Hoover U54219RM Reconditioned Windtunnel Bagged Upright

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  • Powerful 12 amp motor with patented Windtunnel Technology
  • Embedded Dirtfinder sensing technology that tells you when your carpet is clean.
  • Allergen Filtration traps 100% dust mites, ragweed, and common grass pollens
  • Front tool storage places the tools within easy reach. Tool set includes, attached hose, 2 extension wands, dusting brush, upholstry nozzle, and crevice tool.
  • Reconditioned like new
Customer Reviews:
  • Overall, a great deal!
    Vacuum works great, the only problem was the on/off switch was touchy but seems to have corrected itself - don't understand how or why, but it works fine now. For what we paid ($30) for this reconditioned vacuum, if it lasts a few years, and so far so good, it will be a great deal!...more info
  • Cheap, but junky
    I bought this vacuum when it was on sale for $30. It was dirty when I opened it, and some of the screws were the wrong size and had obviously just been thrown in the box with it. Luckily I had some that would work, so I got to work right away. I wasn't 2/3 of the way through the first 12x12 room when the bag was full. (Full disclosure: we had just gotten new carpet, so the bag was full of carpet fuzz.) I had to change out the bag, and realized that vacuum the house would take 9 bags.

    Then came the fun part. After I emptied the bag, I realized the hose was full of carpet fuzz as well. And I mean FULL. We worked for 45 minutes trying to get the fuzz out of that ridiculous hose, and barely succeeded. It was packed in so tight that not even a broom handle or coat hanger could get through.

    I thought maybe it was just because it was the first time we had vacuumed that carpet, but it's done the same thing every time since then. I understand that new carpet creates a decent bit of fuzz, but that's part of the fairly short lifecycle of carpet, and should be something any vacuum could handle with ease. Luckily, I only paid $30 for it, so it's going in the trash. It would probably be faster and easier to pick every crumb out of the carpet by hand than to use this thing....more info
  • Great deal!
    I bought this vacuum for $30 so I wasn't expecting much. To my surprise, this is an excellent vacuum for the price. I bought it just to have as a back-up, but I have been using it all the time because I like it so much. It will never compare to a Dyson, but it is well worth the $30.00 I paid for it!...more info
  • Refurb but works great
    Got the refurb for a great price and so far it does what it's suppose to do and hasnt failed me yet. I dont see any loss in suction power and looks easy enough to keep clean....more info
  • Exceeds my expectations!
    I'm so glad that I decided to purchase this vacuum. In the beginning when I first used it I thought it was self propelled because it would propel itself. It does an excellent job of cleaning, better than some of my past purchases of NEW vacuums....more info
  • Wonderful Vacuum
    It's easy to install and use, clear the floor and carpet thoroughly. It's a must have when do the cleaning, Like it very much. ...more info
  • Good vacuum for the price...
    For the price this is a very good vacuum. The roller brush is vibrating very bad so I suspect that is why it was reconditioned. It does have a warranty so I will send it back / take it in to be fixed. But again, for the price, great product. It definitely works well and cleans the carpet. Very happy overall with the vacuum cleaner. It is relatively quiet as well which was a nice surprise......more info
  • Buyer Beware
    At under $50, I bought four of them...the first one ended up having sparks & smoke come out of it. The second one had a broken on/off switch & it was in the "off" position, so I couldn't get it to do anything. The third one worked for a few weeks, but now the on/off switch is stuck in the "on" position. The fourth one is still working, but I'm not counting on it to last. I've returned the first two a few weeks ago & I'm still waiting on my refund...now I need to find a box big enough to ship the third one back. From the other reviews, it looks like others have had more luck with this one, but it didn't work for me....more info
  • Broken tool cover
    When I received this vaccum cleaner, the plastic tool cover has a big crack in the middle. This is not what I expect from "reconditioned"....more info
  • Excellend product for price
    This vacuum cleaner came to be quickly and in great shape. You can hardly tell it was remanufactered except for some dust on it. Other than that, it was in perfect condition. The vacuum works great. Windtunnel bagged vacuum cleaners are some of the best available. The color was slightly different than the picture. Anyway, for the price, this vacuum cleaner is a steal....more info
  • Fantastic vacuum at a fantastic price!
    I got this item for $30 shipped and I am ecstatic at what a wonderful deal this was! This vacuum is great. ...more info
  • Great Cleaner!
    This outperforms our $350 vacumn! Only problem is the switch stopped working. I got such a good deal on it that I dont care, I will unplug it when I want to turn it off.

    Great buy! $30 + Free Shipping = Unbeatable!...more info
  • Love the onboard attachments
    Great suction, nice long cord. The on board attachments making getting to those small places easy. I also like the bare floor feature. A great value....more info
  • Hovver U54219RM Recondtiioned Windtunnel Bagged Upright
    Very easy to put together and works great. As long as I get my $30 out of it I will be happy. My husband thought our 30 yr. old Royal vacumn was doing the job. He was surprised to see all the dirt in the Hoover after I vacumned just one carpet. ...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum Windtunnel
    I have one of these vacuums already in my home. The device has alot of suction and a very strong motor. The problem is the belt cant handle that much pull from the motor and when you run over a shoe lace or something small that will wrap around roller it burns up the belt because the engine keeps on pulling. As for the product I recieved being reconditioned it arrived with the switch broken. The vacuum stays on constantly when you plug it in and wont turn off. I can live with that in comparrison with the price I paid for it. This product will clean you just have to make sure you monitor the floor when cleaning....more info
  • Impressed!
    This vacuum came in great condition, looking very much brand new. It was easy to assemble and works great! The only problems I have with the vacuum are very minor. The cover for the accessories is sometimes hard to shut, and sometimes it pops off all together if not shut properly. And sometimes the very tip of the handle, which is a plastic piece inserted into the "tube" of the handle, will come off if I grip it too tightly. But for the price and the fact that it was refurbished, I am very impressed with this vacuum. It has great suction. I maneuvers around coffee table legs and other furniture better than any vacuum I've ever owned. The cord seems a little longer that some vacuums I've used too. I'm very happy with my purchase! ...more info
  • As advertised
    The vac arrived quickly after ordering and after a little assembly works great. Only a little wear on part of the plastic casing was evidence that it was indeed a refurbished vac. If you are in the market for a well performing vac and a cosmetic scratch or two aren't important, then for the price paid this is an excellent value....more info
  • On Off switch doesn't work
    First let me say that this vacuum was inexpensive and does work great. Except for the fact that the on off switch does not work. I have to plug it in to turn it on and unplug to shut off. I could tell that it was a used vacuum when I recieved it. The wheels showed wear. Other wise it was clean. Hopefully I can get the on off switch repaired. ...more info
  • Best vacuum!
    I love this vacuum cleaner and I have never "loved" one before lol It was very inexpensive but it works so much better than the more expensive ones I have had before. I have 5 cats so I put my vacuums through the wringer. THis one picks up ALL of the hair and with the attachments I can use it on everything. I gave away a vacuum cleaner that I used maybe 3 times after I got this vacuum, it just did not compare at all....more info
  • Hoover U54219RM Reconditioned...
    Pleasantly surprised at this one! Got a like new machine at a great price. Everything was included and so far machine works very well. Recommended....more info
  • Great, but.......
    I was lucky enough to get one of theses from Amazon and wow!!! It's a great vacuum! What I have noticed however, are the people that are buying them up then asking as much for a reconditioned unit that they bought from Amazon as what Hoover wants for a new one!!! Somebody was trying to sell them for 120.00!!!!! I think Amazon should start monitoring how many of one item a customer buys so that everybody can have a chance, not just the online auction sellers......more info
  • like new
    it was obviously used, not sure for how long. So it is not just reconditioned, it should be named lightly used. I am just lazy to return....more info
  • Go Bags!!!
    Why people are going without bags is beyond me. Bags are the only types of vacs that actually don't out the dust back into the air. Oh well - this vac rocks and has the HEPA bag with a HEPA exhaust filter too. This is a great vac at a great refurb price. ...more info
  • Great deal....Great product!
    Very happy with this vacuum. There's no way I could get a great vacuum for this price anywhere locally. I like having all of the attachments on the machine. I bought this as a second vacuum for downstairs and now the kids even like to us it and it helps a great deal. VERY HAPPY!...more info
  • Looked 10 years old
    I just received this Hoover and what a piece of junk. It looks like it has been used regularly for over 10 years. One of the wheels is bent and looks like it is ready to fall off and the machine has very little suction. I'm putting it right back in the box and sending it back for a refund....more info
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
    While reading my title for this review think of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally and you will have my general attitude towards this vacuum and the $29.99 total that I paid for it.

    Unlike my two other older vacuums that suck up half the dirt and spray the rest around, this vacuum absolutely rocks. I came home from work early yesterday JUST to vacuum. I was looking forward to it all day. Yes, I'm sick. Yes I need a life, but that's how well this vacuum cleans!

    Ok, the vacuum is a little heavy, and I keep knocking off the extension wands from the back, and the hose for the tools could be longer, and it didn't look brand new out of the box (no nicks or scratches, it just wasn't all bright and shiny like a new vacuum is), but the suction is absolutely first rate and the dirtfinder is addictive. I thought it was a gimmick, but it really seems to work. I keep working an area until that light stays green and move on to the next section, and my carpets are sooo much cleaner. Before they were dull and matted, now they are brighter and fluffier...so much so that I am now seeing the stains I didn't see before! (Yes I am cleaning those stains.)

    Awesome. Love it. Buy it. All these 5 star reviews aren't a coincidence. If you can use a vacuum, don't pass this up! It's not perfect as I mentioned above, but it does an absolutely fantastic job cleaning your carpets and floors. AND IT'S ONLY $30 TOTAL SHIPPED!!!!...more info
  • Works Well
    This unit replaces a Hoover U5903-900 I inherited with the house.
    I use it only on carpet (have a shop vac for the tile) and it does a good job. We have no pets, are not particularly messy and do not wear shoes in the house but it certainly pulls up the pile and makes it look good. We always have all the windows open so cannot comment on the hepa filters etc.
    Can't beat the price. ...more info
  • I'm in love
    Is it possible to be in love with a vacuum? If so, I am! I got this vacuum for 29.99, it arrived in three days and it's awesome. Just before I tried it out I had vacuumed and steamed my carpet. I didn't think I would have much to vacuum, boy was I wrong. It has an indicator light to tell you when it's clean, by the time I was done I had half a bag full of just dirt and dust. I couldn't believe it! I love this product, for $30 you can't beat it, I just hope it lasts a long, long time. ...more info
  • Awesome Vacuum for $29.99.
    We received the two Hoovers last week. Assembly took about 20 minutes for the first, and about 6-7 minutes for the second. When first vacuuming an area of a room, the dirt sensor shows a red light, indicating the carpet is still dirty. Once the green light comes on, that section of carpet is clean. And those lights really work.

    The one and a half year old carpet in the family room is heavily tracked on daily by five people in the house. Add three cats. The carpet looked new after the first vacuuming. It took quite some time to get the room cleaned properly (green light) on the first vacuuming. We vacummed again today, and the the process was much faster as the carpet was really cleaned well on the first vacuuming.

    Suction is powerful. Althought the vacuum is not self propelled, it seems like it, moving forward and back with ease.

    Overall, this vacumm is excellent. Unbeatable for the price, even if you pay more than the 29.99 with free shipping we got them for from Amazon. Hopefully these vacuums will last for a decent amount of time....more info
  • Great vacuum, but you can tell it's a "refurb"
    This vacuum is a GREAT deal for what I paid, however, you can tell it's a refurb. The wheels are scratched, and the sticker that's on the door for the parts is coming off. Again, for $40, you can't beat it. I have 2 inside dogs and my living room rug has never looked better! ...more info
  • This thing sucks! :)
    Really, really, really well! Works great on carpet and bare floors and the price is right. What a bargain! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum, Great Price
    I liked this vacuum so much, I bought 4 more. I gave them as gifts to my kids. They love it also. I paid $40 and I see now that they are $30 so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?? BTW, Amazon's price match policy is GREAT, I got $50 refund on the 5 I bought. ...more info
  • My New Toy
    I just got this vacuum cleaner the other day and I can't wait to put it together to use.It looks new
    and I like the color [pale olive]The suction is so powerful and I like the green light indicator that
    the area you're vacuuming is clean.I used it once but I already dubbed it as my new toy. The
    cleaning tools also has powerful suction but the hose is short but not a problem,the noise does not
    bother me either because it does a good job cleaning my rugs and hardwood floors, and for
    the price I can buy 2 more of this....more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!!
    I love my new Hoover wind tunnel! I had no idea how "lifeless" my carpet was until I bought this and it revived my carpet! It looks brand new and fluffy. The suction on this thing is awesome-getting dirt and dog hair out of my carpet that I didn't even know was there! For $40 you can not beat this deal! What a steal-thanks AMAZON!!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!!
    We recently bought this because we've had one that is the same model for about ten years that still works great. Can't beat the price!!! ...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    The reconditioned hoover windtunnel vacuum was in excellent condition and works well. I would not have known it was reconditioned if it wasn't in the decription. Good vacuum and Great buy!!!!!!!! RECOMMENDED...more info
  • Great deal on a Hoover!
    As has been said, for $40 you can't beat it. The vacuum looked brand new out of the box and worked fine after putting it together. Took about fifteen minutes to a half hour to assemble. The first time I started to run this vacuum cleaner I was amazed at how much stuff in my carpet that my last vacuum was missing. A nice feature is that this vacuum comes with a warning light to let you know if an area is completely clean. I found myself going over and over parts of the rug that looked clean to the naked eye but was probably not. I have one dog and two cats, with all the animal hair shedding constantly a good vacuum is a must in my house and this one seems to do the trick. ...more info
  • For the price its a steal
    For $40 you can't beat it. The vaccum looked brand new when I put it together and it works great. I prefer bagged over bagless because bagless always gets clogged....more info