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Maximum results in minimum amount of time. Achieve greater weightloss and watch the extra pounds disappear as your endurance level and strength increase and your whole body transforms. For best results we recommend you follow our six to eight week program recommendation using the different levels as "add-ons" as your progress. THE BIGGEST LOSER CARDIO MAX DVD: This DVD consists of three different cardio workouts (plus a warm-up and a cool-down) each with an increased level of intensity: LEVEL 1: With Bob as your trainer this 20-minute boot camp will touch every part of your body and get your fat-burning engine going strong. LEVEL 2: With Jillian as your trainer this 10-minute supercardio drill workout will sweat away pounds galore. LEVEL 3: With Kim as your trainer you will continue to maximize your weightloss with a kickboxing workout concentrating on your butt and thigh.Cast: Bob Harper (Seasons 1 2 3 and 4 trainer) Kim Lyons (Seasons 3 and 4 trainer) Jillian Michaels (Seasons 1 2 and 4 trainer). Six seasons 3 and 4 cast members.System Requirements:Run Time: 50 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS/EXERCISE Rating: NR UPC: 031398222651 Manufacturer No: 22265

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for beginners
    I love this video. I wanted something that was easy for some one who doesn't work out much at all. There are no complicated steps and you don't need any additional tools. Some of the time they use weights but they are optional and you still get a great workout without them. Very glad i puchased this!...more info
  • Challenging Workout
    Before using the Biggest Loser Cardio Max dvd I would have told you I am in good shape. I workout on a regular basis and I thought that this would be a nice routine to add to my workout. Let me tell you that this dvd let me know just how not in shape I am in. I quickly realized just what I have been missing from my regular routine. This dvd will challenge even the most seasoned workout gurus. You really get a full range workout and work up a good sweat. The one feature I like most is that the instruction is clear and concise. They are not all over the place making it difficult to follow. Very easy to follow. And yes you will be sore the next day, it is a guarantee. I am very pleased with this workout. Very good purchase....more info
  • Great workout!!!
    This dvd is absolutely wonderful. It is truly a full-body workout! It is easy to follow and the instructors know their audience may be new to the workout and let you know to slow down if you need to do so. "Just keep moving!" is what you will hear. If you follow the suggested workout plan, it does help. You can wait longer than 2 weeks, though, to move onto the next level. Give yourself time. I have taken aerobics before, so I figured this might be high intensity from the beginning, but it is graduated. You don't need a step or weights. Weights are great if you have them, but not necessary. ...more info
  • Customization Rocks!
    I looooooooooove this DVD. I can customize my workout to do any combination of levels one, two, or three as many times as I want. I usually pooped and sweaty after one Bob session or two Kim sessions, but it ALWAYS makes me sweat. Definitely in my faves....more info
  • Biggest Loser exercise video
    I received my DVD when promise. I was very pleased with the video and service...more info
  • Cardio Max
    Good workout overall. Kim is kind of annoying and her workout is not as intense as I was hoping for, but I was sweating by the end of the DVD, that's for sure! ...more info
  • It's ok
    You can definately get a workout, but this is heavy on lunges and can get to your knees. I much prefer Jillian's 30 Day shred over this, and most definately prefer Bob's weight loss yoga dvd over this one....more info
  • Good Workout - True Beginners be Cautious
    I really like Bob Harper -- cute, fresh personality, and he makes the workout fun. However, for a beginning level, I think the first workout has too much emphasis on lunge and knee bend movements. If you have sensitive knees, I'd pick another workout video. And, I thought this was going to be a workout for beginners where the Biggest Loser participants were still heavy -- but no, they have lost almost all of their weight and have been conditioning for a while, so it really isn't beginning at all. I didn't feel like I could relate to the people in the video like I thought I would. Also, this one is shot inside an aerobics room -- so it's not as pleasing as one shot on a beach or in the mountains. The workout will keep your heart rate up, but I don't think they picked a good workout to make into a video -- there are some small slip ups in instruction from Bob in this one. Overall, Bob did a good job, but I didn't feel like the video was top quality -- it seemed like the makers of the video didn't care to film a few workouts and pick the one that was the best or had the fewest slip ups to make into a marketed video. ...more info
  • I like it.
    This is a good dvd. Sometimes I just don't feel like getting on the treadmill. LOL

    I really enjoyed Bob. He's funny and engaging. I found myself laughing along. Especially when one of the girls said, "I wanna kill you Bob!"
    I think she meant it. LOL I used the 10 lb weights with him.
    His workouts were good.

    The next girl was pure cardio and she was all business. Lots of jumping, plyometrics and bouncing around. I actually broke a sweat with her. I'm no beginner but that was pretty intense.

    The last lady, I didn't enjoy her workout as much. I just don't like lots of punches and kicks. I like to move around. I didn't feel as if I was getting enough of a workout. Her workout should have been the first.

    Usually I only do Bob and the lady after him. It's a good 30 minute stretch....more info
  • Quite the Workout!!!
    I was hesitant about buying this DVD, but after reading the reviews I took a chance. This was such a great workout, it definately boosts your cardio and increases your endurance. I have seen results and it is only been 2 weeks. I also like that it is challenging but not overwhelming. I would defniatley recommend this if you are just looking to tone up or if you have a little bit of weight you would like to get rid of. ...more info
  • Great workout
    I usually run about 20 miles a week but due to all the snow and ice we've received recently I was looking for an intense indoor cardio workout. This workout is great. Bob definitely kicks your butt. It's a nice combo of cardio and some strengh/toning. Jillian has great high intensity cardio. Kim is a bit of a let down, but it's a good way to end your workout. I was breathing hard the whole time....more info
  • Cardio Max Rocks
    This is a great workout video. I started with the lowest level and it kicked my butt. I think anyone can do this workout and get some great results. One thing I would change would be better demonstration on how to do a move...some of the people doing the moves aren't the most coordianted and it is hard to know exactly how to do it....more info
  • fun to workout with these guys.....
    I like to workout with these guys from the show!I love the Biggest Loser show. The results speak for themselves on how well this could work for you....more info
  • Big Disappointment...
    I bought this because I am a big fan of the Biggest Loser. But this exercise dvd was a big disappointment to say the least. The only way I got anything out of it was to ONLY watch Bob, Jillian, and Kim on how to do the exercises. The contestants didn't know what they were doing and it made it really hard to follow. Big waste of money!!! I will stick with Jillian's dvds from now on....more info
  • OMG....this is boot camp!! Great workout!
    All I have to say is...WOW. I was out of breath with just the 5 minute warm-up. Great video to get your heart pumping and shed those pounds. Nice that the video could be customized to your level. You can choose how many and which workout session you want to do in the menu. Nice to see "real" people in the background with the instructor (past Biggest Loser contestants). Very intense workout. You will be sweating and your legs will be trembling. LOVED IT!!!!...more info
  • Great DVD!!!!
    I bought this dvd because I wanted to get a good workout without having to leave my home, and boy did this dvd do the trick. the exercises are intense, it has three levels and the dvd instructs you to start by the first. After the workout, which I haven't been able to finish completely, I'm out of breath and have to lie down for about 15 minutes before I can get back up. I would recommend this dvd to anybody that really wnats to lose weight, but is willing to make the sacrifice that it entails....more info
  • I loved it!!!
    if you want to have a great workout and you are not a beginer but not an advanced this is a good one, you sweat, you cry, gasp and have a geat workout. the first week I fishing the level one crawling... level two is okay, but I agreed that level three is not soo good.

    I love bob!!...more info
  • Excellent!!!!!!!!
    I love this DVD! It has helped me a lot! I lost 10 pounds in the first week. The exercises are easy to do and you can feel the changes soon!

    After this I feel more active! It is great!...more info
  • be careful with the warmup!
    the "warmup" bothered me to the point that i didn't even get to the actual workout. beware, all the jumping around as a warmup can hurt you...i go from complete slug to workout fiend, and i have tried many types of workout dvds. what really bugs is how the trainer is so busy bouncing you around that you don't have a chance to do the proper forms and alignments. if you are already in shape, it isn't too bad, but for a beginner you may find yourself flailing about and may fall. typically the instructor gives you a clear explanation on form and its importance, in this dvd you just go, and if you don't have a strong sense of balance you will find yourself jerking around trying to not fall on your face. if you want quick results and a flatter belly immediately post workout try the Lotte Berk Method series, the "Basic Essentials" one is perfect. the Crunch series are pretty good as well, especially the ones with Ellen Bartlet, Super Slim Down Pilates....i get bored easily so i love to try new dvds...this one blows, i always go back to the Lotte Berk and Crunch dvds to really tone up and challenge my muscles. ...more info
  • Loving it!!

    I love this CD. Cardio Max is fun. Bob and the gang keep me motivated.
    I have 25 pounds left to lose and it this doesnt do it nothing will.
    Brand new, as promised. Thanks for the good deal and the speedy service.
    I will definetly purchase again!


    ...more info
  • It gets your heart rate up
    This is a great workout. I regularly do one lhour a day cardio using a gazelle or walking over a mountain. This exercise routine finds all those muscles that I don't use often and lets me know where they are. The first time I did this, I was thinking.. "bring it on, I can do this!" I did everything.. high intensity. I was sore for 3 days. The first day everything hurt. My quads, glutes, outsides of legs, inside of my legs and a little of my back. I could not even sit on my butt. It hurt too bad. I just wished Bob left one or two muscles that were not sore so I could move or sit, as I could do neither. I was bummed that I physically could not do ANYTHING the day after. I wanted a work out but not one that makes it so I can't continue my routine.
    The 2nd time and from then on nothing hurt that bad. I can still exercise every day now. THank god. It is not a wimpy exerise video. I felt like I actually did something afterward....more info
  • Love, love, love it!!!
    My husband and I are in good shape and we were both hesitant to work out with a DVD (My husband is a distance runner.) We were pleasantly surprised with how great of a work out it gave us. It is a challenge for all fitness levels. I would recommend stretching well before beginning the warm up because it is a little intense. If you are new to the work out scene starting out slowly because the intensity of the workout could cause injury and/or discourage from doing it again. We loved the workout and even bought it as gifts for friends and family....more info
  • Sore muscles for days!
    What a great DVD workout! Loved it.. Haven't been working out lately but thought I could do all 3 levels first day, wrong! Made it through the first level with warm up and cool down, and felt great, but there were some difficult areas because I was not up to par. I could hardly walk the next day ! I could see how it might get boring, so I'm glad I bought the 2 other dvds to mix it up. I'm not a big fan of Yoga, so the cool down part isn't fun, but it's only 5 minutes! Overall, very satisfied!...more info
  • good workout
    this is good to get you started and helps you progress into more advanced workouts...more info
  • Holy Cow! What a workout!
    I bought this dvd hoping for a change in my rountine...HOLY COW! I have never been so sore!I work out on a regular basis with the treadmill and doing some kickboxing, but never really got anything out of the workouts. When I got this dvd I just wanted a change of pace and didn't really figure it would be any different than the other 50 videos I had already. The first night I did this workout it kicked my butt. I'm excited about this workout and I'm going to share my find with all my workout buddies. I can see why these guys have such great success on the tv show. The workout is not just for the advanced exerciser either which is great. It is set for you to work at your own pace with your own intensity level and the moves don't really seem difficult.The best part is the option to pick and chose which workout segment you want to do. Makes it great for the beginner to start out slow and work your way up. I love this dvd and I may even buy more of their dvds....more info
  • Best video workout.
    This is the best video workout I have ever done. Really gets your heartrate up....more info
  • Holy Crap!!!
    I have lost 30 lbs so far through eating healthy and going to the gym 6 days a week regularly. I was getting sick of the gym and started going for hour long walks/jogs. I bought this DVD to give me something additional to add to my workout.

    Let me say this, level one (20 mins) just kicked my butt!! I was sweating and could feel every muscle in my body being worked! This was without even using the weights (which I did not know this video incorporated).

    I am beyond satisfied with this workout DVD and can only imagine what level 2 and 3 are going to bring. I will definately be purchasing more biggest loser DVD's!!...more info
  • works u to the bone!
    this is a great workout video...its not confusing, its straightforward, good old fashioned exercise,and gosh do the trainers work you out! ...more info
  • Great workout!
    This workout is fantastic! I have been doing this workout for 6 weeks now and the results are amazzzzzing! I will say that if you have weak or bad knees this workout is probably not for you as even the Level 1 workout with Bob consists of alot of lunges. I love this workout though.. I followed the maximum results guide on the dvd and started with Level one the first 2 weeks and added levels 2 and 3 in 2 week intervals.. Have been doing all three levels plus the warm up 4 days a week and it definitely works! Combining this with healthy eating (lots of fruit, veggies and smaller portions!) I have lost 15 pounds in a little over 2 months.. Started at 150 pounds and now down to 135.. It works you just have to be consistent and stick it out! I have been raving and recommending this dvd to all of my friends... Get it! ...more info
  • Want Results? Buy this video!
    I have been working out for 6 weeks, and just incorporated Cardio Max (and Power Sculpt) into my routine. I had to get used to not having a formal instructor to follow along with because Bob starts the instructions, does a few (sometimes all) of the reps and then walks around before coming back to the front to give the next instruction. It is non-stop with very little downtime between each exercise. I had been doing the 30-Day Shred and while I was used to the intensity I was used to a few seconds between each move. I alternate this video with Power Sculpt, which follows the same style--6-8 week program that increases every 2 weeks or when you're ready to move on to the next level.

    I have never done so many lunges in my life--but if you want to round the corners off your backside, this video accomplishes that for sure.

    However, if you have lower body injuries this video may not be the best choice for you.

    I recommend keeping track of your progress with a measuring tape instead of a scale. You'll be more modivated by your results. ...more info
  • Have Water Ready!
    Make sure to have plenty of water ready...this is a tough workout, even though the things you are doing are very simple. It is short, but you are constantly moving and they really get your heart pumping! The first time I did this work out I couldn't make it all the way through, but was very impressed at how good I felt after finishing it finally. It is nice that people from past seasons are in the video because you can see modified ways of doing the exercises as well as get motivated that if they can do it so can you! My only problem with the dvd is the cool is yoga stretches and I don't always enjoy those, but it is effective....more info
  • Love this!
    This is great for a beginner or intermediate because it graduates to different levels. It is easy to follow and fun....more info
  • Amazing workout!!
    I just received my copy of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max and this is the third time this week I've done it. I'm not extremely overweight but still weigh more than my recommended size and I really like that the cast are normal people trying to accomplish a common goal. Even though most workouts have already fit people in their videos, to see people my size and bigger is a good thing because if they're capable of doing these exercises, I can make myself do them too. It may not be easy starting out, but I know it'll pay off in the long run. By the way, make sure you have some epsom salt to soak in, because I was so sore the morning after, but that's how I know I was doing these workouts right-I felt the burn. Good luck to everyone wanting to drop some pounds!...more info
  • Great Work Out!
    I love this product, I bought this movie for my mom b/c i liked it so much!...more info
  • Booty Kickin'
    This work out DVD is no joke. I didn't think I was completely out of shape as I have been working out consistently since January, four times a week at least, jogging and Pilates. I felt my work out regime needed a boost so I bought this DVD based on all of the good reviews I read here on Aamazon. Those reviews were not kidding. I did my first work out on Saturday and my muscles were still sore this morning (Tuesday). Bob does get a bit annoying once in awhile and I think he just might be a sadomasochist, but he really makes me sweat and curse and sweat and curse. I recommend this. I am on the maximum results program so I let them do the choosing for me. I can't wait to see the results in my body. ...more info
  • Not so good
    I was really excited to try this but I was very disappointed. It is VERY heavy on the lunges. I really like Bob on the Biggest Loser but I can hardly do this video because of how annoying he is on this video. Plus, all the other contestants from the show doing the exercises are way out of sync and it just looks like it was thrown together so they could get it out to the stores quickly. I also wish there were three 20-minute workouts to try instead of Bob for 20 minutes and the other trainers for just ten minutes. I would highly recommend skipping this video and going for Jillian's Thirty-Day Shred. I ordered the two videos together with the idea that I would alternate days but I have just ended up doing Jillian's video every day....more info
  • Very Challenging... and I only did Level 1
    This is by far one of the best cardio workouts I have tried. I am 112 pounds and so I don't have much weight to lose, but I barely could keep up with them. So If you have a nice amount of weight to lose I am sure this will be very challenging. I was almost stunned when I was at the end and they said "Ok, you just finished Level 1" I thought for sure I had done all the levels by then because it was that challenging for a cardio workout. A+ Loved it....more info
  • Workout
    Great multiple workouts. I run 5 miles a day and this workout could be modified to beginners or pros. I did the middle workout and really felt pushed. It was awesome!!!...more info
  • Good work out for fat people, like myself !
    I'm really enjoying this DVD. Above all, I love that the people in the video are no these slim, toned and gym-oholics you see in most workout videos, but rather are people who are in the process of losing weight! Bob is very motivating and makes the workout fun. I'm still on level one after a week and will stay there until I can master it...and I haven't even started using the weights yet. However, I feel better and I can tell that my body is getting an excellent workout from this DVD. No need for a gym membership...just pop in this DVD and watch the pounds melt away. ...more info
  • This DVD is Great
    I am only at level one and I feel better and have lost weight. The first to days I could barely keep up no I am having fun and dropping pounds...more info
  • OK, but not great
    Level 1 by far has the longest routine and it is about intermediate level, but it does not contain enough cardio moves to get your heart rate up. Personally I found Bob Harper spent too much time trying to impress with his social skills and not enough time in giving instructions on proper forms and techniques. I found his conversation annoying and I'm glad I have the option to tune him out with the selection of "music only". Out of all 3 levels, the best one by far is level 2, instructed by Jillian Michael, she means business and her routine can really make you sweat. The only complaint I have is that it's only 10 minutes, which is way too short. As for level 3, the instructor does not provide enough variation of moves and I found the routine very unimpressive. To get my money worth, however, in the future I think I will combine Level 2 and Level 3 to be used as one workout routine. ...more info
  • Awesome high energy workout!
    I have been working out for awhile and have been looking for something to challenge me. I work out about 4-5 times a week and also do strength training. I have lost 55 pounds, and I need to lose quite a bit more. This workout will work you to the core and then some. I was so sore after I got done with the dvd. I like the personal instruction from the trainers, and I like the way you can customize the dvd to build yourself up to a level that is comfortable for you. My heart was racing the whole time, and I really felt like I got a total body workout. I would reccomend this dvd for anyone who is wanting to challenge themselves, and really push it to the next level. You will see results. It will be hard at first, but stick with it and it gets easier. ...more info


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