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Who Reads Bird Talk?
Bird Talk is intended for loyal, caring and motivated avian enthusiasts of all interest levels. Bird Talk provides pet bird owners with the latest avian information on health, nutrition, behavior, training, grooming, products, shows, clubs and more. The magazine answers pet-care questions and publishes in-depth profiles and photos of hundreds of species of birds, from canaries and finches to cockatoos and macaws. Bird Talk supports national and local avian organizations and actively fosters a sense of community for its readership. The magazine encourages reader participation with surveys and stories and photos about their pet birds, plus there is a kids? page filled with drawings and letters about the family pet bird. It serves as a touchstone for educating the public on the best care for pet birds.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Causes and Cures: Features avian health and welfare articles and Q&A.
  • Heart to Heart: Delves into the avian-human experience.
  • Small Birds: Small bird care and training.
  • Aviculture: Features the care and rearing of birds.
  • Kids Talk Back: Drawing, poetry and stories of our young readers.
  • BT Style: Featuring the latest products.
  • Features: Covering a broad range of topics enticing pet bird owners with topics which have recently included "Savvy Storage Tips: 8 Tips to get your bird's things organized," "Search and Destroy: Some birds prefer home furnishings to toys," "Clearing the Air: The truths and myths behind bird keeper's lung," "Time Savers: try these products and tips for a quicker way to clean," and "Bird Owner?s Survival Kit."
In addition, readers will have at their disposal articles about keeping birds safe and happy in the home environment as well as up-to-date training tips and the most current behavior information.

Past Issues:

Magazine Layout:
The editors have achieved a bright, clean visually appealing layout bringing the birds enclosed within its page to life. Bird Talk is reader-friendly, and packed with educational information for the care of your bird(s).

Advertisers are important to the readership of this magazine, since you?ll likely want to easily find the avian pets and products that the editors are writing about. Included in each issues is an Advertiser?s Index, featuring the page number of the advertiser. The majority of advertising is specific to caring for your pet bird(s). Bird Talk succeeds in providing relevant advertising for anyone who loves and cares for a pet bird.

During the past 25 years Bird Talk has soared as the unmistakable authority in the avian world, dedicated to educating and promoting better bird care.

Provides the latest avian information on health, nutrition, behavior, training and grooming how-to's, new products, housing tips, shows, clubs and more. It answers your pet-care questions and gives you in-depth profiles and beautiful photos of hundreds of species of birds.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Info from BirdTalk
    It has been awhile since I had a subscription to BirdTalk, so the opportunity to get it from Amazon at a very reasonable price during these stressful financial times was too good to pass up. The info in BirdTalk is probably the best one can get consistently in a monthly periodical. We really rely on it for care of our cockatiel, Kasey, who runs our home!...more info
  • Still waiting~~~~~
    I can't give an honest review yet, however, it has been a while since i placed my order, & i haven't received anything from anyone....... unless you count the bill, LOL!

    The magazine service provider seems lack promptness... or, who knows, they may have went under in this economy!

    Looking forward to getting the BIRDTALK magazine, when & if it should ever arrive!...more info
  • Lovin Bird Talk
    I love this magazine. It is so helpful with lots of information. My baby Rosie and I read it together every time we get it. I read the articles and she sits on my hand shredding the edges of the pages as I read. ...more info
  • Great Pictures!
    Although I only received one magazine from my subscription before writing this review, I have read BirdTalk magazines before. Pictures are amazing! Articles, however, are a little weak, and the rest of the magazine is filled with ads. If you want to know about new toys, trinkets, and feed for your bird, look no further....more info
  • BirdTalk a must!
    If you have birds or just love birds this magazine is a must. BirdTalk is the ultimate monthly source of accurate and current information for bird lovers. Anyone who is owned by parrots will find this magazine invaluable and fun!...more info
  • bird talk magazine
    I do not read magazines until a friend shared bird talk with me and now I try to wait patiently for the next issue! Fantastic
    magazine for all bird owners. ...more info
  • Bird Talk Magazine
    I think for a novice aviculturist, the magazine is a great start to learning about our beautiful feathered friends and gaining great access to avian products.

    The largest drawback to BT is the polyanna attitude towards birds. All the parrots are described as wonderful pets with wonderful personalities. They fail to elaborate on the HUGE downfalls of owning parrots and skirt real life issues such as hundreds of birds in rescues and shelters. ...more info
  • Wonderful Magazine
    A must have for all Bird lovers. Very cheap price too. Very informative and 2 page posters inside every issue!...more info
  • For parrot newbs and kids
    Not for breeders, or for people whose birds have serious health or behavioral problems. Just a nice fluffy mag for people new to birds.

    This magazine isn't only about baby birds. Sure a lot of the content is geared toward owners of young birds. But face it, that's how most people get a bird. They buy a young one. But be assured, there are plenty of articles on older/adopted birds.

    However I do agree that if you are an adult who has owned a bird for a year or even less, or if you have any previous bird-smarts, you will quickly outgrow this magazine. It doesn't help that the articles are recycled rather frequently. I worked in a pet store for over two years, and when things got slow, I would read this mag as it was sold at the checkout. (Meaning I have pretty much read every issue for at least two years)

    The magazine is highly devoted to parrot owners. I'd say at least 80% of the content is on parrots in any given issue.

    On the bright side, it's a good, quick read for kids or adults with no bird experience, and the pictures are nice....more info
  • I look forward to this magazine every month.....
    We've had a subscription to BIRD TALK magazine for two years, and I just renewed for a third. BT is the magazine to read if you want to go beyond books. Articles in BT are written by various bird lovers, many of whom, like Mattie Sue Athan, have also written book or two. Many of the BT authors are avian veterinarians and many like Athan breed and raise and/or rehabilitate parrots or are simply extremely knowledgeable about companion birds. I find the monthly collection of articles very diverse-important to me as I have 18 companion birds, of 8 different kinds.

    BT carries plenty of information about excellent bird resources- suppliers, breeders, avian vets, etc. as well as toy makers and food suppliers). I found an advertisement for a small mom and pop organization in California that manufactures play gyms and stands using old grape vines from the vineyards. These vines are harvested as the vineyards are replenished with new plants. Grape vine play gyms are wonderful fun for the birds-exercising bars as well as chewing toys-and great for giving the old beak a workout on something other than your ear or hand.

    Every month a different bird is featured on the cover, and in the lead article and centerfold. I saved the Senegal centerfold to hang in my office and remind me of my own little `Bertie' the Senegal when I am at work. I hand my copies of BT to my granddaughters after I have read them cover to cover and they have used the centerfolds to decorate their room. BT recently carried an article on feather-plucking and we all read it as one of the Cockatiels had developed this bad habit. Following the advice in the article, we had the vet check Quincy out and when she pronounced him disease free, we began to examine factors in his environment. We were able to get to the root of the problem and now Quincy is his old self. Thanks BIRD TALK, keep up the great work.

    Periodically, the book includes a feature article on an endangered species, environmentally sensitive bird habitat and/or and Ecotour. Bird companions are often also avian conservationists. ...more info
  • Lots of advertisements! Little informationy
    If you are looking for a magazine and have low expectations. A magazine with a few cute photos, with very basic (VERY) information then you may want to read a copy of this as well as a few others produced by this same publisher.

    I cannot stress any more that the information contained within these pages are BASIC! If you know that parrots have hard beaks then I can honestly say that you will probably read this magazine in 5 min flat.

    DO NOT take the blind advice through advertisements on what to feed your bird. Find someone knowledgably in the subject. It will make the difference between your bird living 40% of its life span and 100%....more info

  • If you and your bird are both grown-ups, don't bother...
    As another reviewer pointed out, everything is about baby birds. If you acquire a bird as an adult, this magazine will only frustrate you.

    They offer basic information to get the beginner started, assuming they are buying a baby, but a serious bird owner will outgrow this magazine in about a year.

    If you and your bird have made it through adolescence, and you feed pellets/fresh fruits/veggies/fresh water daily, keep a clean environment and don't use non-stick cookware/aerosols/etc. you've probably already outgrown it.

    And Bird Talk is geared toward inexperienced pet bird owners, not breeders. Breeding is far too advanced for the audience that this magazine is directed to, so they touch very lightly on it, offering nothing that a breeder wouldn't already know....more info

  • great!
    this magazine informs me on the behaviors and keeping of caged birds it always has intresting and informative articals I highly recommend it to hobbists, breeders and novices alike....more info
  • Bird Talk Review
    I have two cockatiels and find Bird Talk magazine to be very helpful in telling me information on how to best care for them....more info
  • Wonderful and creative!
    I think that this magazine is a great magazine for all ages. It give lots of information about your birds. It has other stuff that you can buy online for your birds. I t is great for bird owners or kids with lots of pictures for parrots and other birds....more info
  • Informative and Fun to Read
    This is a great magazine for pet bird enthusiasts. It addresses all sorts of important issues- problem behaviors, household hazards, and health concerns, while also offering species profiles, interesting stories, and beautiful photos of our feathered friends.

    My only complaint would be that while it has features on smaller birds it seems to be somewhat weighted towards larger birds like parrots....more info

  • Good Beginner's Magazine
    Bird Talk is a good magazine for people new to companion birds, including children. It contains solid basic information on diet, housing, and safety for new bird owners. The focus is on parrots, though recent articles have begun to cover some finches and softbills as well. Reading this magazine for a year will be enough to help most people decide if a bird is right for them, and to give people some idea of what species to select. The beautiful photography and extensive advertising for specialty products are also plusses.

    There are three main drawbacks to Bird Talk. First, the information is very basic. Those interested in in-depth information on any species won't find it here - check out books or the AFA Watchbird (the American Federation of Aviculture's magazine) for more serious information. Second, as another reviewer pointed out, the material is often redundant. Subscribe for two years or more, and you'll feel like you're reading back issues instead of a current magazine. Finally, the magazine tends NOT to cover the more difficult aspects of bird ownership in any depth. As any parrot rescue can tell you, parrots (like dogs) can have some serious behavior issues if not properly socialized and cared for, including screaming, feather picking, aggression, and self-mutilation. The magazine glosses over or outright ignores the more difficult side of parrot ownership, which is unfortunate, especially since so many up-and-coming bird owners rely on it for information....more info

  • Informative and reliable
    While I agree with one reviewer that the magazine tends to get repetitive, the information contained within is integral for new bird-people. So, I don't mind a little repetition.

    It's also full of interesting articles on new species. It would be nice to see a bit more information on parrot research in the wild as it comes available.

    This magazine should be required reading for anyone contemplating getting a bird....more info

  • Same information month after month
    I subsribed to this magazine for 1 year and stopped it after that. The magazine reads like a book with the same information month after month. The topics and articles are regularly repeated. If you want general knowledge about birds, get a book. If you are looking for up-to-date information, you won't find it in this magazine....more info
  • Birds Galore
    I am a bird owner, and this magazine is wonderful in the health care, maintence and training of birds. I absolutely love all the cute pictures, health tips, and really helpful articles (like: Is Your Bird Too Fat). This magazine is important in me keeping my birds healthy, safe and happy. Every bird owner should get it for at least a year!!!!!! I strongly recommend this fabulous, fun and interesting magazine....more info
  • Great Magazine!
    I love your magazine! I recently subscribed to this year's subscription. I don't think I have or ever will read a better magazine. I just wanted to thank you for your logo (which is true), this is a magazine for better care for your pet bird! My bird is now living healthier than ever before. Now, after reading more and more, I've thought of buying another bird and possibly breeding it! Anyway, thanks again and I certainly look forward to recieving the next issue!...more info
  • Very Informative Magizine
    This is a great magazine for bird owners and those thinking about purchasing birds for the first time. It has informative and insightful articles. It also has beautiful pictures. I love it. I think you will too....more info
  • This is absolutely the BEST bird mag eva!
    This is great! Very detailed, nicely done. Great pics and articles. A+....more info
  • A must have for parrot owners and bird lovers
    When you have parrots, you can never have too much information. Especially new parrot owners should have at least one year of this magazine. It's full of articles on behavior, medical issues, fun stories, and serious conservation issues. I especially like the behavior articles. They have excellent authors like Mattie Sue Athan, Bobbi Brinker and a host of other well known authors, breeders and bird owners. I have a Macaw, Cockatoo and African Grey - and I have pulled back issues of Bird Talk many a time to find things out like "why is he doing that?" or "should he be doing this?" It especially helped when my parrot was beginning to act aggressive, I found out from Bird Talk that this tends to happen when they are moulting. So make sure you get your info, you won't be sorry....more info