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"More than half a million people live with multiple sclerosis, yet conventional medicine still has little to offer patients. There is no known cure-and even recent breakthroughs in drug therapy do not work to control many of the symptoms or promise any degree of recovery. But there is an alternative to drugs that can stop and reverse the ravaging symptoms of MS - the MS Recovery Diet. As this book explains, there are five common food triggers that can set off the symptoms of MS-dairy, grains containing glutens, legumes, eggs, and yeast. Yet because MS is such a complex disease, other foods play a role, as culprits or aides. The MS Recovery Diet explains the background, science, and development of this treatment in one source for the first time, and shows readers how to pinpoint their specific problem foods and sensitivities. It also offers more than one hundred simple recipes, as well as strategies to improve digestion, balance the immune system, and repair the body's myelin-crucial steps toward healing the body. Both of the authors, Ann D. Sawyer and Judith E. Bachrach, who had been diagnosed and disabled by multiple sclerosis, have experienced incredible recovery on the diet. Within the first three months on this program, Sawyer was able to stop the disease progression and begin to walk short distances with an even gait. Bachrach, whose health has been declining because of MS for thirty-eight years, regained feeling in her toes in one week and after one year on the diet, has stopped taking all medication. This book shares the treatment plan that has dramatically changed their lives, and the lives of others who have discovered it. With inspiring personal stories throughout, it offers real help-and hope-for sufferers of MS."

Customer Reviews:

  • MS Recovery Diet
    Phenomenal book. Gives direction and a lot of hope dealing with a disease where there is not a lot of hope given (especially by physicians). Enjoyed the personal stories, the recipes, opinions of the authors. Would highly recommend this book to those interested in getting well....more info
  • Finally an alternative that really works!
    I would recommend this book to anyone with MS. I was diagnosed 18th months ago with MS and have been taking medication prescribed by my neurologist. The medicine definitely helps, but this book has given me renewed hope. In addition to the information and stories provided, this diet is amazing. After one week on this diet I noticed a marked change in my ability to walk and my stamina. ...more info
  • There is a connection between diet and MS
    I have followed this recovery diet for two years and continue to live symptom-free. This life style change includes identifying food sensitivities, avoiding the known MS trigger foods (diary, grains with gluten, legumes, eggs, yeast) and eliminates most processed foods which contain free processed glutamate acid or MSG. I have learned that most of the trigger foods also contain hidden forms of MSG, which is a known brain toxin. I believe other diseases and health issues, such as Alzheimer, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, arthritis, seizures, ADD, obesity, diabetes, heart disease can be helped by changing one's diet to include more omega 3's from salmon, flax seed, fresh fruits and vegetables.
    There is hope. A heartfelt thanks to both of these ladies for their courage to challenge conventional medicine....more info
  • I wish they were more specific
    I really enjoyed this book and I am grateful that this book is available at all, when you are faced with an incurable disease the most important thing is finding some hope and gaining some control back over your life.

    This book is great for that.

    I was really hoping for more specific guidelines though, for example.

    How to prepare for an ELISA test (if this is possible)
    Where to get an ELISA test done.
    Start off with X,Y,Z suppliments.
    Eliminate one food group at a time.
    Common alternatives to common (problem) foods are ...
    Staying strong and avoiding temptations (there are a few excellent ideas on this in the book but I felt that they could have been restated towards the end of the book)

    I understand that this information IS in the book but I just felt that after reading it I needed more guidance.

    Changing your diet is hard enough - when you have such a deeply compelling reason for changing it I feel that one cannot have too much guidance in acheiving it....more info
  • empowering
    I was diagnosed finally about 5 years ago. Since then I have read everythinng, including two or three cookbooks and several full length books on MS.

    I found Ann Sawyer's book to be accurate, up to the minute, and supremely hopeful. And the diet is specific enough to try at once. I am deeply grateful to the authors and all those who shared their experience and hope. I will be healthier in mind, body and spirit for the companionship in this book....more info
  • Excellent Book!
    An excellent source for the person with MS. I haven't been able to find a diet yet that was condensed into a few pages like this one. It's such a jewel for me to have obtained. Just remember: Anything WORTH doing is never easy but so rewarding!...more info
  • The book is very informative and gives great guidance.
    I would highly recommend this book. It gives guidance, receipes, and suppliements on how to stay healthy with ms....more info
  • I feel extremely lucky to have found this book!
    I feel extremely lucky to have found this book. When I was diagnosed with MS in October 2007, I instinctively became very careful with my diet because of past health problems due to food (Celiac's,food allergies & sensitivies).

    But there were things I didn't know in regards to food & MS. This book explains why diet is important & how different foods effect MS. I also enjoyed reading all the personal case histories of real MS patients who have tried this diet.

    I plan on staying on this diet the rest of my life. (I want to do everything possible for me to achieve the best possible outcome, so I also take one of the MS drugs (Avonex) in addition to this diet.)

    Also, this book explained more to me about the disease of MS than all the neurologist's I have seen put together. I am deeply grateful to Ann Sawyer & Judith Bachrach for writing this book...Thank You!...more info
  • Hope for those with MS, their loved ones, and anyone who is interested in Wellness...
    In its graceful, readable style, The MS Recovery Diet offers a powerfully healing path. Though I don't have MS myself, I have watched one of my closest friends save her own life through this diet. From being barely able to sit up for any length of time, my friend now walks with me in the woods. Each step is a miracle and a testimony to the efficacy of this diet. Bachrach and Sawyer offer not only the diet itself, but a thorough and accessible understanding of the biochemistry of how it works as well as many personal stories that infuse the information with humanity and humor. Best of all, for me, was the cookbook, which will prove indespensible not only to those who have MS, but to anyone who is interested in addressing physical challenges through diet. I was so inspired by my friend's recovery that I went on the diet myself and find that much of the chronic pain and digestive ailments in my own body have diminished radically. This book is a gift, not only to those with MS, but to all who seek relief from chronic pain and limitation. Try "Marion's Chocolate Mousse" (p.343) if you're afraid that a limited diet is no fun!! Better than any mousse I've ever tasted, and not a speck of dairy, sugar or eggs!...more info
  • Could have been a 6-page booklet
    The Art of Getting Well: Maximizing Health and Well-being When You Have a Chronic Illness

    I was excited when I saw the strong customer reviews for Ann Sawyer's book, but disappointed to actually read it. (Judith Bachrach is also listed as author, but it seems to come mostly from Sawyer.) Her claim is that finding the right diet can resolve nearly all MS symptoms, but she doesn't tell you how to do it. It's not really a diet; it's an approach to figuring out your own healthy diet. This is a good idea; I just don't think it will work for many people in this form.

    Could be I'm a bit jealous. I've had MS for 30 years, and it's kicking my butt pretty good right now. My first book, The Art of Getting Well, is largely based on my experiences with MS (along with interviews with 30 other people with chronic illness.) My book has never sold in anything like the numbers that MS Recovery Diet is selling. But I think I'm being objective - I'm still looking for help, too.

    The basic dietary advice is given in a few pages. You have to consider stopping any or all of the following: dairy products, grains that contain gluten, eggs, legumes (beans) and yeast, in that order of probability. But that might not do it, so you need to test yourself for food allergies, either through blood tests or an elimination diet.

    Well, I've done all those things and seen very little difference. Sawyer and Bachrach say you can determine what foods to avoid by closely monitoring yourself after eating. If a food makes you feel bad, get rid of it. The problem is that, for me and for many people with MS, the worse symptoms might not come on for two or three days after eating (or being exposed to cold, or getting stressed, or whatever the problem is.) So it's very hard to tell which food, if any, is causing problems.

    There's a lot of scientific language in this book, but I would class much of it as pseudo-science. For example, they talk about allergenic food damaging the blood-brain barrier, but give no idea how that could happen or any studies to back it up.

    The book is filled out with many chapters on what MS is, the history of MS, the history of medical treatments and dietary approaches, success stories of people who have used their approach, and lots of recipes. The success stories mostly fall within the range of the natural variation of MS. The recipes might actually be useful to someone who wants to try this approach.

    I support people trying dietary approaches for their MS. I agree with the authors that the medications don't work well, and that many other things (diet, Vitamin D, digestive enzymes, Chinese medicine to name a few) can help. But be careful! When you've got advanced MS, you have fewer sources of pleasure in your life. Making yourself crazy about food and depriving yourself of things that give you pleasure is not likely to help. ...more info
  • A Godsend for anyone with MS............
    The MS Recovery Diet is an easily accessible read for the lay person who does not have MS. The book explains the disease, its onset of symptoms, and the chemistry and physiological effects of MS with solid research to help anyone who does have MS. Reading the personal stories of the authors, Ann Sawyer and Judi Bachrach, and knowing that they have both been able to reverse their symptoms of MS by following the food guidelines makes this book all the more relevant and meaningful. Putting all this together with recipes following the food guidelines makes this book a Godsend for anyone with MS or knows anyone with MS. I have bought several copies to share with friends as well as one for myself....more info
  • Great book
    The authors have something helpful to share, and its a gift to MS readers. They have MS themselves, and describe their personal journeys of disease disability, then discovery and recovery, using dietary modifications. They inform us that the medical establishment currently falls short. There's no money in dietary research. At least for some, there is new hope of recovery. I recommend this book anyone with MS who has the ability, will power really, to make some dietary changes. Then, if improvement results, educate the neurologists about this book....more info


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