Acai (500mg)
Acai (500mg)

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Acai (500mg)

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  • Acai Berry Capsules
    I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and have not had any adverse affects. I have not seen a drastic improvement in weight loss however it does increase energy and prohibits me from being sleepy or sluggish throughout the day. The seller got it to me in a timely fashion, still with the freshness seal still on it....more info
  • Feeling good but no weight loss
    When I first started taking these about a month ago, I noticed that I had quite a bit more energy for the first couple of weeks. It seemed that I felt more awake in the morning shortly after taking them. Which usually I have a hard time waking up. Now that I think about it I guess Ive been sleeping more soundly also. I have been taking them along with a colon cleanse and I havent had one lb. of weight loss. But I have noticed that my skin is less dry. The extra energy has diminished but I still think that it gives me a feeling of wellness. I will continue to take it and see what happens. I was really hoping to lose a little bit of weight but I guess we cant have everything....more info
  • I love this stuff.
    I love this stuff. So much better than those scams you see all over the internet from Oparah to Rachael Ray. It really works for alot of things: no more tums or zantec; super curbed appetite. just about to order 2nd bottle and lost 20 pounds. ...more info
  • Doesent do as it should for weight loss.
    I dont know how its possible that people are losing weight on this. I have not, in fact, ive gained. Its all over the net to use this.. but the real stuff that Brad Pitt uses or whatever.. the Acai Burn or something.. its about 80.00 a month.. but there are other ingredients to it besides this berry that claims to be it. I gave a 2 because the company that sells this.. they get a 5 since I got it so fast and make good products, but this one.. im not feeling it....more info
  • I started taking these about a week ago...
    So I started taking these about a week ago, and I already see a difference. I started out as a thin girl but I felt uncomfortable around my stomach and thighs. With these my stomach is noticeably smaller, but I also lost a bit of weight in my chest as well, which isnt necessarily a good thing. The suggested dose for these is 2 capsules a day, but I have been taking 4 a day. I havent had any side effects except getting fuller quicker, but thats a good thing. ...more info
  • I'm impressed with these Acai Berry capsules!
    I bought these capsules in November and have been taking them as directed for the past 7 weeks. In that time I have lost 14 lbs and have noticed problems I was having are gone. Since taking the berry capsules, I'm not retaining water like I used to, the heartburn problems are not occurring anymore and I am noticing that I sleep a lot better at night and waking up refreshed and not tired. My main intent for purchasing the capsules was to help me lose the weight that I've carried on me for the past 15 years and it has certainly been a noticeable help to me without 'dieting' or changing my eating habits.

    So far I have experienced no side effects from these capsules and they have exceeded my expectations.


    As of today 1/27/09 - I have lost 21 lbs and 13 inches since 11/12/08. I am quite pleased with the results from taking these acai berry capsules and looking forward to buying a new spring/summer wardrobe because I can no longer fit into my current wardrobe, it's all too big!!
    ...more info
  • Powerful Antioxidant
    Acai is great if you want to reduce your appetite. If you eat for pleasure then it might not work as well. I found that in two months of taking this supplement I didn't lose a great deal of weight (as reported in some reviews) but I did see dramatic results in the clarity and radiance of my skin. This supplement contains powerful antioxidants which protect the cells from free radicals. So if you are interested in skin health then I can recommend this to you. For me it hasn't helped me lose weight in a dramatic way as advertised in many blogs.

    ~The Rebecca Review...more info
  • Not Feeling...
    Not feeling the "love" on this one. Maybe I haven't taken it long enough. Since purchasing this I read that one should make sure that it says "freeze dried" on the lable. This one does not. Before I give up totally on the concept of Acai I will try the one on Amazon that says Freeze Dried at the greater expense. This definitely didn't curb my appetite....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this item to start taking to keep my immune system in check. Its wonderful so far so good. I haven't been sick while everyone around me has. I have 3 kids and with them comes lots of germs but not for me. I will be buying again once I run out. The only thing I don't like about this product is that a few minutes after you take it you belch a nasty aftertaste but its not a problem cause it works real good....more info


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