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Need to get away? Relax in your very own beach house! This colorful building is packed with fun and realistic details, from the big sunlit windows to the barbecue and umbrella. Includes instructions for rebuilding into a cozy cafe or towering apartment building. The second floor lifts off to see stairs and fireplace on the first floor. There's even a balcony and a skylight that opens. Outside sits a patio with table, umbrella and chairs, and even a barbecue grill with chicken. Realistic details include a mailbox, doorbell, flowers, walkway, light fixtures, chimney, tree and lots of windows. Beach House stands over 6" high and includes a 5" x 10" baseplate. 522 pieces.

  • Need to get away? Relax in your very own beach house! This colorful building is packed with fun and realistic details, from the big sunlit windows to the barbecue and umbrella.
  • Second floor lifts off to see stairs and fireplace on the first floor with a balcony and a skylight that opens!
  • Outside there is a patio with table, umbrella and chairs, and even a barbeque grill with chicken! Realistic details include mailbox, doorbell, flowers, walkway, light fixtures, chimey, tree and lots of windows!
  • Beach House stands over 6?" (16.5cm)high and includes a 5" x 10" (13cm x 25cm) baseplate!
  • Includes instructions for rebuilding into a cozy caf¨¦ or towering apartment building! 522 pieces

Customer Reviews:

  • 9 Year Old Put It Together
    My son put this together over one day on his own. He has put together 6 or more Lego sets of this size in the past so he is experienced. I really like this house because it can be put together 3 different ways. The box contains 3 different build books inside.

    Each one has its own cute stuff you build with the pieces. One has a kitchen inside another has an outdoor grill and the third has a home office with a computer. There is even a mailbox and satellite dish!! Really a good bang for your lego dollar....more info
  • Great New Idea More For Girls
    I bought the Lego Creator Beach House for my 12 year old granddaughter. It was by far the most favorite thing she got for Christmas. She loved lego's and I always wished they would have something that would let her build houses and floor plans etc. This was something new from lego's and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Love it + great value
    This is a cute set, my daughter has enjoyed it. It's a challenge to find "girl" legos, this set could be for girls and boys. Educational: Great for fine motor skills, following directions, and follow-through. ...more info
  • It's great
    I bought it for my son and he really loves it. A little bit drawback is that he puts too much time on it.
    ...more info
  • Fun for grownups too!
    I had fun assembling Beach house. Will I deconstruct and build the other two? That is to be determined; right now I'm satisfied with building the model I chose. Assembling lego toys are a good way to keep your mind active during the summer lapse of schoolwork....more info
  • Over-inflated price
    This is a great toy but it is overpriced on this site... 29.99 USD can be found on other websites......more info
  • GREAT - but where are the people?
    I bought this for my 9 yr old daughter's bday because she's constantly creating with her brother's fire station set. I was thrilled to find the beach house set, however, didn't realize it does not come with a single figurine. That's very disappointing. The pink Bellville Sunshine House by LEGO comes with an entire family, why not the beach house??? Otherwise it's a great set with many hours of creativity waiting to happen!...more info
  • Terrific Lego Set
    My 8 year old son has had a great time building all of the different designs of this house which is 3 in 1 set. Each house is designed with lots of fun details and the directions are fairly easy to follow. I think this is a terrific building toy for a boy or girl....more info
  • Great design in and out
    This is one of the best house designs by Lego. Although it's a little smaller than I expected, the details outside are fantastic. I like that there are many windows and some can be opened so you can see inside. The second floor of the house is also designed to be lifted easily to see the inside of the first floor. I love the fireplace, the patio, the satellite dish and the grill. Luckily, I have small non-lego furnitures that can fit nicely inside the house. I just wish that they added a couple of people figures to complete the set....more info
  • Typical lego toy
    My son really loves lego so I bought this for his birthday. I think its pretty cool. If you have purchased lego's for your kids you know they typically fall apart when played with. However, since my son loves lego he really enjoyed putting this together with me. After I purchased online, I saw it at Target so check the stores first. ...more info
  • Fun house for girls or boys
    My 9 and 7 year old daughters had a lot of fun building this, and they now have fun playing with it. It inspired them to make a town using their imaginations. My 5 year old son plays right along with them. It's really a great little house. ...more info
  • Finally a LEGO challenge for girls!
    My two daughters really love to build things, but the LEGO trains, policestations and bionicles can't really interest them. They received this as a gift and in 1 afternoon build their first house!
    It has girl stuff like a kitchen with a piece of chicken(!) and it is fun to see 'm work together and build this!
    Excellent toy by LEGO! ...more info
  • Lego Beach House
    My 11 yo son loves playing with this Beach House. He saved up his money for a while to buy this for himself. They can build 3 different structures with this set - 2-story beach house, 3-story-beach house, and a cafe. Also, it doesn't take up too much room to store away like some other Lego sets do. If your son/daughter loves Legos the way mine does, this would be a great set for them....more info
  • Very nice!
    I like this set even though I haven't put it together yet at the time of this writing. It's nice that Lego has started putting out housing for the minifigs again. I like the bar-b-que in the back and all of the detail on the box. I am looking forward to putting this together....more info
  • Decent low cost house
    If you can find this house at MSRP (check Brickset or Peeron), it is a good value. In terms of design and the utility of the bricks (for other models), this set is not close to the Creator Model Townhouse (#4954) which, unfortunately, has become scarce and fantastically over-priced. Still, plenty of windows, roof tiles, and a base plate; you can turn this into many different designs. ...more info


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