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Who Reads Cat Fancy?
Cat Fancy is written for the responsible cat owner looking for information related to the health and well-being of their cat. Readers have a strong devotion, passion and knowledge for their roles as responsible care givers. They read the magazine for news and expert advice that offers ways to help new and current owners take even better care of their cats while building a stronger relationship.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
Regular Departments include:

  • From Our Readers: Focuses on reader interaction.
  • Ask The Vet: The latest health, care, behavior and training information.
  • Lifestyle: Providers readers with the information they need to make the most of their interactions with their cats.
  • For Cats and Their People: News about the latest products including toys, grooming and health items.
  • Cat Calendar: Lists upcoming cat shows and dates.
  • Cats For Kids: Dedicated to the young feline enthusiast.
  • Features: Feature articles focus on the latest in health innovations, diet and nutrition, grooming, cat and owner interaction, general news and current events, safety, humane concerns including rescue information, breed profiles, cat and children, litter and pest control. Recent articles focused on large cat conservation, how to care for the aging cat and the 12 most dangerous things your cat should never consume.
Past Issues:

Our editors and contributors are cat lovers just like our readers. Contributing writers include renowned veterinarians, cat behavioralists and the top cat writers. They are the experts in the field and include Sandy Robbins, an award-winning pet lifestyle expert; Helen Jablonski, a feline behavior consultant; Elain Wexler-Mitchell, DVM, board-certified in feline practice; and Cimeron Morrissey, Animal Planet's Cat Hero of the Year.

Magazine Layout:
Cat Fancy is information driven and provides opportunity for reader interaction. The features are complemented by beautiful four-color photography. Every issue includes a fold-out poster featuring a breed of the month. Lots of sidebars are included that provide useful information in an easy-to-read and reference format.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Cat Fancy provides the most trusted and credible information on cats anywhere. Our personality is engaging, easy-to-digest, clear, concise, friendly, nuturing, trusted and supportive. With the largest circulation of any cat publication, Cat Fancy acts as the comprehensive resource for owners throughout their cat's lifetime. Sixty-nine percent of our readers pass their monthly issues to other readers - they are very involved enthusiasts.

Advertising is relevant to the magazine, offering products and services that cat fanciers will be interested in. Advertisers include manufacturers of food and treats, carriers, flea and tick medications, litter and litterboxes, toys and accessories and gifts for cat lovers.

Cat Fancy received 14 Certificates of Excellence Awards at the 14th Annual Cat Writers' Association Awards Banquet in Nov. 07. The magazine was also awarded four Muse Medallions, the CWA's top honor, and received two special awards, the HSUS Pets For Life Award for "Project Bay Cat" and the Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Award for "Orphan Basics."

Your complete guide to help you better understand, care for and enjoy your cat. Celebrating the human-feline bond, the magazine provides responsible cat owners with the information they need to help their cats live long, healthy lives. Share the learning experiences and spcial stories of cat lovers just like you and get a colorful centerfold poster in each issue.

Customer Reviews:

  • cat magazine
    i look forward to getting my monthly Cat Fancy...
    very informative and interesting for cat lovers......more info
  • Great for Cat Loving Kids!
    We gave the subscription to our cat loving 7-year old daughter for Christmas. She nearly bounced off the walls when she received her first copy in the mail. Althought she can't read all of the articles, she gets most of what the article is about. Most of all, the pictures are great! ...more info
  • It's ok....
    The articles in the magazine are great. However, half of the magazine is an advertisement for pure bred cats. I personally promote adopting cats from shelters, so I don't have any interest in the ads. If you have pure bred cats, you will probably enjoy this magazine more than I have....more info
  • Delivery Delay - Gift Notification
    Ordered gift subscription for a friend on Dec 20. Now Jan 21 and friend has yet to receive a gift notice from either Amazon or Cat Fancy. Also in this computer age, why should Cat Fancy take 2-3 months for first issue? It's absurd!...more info
  • Terrific magazine
    I am a cat lover and this magazine is terrific. I was a past Cat Fancy subscriber. The magazine has a lot of very helpful information. When my subscription is up, I will be renewing it....more info
  • great reading
    I really like this magazine. I look forward the mail day when it comes. ...more info
  • cat fancy is fantastic!
    Cat Fancy has very informative articles related to any questions you might have about your cat. And the cat photographs are terrific!!...more info
  • My Cat Fancies Cat Fancy
    If you look at my public name, you will notice that it is Selena and Sylvester. I'm Selena and Sylvester is my orange tabby kitty.

    I don't subscribe to Cat Fancy, but I read it a lot and check it out from the library. It is a very interesting cat magazine.

    Cat Fancy has a lot of cool cat stuff that Sylvester really loves. We got him a Sherpa traveling bag we saw in Cat Fancy. We got him a "window seat" that we saw in Cat Fancy and he spends hours at a time sitting in it and looking at the traffic and birds and people outside, because he's declawed (the poor little kitty) and so we don't let him out and looking out a window is as close as he gets to the outside world.

    Cat Fancy also explains a lot about cat behaviors and medical issues. It gives info on animal shelters that help make a difference to stray and feral cats. And it has a great breeder directory and list of upcoming cat shows.

    Good things about Cat Fancy:
    >> Explains how cats think and behave
    >> Has interesting cat products such as scrathing posts, window seats, outdoor runs, cat doors. . .
    >> Contains a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long breeder directory (which is good)
    >> Tells about common medical problems and how to take care of them
    >> What isn't good in Cat Fancy?

    Bad things about Cat Fancy:
    >> I don't think there is any. . ....more info

  • Great Mag for Cat Lovers
    I just read my first two magazines, and this publication is informative on breeds and care. I would recommend for any cat lover. ...more info
  • A fun read...
    This was a gift to my teenage niece. I have been getting this magazine for about 25 years. I don't rely heavily on it for veterinary or behavioral advice, mostly because of lack of depth--and my cat "problems" always seem to be unique or just a little different. But I think it is a fun magazine, light entertainment, beautiful pictures. I even like the ads. Sometimes I bundle a year's worth at a time and sell them for $3 at a garage sale; people have purchased them for retirement/nursing homes, etc. Recycling at its best!...more info
  • Cat Fancy is good but I do not like old issues
    I hate when magazine publishers send old copies as part of a new subscription. When I opted in for a new subscription to CAT F...they send 3 old copies. This is a way for them to dump their old inventory. It is cheap and put a bad taste in my mouth!...more info
  • It's Great
    This is a great magazine for cat lovers even if you don't have a cat. It talks about care tips as well as stories about other cats....more info
  • Best Cat Magazine
    Cat Fancy has helped my family learn so much about cats. Our family has always been involved in 4-H and this magazine helped us learn about so many breeds. Every month I tear out that section that is dedicated to a special breed so if I want to know something about a breed, I know Cat fancy is the place to look. This magazine is also wonderful when you are wondering about the health of your cat. I have found many helpful hints in this magazine that I never knew before. This is the best Cat Magazine there is....more info
  • Cat Fancy
    I have gone through my latest copy twice of this magazine. The interesting articles and letters make you feel like you are part of a community, not just a crazy cat person. I like the extensive breeder listing in the back, whether or not I ever will get a pure bred cat. ...more info
  • no magazine
    I have yet to receive my first issue of Cat Fancy.......who do I contact to correct this problem???...more info
  • Cat Fancy is more ad and breeders than real info
    I found Cat Fancy Magazine to be mostly advertisements and breeders advertisements than real meat of information for cat owners. I'm also very unimpressed with their Cat Channel online board they advertise in Cat Fancy and cannot recommend it to others. They seem to have poor management of their online board especially on weekends so inappropriate posts stay there for a long time and a professional magazine advertising their own online board in their magazine should have their online board perfected before offering it. Also Cat Fancy pushes a ridiculous high renewal rate for their magazine, but if you go onto Amazon, you can get a renewal rate of almost half the Cat Fancy renewal price. So I have come to the conclusion that between the Cat Fancy magazine, their poor online Cat Channel board and the high renewal rate Cat Fancy charges, they are not interested in keeping their readers or online members. ...more info
  • Cat Fancy Rules and Dog Lovers Drool
    Cat Fancy has all kinds of cool stuff on cats. It has a lot of cool ads for cool stuff for your little mouse-eater. Like Sherpa bags. Have you ever seen those things? They're so cool. And did you ever think of putting your kitty's face on a postage stamp? Or plastic shells to put on kitty's claws so he won't scratch. Sylvester even likes Cat Fancy! We found his favorite kind of cat treat in there!...more info
  • Cat Fancy
    I found it easy, and less expensive to order this magazine
    It arrived on time....more info
  • Excellent Magazine For Cat Lovers
    'Cat Fancy' is the best mass market cat magazine in print. It provides excellent information for cat owners and prospective cat owners on the mysteries of our feline companions. There are monthly articles on health issues and diseases, question and answer with vets and other experts, stories on animal rescuers, and extensive reader mail. Additionally there is a monthly article profiling a certain breed, and numerous photos (including the centerfold photo) of that breed. I appreciate their coverage of purebreds, but I am glad that the magazine does not dwell exclusively on them.

    As a side note, it is much cheaper to subscribe to 'Cat Fancy' through Amazon than any other way that I can recall. At this price it's a steal, but it's a bargain at any price for a cat person....more info

  • This is a must-have mag for any cat owner
    My first subscription to Cat Fancy began 20+ years ago when I adopted my first cat, which happened to appear in an issue or two of Cat Fancy! After adopting a mom and her baby son a couple of months ago, I started a new subscription. As in years past, I find it to be full of helpful health information, as well as touching stories. About half of the mag is full of ads, but I find them to be useful - and many of them tempting - as well!...more info
  • great magazine
    I LOVE this magazine, it's got great tips in here about how you should do this or that with your kitten/cat plus the cat pictures inside are adorable....more info
  • Very informative cat magazine
    I have received this magazine for about 10 years, and it's been consistently a very good magazine. There are plenty of articles that cover cat health, cat behavior, and cat toys. I've learned a lot, and I love the pictures.

    I have six cats, and I need all the help I can get. :)...more info
  • Subscription for Cat Fancy Magazine
    Reminded me that the subscription was up for renewal, I renewed it, and that was it....more info
  • Long Time Cat Fancier
    I have been a subscriber to Cat Fancy since the 1970's...yeah,that's right, and I still have every issue I ever received. (Scarey, isn't it...I am really running out of storage space!) Cat Fancy has always been a great magazine and I have always enjoyed it. The only thing that I would like to see improved would be having it mailed with a protective cover of some type since the magazines sometimes get torn during delivery.
    This is a great price for this magazine, and as a long, long-time subscriber, I appreciate it.
    ...more info
  • Cat Fancy is...Good But Could Be Better
    I really love Cat Fancy. I have been getting it for two years now, and I read all of the articles. Even though some of them don't apply to me/my cats now, they have good signs to watch out for. I really like the poster in the center. I am disappointed, however, with the breeder directory section. I don't believe in breeding cats when there are already many loving and friendly cats needing homes. I adopted my two cats after they were found in a dumpster at six weeks old. I also don't like how the magazine treats 'purebreds' better than 'mixed breeds'. If the last half of the magazine weren't included, this magazine would easily get my five stars....more info
  • Too many ads, not enough articles
    The articles that are in Cat Fancy are well written and informative. Unfortunately there are more ads than articles.
    Not worth the price. Better off getting cat information online for free....more info
  • "Cat Care for the Responsible Owner"
    "Cat Fancy" is a great monthly magazine for cat owners. It's very informative and entertaining, with indispensable articles and tips for caring for your cat. My favorite part would have to be the humorous reader photo gallery at the end, where people send in pics of their cats doing strange/funny things. I always turn there first.

    However, my least favorite thing about "Cat Fancy" is that about half of it (approximately 50 pages) is just devoted to advertisements, like for shopping (sure, the items are cute, but they're mostly frivolous), an extensive breeder directory (which I'm against; there are too many "regular" cats needing homes as well), and miscellaneous classified ads.

    Overall, this is a very good magazine, particularly if you're a cat breeder. But if you're just an average cat owner looking for a little more substance rather than directories and ads, then I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Or you could do as I do and just borrow the magazine and/or buy it used. After reading a few issues, and if you like it, then I would recommend subscribing to "Cat Fancy"....more info

  • What every woman wants to know?
    How pay for it, as I got "Cat Fancy" subscription for the whole month and I bought it as a gift for my friend, 26 year old Nick Dillie. The main reason I bought her this magazine for her 26th birthday this April. She loves cats and she doesn't like dogs because she needs a cat guard instead of dog guard. She needed a cat guard and I bought her this magazine. There are fresh articles about cats and about their cousins- the big cats, such as tiger, lion, cheetah, exotic cats, leopard, ocelots, bobcats, black panters and many more. Cool!...more info
  • Cat Fancy
    I enjoy reading the articles and stories in the Cat Fancy magazine. Being a new cat owner, and not very "cat smart," I have found that I have learned a lot of valuable infomation reading this magazine each month. Each month they introduce different items available for cats, such as grooming aids, comfort products and new fun toys. Buying the magazine through is a big savings over buying it through the magazine itself....more info
  • Spoil Yourself and your Feline Companion(s)!
    I recently subscribed to Cat Fancy after bringing two amazing kittens into my life. I previously owned another cat, now deceased, and I regret not having subscribed to this magazine for the seventeen years that I owned him as well.

    The articles comprising Cat Fancy include a featured (centerfold) breed, "Ask the vet," "Humane Matters," and various other articles including topics such as how to know what various cat noises mean, and how to handle cats when you have allergies. The articles never go too in depth, but merely give the reader a taste of the subject matter, to be researched further should an interest be generated. Cat Fancy is also full of gorgeous photos, some of which are taken by readers and sent in to the magazine. The "Feline Bookshelf" section highlights more in-depth reads, as well as children's cat books. There is also an event calendar in which you can look up feline-related events in your area.

    One of few things I really don't like in this magazine is all of the advertisements, as well as the huge directory included in the back. The directory may be useful if you are searching for purebred cats, perhaps for showing, but the majority of cat owners out there probably aren't. Furthermore, the magazine tends to be rather short.

    Nonetheless, I find Cat Fancy to be a useful resource and an interesting read. It's a great way to stay current with kitty-related issues and items without constant visits to the vet. As with any magazine, certain articles are going to be more intriguing to certain people than others. However, at a price like this it really is worth the money for a year-long subscription!...more info

  • For cat lovers
    Fun, adorable pictures. Some interesting articles tho' not as many, or as informative, as I expected. ...more info
  • A little disappointing
    I received a subscription of Cat Fancy as a gift from a friend who knows I'm a cat lover. More often than not, though, I find myself disappointed with the magazine, especially after I've finished reading it. The magazine mainly consists of a heartwarming story or two, a page of new products for cats or cat lovers, a breed profile, and a couple feature stories about selected topics (e.g. kittens, older cats, some medical condition). About a quarter of the magazine is comprised of ads for breeders.

    Most of the time, the articles don't relate to my cats, and when I do see something interesting, the article turns out to be pretty vague. For example, there was an article on alternative/natural cat litters. The article listed a few different types of litter, but there was no information on the benefits or drawbacks of each kind. The gist of the article was pretty much: X, Y, and Z are different litters, look them up and see what's best for you. Most of the information in the magazine is either too general or too specific. I won't be renewing my subscription, but I would probably buy off the newsstand if I saw an article that applied to my cats.

    As a cat magazine it's OK, but compared to magazines in general, it's not that great....more info

  • Cats Galore
    I gave this magazine to a friend for her Birthday. The day she got it she called to say how much she LOVED the subscription. She doesn't show cats she just loves cats. ...more info
  • Hey kitty kitty
    Why would anyone subscribe to a magazine devoted to cats? (Do you know that you cannot "own" a cat? You can co-habitate, you can "keep" a cat. Cat "owner"ship just is not good thing. You must treat your cat as an equal.)

    So, "Cat Fancy" is a generally helpful magazine. The cover story always features a different breed and alone is worth the price of the issue. There are plenty of informative articles and beautiful photographs. For example, the latest issue includes info about catnip (even lions and tigers feel the effects), presidential cats, how to photograph your cat, how to deal with the top five feline problems, FIP, natural diets, feline fitness, feline obesity and how to combat it, benefits for cats in being a "pet," and lots and lots of breed ads and ads for cat-related items.

    I particularly was interested in the top five feline problems because I have a new cat that refuses to meld into the family. She is hissy and aggressive and combative. She even bites me. I hate to give her up (or give up on her), but she's been here two months and has created an unhappy family unit. The article was absolutely no help and was basically superficial fluff.

    Other articles had more depth. The one about play tells us important things, like cats who no longer play are physically or mentally ill. In fact, play is as important to cats as to children. This is especially true for exclusively indoor cats.

    The final line: Although I will enjoy a year's subscription, I probably will not renew....more info
  • I love Cat Fancy
    Cat Fancy is a wonderful cat magazine with great infomation on health issues,new products,uplifting stories and a new breed profile every month.
    The only thing that is wrong with Cat Fancy is it has too many ads in it for breeders.I would recommend Cat Fancy to all Cat Lovers....more info


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