Remanufactured Dirt Devil R082500 Breeze Vision Bagless Canister Vacuum

List Price: $119.95

Our Price: $49.99

You Save: $69.96 (58%)


  • Microfresh filtration system captures over 99% of dust and allergens
  • Lightweight and compact design works on bare or carpeted floors
  • 20 foot power cord with built in cord wrap for easy storage, lets you easily clean from room to room.
  • Powerful 12 amp motor; clear dirt cup so you can see the dirt as you clean
  • Remanufactured to like-new condition; 1 year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • bad product
    The main problem: according to manual, you have to clean the filter after each use. The instructions say to bang the filter againt the wall of a trash can and do it outside. This is indeed true since the dust will be all over, when you clean it this way.
    The second problem: the power cord it is not retractable as for example my old Panasonic, and the quality of the wire is cheap: it bends and stays bended, meaning it will be always messy to store it.

    The sucking power is weak, again relative to my old Panasonic canister( that is 15 years old, still works as new..?! ).

    I started questioning the while concept of bagless vacuum cleaners...
    ...more info
  • Good for hardwood floors
    I bought this vacuum for hardwood floors and cannot complain. The connection of the hose to the vacuum itself is not particularly secure. But otherwise, works great. I have tried it on rugs - not as effective....more info
  • All I can say: I am surprise how good this is
    To tell you the truth when I bought this vaccum I did not expected much from it - specially considering this was a remanufactured. It's light weight, the suction is strong, the canister is easy to clean. It's true that the tools should be made of stronger plastic, but it does not compromise the efficiency of the vaccum. Mine is already almost one year old and it's working fine. ...more info
  • The price is Right
    Does what a low priced vacuum cleaner should do. I like that it is light when you want to take it up and down the stairs. The suction is ok - not very powerful. I would have loved a spinning brush attachment to clean rugs....more info
  • works great
    works very well. only problem is the vac head falls off easy but i just added some thick tape stuff to keep it on and it still pops off easy when i need it to. very light weight. love this kind of vac. works well for the small price...more info
  • Good Buy
    I'm very happy with the Dirt Devil canister vacuum. My partner is an expect on vacuums & recommended this model to me. It exceeds my expectations.

    Happy in NJ...more info
  • Great Canister Vac
    This is a great canister vacuum! My dad uses one in his professional cleaning business, and it has held up better than any other canister vacuum he has tried. I actually bought this one for him, to replace his old Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum; which is still running. This vacuum was a
    remanufactured bargain, at half price....more info
  • Very good
    I works fine and the suction is excellent. Price is good too.
    The two cons (-1 star) are for:
    1. the cord, it is long but it does not go inside the unit, and
    2. the exit filter cover. You can open it too easily, sometimes you try to turn the unit on and the cover falls off.
    4 stars is fair....more info
  • Nozzle fall off easily
    I don't want to complain about this product that much because it was not expensive.
    However,I'm really dissapointed because the nozzle fall off the wand easily when cleaning.
    Also,the hose fall off easily when going forward.
    I don't want to think what if I would buy it with regular price.
    If you would pay this amount for vacuum in Japan,it would be still great and long life to use....more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum!!!
    I have owned this vacuum for five years (I think it's five) and I've been totally pleased with it. It's so very light weight and easy to take from room to room. I don't use it on my carpeted floors, just the bare floors and upholstery and it has more than enough power to do everything I've expected it to. I like the clear dirt canister for easy checks on empty time and also the on-board cleaning tools. I'm going to buy one for my daughter for Christmas this year....more info
  • Great little machine
    I recieved this item and immediately started using it. It has been great for cleaning my hardwood floors as well as small rugs. I even took it outside and vacuumed out the car. I love that it it bagless so I can just dump it at my own convenience as well as remove some little toy belonging to my children. The suction is great, and the whole thing is light weight enough to use on the stairs as well as to get the high ceilings here. ...more info
  • Replacement
    This is my 5th Dirt Devil Breeze canister vacuum I have purchased in the last 7 years. I use them for my business and they are worked hard. I usually pay $100 per vacuum. On my recent visit to Amazon I purchased a Remanufactured one and saved half price. I am totally pleased with it. Other than a few cosmetic blemishes, it is as good as new. ...more info
  • LOVE this Vacuum
    Have been looking for a small wand vacuum to do my stairs, tired of lugging the "shop" vac up and down from the basement, caught this refurbished model on sale and am extremely glad I purchased. IT FABULOUS, light so I can sling it over my shoulder with the included strap to walk up the stairs while I'm vacuuming the treads and the cord is long enough so I can plug it in at the bottom of the stairs and go, gives me enough to even do the landing. Great suction, attachments are easy to use, only complaint is storing the attachments, but other than that...fabulous item. Looked brand new when I pulled it out of the box...more info
  • Remanufactured Dirt Devil R082500 Breeze Vision Bagless Canister Vacuum
    Great suction. Horrible way to connect the hose to the vacuum. Wife loves it other than the hose always coming unhooked. I will have to modify it somehow to keep it in place to keep her happy....more info
  • The worst canister I have ever own
    Dirt Devil could not produce a worst product. It is so noisy that you need ear protection. It's suction is not that of a 12A. motor and its accessories are awkward and hard to manage. My advice is to buy anything else but not this one.

    ...more info
  • i love it
    this vacuum cleaner is awesome . i was cleaning the kids bedroom the other day and i accidentally vacuumed up a baby wipe . i thought it was gonna get stuck in it and tare up but it went right through . i love it .. it has a lot of power....more info
  • Great value for a powerful canister vacuum
    overall very happy. Looks and works great, plenty of power and pickup. Small, easy to use and looks nice!...more info
  • Defective wand and Dirt Devil customer service won't help
    This is a cautionary tale. If you have problems with your unit you may not be able to solve them with Dirt Devil. Here's the story:
    I received my Breeze vacuum yesterday. It came very quickly (thanks Amazon) and looked spiffy and new even though it's a refurb model. When I tried to put it together I discovered that one of the two plastic wands had an obstruction that prevented it from locking into position.
    I called Dirt Devil customer support and after the standard 7 minute wait I got a customer rep. At first she told me that my unit only had one wand. Then after pulling up some more information said that yes, one wand was bad. She told me I had to call a different line and make arrangements to drive to a service center and exchange the wand. She gave me the number. I actually hung up before realizing what she was asking me to do. As it turns out, the nearest service center is 21 miles away. That's a 42 mile round trip! This for a part that is sold by Dirt Devil for $2.68.
    I called back. Seven minutes on hold. I talked to another rep. She told me the same thing. I asked to talk to a supervisor. Five minutes on hold. The supervisor tells me they will not send me a replacement wand. I have to drive to a service center. I ask to speak to her boss. She says fine and puts me on hold again. After 5 minutes on hold again I hung up.
    Fortunately, Amazon makes it easy to return things. But what a frustrating experience.
    This vacuum may be the best thing since sliced bread. I don't know. I haven't turned it on. All I know is that Dirt Devil didn't stand behind their product and didn't care what kind of hassle they caused me. So I'm giving Dirt Devil the one star rating. I don't know about the vacuum. Looks cute....more info
  • Good for the price
    Although it seems pretty cheap at first (every thing is thin plastic !), this is a good vaccum cleaner !...more info
  • what a great little product
    I searched all over my area for an affordable vacuum that was light weight and powerful. I wanted a canister, but wasn't willing to pay a fortune for just another vacumm that wasn't going to do the job, or would burn out from my heavy use. No matter how much I spent, it seemed none of the machines would hold up. I have pets, a woodstove and a husband. I needed something that would work!
    I figured it was worth the gamble to buy a reconditioned machine. The price was right, and it was a well known brand. (Amazon's super saver shipping sweetened the deal) I was pretty surprised at the power of this little machine. It picked up better then the higher priced vacuums and was light enought for me to handle (I am disabled). The ONLY problem I have found is that the hose connection to the machine could be better, but it does hold once it is in place.
    I would highly recommend this machine, both for price and function....more info
  • Cheap materials, and price
    Bought it about a month ago, and used it since. Small, but has power, it can clean. I have a lot of doubt about the material it's made of, just cheap plastic, that can be easily broken. Attachment won't "snap" or lock, so, don't even try, it's just like that. I bought it for $50, because I wanted canister, and it was the cheapest canister I've seen.
    ...more info
  • Great Value!
    I purchased this vacuum for use in a private club i work at. Once delivered, I had to test it out in my home first. Maybe i am easily impressed (never have been told that) but this vacuum is awesome for the $.
    I use a Kirby for the carpet areas, so i am use to some serious suction. The Vision Breeze is a keeper. Yes, the one attatchment needs to be firmly put on, but it works great on hardwoods and tile.
    I do own a small canister Dirt Devil vac that is approx. 15 years old, is used frequently and is still working like a charm. I just placed an order for a 2nd Dirt Devil Vision Breeze as i am tired of trying to find replacement bags for the older model.
    Its a great deal.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Purchase
    I was a little skeptical with this re manufactured item priced so low, but after receiving the item and using it for 2 weeks, I found that it works great. Good suction and plenty of maneuverability. If your looking for this type of vacuum you cannot go wrong with this model...more info
  • Good, inexpensive vacuum
    I mainly bought this vacuum for my hardwood floors, and the fact it had a hose and attachments. I was surprised how good it works, and the price was great!!! Very happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Excellent value for price
    After a couple of weeks experience, I'm happy with the vac. It is light and compact and has reasonable suction. As a remanufactured item, it was very affordable at about $30. Minuses so far, it takes a little extra time to get cat hair off the carpet. The carpet attachment is held by friction only (no latch) so it sometimes falls off when you lift the hose. If it gets worse, it will be annoying. A plus and minus: mostly plastic construction makes it feel disposable but also makes it very light weight....more info
  • works good--2 things I don't ilike
    I wish the cord were longer on this Dirt Devil, and although the filter works great and picks up dog hair, etc. well, it is a dusty and unpleasant job to clean it out....more info
  • Great for cleaning hardwood floors
    This vacuum is a great value for the price! It does a great job on cleaning up pet hair and hardwood floors.I would not recommend it if you have mostly carpet,it does a good job on cleaning up small area rugs....more info
  • Cheap Wand
    Although I bought this vacuum at a very steep discount, I was immediately disappointed with the flimsy construction. Built like a child's toy, the wand is held in place with weak tabs, the carrying strap is a joke, and the nozzles easily fall off the wand when cleaning. Dirt Devil really should have spent an extra $5 dollars per unit for a decent wand and attachments (and charged their grateful customers $20 more). On the other hand, the suction seems good and the canister is easy to empty. However, it's impossible to overlook the low quality of the accessories as most of the vacuum falls apart and almost breaks during use. If you can get this vacuum for, say, the price of the filter, it might be worth it. But, after the nozzles fall off a few times and the hose twists, you'll still be aggravated with Dirt Devil for selling something so obviously and unnecessarily shoddy. ...more info
  • Great base, cheap hose and attachments
    This little vac has great suction and a very nice base. However, the hose and attachments are made of thin, cheap plastic. I bought this for our basement and to sweep up pet hair on a bare floor, so it's fine for long as I am careful with the attachments. They really need to be made of heavier plastic. Separately, I'd probably give the base 4.5 stars and the hose/attachments 1 star. ...more info
  • love it :)
    I wanted a vacuum that would be easy to pull out and use, yet powerful, and able to get into the small, tight corners.
    This one does all that. Its small and easy for manouvering, as also easy storage. I actually like vacuuming now, because I hear the dirt being pulled in and then see the dirt in the canister. I had a dog visiting for several weeks, plus two cats. I am talking plenty of pet hair! To actualy see the hair in the canister, feels like finaly I am actually getting the house clean (I have carpets). The filter is very easy to clean. The vacuum gets into the spaces that the bigger guys just never seem to be able to get into. Great buy :)...more info
  • I have bougtht this for myself and friends
    I have enjoyed this vaccum for a number of years. Great suction & works well on hard surface floors. I have even given to several friends and relatives, as I think it is excellent for the price and would seriously pay significantly more. Doesn't take much space and stores in small space.

    I have purchased re-conditioned and factory new ones, all working quite well....more info
  • you get what you pay for
    The hose constantly comes apart. The attachments fall off. It is quite the pain to use. If you want a $40 vacuum, then you get what you pay for, but this is definitely NOT worth $120. It will pick up surface crumbs on the carpet, but it really doesn't get the lint or fuzzys or hair off the carpet. It needs a motorized brush head for that. Works great on the hard floors (if you don't mind stopping to re-attach the hoses and attachments severaly times) If you buy this, you also might want to buy duct-tape to keep it all together!...more info
  • Dirt Devil Bagless Vacuum
    So far so good. It really picks up pet hairs from rugs. Good features: it has a long cord, it's small and easy to store, it's easy to empty out the dirt cannister. If it lasts me a year I'll be happy....more info
  • early to tell it...
    I like it the vacuum, is working fine, like a brand new. Lets see till when :)...more info
  • does a great job i have just 1 rug so dont need a big one
    the dirt devil does a great job i dint need a big vacuum as i only have 1 rug its nice looking too ive tried other small vacuums and they didnt pick up dog hair this one does i would reccomend it....more info
  • Dirt Devil Breeze Vision Bagless Canister Vac
    I really like this vac. You can see all the dirt picked up through the bagless system. It really has suction. The only this wrong is that the bottom piece with the nozzle doesnt stay on, it doesnt have a latch to hold it in like the rest of the attachments. It is easy to clean too. And small enough to go anywhere....more info
  • Great Purhcase
    It shipped to me the next day. Works really well for the price. very satisfying purchase. Thank you!...more info
  • This vaccuum sucks but in a GOOD way!
    I have been very pleased with it. It sucks up a ton of stuff easily.

    The only 1 negative?
    A very goofy and cheap plastic end piece to clean the floors with has no way of locking into the tube...I suspect that will wear out first.

    Would I buy again?
    Yes....more info
  • Mom's happy I'm happy
    I wasn't sure about buying a remanufactured vacuum, but so far my mom is very happy with this one. No w I'm wishing I'd kept if for myself:)...more info