Eva-Dry 300 Mini Dehumidifier

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The Eva-Dry 300 Mini Dehumidifier Features & Specifications Eva-Dry 300 Mini Dehumidifier The Eva-Dry 300 Mini Dehumidifier has been designed to absorb moisture from small enclosed such as closets or bookshelves no larger than 10' x 10'. It works to prevent moisture damages to valuables such as clothes, books, ect. The unit is 100% renewable and requires no power (batteries or cords) to operate. Instead the Eva-Dry 300 uses a specially engineered crystallized moisture absorbing silica gel that is odorless and non-toxic to extract the moisture from the air. This unit will absorb about 8-10 oz of moisture from the air and will change from blue to pink when it has reached its capacity. At this point you can simply plug your Eva-Dry 300 into an an electrical outlet in a well ventilated area (outside, garage, ect) and in about 8 hours the unit will disperse the moisture and completely re-new itself, ready to be used again! Features:Rechargeable unit requires no batteries or wiresSmall and portableEnvironmentally safeVery quietPerfect for closets and small enclosed areas (10' x 10' max) Specifications: ModelEva-Dry 300 Mini DehumidifierDimensions6.25 " x 4.75 " x 1.25 "Warranty5 Years