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Who Reads Dog Fancy?
Dog Fancy is devoted to the care and enjoyment of all dogs - purebreds and mixed breeds alike. Its goal is to educate, enlighten and entertain its readers, providing them with accessible information they need to be responsible pet owners.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
Regular Departments include:

  • Readers Bark Back: Focuses on reader interaction.
  • Newshound: Dogs news, tips and trends.
  • Clean Dog Clean House: Advice from Dog Fancy's cleaning expert.
  • Canine Traveler: Tips on where and how to travel with your pet.
  • Natural Dog: Cutting-edge trends in holistic health care.
  • Best Behavior: Tools to train your pet dog.
  • Checkup: Ask the Vet plus other health news.
  • Haute Dog: Luxury and lifestyle trends for the pampered pooch.
  • Features: Expert advice on the right dog for your lifestyle, training, health and grooming. Recent articles include "Dog Parks: Then and Now," "Achoo, Got Dog Allergies?" Realistic strategies for living in harmony with your pet, and "What Puppies Need."
Past Issues:

Our editors and contributors are dog lovers just like our readers. Contributing writers include renowned veterinarians, dog trainers and the top dog writers. They are the experts in the field and include September Morn, dog trainer; Karla S. Rugh, DVM, Ph.D.; Eve Adamson, award-winning pet writer; and Kathy Salzberg, NCMG, Certified Master Groomer.

Magazine Layout:
Dog Fancy is information driven and provides opportunity for reader interaction. The features are complemented by beautiful four-color photography. Every issue includes a fold-out four-color poster featuring different breeds. Bonus posters are included quarterly with helpful care information. Layouts include sidebars that provide useful information in an easy-to-read and reference format.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Dog Fancy is the world's most widely read dog magazine. It speaks to passionate, caring and responsive dog owners. It addition, it reaches more than 40,000 influencers in the canine field. Dog Fancy is engaging, easy-to-digest, clear and concise. It is the comprehensive resources for all things dog.

Advertising is relevant to the magazine, offering products and services that dog lovers will be interested in. Advertisers include manufacturers of food and treats, cages and carriers, flea and tick medications, toys and accessories and gifts for dog lovers.

Dog Fancy received two Maxwell awards at the 2007 Dog Writers Association of America Awards Banquet. In 2006, Dog Fancy was named the Best All-Breed magazine by the Dog Writers Association of America.

Your complete guide to help you better understand, care for and enjoy your dog. Each issue includes cutting-edge medical developments, health and fitness with an emphais on prevention, treatment and natural therapy, behavior and training, travel and activities, breed profiles and dog news, and issues and trends for purebred and mixed-breed dog owners.

Customer Reviews:

  • Mag for dogs
    Used to read this at my vets and decided to subscribe to it for awhile. Well done mag but you have to like dog showing and all aspects to get the full use of it....more info
  • Flashy & technical
    I don't get as much enjoyment out of it as I do "Best Friends" and "Bark" magazine. It's a little more dry and seems slanted towards pure breds....more info
  • Dog Fancy Magazine Subscription
    Have received 2 copies so far and the magazine is fine...seems a bit more geared to puppy owners and my dog is 1yr 4mos now. Will reserve final judgment on it after more copies come my way.
    Received notification from that it was coming and it came about when they said it would....more info
  • Wonderful magazine
    For dog lovers, this magazine is the best. I recommend it highly ESPECIALLY for those who've never owned a dog before....more info
  • is my reveiw! ...
    I love this magazine.'s price is great-better than the publisher's price. I am a dog enthusiast, and this magazine is my favorite. The articles on specific breeds of dogs are great, you can learn a lot about the dog you want from them. The other articles are also great, especially the health realated ones. I highly recommend this magazine....more info
  • Dog Fancy Magazine
    The transaction went fine and my subscription has been added upon, very quickly I might add....more info
  • Dog Fancy Review
    I recently got a subscription for Dog Fancy and I am delighted. The articles are informative and the pictures of the featured dogs of the month are just beautiful! Love getting this magazine every month!...more info
  • Overzealous Start Up Subscription
    While I did get my start up magazine prior to 6 weeks, I got 3 in a row in less than a week. A month's prior, that month and then the next month. Guess they want my subscription to be over with soon. ...more info
  • Dog Fancy
    Dog Fancy, March 2008 Issue I have ordered a 2 year subscription to this wonderful magazine which is full of interesting information and addressers of breeders.

    The pictures in this magazine are out of this world ! It is a "MUST" for all dog-lovers....more info
  • Dog Fancy Magazine
    I just received the first issue of my subscription today. I have subscribed to Cat Fancy for years and enjoyed it. We have recently adopted a young beagle and I look forward to learning more about her and our older chow/beagle/bassett mix as well....more info
  • Magazine Review
    I bought this as a gift for a friend who raises German Shepherds. She was quite thrilled to receive this as a gift, and seems most satisfied with it. Good gift, at a really good price....more info
  • dog fancy
    I have not gotten this magazine yet, is anything wrong? afiepups info
  • great magazine
    I've received this magazine for years. Tons of informtion, great subjects, accepts alot of reader input. A good choice for a new dog owner. When you think you are doing something right with your dog, Dog Fancy shows you a better way to do it....more info
  • Dog Fancy is the magazine for dog lovers!
    Dog Fancy magazine contains excellent articles on caring for your pet, along with good training ideas and breeder information. I particularly like the monthly highlight of individual dog breeds....more info
  • Dog fancy
    I purchased the subscription on 8/30/07 and within 2 weeks I already had an issue in my mailbox, then about 1 week later I had another issue (the most recent one) in my mailbox. It was great! Fast service and a great magazine!...more info
  • Rip-off!
    I ordered and paid for this magazine in April. Still no magazine FIVE months later! I was forced to rate this magazine with a "1", I would have given it a "o", since you can't rate something you haven't seen!...more info
  • The Best Magazine EVER!!
    I love this magazine because it gives you all the nessacary information about a certain breed that you like. It feature 3 different breeds a month and I can't wait to see which breeds are next! It also gives a helpful breeder selection in the back. You can look for the breeds name and it will give you a list of breeders to choose from! This magazine is great for learning more about dogs, some diseases and fun you can have with mans best friend!!...more info
  • dog book
    This is one of the best magazines I have ordered on dogs. I have found a lot of interesting articles. Well worth it....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    Best price anywhere and the magazine started in a very short time. Very satisfied....more info
  • Enjoyment cover to cover
    Photos, letters, people's dog snapshots, useful articles and enjoyable stories - a source of enjoyment from cover to cover.
    Plus, pages of where to buy dogs of every imaginable breed - even those I couldn't find on the Internet....more info
  • good magazine
    Just got my first 2 copies. It seems to cover many different subjects and features different breeds, ads for new products, interesting articles, and classifieds. Its the only Dog mag that I get so I cannot compare it to others....more info
  • Get Magazine for Dog Lovers and All
    This is an awsome mag for dog lovers and just about everyone. we get cat fancy also and it is great too. anyway it is a must have....more info
  • Fantastic Service
    This magazine was received about one week after it was ordered. We were told it would be at the end of October.With all the magazines we ordered none have ever came so fast. Fantastic Service
    Thank You
    ...more info
  • Terrific Magazine for the Dog Lover
    I have been getting this magazine since 1986, and enjoy every issue. It is always packed full of useful information on dogs. It not only covers the purebred dogs, but mixed breeds as well. Each month there is at least one featured breed of dog and a poster to accompany it. It also includes advertisement for "doggy" things, breeders ads and AKC show schedules....more info
  • Too many ads
    I love this magazine but I am disappointed that the last half of the magazine is mostly ads. I expected more articles or pictures but still all in all it is a decent magazine about dogs. ...more info
  • Great publication, great service
    Usually magazines take 6-8 weeks to be delivered. Dog Fancy sent their magazine within two weeks!! Fun publication and good service. ...more info
    Any dog fancier or dog owner, whether purebred or mixed breed will enjoy DOG FANCY. It is filled with useful and fun articles and each issue showcases two or three breeds of dog. Additionally, there are articles on veterinary medicine, training, travel, competitions and breeding. None of the articles are so overwhelmingly technical that the average dog owner can't understand them and apply them to their own pet. A great companion magazine to DOG FANCY is DOG WORLD which is more technical and focuses more on the breeder-trainer than just a well-adjusted pet owner....more info
  • This dog don't bite
    I've renewed several magazines on ebay and been burned twice by reputable dealers going under with my $$. Amazon is my new place for all my mag subsriptions....more info
  • Dog Fancy is great !
    I luv Dog Fancy and so does my 8 yr old son. He was the one who actually asked me 2 get the subscription. It's full of info and great articles. I would definately recommend it 2 dog lovers. We'll b getting Cat Fancy next !!...more info
  • Great gift for the dog lover
    If you have a dog, or know of a real dog lover, I'd consider getting this as a gift for yourself or them. This magazine can be kitschy at times, but for the most part, it imparts some very useful information. This is especially true of new advances in dog medicine, products to avoid, etc.

    Bottom Line: Grab an issue from the newstand and if you like, get a subscription....more info
  • Fun Magazine
    I have always enjoyed reading this magazine. It gives you little tidbits of new science findings, a training trick, highlights of three dogs, and many other fun articles. I have learned many intersting things about our canines and always look forward to getting the next magazine to learn something else I didn't realize!...more info
  • great
    Dog Fancy is a very good magazine for the first time dog owner to the experienced one. Most articles are for the pure bred dog, but there is something in every issue for every reader. ...more info
  • Dog Fancy Magazine
    I have been a subscriber to Dog Fancy for about two years. I couldn't afford the basic subscription rate of $27, so I let it lapse last summer. When I got your online offer to subscribe for $12, I jumped at the chance. I'm a dog walker, pet sitter and animal lover, and this is a great magazine, full of insight into health and training of dogs....more info
  • Dog info reading for the family
    We received two issues so far and enjoy reading them. We, me and the kids, read it all on the day it arrives and scan through it for days. We enjoy it and provide some important information that you probably can get elsewhere but nice to have on hand....more info
  • Explanitory and great
    This magizine is wonderful, and I was very pleased with how it had many explanitory issues. I learned alot and it will help me study for my future career in zoology and animal behavior. I incurage young readers to buy an annual subscription to this magagzine....more info
  • Pawsome
    Get dog lovers reading material. Great helpful tips and breed information. Awesome pictures. Helpfull ads on dog merchandise and maintenance items....more info
  • Dog Fancy Magazine
    I am very pleased with the articles, lay out and beautiful photographs in this magazine. Lots of good tips!...more info
  • Disappointing
    Although there are a few articles in this magazine that I enjoy reading, at least 4 pages are devoted to breeders trying to sell puppies! As a dog lover, I fully believe in making adoption your first option and all those puppy mills out there aren't helping with the unwanted pet population. I will not re-subscribe to this magazine....more info


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