow at times, you feel that there should have a run button. The graphics are great though but this game falls short. This game had potential but it seems they only took the game so far......more info
  • This game could be headed for a Viking Funeral.
    Okay folks - this is yet another boring, middle-of-the-road Playstation 3 game. Amazon has given us a game description, I'll offer my thoughts on them.

    [High-impact, brutal combat. Dismember enemies and experience high-impact melee combat unlike any game you've played.]

    (My reply) Well, the combat is brutal, I will give you that. Dismemberments, decapitations, they are here, and they are plentiful. However, this combat style isn't unique, I've played several games like this. You'll use two buttons most of the time: One button for strong (but slow) attacks, and another button for weak (but fast) attacks. Been there, done that, bought the CD. Some of the fights with mini-bosses requires a "key in the correct sequence" of buttons to finish an enemy. Sorry, this was already done in God of War and God of War 2.

    [Mythical powers. Tame dragons and command them to rain fire upon your enemies. Power up your weapons with elemental abilities and lay waste to your adversaries.]

    (my reply) While raining fire on enemies with dragons is very cool, it does get old after a bit. The elemental power-ups for the weapons give us an edge in combat, but we've already seen this before. Freezing enemies and shattering them? That's old school, Mortal Kombat stuff. Catching enemies on fire? That's PSI-OPS Mindgate Conspiracy battle tactics. Using lightning to take out our enemies? Again, Mortal Kombat. With the upgrades, Viking is a little more interesting than the average hack 'n' slash game. However, the fighting engine has a collision error: it only works on level ground. If the distance between the character and his enemies is altered because of a hill/mountain, all those well-placed combos can miss, opening the player up for a crushing counterattack.

    [Three open-world environments. Explore, uncover and fight your way across huge Norse worlds full of combat and exploration.]

    (my reply) Yes, there are 3 worlds to explore, but the exploration isn't as open as you'd think. You move through one world at a time, and it isn't like Grand Theft Auto III or Oblivion, where you have tons of side quests to keep you entertained: Viking is a very linear game. Typical quests are freeing Vikings to join your cause by beating the snot out of enemy forces, finding artifacts, or opening enemy gates. I was surprised a court jester didn't pop out from behind a tree saying I could harness the power of the atom by bringing him the keys to the Wizard's sock drawer. Some of the quests are that lame.

    [Climactic, epic battles. Lay the foundations for huge battles featuring hundreds of warriors at once. Subtly influence the battle through targeted assassination and sabotage, or wade in to save stricken allies.]

    (my reply) Okay, this is where the game let me down big time. I was expecting to see battles akin to Braveheart, but instead I get a Dynasty Warriors rip-off type battle which is only possible after I complete a laundry list of quests first (gather more Vikings, open bridges, relinquish the keys to the Wizard's sock drawer, you get the point). The 'saving stricken allies' means you go up to a group of three guys tied to a tree and untie a rope to free them. That's it.

    On the plus side, the in-game cutscenes between chapters are a huge plus - they are reminicent of a Frank Miller comic, and it's sad there aren't more of them.

    Viking is not a terrible game, but it's also nothing extraordinary. It has incorporated Mortal Kombat and Psi-Ops fighting elements, Tenchu's stealth tactics, Dynasty Warriors' battle mode and God of War's mini-games and chest opening sequences. On the whole, this Frankenstein combination doesn't deliver a lasting, engrossing game for me. I can't honestly see a reason for someone to own this game; especially since you'll probably never play it again after completing it. This game can be finished in about a week, hardly worth its high price tag....more info
  • Great Game!
    Viking is an awesome game! I just finished it after playing on and off over the past 3 months. It is a long game, maybe about 20-30 hours of play if you explore the entire area of each map.It reminded me of the Two Towers combined with Diablo.
    The Two Towers had a huge battle were you fought many enemies but this game takes that concept to another level. Viking pulls off the big battle scenario nicely. Once you learn how to operate your guy, getting through the big battles is tough but not hard.
    Another good feature about the game is that when you die, you respawn at the towns leystone and you can continue were you left off. Everytime you accomplish something in the game, it autosaves, which is really nice because if you die right after discovering something new, it's still on your map when you re-spam.
    It's a great game and well worth the price of $15-$20....more info
  • Rent it first, then realize it's terrible; don't waste your $$$
    Clearly, when the plot and gameplay were under discussion in Sega's headquarters, the consensus for Viking was, "substitute good action and story for pre-pubescent, adolescent catfight fantasy." The basic story: you are caught in the cosmic catfight between oversexualized Nordic goddesses Hel and Freya. A mix of errand-running (or just "running," which you will be doing a lot of) and combat, fighting can be summed up by "rinse, lather, repeat," as the game offers nothing new after the first level or so; your battles will always involve 2-3 shaman to kill, and 1-3 giants to slaughter, which, to say the least, gets boring. As far as gameplay goes, you do have a variety of strikes but have no dive-roll or effective way to dodge opponents: additionally, after delivering a strike it takes a positively ridiculous amount of time to recover and deliver a second, leading often to a simple back-and-forth trading of single hits between you and your opponent. Overall, gameplay can, at best, be described as "glitchy." The camera angle switches without warning, meaning that you will often find yourself suddenly staring at a wall, trying to figure out where your character went, trying to defend yourself from an opponent that you can no longer see...or, the camera angle switches, and your character is now facing the opposite direction without your input. In short, the game takes too much control of your character's actions leading to a very frustrating and disappointing experience. As for storyline, it is somewhat clear as to what your objective is (kill the goddess Hel) though, for reasons that can perhaps never be known, the writers decided to throw in a subplot in the 11th hour: in the final level, you are informed that your mother isn't really your mother which, apparently brings up all kinds of psychological issues of parentage for your character...though your character never speaks and your lineage/parentage has never been mentioned up until this point. The entire game experience leaves you with nothing more than an annoyed eyeroll while muttering, "you've got to be kidding..." Disappointing, since the game graphics initially appear promising. Also, the red-green orb, health-magic system will be familiar to GoW fans as a bit of a rip-off. If you feel you must give it a try, I recommend renting it first, to save yourself the 30 bucks it is currently selling for....more info
  • What a disappointment
    Wow! I really thought this game would have been a lot more fun. I couldn't wait to get down to some serious hack-n-slash action. I didn't know my character was going to have to run a marathon to do it though. Seriously...running all over that map is very boring. I know they have their goofy leystones, but you still end up jogging all over the joint. Plus...when you do get somewhere close to some action, it's either pointlessly boring or impossibly difficult.

    GOOD: The gore factor is turned up to ten on this one. LOVE the finishing sequences! The game is sufficiently brutal...loved repeatedly stabbing that Legion Champion in the face over and over.

    BAD: Unfortunately, the brutality of some of the sequences doesn't make up for all of the boring in-between stuff. The ending of the fight with the Legion Champion was probably so gratifying because it was so frustratingly boring getting to that point. Fighting on inclines or declines is ridiculous. You end up missing your enemy half of the time. The multiple enemy combat is pointlesss. Get surrounded by 5 die almost all of the time. I thought this guy was supposed to be the Ultimate Viking Warrior!!!

    In the end...I was expecting a Viking version of God of War...instead, I got a slow, boring version of Dynasty Warriors without the ability to actually lay waste to multiple foes during a battle. The developers don't seem to know if they wanted to make this game tactical or arcade style. They got themselves stuck in between with some end product that just isn't fun at all. I could go on and on about how many of this games interactive aspects are so unbelievably flawed...but I really don't feel like wasting any more of my time on this one....more info
  • Bravo Sega!!
    What a great game! I have not had this much fun with a game in a while! I usually don't play games from franchises that I'm not already familiar with, but I really took an interest in this game. I've put many hours into it, and I can say that I'm fully satisfied!

    Beautiful, lush, and lively environments, filled with tons of warriors, are at the forefront of this games attractions. The ocean is the coolest I've EVER seen in a video game! The graphics really are amazing, as well as the character interaction, quest advancement, and game depth.

    I highly recommend Sega's new masterpiece, Viking!!!

    5 stars, thumbs up!!...more info
  • Fun for a few hours.
    Purchased this game for 15$ on Black Friday and i can honestly say that it was worth $15 but no more. The gameplay consist of you liberating these villages and once you liberate enough of them you can attack the main enemy stronghold in that area. Which progresses you to the next island and you do it all over again, and again. I did enjoy it for the first 2 or 3 hours then it just got too repetitive for me and i lost my interest. It is basically a ok and brutal hack'n'slash but i just could not get passed the feeling of "I've done this before." If you can find it at a similar price pick it up but not $30, it's just not worth it. ...more info
  • A game of hope!
    WHY ON EARTH did I call this game the "Game Of Hope"??????

    Keep reading..........

    Viking could have been one of the coolest games....Big, bloody battles, swingin' axes, big terrain, legions of armies, saving your buddies, did I mention BLOOD? (In which there's a-plenty!) And that's about the only good thing in this game......(NO, not the big terrain, or armies....I meant, the BLOOD!)

    I'd like to give this game a great review!
    I'd love to say this game has a great fighting platform.
    I'd love to say that the user's manual is helpful
    I'd like a lot of things.....

    But, you ain't gettin' NONE'a THAT from this game!

    Positive note:
    GORE factor in the game...AWESOME!!

    As for all the running.......and running.......and running, and more running, and trying to fight 4000 guys at a time.........well, that gets a bit....ugh! DON'T GET ME STARTED!!

    My God, they should have named this game something else like "Viking: The sometimes fighting, quickly dying, how the hell do I summon my army, and much running journey to Asgard" because that's what this game is.

    OK, you start off in your town, talking & mingling, then you have to venture out into other lands....BY RUNNING THE ENTIRE TIME....OVER VAST DISTANCES.....and TRY and free your Viking buddies, while fighting some bad guys along the way. OK, I can tolerate that.... BUT, once you get to a village that holds your buddies hostage, you get jumped by like 90 bad guys! Try fighting 90 guys at once.....yeah.....It doesn't work! (anyone remember Assassin's Creed?)

    Yeah, there's other things in the game, but nothing worth mentioning.

    Like, after you free all these guys, that are tied up to posts, YOU WOULD THINK they would join you, and fight by your side.....NOPE! They RUN HOME! .........UH, I NEED YOUR HELP HERE!

    OK, I must be honest, there are CERTAIN times when your Viking pals actually DO help you.....Like, when you rescue your buddies that are in the "cages", THEY will help you fight, but, when you find guys tied to posts....uh, don't expect these guys to do ANYTHING except run home to momma! That's ALL THEY DO.....RUN quickly as possible. Now, I suppose if I were held captive, I'd run home to momma, too, but, this is a game, and they should be kicking some bad-guy butt right alongside you!

    There's something about a Dragon that's supposed to help you, too....Not worth mentioning either....

    ALSO, you're supposed to be able to use your Viking Pals for help & aid in a large battle....YEAH, RIGHT!...OK, Somebody show me how it's done! There's NO MENTION of this in the user manual, I guess you're supposed to just know how to do it....OH, I KNOW, I'm supposed to use ESP....My BRAINWAVES will SUMMON my army when I need help!......The User's Manual doesn't say HOW to summon your army, doesn't say what button to push, doesn't say WHEN you can do it.....NOTHING!

    So, lemme get this straight: Tons of running, more running, getting tag-teamed by 300 bad guys at once (just like Assassin's Creed), horrible controls, horrible Assassin's Creed fighting platform, lousy story.....SOUNDS GREAT! I GOTTA HAVE THIS GAME!

    You gotta keep going to villages, trying to free your buddies, while getting jumped by 90 guys at a time, and trying to stay alive for more than 13 seconds.....and you have to do all this with the WORST FIGHTING SYSTEM in the world. And talk about SLOW! HOLY CRAP, my Grandma can swing a sword faster than this idiot! She can run faster, too!!!!!

    So, I call this game, "The Game of HOPE".....WHY?

    > HOPE I can figure out the controls
    > HOPE I can find all the runes
    > HOPE the owners manual was better
    > HOPE my guy can swing a blade faster
    > HOPE something cool will happen soon
    > HOPE I can free these guys without getting gang-jumped
    > HOPE I can figure out how to get my army to help me
    > HOPE I can beat 90 guys at a time
    > HOPE I can find a horse soon, so I don't run all the time
    > HOPE I don't have to fight any more guys right now
    > HOPE I can get my money back for the game!

    And that's it......nothing more to report here.....

    OH YEAH! I almost forgot....the graphics are awesome!
    ...more info
  • Noob gamers beware!!!
    Currently playing this one for my xbox elite, and I must say it's not bad. I pretty much got to master the blocking and striking when heavily surrounded by enemies. I learned a lot of killer new moves and specials. Not many people will enjoy this game due to the difficult factor when facing multiple foes. But man if you like challenges in a fighting game this game has alot when in battle, oh did I mention it;s pretty too!...more info
  • Surprisingly having a blast!!
    Wow. I bought Viking:BFA before I read the reviews, only because it was on sale. Worried about the reviews, I almost took it back before opening it. I'm glad I didn't and decided to try Viking anyways. I'm really pleased I did because the game is great.

    I don't usually like hack and slash, button-mashers but for some reason the fighting in this game has really clicked for me. The animations are smooth, the controls are responsive, and the finishing moves never get boring to watch.

    Leveling doesn't occur through a tradional "point-based" mechanism, but through a couple of interesting mechanics. Fighting moves are available for purchase as are more tradional spells. The moves are pretty easy to pull off and the spells are easy to access. There is something compelling about this system and even while writing, I'm thinking about a couple of moves that I would like to purchase.

    Graphically the game is great looking. While the game is played from a 3rd person perspective, the size of your character is closer to that of sam fisher than a traditional diablo-type character. As such, the detail is great on everything about the character except the facial expressions. I was wishing for a little more in the facial expressions. It would have given the conversaions with NPCs a little more appeal. It's a minor nitpick though.

    I can't say how the game will be after another couple of hours, but right now I'm having plenty of fun. Actually, I'm enjoying it more than another more highly rated game called Overlord....more info
    If you like games were you get to kill everyone in sight this game is for you, the history of the game is very good, and the battle moves are great, not to many to do, but great, the only reason that I did not gave it 5 stars is becase you have to check often your map to se what it is taht you have to do in order to advance, other than that this game is a must have, especially if you like games like GOD OF WAR.
    ENJOY!!!!!!...more info
  • OK to rent, but not worth buying
    This game started out fine at first (it reminded me of Diablo 2, which I really liked), but it got to be monotonous halfway through. I also ran into a few glitches that required me to reset the game a couple times. One standard I use to judge a video game is whether or not I would play it again. The answer is no. This game would be OK to rent, but it's not worth buying....more info
  • wow, just terrible.
    are you serious? this thing is one of the biggest pieces of trash ive ever played. so far it is absurdly boring, quiet, and pointless. my first let down was that you couldn't really hit anyone or anything, unless it was shining. even though it looks pretty with the blood and all, the fighting is just really boring in this game. too much running around and just... wow there is nothing good about this game. seriously, why was this made?...more info
  • Underrated Game!
    With a glitchy overblown frustrating game like Assassin's Creed gettin all the accolades, it's no wonder games like Viking get overlooked. I rented this game with low expectations, but alas, it's really cool. The graphics are not Call Of Duty 4 amazing but they are quite good. The voice acting is decent and the game is fairly easy to get the hang of after a while. The open world is full of color and magic and you can get from one place to another fairly quickly. Also it has really cool finish off kills. Gory as hell. I am having much more fun with Viking after about 4 hours of gameplay than I did with 2 of Assassin's Creed. That damn game is overhyped. Check out Viking....more info
  • Not all I hoped for, but still a decent game.
    I've been keeping track of this game for some time now ever since I first read a small preview for it in one of the magazines 6 or 7 months ago. I'm a fan of Viking mythology, and these type of games, so I thought this game had the potential to be one of my fave games of all time. Sadly, it wasn't.

    Overall, the game plays out as sort of an action-adventure hack 'n' slash styled game. You walk through the countryside battling various enemies who are kidnapping your fellow Vikings. The more vikings you release from the clutches of your enemy, the better off you'll be on the following large-scale battles. Battle is typical hack 'n' slash in style. You have you have you fast but less powerful attack button, your slower but more powerful attack button, plus other buttons that let you do anything from adding elemental effects to your sword to equip throwing axes. Battling goes well if you're on level ground, but if you're battling an enemy that's even a few feet higher or lower than you are, all of your attacks will miss. Getting around the game worl is one of the biggest drawbacks of the game. You have an on-screen map that only shows your current immediate area, but it doesn't show any of the landmarks or paths at all. It's total blackness aside from colored dots that represent important people to talk to. If you have the treasure maps, the on-screen map will also show you the locations of treasure. There is a larger more detailed map in the sub-menu screen, but it's a pain to bring up all the time and still doesn't show much aside the basic lay of the land and important places. What I don't like is the fact that sometimes you're given 2-5 quests at once by people you talk to or because you completed another task, and it's kind of vague as to where to go or what to do. Case in point is early in the game you come across a commander who tells you about a traitor. You eventually require the trator's helmet as proof of his traitorous deeds, but it's easy to forget where that commander is you need to talk to. They should have implemented a function on the map that shows you where the guy is you need to talk to. As it was, to find him, I had to re-visit the places I had been until I stumbled across him. I guess the best thing to do would be to do it the old school way, and write down where all important people are at,e specially of they say something to you that makes you believe you'll need to find them again. The Leystones you find can warp you instantly to any other Leystone, and they do come in handy. Still, this style of travel (with no compass and warp points/leystones) has been done before, and better in games like Overlord. Also, a few people have said this game is too slow paced for them... this isn't God Of War (though some button pressing mini games are present), and Skarin is no Kratos. He's a Viking, they were slow and powerful and never acrobatic in anyway.

    The graphics, especially the background artwork and the landscapes are beautiful. The characters themselves are kind of bland, but it's a small price to pay for backgrounds that look that good. I have an HDTV, and it's quite a sight to behold, even though it's only in 720p. Makes me wonder how good this would have looked in full 1080p.

    The music, what there is of it, is great. It's sort of folky classical music that goes with the games' theme well. Most of the time, there's no music at all though. Just ambient sound and nature sounds like birds, wind, rain, etc. It helps to really immerse you into that world.

    The storyline also does a good job of "sort of" sticking to pure Norse mythology. The artwork, clothing, villages all look pretty authentic and the storyline revolving around it all works well. If you're into Norse mythology like I am, you will no dount enjoy the game on a higher level than if you're not.

    All in all, the game is a buy, but it's just a buy. After you get used to how the game is laid out, things become funner and less complicated. I hope the game sells well, because a sequal that had a fine tuned battle system and a better map and quest log would be most excellent indeed....more info
  • Off with their heads!
    I like Nordic mythology in my death metal and in my games. Ever since the Lost Vikings came out I think Vikings have had a welcome place in the Videogame world(looking at Odin from FF). If only the same welcome was extended for Viking: Battle for Asgard. It was welcomed with bad reviews and almost a "Haze" like rejection. No demo in sight and very little push on the advertising front even made it tougher for this game to get any sort of good publicity.

    One thing I can publicly proclaim is that Viking is all about action and rolling heads..heads rolling on the floor after you decapitated them that is. This game is completely gory yet tactical. You can use your run-and-hack tactics here only to be mobbed and will be sent back to the drawing board upon death. You are actually allowed to upgrade your move-list and strategize accordingly. The game takes place on three large and beautiful islands all infested with demons or The Horde as they are called in Viking. The main goal of each island is to upgrade your repitoire and army. You do this by taking on various assault like missions and rescuing captured vikings. One complaint by other players with Viking was the reptitive nature of the missions and combat. This I do realize but is something I forgot mid-combat quickly. The AI of The Horde isn't special but they attack in numbers and don't like seeing their brethern being deformed before their eyes by your lighting-fast sword slashes. You stick with a Sword and Axe combo through out the game but like I explained earlier you can upgrade yourself with new moves the further you get in Viking. Your inventory isn't particularly FF7-huge but you can freely roam each island collecting items like Mead to gain gold. The game isn't too short or very long but its worth its price in weight; meaning if your buying it now rather than upon launch your getting your monies worth. Can't complain about the visuals either they are nice(espeically the distant seas)....more info


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