Dirt Devil Refurbished R082550 Breeze Vision Bagless Canister with Power Pak Nozzle

List Price: $189.99

Our Price: $99.99

You Save: $90.00 (47%)


  • Got allergies? Fight back with the Breeze Vision Canister. As an additional guard against dust and allergens, this cleaner features Microfresh filtration system which easily captures over 99% of dust and allergens that linger in your home.
  • Features all-surface cleaning in a lightweight and compact design. Perfect for cleaning bare or carpeted floors.
  • 20 foot power cord with built in cord wrap for easystorage, lets you easily clean from room to room.
  • With 12 amp power, this unit is as powerful as an upright.
  • Refurbished to be like new.
Customer Reviews:
  • great power
    very powerful-who needs the powerhead. I bought this for pet hair and it is fantatic. I have yet to attach the pwerhead, It looks too annoying to attach and detach. I bought this on sale and I am delighted but I guess is I paid regular price and wanted a power head my rating might be lower, ...more info
  • What a deal!
    For some odd reason, Amazon dropped their price for this refurbished Breeze when I bought it. For <$30, I figured, why not?
    I AM SO GLAD I JUMPED ON THIS DEAL! I'm always a little skeptical of refurbished items, but I received the product today and quickly put it to work. It picked up so much hair and dust in just my room and my hallway! The attachments fit pretty snugly, and the powered carpet piece is very powerful.
    I hope this lasts as long as a new one would. But regardless, it was worth every penny, and then some.
    I am not sure I would buy the refurbished for $100 since the new one is only $130, but if the price drops to half that of a new unit, I would go for it. It really works as if it were new....more info
  • HEPA for $30? You bet!
    I've always like small canister vacs (I had a great collection of Eureka Mighty-Mite Bosses back in the 80's & 90's. Wonderful design, assortment of colors and best of all, they worked well.) and came upon this little treasure; smallish, quite(ish), and inexpensive. It went to work as soon as I got it: home and apartment-building duty. The powered-beater-brush works well (maybe just a little too light but very easy to move about). I use the shoulder strap when hitting all the stairways. The bagless feature is typical - stand back when emptying but be prepared to get hit with a cloud of dust no matter where you stand. Also, if you have other 1 1/4" fittings and extension tubes you can use them with this vacuum. Mine was forest-green British-racing-green?) in color....more info
  • Dirt Devil - Nice Vaccum for the price
    Get's the job done and what a price. Vacuum seems brand new and no mechanical or physical defaults. Add free shipping from Amazon and you can't go wrong. ...more info
  • Amazing vacuum cleaner
    I sweat the thing seemed new when I got it. A bird, a cat, a dusty house, a mechanic roommate - all of their mess gets swept up by this without a problem. The power nozzle thing is a little annoying to attach because you have to put these cord holders along the plastic tubing, keeping me from really using the attachments as much as I should, and one of the attachments wasn't in the box (didn't really bother me because it basically did the same thing as the power nozzle), but this is really a great vacuum. I had horrible allergy problems when I got it, but now I can breathe again! I didn't realize just how bad my old vacuum was until I got this....more info
  • A house-hold name selling a low quality machine...
    I find the quality of this product to be extremely deficient. Yes, it has minimally adequate suction power, but what good is suction if the hose is easily torn apart? Starting with the telescopic wand that connects the floor power sweeper, watch out that the wand doesn't fall over and hit you, because it doesn't even snap into the upright position. The hose, which is cheap plastic, has an obvious low life-span; like, one accidental twist or step will put it in BER condition. The power-mate power cord that connects to the main unit is unwieldly, and should have been designed like most power-mates, with a fixed power-cord bracket that plugs in to the telescopic wand in a male-to-female fashion. So what do you do with the cord if you want to switch from using the floor power-mate to just using the wand portion with suction. You have to manually take it carefully apart; not an easy operation on this unit to begin with. In this day and age, only the Chinese could think of putting something like this on the market. If I had bought this at a bricks & mortar store, I would be returning it.Dirt Devil Refurbished R082550 Breeze Vision Bagless Canister with Power Pak Nozzle Extremely disappointed....more info
  • Great!!
    This is a great vacuum for hardwood floors with a plethora of dog and cat hair. Plenty of suction, light, well balanced (doesn't fall over when turning awkward corners.) Doesn't spew out dust into the air like my previous, more expensive vacuum. The only flaw is that the rug nozzle won't stay on. I actually bought two because of the inexpensive factor and they both have the same problem. Customer service had no solutions except send it back to Amazon. I like it too much to do that, so I will live with a duct tape fix until I figure out a permanent solution. Anyone know if the hepa filter should be washed occasionally?...more info
  • strong vac but really cheap parts
    the vac works good on hardwood, but the tubes come apart from the floor piece. The connector locks are so weak, the tubes just come apart. It's worse with the rug attachment because the rug attachment is heavy, so as soon as it vac's the rug, the tube comes off of it. I wouldn't buy this again....more info
  • Great little vacuum for the price!
    Purchased a refurbished unit for a 50% reduction in price. Vacuum arrived in very short order and actually appeared new, with everything intact in the box. Vacuum seems powerful enough for simple everyday tasks, but wouldn't use it for significantly dirty carpets, especially if they are thick pile. For those areas we have a Dyson, but this little vacuum is perfect for hauling up and down vacuuming stairs, a quick pick up on tile, wood, or vinyl floors, or a weekly clean of your carpeted areas. My only nit is the lack of a retractable cord, but that would only cause the unit to be bigger and bulkier, so it's not really much of a valid complaint. Also, vacuum hose and tubing is certainly not of the highest quality, but for the price is serviceable. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase and had fast and free delivery from Amazon....more info
  • Great Tool
    I have searched for a canister vac for some time. It was for my downstairs & I didn't want to spend a lot of money. This Dirt Devil Breeze is just wonderful. It's light weight & has great suction. it goes anywhere & does a great job on dog hair. I don't like how the beater bar connects but can overlook that. Great deal for the money! ...more info
    Vacumes better then expected. $50.00 is a great deal for a vacum like this. The housing is kind of flimsy, ay, for $50.00 you ain't gettin a caddy....more info
  • Value for money
    I bought this woderful vaccuum for a steal and it works like a magic - its powerful motor effortlessly sucks all the hair on carpet without much trouble. Looks brand new - comes with all fittings and accessories and it's too easy to handle. Being a bagless. no hassles of changing bags either....more info
  • Very happy with the purchase
    Our refurb unit looked brand new and is a great vacuum for our small apartment. Without enough closet space for an upright, we toss the hose section under the couch, while the canister tucks nicely behind a door. ON/OFF on the "power sweeper" allows for easy transfer from carpet to bare floor. The only downside are the $25 hepa filters....more info
  • Pay the extra money and get a new one
    I bought the refurbished/re manufactured one thinking dirt devil would stand by their product - fixing whatever was wrong. boy was i wrong. the powered carpet head does not work. it basically works on suction - so no good for rugs. the suction is so weak that i can barely clean my kitchen floor with it. and the hose is flimsy. i wish i spent some extra money and got a good vacuum. oh well - lesson learned...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    Cheap plastic construction feels like it's going to fall apart any second. The power cord running down to the floor unit is really difficult to handle and the power cord clips on the wand are a complete joke.

    There's a reason that it's refurbished, because the person who had it before you thought it was a piece of crap, too. Spend a little more on a better product. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Breeze Canister Reconditioned
    This is a replacement for "The Breeze" I had before..which I probably had for 5 years or more..I love this machine..it is lightweight and easy to manuver around..I have a Dyson and it is excellent too..but harder to use for quick cleanup..altho, this unit from Amazon was reconditioned..it appears like a new machine..I would highly recommend for the low price....more info
  • Excellent vacuum cleaner
    Very powerful machine, but most of all it is light weight and very comfortable for stairs vacuuming. Nevertheless, the price is unbeatable. Highly recommended....more info
  • Lead & Chemical Warning
    This is great little vac and it works well with long haired dogs. I have been looking a long time for something just like this. It is a shame it came with a very serious looking warning; one which was not included in the description on the website. I would not have bought it if the warning had been stated on Amazon. Would give it a 4 but for the horrible warning. I did not see the warning until after I had used it several times. Best to read all the literature that comes with a product.

    "WARNING:THE CORDS, WIRES AND/OR CABLES SUPPLIED WITH THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS CHEMICALS, INCLUDING LEAD OR LEAD COMPOUNDS, KNOWN TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE CANCER AND BIRTH DEFECTS OR OTHER REPRODUCTIVE HARM.WASH HANDS AFTER USING." EeeK!!! It is made in China; you might know. I can always wear cheap surgical gloves until I can afford a replacement. Not sending it back as I need it. Wish there were more info on this. Can products with such warnings legally be sold in the USA???...more info