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Liking Jordin Sparks, American Idol's season six winner, comes instinctively. How many 17-year-olds are as self-possessed, as big-smiling, as committed to having a good time and keeping it real? Probably none. Liking Sparks' music has been a different story for fans anticipating her debut CD, though. Her gut-busting Idol performance of "I (Who Have Nothing)" was possibly her only prime-time goosebump generator, yet she's seen an instant progression to diva-dom, as chronicled in reports that found her heading into the studio alongside pop/R&B heavy-hitters Bloodshy, Avant, the Underdogs, and others. Was it a little soon for the relatively green Sparks to be throwing off such big-league, beat-heavy sparks? Well, not hardly, it turns out. The ballads here--songs like "Next To You" and "Just For the Record"--reach out at times with overeager sincerity (forgivable!), but the funkier numbers--"Young and In Love" and the Prince-flecked "Shy Boy," especially--slam home her positives. Jordin may still be a juvie, but she's a bona fide pop star. She earns her props as convincingly here as she did on TV. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • This really DESERVES a ZERO for lack of ORIGINALITY!
    This album is a MESS. Cant the American Idol winners release something of interest? Theres really only 1 good song and thats the duet with Chris Brown. Once again an artist with an amazing voice & because of all the politics involved with making an album and who controls you this ended up being a total disaster. Ughhhh....i wish i could get a refund for this CD!!!!...more info
  • Jordin
    When I read the first reviews, I thought I should not buy this. But I decided to buy it anyway. I love it....more info
  • Jordin is FABULOUS but she DID have formal training!
    Hello from Jordin's former voice teacher MELISSA BLACK - owner of MUSIC BY MELISSA in Peoria,Az. Jordin was my full-time voice and piano student for 9 months when she was 14 and 15 years old - as EVERYONE around here knows. She is a natural talent and one of the most beautiful girls ever WITH the most outstanding voice around - however the bio about NO FORMAL TRAINING has never been true. Nine months is not a long time and i have never taken credit for her success - as no teacher ever should - BUT i do take credit for HELPING her polish her vocal and piano skills. ...more info
  • disappointing first CD
    I'm not going to take away anything from Jordin Sparks' singing. The girl CAN sing. However, I don't think this CD is very good. In my opinion we've heard the only two singles that could possibly be hits on the radio already released, 'My Tattoo', 'No Air'. After that the remaining songs have NO AIR and fall flat. It's not her though. I believe the songs themselves were not good. I would like to recommend this CD but I can't and unfortunately, I see my purchase as a waste of money. I hope she survives to put out another CD and that there are better song writers involved next time, that was clearly the problem for me. Something has to change otherwise she'll end up like the winner of American Idol the season before her. Remember him? Probably not, unless you're apart of the 'soul patrol'....more info
  • I'll wait for her second album...
    This album seems sterotypical of what they would have her do. I don't think it showcases her talent much. I look forward to her second album....more info
  • Jordin Rocks
    This CD is a great buy and Jordin Spark's really gave her all on this album ! Buy it ! You will LOVE it ! !...more info
  • My Daughter Loves This Album!
    I recently bought this album for my 7 year old daughter and she loves it. Every morning when she is putting on her make-up, she cannot stop dancing to "One Step At A Time". She is growing up so fast, and I think Jordin Sparks would make a great role model for her....more info
  • Jordin's music is my air
    Jordin is an amazing artist. Her album is amazing! I love all the songs! I don't even need to comment on her voice, because we all know it's great. The best part is we know she actually can hit the notes she does on her cd live (unlike Avril Lavigne). This is a must buy album!
    Tattoo(9/10)a nearly flawless song. I think she gives us a good idea of who she is and what her music is like with this song. Great way to kick off the cd.
    One Step At a Time(10/10)I LOVE this song! So up beat and fun + it has a good message! It should be her next single.
    No Air(100/10)Music at it's best! Her voice is amazing on this song! We all know that this is the song that truly made Jordin Sparks famous, and for a good reason too! It's perfect!!
    Freeze(8/10)I like this song, but it dosen't compare with some of her other songs.
    Now You Tell Me(9/10)better then Freeze. I really got hooked on Jordin after hearing this song a couple of times.
    Next to You(10/10)Amazing! This could easily be a single too. Jordin's voice is really good in this song.
    Just for the Record(8/10)about as good as Freeze. Maybe a little better.
    Permanent Monday(10/10)Another wonderful song! I would love to see Jordin release this song as a single. This song is a lot like No Air. Her voice soars on this song!
    Young and in Love(7/10)I like the tune of this song, but her voice isn't as good as it is in some of the other songs.
    See My Side(6/10)Jordin's weakest track. The song is a lot better then a lot of other songs out there, but compared to the rest of Jordin's album this song lacks.
    God Loves Ugly(9/10)This is a beautiful song! The messeage is great! A great way to end the album!...more info
  • Sparks smolders
    ... and by "smolders" I mean that she glows and is smokin' hot, but thanks to some damp material she falls just short of igniting the fiery album I was expecting.

    Pretty, bubbly, young, a great performer and with an amazing voice, Jordin Sparks nails some winners in this album, which already has three hits under its belt:

    1. This is My Now - the song she sang to take the American Idol title from Blake Lewis (Granted, he was at a disadvantage due to not being able to change up the song to better suit his style)
    2. Tattoo - Definitely mainstream pop, a catchy song geared towards radio and television saturation. (I still like it) Co-written by Sparks.
    3. No Air - Hot, hot song with hottie Chris Brown (need I say more?)

    Other songs to look out for:

    One Step at a Time - An upbeat, funky song, well suited to her voice

    Now You Tell Me - An ideal pop song for an Idol graduate

    Next to You - Mid tempo song carried by the chorus

    Just For the Record - Another mainstream pop song

    Not that hot:

    "Freeze" - Self-explanatory. She sings well, but it's not a really good song. Co-written by Sparks

    "Shy Boy", "See My Side", "God Loves Ugly" - Monotonous

    "Permanent Monday", "Young and In Love" -Unmemorable

    This debut album proves that Sparks has the voice to soar to greater heights, but she needs some edgier material to push her above the rest of the mainstream crowd.

    Amanda Richards, March 20, 2008
    ...more info
  • Prompt, efficient service! Great CD..Thanks!
    The CD is wonderful. The seller shipped the order quickly and it was
    received in great condition. ...more info
  • sparks
    great CD, great driving music. makes you want to roll down the windows and sing. ...more info
  • I gave in.
    Yes, I voted for Blake, but Jordin is the one who can really sing. Nice bubble gum pop that will get stuck in your head....more info
  • nice debut
    from the AI champ.

    With songs for just about any type of listener r&b, pop whatever you like it's here. Uptempo songs (One Step At A Time, Young and In Love), ballads (No Air w/Chris Brown, Next To You), midtempo songs (Shy Boy, Tattoo).

    Its good all around with only one track that i didnt care for aside from that. It's an album that should please her AI fans and folks looking for a little something else as well.

    No Air (Duet w/Chris Brown)
    One Step At A Time
    Permanent Monday
    Just for the Record
    Shy Boy
    Freeze (nice beat to this one that i love)...more info
  • Jordan Sparks CD
    I loved the album. The service at Amazon was great. It was priced right!...more info
  • Good, but not great
    Great vocals, but the songs could be more interesting. Jordin Sparks has a good deal of talent, and I'd like to hear more from her....more info
  • Just Average
    I loved Jordin on American Idol, but I found this CD disappointing. There are some good songs, but it really is just an OK album. I felt more could have been done to showcase her voice....more info
  • Jordin Sparks album
    I like the album. It has some really good songs like "Tattoo", "One Step At A Time", "No Air", and the winning song "This Is My Now"....more info
  • A Really Good Cd
    I bought this cd from a store for $15.00, and it was worth every penny. I loved all the songs, and i listened to it four times in a row! Its really good. But some of my favorites are: Tattoo, One Step At a Time, No Air, Freeze, Young and In Love, See My Side. Its almost as good as Kelly Clarksons cd Thankful; but different. You should buy this cd, you wont regret it!!...more info
  • Good debut
    Good debut for Jordin Sparks . The only thing that is very strange is that she used many genres of music , and it make the album a little confuse . She sings pop (tatoo , no air , shy boy) , rock (permanent monday , now you tell me) and R&B (freeze). There are good songs : freeze , shy boy , one step at a time , but there is bad songs : no air (the worst , if she sang alone it will be better , but Chris Brown... s**t) , god loves ugly . If you like this album try to listen (or download) overcome , that is Jordin Best song , but , for unknown reason , is not on the album. ...more info
  • Jordin Spark CD
    I bought this cd for my sister and she absolutely loves it. The cd was sent to me quickly and in very good condition....more info
  • Not a true picture of Jordin's talent and vocal ability.
    I think that they are trying to keep Jordin in the younger market. This CD did apoor job of displaying her real talent. I've heard her sing and she can do so much better. Keep in mind, I believe it is the somgs they chose that really did her in. The CD is not all bad, but very definitely directed toward a younger audience. She has alot more power in her than they let her use in these songs. I'm anxious to see her next release to see if they really let her sing. BTW, my 17 year likes this CD alot, even though she knows Jordin can sing even better....more info
  • American Idol at her best.
    I bought this cd because of my granddaughter, she wanted it and so I decided to buy it. I loved Jordin on American Idol and thought wow does she have a voice. Well as I listened to it I just fell in love with her songs. I am not a fan of pop music, country music for me. but folks I have to say, this is one cd even a country music fan can enjoy. As I listened to her songs, and the sound of her voice she really put her heart into it. I can't single out one song on this cd because all of the songs are great. After listening to her cd, I guess you could say its time for me to listen to pop music again and expand my music collection....more info
  • Jordin Sparks
    How could her producer treat her so bad. The CD is terrible. You would think this 17 year old is 50. The CD does not reflect a CD that a young teenage just coming out would produce. Lacks excitment and energy. Extremely disappointed....more info
  • Looooove It!!!
    Great music - would recommend to anyone who likes Pop music! Love her. Will look for next album!...more info
  • Sent as gift
    I sent this to my daughter in law as part of her birthday present. She loves it and says that her toddler son laughs when she dances to the songs....more info
  • A Spark That Never Truly Ignites (3.5 Stars)
    After a seven-season run, it's no surprise that interest in American Idol and all its by-products is beginning to dwindle. Combined with an overbearing tendency to make younger artists "family-friendly", it's really no wonder that Jordin Sparks' debut album failed to garner much attention. At only seventeen, Jordin is the youngest contestant ever to win Idol, and unfortunately, that is reflected in her material. And not in a good way. Despite her powerful voice which often belies her age, Jordin became stuck with immature and watered-down material which did little to demonstrate her abilities. Anyone who had real-life experience with people Jordin's age would quickly realize that her material seems to have more in common with the thought-processes of a younger age group. It seems that once again, the battle to make an artist "age-appropriate" did nothing but detract from an otherwise great potential artist.

    Although lead single "Tattoo" gives Jordin ample opportunity to shine vocally, it falters slightly due to the lyrics. Aside from some musical similarities to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable", the lyrics seem far too immature coming from someone Jordin's age. Despite the catchy hook, it is hard to get past the juvenility of the track, especially due to its overly positive sound. Very few seventeen year olds who have just broken up with a boyfriend would sound so sunny about it. With that said, the bridge steps things up somewhat, although it is not enough to save the track from mediocrity. "One Step at a Time", inexplicably described by reviewers as "funky", follows the trend of songs with an overly positive message. In this case, the verses fare much better than the rather cheesy bridge. This is still far from the best Jordin has to offer, but it is a step in the right direction (no pun intended), especially as it gives Jordin more of a chance to shine vocally. To be fair, the message is easy for younger listeners to relate to. "No Air" is the first true gem of the album, featuring the ever-popular (albeit overrated) Chris Brown. Chris and Jordin sound beautiful together, and the lyrics are some of the best this album has to offer. However, it is truly the passionate delivery, Jordin's particularly, which sells this song.

    "Freeze" is quite a haunting and innovative track, and clearly demonstrates Jordin's strengths. This darker style is what suits Jordin's voice best, and the lyrics again are some of the best the album has to offer. This is a key track that showcases how an artist can be age-appropriate while still maintaining her appeal to a crowd older than middle school. "Freeze" is a true album highlight. Unfortunately, the streak of excellence is broken with "Shy Boy", a track that is saved almost exclusively by its chorus. This song seems to be describing a club, which is puzzling in itself since Jordin is not old enough to be in most clubs. Jordin's voice is also overly processed, which does nothing to add to the appeal of the track. It's intended to be a club-banger, but instead remains thoroughly underwhelming. "Now You Tell Me" is a hidden gem of the album, as it is one of the most widely overlooked tracks. This is another song that is easy for the age-group to relate to, as it describes a situation where the girl is confused about how a guy feels about her. Here again, Jordin demonstrates that it is possible to make a strong track that is still "clean" enough to be appropriate. Although it's nowhere near as good as Freeze, it remains one of the album's stronger offerings.

    "Next To You" is a sweet R&B ballad, which features a solid vocal performance by Jordin. Although it remains somewhat anticlimactic, this song again demonstrates age-appropriate material done right. However, it remains one of the less memorable tracks, as very little is done which makes it stand out. The tune remains identical throughout, and even the adlibs seem slightly lacklustre. "Just for the Record" is similarly decent but nothing really special. It has a slight country vibe, especially with the whistling in parts of the background. Like the previous track, it is passable but ultimately forgettable. The track as a whole comes across rather repetitive and doesn't really go anywhere. It's definitely not the kind of track one would be drawn to play the album just to hear. "Permanent Monday", despite the cringe-worthy title, is another step toward the kind of material Jordin should be using. Like "Freeze", it has a darker vibe that suits Jordin's vocals beautifully. More mature efforts like this track truly give Jordin an opportunity to shine, especially when compared to other mediocre tracks offered here. Even moreso than "Now You Tell Me", this track is the true hidden gem. "Young and In Love" is one of a few songs that shows Jordin's age, and not in a good way. This seems like it would not sound out of place on the most recent Britney Spears album. Vocals are overly digitalized, which is baffling since Jordin definitely has a strong enough voice to carry out a song like this. It seems that "club" (in the lightest sense of the term) tracks are far from Jordin's strong point.

    "See My Side" is a valiant attempt at a positive message, but falters simply because there is little to capture interest. The vocals start out sounding rather sweet, but end up getting slightly grating. Here, Jordin is singing in a more subdued manner, with a kind of "repeat-after-me" chorus. Where it could have been beautiful in its simplicity, the track instead falls into being rather plain and repetitive. "God Loves Ugly", despite being yet another cringe-worthy title, actually stands out as one of the stronger tracks. This is one track where Jordin's youth works to her advantage. Such a track would hardly be acceptable from an artist any older, simply because of the potential to be incredibly cheesy. However, Jordin actually manages to pull it off rather convincingly, especially as it builds to a climactic crescendo. Finally, the winning song from Idol finales are always patchy affairs. "This Is My Now" remains convincing purely due to Jordin's performance. Although this would arguably be a stronger track if there hadn't been so many other attempts at uplifting messages on the rest of the album. Here, Jordin's voice really gets a chance to shine once more. The vocals and obvious passion truly sell this excellent closing track.

    Overall Mark: 3.5/5

    Albums like this are always quite frustrating. Despite the obvious talent of the artist, as well as sneak peeks at the kind of material there should have been, the album as a whole remains a disappointment. Jordin has an amazingly powerful voice, especially given her age, and with the right material had the potential to make one of the best Idol albums. Unfortunately, her youth worked against her in that she became saddled with too many uplifting yet immature tracks which sound unconvincing coming from a seventeen year old. However, with more age and experience, it could be hoped that her next offering will grant Jordin some more creative control and a style more appropriate to the age of the singer. Even if it is an album for "tweens", that doesn't mean the material should be completely watered down and glossed over with a dose of sunshine. Jordin is capable of better, and her fans deserve better.
    ...more info
  • Light and Easy! Listen while you work!
    Well, it was December 17th. I remembers it well. It was a complete convalescence of events in one day. It was my work Christmas Party, it was a playoff game for my basketball team, and it was me and the wife's 24th wedding anniversary. How is an honest american to choose??? Well, after a couple of healthy shots at the Christmas Party, I decided to partake in my aforementioned Playoff Basketball Game.

    I was havin' a monster night. I means to tell ya, the players on the other team didn't so much as look at me crooked, else they knew it'd be another one of those spinning hook shots. Bam! We were ahead by 15 points, the game was winding down, and I had once again beaten my inferior to the basket. As I stopped to jump, Snap! Pop! I collapsed to the floor in excruciating pain. Days later, I found out that my knee had pretty much imploded on itelf. It was swold up like a mellon, and I had torn several parts to my knee which all ended in the suffix "-CL".

    So I had me some surgery, and now I have to go to physical therapy to learn how to walk again. The physical therapy office is a small, depressing little office on the 6th floor above a Chipotle. Whenever I go there, they have the light and easy radio station playing, which only deepens my depression about my knee and the hand I've been dealt, in general. I have always dislike radio stations whose mission statement is "to make your workday go by faster". The only bright spot is when the Jordin Sparks song, "I love you like a tattoo" comes on. She has a sweet voice that has obviously been digitally modified and auto-tuned to perfection. Once her tattoo song is over, its back to the doldrums of coldplay or david archuletta or Josh Grobans. I can't wait to hear what the rest of Jordin Sparks sounds like. did you know her dad played defensive back for the n.y. giants??? I kid you not, look it up! ...more info
  • She got what it takes to turn the music world upsidedown
    Jordan sparks is different musicly inclined to climb the charts she will be watched and apreciated by 30 to forty year old listeneners just like the teens and twenty year olds she has real talent and it comes out in her music. I may make mention of Sara Barellies at the same time it nice seeing two artist with great vision and great talent. if you like one you will like the other check them both out you won't regret it ...more info
  • Sparks debut is a little flicker and a little fizzle
    The latest winner of the mega-hit television series "American Idol" released her first album just before the 2007 holiday rush. For some, it will be this effort will be like an extra little present. For others, it might seem a little more like a lump of coal.

    All in all, Jordan Sparks self-titled debut is pretty average or possibly a slight bit better. Her sound seems to be a minor throw back to a few years prior with an attempt to intermix the sounds of pop and light rhythm and blues. For the most part, her youth (she's still a teenager) is evident but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    Probably the two most notable works on the album are the first two singles.

    Millions heard Sparks' vocal range displayed as she sang out "This is my now" on the "American Idol" finale. This well written song seems to fit her nearly perfectly and quite fittingly is the final track And, the single "Tattoo" featuring a soft, traditional beat and those same solid vocals is quite good as well.

    On the other hand, a few examples of tracks that lack any real luster would have to be "Shy boy" and "Young and in love". The first sounds somewhat mechanical and unoriginal, while the second seems to have a week beat and sounds overproduced.

    Virtually all the rest of the tracks on this album featured both good and bad elements. They range from energetic, and happy ("Now you tell me" and "Next to you") to subtle and meaningful ("See my side" and "God loves ugly"). Overall, it's not a bad effort for rookie in the music business.

    I give it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 or a "B" on the musical grading scale.
    ...more info
  • Fabulous
    Where do I begin? There is so much to reccomend this album. Jordin's vocals, strong and sincere. The lyrics -- things a young girl would think about -- simple and beautiful reflections of life and love. The melodies and arrangements complement, rather than compete with, the lyrics and vocals. Some songs are too much alike, but the standout tracks more than make up for this. And behind it all there is a warm and very much alive personality that comes to the listener not as a stuck up celebrity, but as an intimate and honest friend. ...more info
  • A Great Album!! No Wonder She Won!!
    This CD shows me why I wanted Jordin Sparks to win American Idol!! This is one of the best CDs I've ever heard!! The songs are so incredibly amazing, and they have great beats. They give me chills; that's just how great her album is, and how great her voice is.

    1. One Step At A Time: A fun song that sends a very good message.
    2. Freeze: A great and unusually different song with a stellar vocal performance.
    3. Next To You: A great little love ballad that actually sent shivers up and down my spine.

    The other songs are very good and catchy, but the latter songs are my personal favorites on the album!

    All of the songs are very fun and great, and it's a really great album. If you love the pop genre, then this is a great album for you. It definitely won't disappoint.

    Personally, however, I would buy the deluxe edition on iTunes, because the three bonus tracks are very good. My favorite of the bonus songs is probably Save Me, and it's because the background music is fun and kind of childish-like, and the lyrics start slow, and once the chorus comes along, it's really great, and the music gets faster and really fun. It's a fun song to dance to when you're by yourself....more info
  • Jordin Sparks debut CD
    What a voice. Each title is good, especially the collaboration with Mario on "No Air"...more info
  • Better Than People Said
    I listened to the songs on this album online before buying the CD on Amazon. And although there are a few I skip, overall I like the whole CD. I would not have thought I would have bought her CD after she won American Idol, but I found the songs on this album to be much better than any other CD from her season (at this point). My favorite tracks are "Freeze" and "Just for the Record."...more info
  • I can finally listen to a whole cd without skipping a track
    Excellent CD. I am confused why people are fronting on her CD. She has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time!

    Every song is great. She can hold her own with any R&B artist out there....more info
  • Love this CD!
    Jordin Sparks is a great singer and this CD has a great mix of her songs!...more info
  • Very Good Album
    Great album!!If you like the sound of her voice, definately buy the album. The songs are light and catchy. They are easily related too. I will buy her next album for the simple fact this one is so good. A must for any Jordin Sparks fan....more info
  • ....Umm...
    I read the reviews before buying this album. Everyone loved Permanent Monday...don't see what's so special-
    I only like 4 songs...
    "Freeze,God Loves Ugly,This is my Now & No Air w/ Chris Brown"
    These songs are so good it was worth buying the album just for these four songs. You definately get the feeling that they did not know what direction to go with Jordin. Which is so sad...She is such a great a talent... that is so hindered. They got stuck between her age and the fact that she is not the typical size 4. Her album, cover is a pure example of what I am saying. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!. There is no need for her to be in a leather coat and Scarf!!! Like come on!!.
    Hopefully...she makes it to a second album where she can Shine-
    ...more info


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