Battlefield of the Mind Devotional: 100 Insights That Will Change the Way You Think

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#1 bestselling author and speaker Joyce Meyer offers a companion devotional to her award-winning message, Battlefield of the Mind. Joyce Meyer is known for her million-copy bestselling Battlefield of the Mind in which she encourages readers to take control of their negative thoughts and live a more empowered and fruitful life in God. Now she distills her core message into a new 100-day devotional. Day by day, readers will gain new insights into the pitfalls of negative and defeatist thinking and learn ways to promote a healthier and victorious mindset. With multiple pages of complementary Scripture and closing prayers designed to focus readers on each daily message, the BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND DEVOTIONAL will provide Joyce Meyers personal thoughts on winning the battle in your mind

Customer Reviews:

  • Mind will be renewed
    This is an awesome devotional. Very good compliment to the book. It contains mind renewing topics filled with encouragement, hope, and joy in the Lord....more info
  • Hated It!
    Couldn't get past the first three devotional messages. Repetitive, too over the top with Satan this, Satan that. Give me a break. I like her TV ministry message but this book has got to go. ...more info
  • Battlefield in the Mind Devotionals by Joyce Meyers
    I highly recommend this book for helping to get a new mindset and changing your negative thoughts to positive. I got the book fo rmy son who is in prison for drugs and he is learning to get a new mindset. He said he reads it everyday and it helps him make it thru. He highly recommends it for people who need to develop a new mindset....more info
  • A Blessing Everday
    I read a section every morning to begin my day, and this is one of the most uplifting spiritual devotionals I have ever read. It makes you really look inside yourself, a good look at how your thoughts can hold you back from what you want to do. I have grown so much from reading this and even bought two more copies for coworkers that were dealing with restless, unproductive minds. A must read for any person seeking out a better life with God, as well as themselves....more info
  • Amazing!!! "What an Eye Opener"
    I strongly recommend this devotional to any person that really wants to know how the devil works in our mind and the damage that he can cause if we are not aware of his evil doings, but most important it allows you to see how God works and how when we live by God's Word we can defeat the devil and achieve God's purpose in our lives. This book is a blessing to my every day walk with the Lord. Remember, our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy!!!

    Thank you Joyce for blessing me with this book, it has help me to see things in a different way. May God continue to fill you with His Holy Spirit and Wisdom....more info
  • battlefield of the mind
    This book is so amazing. It is a must for those who want to get control of their thoughts. It has scripture to back the teaching for whatever your dealing with....more info
  • Start your day off right!!
    I received this book as a gift and the reason I'm on is to purchase it for another friend. As always, Pastor Joyce gives the word straight from the bible and then helps you apply it to your everyday life. I love this book and I can't wait to re-read it....more info


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