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There is no more potent form of iodine available on the market! Compare to kelp which usually provides 200 mcg (micrograms) equivalent to less than 2% of the dose found in Iodoral. There is simply no more effective iodine formula on the market. Iodoral is the most powerful iodine supplement on the market and the product preferred by many well known doctors and practitioners. Iodine play so many important roles in the body that it is considered one of the most important mineral supplements on the market today. Because different tissues of the body prefer different forms of iodine, Iodoral has been formulated with the perfect balance of the two most important forms: iodine and iodide. By supplementing with Iodoral you can assure that a sufficient amount of iodine will be present for the proper functioning of the thyroid, skin, breast, bones, hair and immune system.

  • High Potency Iodine/ Potassium Iodide
  • Essential for thyroid health.
  • Necessary for cell function.
  • Iodine is an essential element. Although its main function is in the production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland, other organs in the body have a need for iodine in order to function normally .

Customer Reviews:

  • iodoral
    I received this product within a few days. I've read several reviews on it and it's supposed to help with thyroid function and possibly shrink a goiter. I won't know if it works to shrink a goiter until I see my endocrinologist again. Time will tell....more info
  • Iodoral is wonderful
    I didn't purchase this product on Amazon, but I do use it daily. After being on Armour Thyroid for over a year due to my hypothyroidism, a new doctor recommended I start taking Iodoral in addition to the Armour Thyroid. His recommendation was 4 pills a day--which seemed like a lot to me. I had become hypothyroid after a bad bout with the birth control patch, so my hormones were still reeling. I didn't want to throw anything too far out of whack, so I started out with 1/2 a pill per day for a couple of months, noticing very little difference. I then moved to 1 pill per day and noticed considerable improvement in not only my general health, but also in my hormones and reproductive health. I began to ovulate again! I am now up to a pill and a half per day. I cannot say enough good things about Iodoral.
    Please seek a holistic/homeopathic doctor or D.O.'s medical advice before starting to take this, and also have a complete thyroid panel done for your doctor to evaluate (blood testing of T3 and T4 levels) before starting as well. There is a danger of becoming more hypothyroid or even swinging to the hyperthyroid side of things if your thyroid levels are not monitored. ...more info
  • Life Altering Supplement
    I want to add to the glowing reviews of the Iodoral brand iodine supplement. I couldn't be more enthusiastic about the product if I tried. I think everyone should have it and use it.

    For many years, I suffered from an on again off again cyclic pain (months at a time) which only seemed to progress. Various diagnosis were given, numerous specialists, all types of pain medications.

    By Sept. 2008 (approximately year five), I was used the pain I would wake up with. The headache, the stiff and sore legs, the backache, the extreme fatigue, the difficulty thinking...

    And I'm only 34, a vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker who is not overweight!

    I'd tried all types of supplements for my energy levels, pain and my daughter's ADHD. I'd even tried this before back in March, but I made the mistake of allowing it to be one of many things and wasn't very consistent.

    After reading a study and then Brownstein's book, I tried again. I took it religiously for two weeks and the difference was amazing. I've given it to my daughter and within a month, I was able to stop her Adderal.

    Not only was the pain gone, I could go back to drinking coffee (I found caffeine made the pain much worse and it was difficult to even lift a drink plate if I were to have two cups of coffee in a week). Not only could I once again have coffee if I wanted... I no longer desperately needed something to stay awake and get moving!

    I'm an engineering major with a demanding schedule and course load. Before Iodoral, finding the effort to tackle and understand my work was an uphill battle. My energy levels and memory were so shot, I began to worry I wouldn't graduate (after making it to year four of five!), doctors were trying to tell me I was depressed and my child was bouncing of the walls, driving everyone crazy.

    Two months later, I completed the term (Economics, Experimental Engineering, Synthetic Polymer Chemistry, Mechanical Behavior of Solids, and Electric Circuits, A, A, B+, C+ and C respectively) when I thought I'd need a medical withdrawal/was barely functioning the first four or five weeks of it (11 week quarters) and my child is actually, relatively... CALM!


    I'm going to buy the 180 size today and add a review there. I intend to buy a second bottle to have in reserve in case there's EVER a reason I can't order it later. Yes, it's THAT important....more info
  • iodoral
    not sure if product makes any difference to my health, but transaction was smooth, with prompt shipping....more info
  • Iodoral
    Iodoral is a very good product, it was recomended by my doctor. This is the best that I have felt in aprox. 5 years....more info
  • Iodoral-Iodine potassium Iodide
    Excellent product. Everyone needs Iodine & most do not know this.
    Regained a lot of energy back when I started taking it. I take one
    tablet every morning. Watch the dosage & don't over do it. One tablet
    is enough. There can be side effects if you take a large dose....more info
  • Cheaper
    It's cheaper than my Dr.
    I take this everyday and will continue to buy them here....more info
  • Idoral
    Idoral is a must have for those suffering with painful ovarian cysts.I can take Idoral and within 24 hours,the dull aching pain in my abdomen is gone.It also seems to regulate my periods and make them less painful.Ive read that Idoral can actually make ovarian cysts disappear.I dont doubt this one bit.There are many benefits to taking idodine in moderation and Ive never had any bad side effects.This is my second bottle,my first was purchased about a year ago,somewhere else at a much higher price.Amazon is offering this at the best price by far.
    I take it when my cysts become painful.I have decided to take this daily from now on to see if I can eliminate them altogether and generally feel better.I was diagnosed as boderline hypothyroid long ago so if this helps my thyroid,it is only an added bonus.
    I do highly recommend this brand as it is effective and you get a 2-3 months supply for minimal money.
    I think if you are looking for Iodine,chose this one.It is a trusted product and It is well tolerated as well.I especially recommend this for women....more info
  • Iodine is a must
    I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland (hypo-thyroidism) years ago and have been taking thyroid medication ever since. Despite medication however, I've never felt "my old self." Looking for answers that went deeper than lab test results (i.e. TSH test), I was guided to this product--Iodoral (a combination of iodine/iodide). I began taking this supplement daily. About a month later, I noticed that I hadn't had a headache in weeks. In the past, I got headaches (NOT migraines)quite often. I figured these headaches were the result of a lack of sleep. However, my sleep habits (sadly) hadn't changed. The only thing I was doing different was taking Iodoral daily. It has been almost six months now that I've been taking Iodoral and I've only experienced a few headaches in that time. I'm convinced that Iodoral is responsible for this improvement. I have since come to learn just how crucial iodine is to our bodies. Everyone ought to take iodine as part of his/her daily vitamin regiment....more info
  • Good results with Iodoral
    I ordered this on Amazon about 2 months ago. The thing I really like is that I do not get as cold as I was getting earlier. Still not that warm yet any improvement is appreciated.

    My T3 level was low normal on a test taken about a month ago. I had intentionally stopped taking Iodoral for about a week prior to the test to get a better idea of what the results would be without the boost of higher iodine.

    I did not take the iodine test prior to starting and I can guarantee that my doctor won't order it since the thyroid tests were all in normal range. It might be a good idea to do the test, though.

    Fast shipping from vendor. I will reorder here when I need more Iodoral....more info