Dirt Devil Refurbished R087800 Ultra Vision Turbo Upright, Color May Vary

List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $69.99

You Save: $30.00 (30%)


  • Bagless technology so you never need to buy another bag, instead there is just an easy to empty dirt container.
  • Powerful 12 Amp with Motor Guard to eliminate fan and motor damage.
  • On-Board Turbo Tool and Deluxe ready to use Stretch Hose quickly clean upholstry and pet hair.
  • Hepa filtration traps 100% of pollen and ragweed and 99.97% of other dust and allergens.
  • May receive Green, Red or Blue.Refurbished to be like new.
Customer Reviews:
  • Mine vac is green!
    Mine was like new, works great, and was a terrific deal. I have seen it priced elsewhere for substantially more than I paid (of course these were not refurbs).
    I am not a huge fan of the design of this bagless, but that is not the fault of Amazon.com, yo....more info
  • Please don't buy a refurbished one
    I brought this "Dirt Devil Refurbished R087800 Ultra Vision Turbo Upright" for the first time when I used it was in a good condition, but later it started vomiting out.

    I was so upset and can't even return because of the thirty day policy.

    ...more info
  • You Gotta Be Kidding!
    We ordered this to vacuum 3 offices. In absolutely no time at all you have to take it all apart and blow the dust out of the Hepa filter. To vacuum the 3 rooms I have to clean out the filter 6-8 times. If you try to continue vacuuming, it will start spewing dust. Not to mention that it's not going to clean properly until you empty it and blow out the filter.
    OK, blowing out the filter is a whole other nasty mess. We are in north central Texas and it is Spring...meaning the wind almost constantly blows. Try blowing this nasty thing out with the air compressor attachement (that most people probably don't have at home) without getting your face and clothes full of dust. Not gonna happen!
    I bought the recommended F1 filter (like the one in the cannister that is pictured on the box) hoping to alleviate some of this. Turns out that it doesn't fit these refurbs. You have to know in advance that your unit (same model #) was manufactured after 2003.
    I could have lived with the fact that the unit was scratched and smelled bad. But I can't forgive what a crappy product it is overall. Sorry, but I say don't waste your money....more info
  • As good as new
    Works as well as $150 brand new ones. $30 are you kidding me? If you missed this offer, you lost a big time. It cleans so well that It makes me vacuum every day.

    Great experience!...more info
  • Don't get sucked into this vac
    The vacuum does not have great suction especially for how loud the thing runs. The dirt trap is difficult to empty but what the heck do I want for $30 bucks? Purchase if the price is $30, if it's more, forget it!...more info
  • Really good, serves the purpose
    Its as good as a new one, only problem was - loud sound while using it . Its definitely value for money....more info
  • Does not meet reconditioned standard
    It seems they are selling used items and calling them reconditioned? I have never seen factory reconditioned items in such poor condition. These things are banged up with scratches as if they were picked out of garbage and resold! Avoid them, there are lots of better deals. I can't believe Amazon would even sell these....more info
  • Not Bad
    This is not a bad vacuum for the price. It has a bit of a smaller width, but pretty good suction. Though, the power hand tool doesn't work at all, and it seems as if the hose isn't that powerful. ...more info
  • Good Refurb vacuum cleaner
    Works fine. Looks like it's slightly used, but designated "refurbished". Good suction. A bit heavy and difficult to maneuver. Otherwise fine....more info
  • Reconditioned!!!! BUT very happy with it.
    First I was kind of worried about after I placed an order because of the other's review.
    but mine came really clean.
    nice condition.

    and also came with in 50 hours after I ordered!!...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I saw this on a really good deal that was only for a day I think and with free shipping, I figured I got nothing to lose.
    Unlike some of the other comments I read, mine came clean no major scratches, nicely packaged, all assecories included, same as advertised picture, and delivered in 2 days. Best of all, it works great.
    Mine came in this light green color which I'm not too fond of, but hey, it's a freaking vacuum that sits in a closet when not used, so what do I care.
    For the price I got mine for, I can't complain. Shipping alone should have cost as much as I paid for the entire thing. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Refurbished R087800 Ultra Vision Turbo Upright, Color May Vary
    Item looked used. It still had dust in the hoses. Came missing the foam filter.
    The vacuum has good suction and picks up good but it is quite loud....more info
  • Picture they have shown is different than...
    ... the actual product they shipped to me. I don't like to spoil someone's reputation but here they are trying to trick you by showing better item in the picture than the actual vacuum model.
    - Condition: Condition is very poor looks like someone has used it for longer time and returned it back. It has many scratches all over the body. Even they haven't cleaned the dirt container properly before sending it to me; you can see there are big dirty spots in it, feel sticky on those areas.
    - Color: it is very ugly looking color... you feel embarrassing if by mistake any of your friend could have seen it at your home... it's not regular green. It is florescent lime green.

    - I have used it for a day or so and its working good so far.
    - It also has good vacuum power ...more info