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Editorial Reviews

Who Reads Aquarium Fish International?
Aquarium Fish International is written for everyone who wants learn how to be a successful fish-keeper -people who want to know what?s new with fish, products and the industry. It reaches hobbyists of all levels , from single fish bowls to full scale reefs. Aquarium Fish International is the most widely read fish-keeping magazine in the world.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Adventures in Fish Breeding: Each month educates readers with the latest breeding techniques from the experts.
  • Reef Aquarist: Answers reader questions about reef set-up.
  • The Aquabotanist: Q&A with an aquatic gardener.
  • Fish Kidz: Devoted to kids, featuring Q&A with young hobbyists, including fun facts and reader artwork.
  • Features:Covering a broad range of topics which will entice both the novice and expert aquarium hobbyist with topics which have recently included "The Minimalist Reef Tank," "Going Natural," "A Day at a Fish Farm," and "Unique Nano Reef Fish."
Past Issues:

Each issue includes a "Contributors" page, complete with concise biographies and some photos of the authors featured in that issue. The range is wide, but their passion for fish-keeping unites them. Some of them are book authors, others are active fish breeders, aquarium biologists, and tropical fish wholesalers. Photographers and authors, having traveled the world in order to share their passion with both the novice and expert aquarium hobbyist, round out the mix.

Magazine Layout
The editors have achieved a bold, visually appealing layout that brings to life the aquatic habitats displayed with its pages. Helpful aspects to the layout include the common and scientific names for fish and aquatic plants featured within the pages of the magazine. Overall the layout is meant to be visually appealing, educational, and helpful to the reader.

Comparisons to Other Magazines
This magazine is for novice and expert aquarium hobbyists. Readers will benefit from beautiful photography, expertly written articles and eye-catching layouts to guide them through the fish-keeping experience. Readers have unlimited access to where they?ll find in-depth species profiles, active member forums, information on reef-keeping, filtration, lighting, chemical balancing, and diet and nutrition. In addition, they will find up-to-date tips on buying and caring for aquarium and pond fish. Within the pages hobbyists will have access to breed profiles, including a run-down of species, varieties, and tank requirements.

Advertisers are important to the readership of this magazine, since you?ll likely want to easily find the fish or aquarium supplies that the editors are writing about. Included in each issue is an Advertiser?s Directory, featuring the page number of the advertiser and their website URL and phone number. The majority of advertising is specific to fish-keeping, and includes product showcases, wholesale livestock section, and online marketplace. Aquarium Fish International advertisers succeed in providing relevant advertising for anyone who loves fish-keeping.

Successful fishkeeping for both novice and experienced aquarium hobbyists. With the largest circulation of any fishkeeping magaine in the world, it engages aquarium enthusiasts with articles that encompass freshwater fish, marine fish and reef tanks, live aquatic plants, outdoor ponds, fish health, new species reports and more. A monthly magazine for both novice and expert aquarium hobbyists, the magazine provides information on choosing , caring for and breeding freshwater and marine fish.

Customer Reviews:

  • First issue arrived quickly..
    Usually when I order a subscription via internet, it takes 3 months to get the first issue - I recieved two issues the first month. Nice magazine with a great price. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Super Quick
    Amazon gave the usual 6-12 week delay warning on subscriptions, but the first issue of this magazine arrived in less than four. The subscription price was an offer I couldn't refuse. I bought and read several issues of this magazine in pet shops prior to subscribing. It seems to provide a good balance between articles for those new to fish keeping and the more experienced....more info
  • Geared for kids
    My biggest problem with the publication is that it is overly focused on kids. Letters often include 10 year olds proclaiming their 5+ year fish keeping careers asking questions that are stricly beginner fodder. Aside from the occasional article on a newly identified species, the rest is info you can just get on line. Let me save you some money....In a year the magazine largely covered the following: make sure you know about the fish you are buying before you buy them, make sure you have the right parameters in the tank, and make sure you have compatible tankmates....more info
  • Not just another magazine....
    My husband was still teetering on the edge as to whether or not to 'dive' into creating a saltwater aquarium - this magazine re-energized his interest and we purchased one the following weekend. Informative articles. Wonderful pictures. He will be looking forward to it each month!...more info
  • Mainly for beginners
    In my opinion, this magazine used to be better than it is now.
    I stopped subscribing when it got to the point that the great majority of articles were clearly written for rank beginners and very repetitive of other articles in recent issues. I don't need to read yet another article on how to take care of guppies or explaining what a barb is.
    Also, as with most hobby magazines, there isn't much copy editing or fact-checking.
    Another beef I have about this and most other aquarium mags is that a large proportion of the articles are about tropical reef organisms and reef aquarium issues, when keepers of reef or other marine tanks are only a small percentage of aquarists. They, and we, would be better served by moving this material to specialized salt-water publications.
    On the other hand, Aquarium Fish does still have some good writers on certain topics. You just have to wade through a lot of repetition of basic information to find them....more info
  • Great magazine!
    As an experienced aquarist, I can't be more satisfied with an aquatics magazine! This is a great item, with interesting articles and then some. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Must Have
    This magazine is a "must have" for beginners in the aquarium hobby. I have received this magazine on and off over the last 15 years. Magazines have the advantage of current advice, where books can be outdated. This magazine has great pictures, advice, and inspiring ideas. It has articles dedicated to aquarium plants, certain species of fish, food, water quality, etc. It covers freshwater and saltwater topics. If it weren't for all the ads, I'd give it 5 stars. It can be repetitive with the beginner's information. If you want something a little more advanced, I suggest Freshwater & Marine Aquarium (FAMA). ...more info
  • Best aquarium magazine to read.
    I really enjoy reading this magazine. It has frequent profiles of common fish, a kids section(Hey! Your never too old to act like a kid!), and interesting articles. I'd recommend this magazine for beginners, as well as the expert. It's a great way to learn about our finned friends, and if your ready for an aquarium in your home....more info
  • Aquarium Fish Magazine
    Great magazine for the fish enthusiast . . beautiful photographs of exotic and common fish....great articles...more info
  • Worst magazine
    There is no doubt that this is the worst aquarium magazine.
    It is uninformative, and covers stuff everybody knows. this magazine is a waste of time and money, and is inaccurate...more info
  • Aquarium magazine
    We like the magazine very much. But we only recieved 1 issue and then we never recieved any more. Could you check on our order and send the magazine . Thank You Joyce B.-Swift...more info
  • Good mag
    This magazine generally has very helpful articles, and is a good resource for any hobbyist. I agree with the other reviewer that alot of this magazine is geared toward beginners, but not always. They have articles that experience hobbyists can learn from or might find interesting. The amount of material is a little thin, I wish it was a thicker magazine. But for the price, you can't complain....more info
  • A wonderful magazine for the fish lover!
    This is with a doubt one of the best fish magazines available. Each monthly issue is packed with great articles and excellent monthly columns.

    Topics range from ponds to cichlids to saltwater and virtually everything in between.

    The magazine features many monthly sections including Freshwater and Saltwater question/answer sections, book reviews, online reviews, and feature articles by the biggest names in the Aquarium hobby.

    I've tried almost every fish magazine available and this is the one that I've been subscribed to even as others came and went.

    Subscribe today you won't be sorry....more info

  • My first aquarium mag
    This magazine has a special place in my heart because it's the first aquarium mag I've ever subscribed too. It's more of a beginner publication, but you can find some intermeddiate articles occasionally as well. I love all things aquarium, so I certainly appreciate this magazine as much as the others. The price is a huge selling point too. If you're on a budget and starting out with aquariums or thinking of getting an aquarium, this is a fantastic buy for you!...more info
  • Informative, interesting and easy to understand
    I find this magazine to be interesting and very informative. I also subscribe to Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine (TFH). By comparison, Aquarium Fish is easier to understand and more for the beginner to intermediate hobbyist. TFH discusses issues that are more technical and many of the articles may appeal to more advanced hobbyists. I highly recommend Aquarium Fish Magazine because each issue covers many of the issues/problems that all hobbyists face (whether beginner or advanced). It explores many of the popular saltwater and freshwater species that are found in households. I read the magazine from cover to cover as it contains many interesting and educational articles. The color pictures are plentiful and pleasing to the eye. I recommend subscribing to both TFH and Aquarium Fish as each magazine has something new and different to offer. Two very excellent magazines! ...more info
  • A FISH Story
    AQUARIUM FISH, an AMERICAN publication is done well. Yes after reading the reviews here I can say the ads are abundent as the articles also are repetitive. But helping people learn more is a vital part of any hobby.

    I also wish there were more fresh water and pond articles in it. But a mixture can never please everyone.

    Having a forum in it would be a great addition as would an online one.

    We have a few tanks of different sizes of freshwater so my opinion is skewed for that.

    I will resubscribe at an extreme discount but why do they not have a multi year one???...more info

  • good or bad?
    not a lot of articles on fresh water fish, but when there is its great! do not be fooled by size half of it is advertisements....more info


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