The FIRM Total Body TransFIRMation Kit

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Product Description

Get stronger and leaner fast with this complete total-body workout system that combines fat-burning cardio with muscle-sculpting weights. Our kit offers maximum versatility with four hand weights that easily adjust from 1 to 5 lbs. each. Also included: four fun workout DVDs (approx. 40 minutes each), Healthy Eating Guide, Weight Loss Success Guide, Energy Enhancing Supplements and 30-day membership to The FIRM Believers Club support network. Case is 15"L x 2"W x 11"H. 12 lbs. Imported. DVD features: # Your first workout, Hi-Def Sculpt, taught by Annie Lee, is a 45-minute workout that introduces you to The FIRMs basic moves at a slower pace so anyone can learn them. Also included is a new 25-minute Express option for the days when time is short. # Your second workout, Cardio Overdrive, taught by Alison Davis, is a 45-minute heart-pumping, fat-burning workout. Kick your body into gear by burning calories and watch your body shrink before your eyes! Also included is a new 25-minute Express option. # Your third workout, Hard Core Fusion, taught by Allie Del Rio Pointer, is a 55-minute signature total body FIRM workout that combines the sculpting you learned in workout #1 and the cardio you learned in workout #2 for 3 times the fat burning of a regular cardio workout. Also included is a 35-minute Express option. # Your BONUS workout, Cardio Party is a 40-minute heart-pumping, fat-burning workout that will get your motivation party started! Youll burn calories, sculpt your body slim and have a great time with this all-out cardio party workout with Alison Davis, Emily Welsh, Rebekah Sturkie, Annie Lee and Allie Del Rio Pointer.

Shape, tone, and strengthen your body with the Firm's Total Body TransFIRMation kit. Equipped with a set of Firm CardioWeights, 210 minutes of workout programming on DVD, a 48-page Weight Loss Success Guide, and a custom carrying case, the kit will melt away the fat and reshape your body in no time. CardioWeights are the Firm's most effective fitness tool yet, with a pair of 1-pound handles and 8 pounds of additional weight, letting you customize your workout depending on your strength or fitness goals. By combining the body sculpting weights with a fat-burning cardio routine, you can burn up to three times more fat than cardio alone. Simply pick your resistance level for each workout--the weights screw easily onto the handles in a clockwise motion--and increase the resistance as you become stronger, leaner, and more confident. Even better, the handles and weights are designed to work exclusively with the Firm's unique blend of aerobic and body sculpting exercises. When used in conjunction with the Firm Master Instructor's directions, you will begin toning and burning fat immediately.

The Total Body TransFIRMation kit comes with the following workout DVDs.

  • Hi-Def Sculpt: Taught by Annie Lee, Hi-Def Sculpt provides the perfect introduction to the Firm's body shaping exercises at a slower pace. The DVD includes upper and lower body moves designed to maximize effectiveness while minimizing your time commitment. It runs 45 minutes and includes a 25-minute "express" option.
  • Hard Core Fusion: Allie Del Rio Pointer demonstrates an innovative hybrid of aerobics and weight training with body-transforming power. Allie guides you through high-energy cardio and distinctive body sculpting exercises that will give you the lean, strong body of your dreams. The DVD runs for 55 minutes with a 35-minute "express" option.
  • Cardio Overdrive: Allison Davis's Cardio Overdrive will kick your weight loss into high gear. The DVD features unique low-impact cardio and body shaping exercises that burn calories both during and after this dynamic workout. Users will tone their legs, arms, and waist to the high-energy beat with easy-to-follow steps and Allison's expert coaching. Cardio Overdrive is a 45-minute heart-pumping, fat-burning workout, with a 25-minute "express" option.
  • Cardio Party: For days when you need an extra boost to get you in the mood, the Firm's Cardio Party is just the ticket. This 40-minute heart-pumping workout will rev up your weight loss results with a total calorie burn. Designed for everyone from novice users to advanced workout enthusiasts, the DVD helps you burn calories, shrink your body, and have a great time with party instructors Allison Davis, Emily Welsh, Rebekah Sturkie, Annie Lee, and Allie Del Rio Pointer.

  • Portable Gym Set,Ideal For Strength Training
  • 10-pc. Set,Low-Impact Workout
  • Pink Steel , Rubber Cover
  • Adjustable Positions , Includes Exercise Video
  • 14.5 "x 10.5" x 2.5"

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun workout, not too complicated
    I'm glad I bought this product. While the weights included aren't very heavy, combined with the cardio I feel like its a good workout. The moves definitely get your heart rate up, but it isn't too complicated that you can't keep up with the footwork. (Even I can keep up with them! I am that girl in Step Class at the gym looking confused and 3 moves behind everyone else.) I've been doing the videos for couple weeks now, and I'm getting a lot of compliments on my appearance lately, so I'm pretty confident in the results of this set....more info
  • its ok
    This product is ok for the price I paid for it but I would not pay full internet price....more info
  • Worth the money.
    This is a great combination. DVD package is easy to use and customize your workout. The bands increase the desired results. The packaging is great-very handy. I would recommend it highly....more info
  • Love these workouts!
    I've been using the Firm videos for years now and I love the TransFIRMation DVD's. I like that I don't need to use a step and that there are express options on the workouts. I agree with some other reviewers about the weights, they are OK but I didn't need them since I already have hand weights. I also think these are really not workouts for someone new to exercise. Some of the footwork on some of DVD's were a little tricky at first, but after a few times through I was fine. I like that they are completely different from some other Firm videos like the Transfirmer series. I also like the "salsa" dancing and moves like the "Butt and Back burner" and the "triceps-tummy toner." I would recommend these workouts to anyone who is a little bored with their old workouts and wants something new. ...more info
  • The FIRM really does, well, firm!!!
    I've been a huge Firm fan for years and this kit is right up there with the rest of the Firm products. My favorite thing about this product is that there are "express" options on the workouts, so no more excuses for not working out. The Firm worked for me (60 pounds lost!) and it will work for you too!...more info
  • Great product!
    I think this product is great! Although, as an extremely obese and out of shape person, I don't recommend trying to do any of these videos except Hi-Def sculpt if your obese or overweight, because the other videos are pretty fast paced, I tried doing cardio party, I could only do 15 minutes, and I felt like I was going to pass out after.

    I still think this product is worth it though because when I lose more weight, I'll definitely be able to enjoy the other workouts, and I'm really looking forward to that too! I really love the Hi-def sculpt workout, it's slower paced, but still gets me to work up a sweat, and it's not boring to me!

    A faster paced video, but not as fast as cardio party that I like is Total Body Toner, it doesn't come with this set, but I like that one too.

    The reason that I gave this review a 4 is because this kit only comes with 3lb weights, and two 1lb weights, but the women in the videos are using 5lb weights or more. I'm thinking of buying a set of weights, but probably not the ones that go with this set, making the ones that come with it practically useless to me, or I could pay like $25 at The FIRM's website for like 4 more 1lb weights... I haven't decided yet. ...more info
  • Workouts okay, but need more weights.
    I bought this set for the videos, which I've only used each DVD once, but I like them so far. I'm hoping they'll grow on me a little more the more I do them and learn some of the moves better. I really didn't need the weights, but if I had, I was a bit disappointed there weren't more than four weights to add on. I need heavier weights than this set provides....more info
  • good value, ok kit
    I feel I got a good value on this kit. However, it is challenging footwork in a couple of the DVD's, but overall intermediate. The weight set is bare minimum, and in the DVD's there are more weights. An additional set of weights will cost what I paid for the kit itself. I am doubling up on weights, and am thinking of getting some hand weights at the sports store. With heavier weights, this will be a good kit....more info
  • Absolutely love it !!!
    This is awesome. Great way to organize the sculpting and cardio and making it fun ! PLus it is true, I only worked out 4 times so far and I the results are visible. I had people comment on the way I looked... I love it! I think I'll get some more tapes too to mix it up even more....more info
  • Not the same system advertised on TV
    This is NOT the same system that is advertised on TV. The tv commercials advertise for a system that offers 2 weights that can be adjusted up to 18 lbs each. This system only includes a total of 10 lbs of weights.
    This system also does not include the work out schedule, pass to online workour site or meal planning guide.
    Don't let the packaging fool you like it did me!!...more info
  • A change from the older DVDs, but still a great workout
    I'm used to the workouts using the Fanny Lifter. I myself love doing step aerobics. This is a nice change. I did like their other studio better. I am still a big fan of Allie, Emily and Sue Mi. The other newer instructors are ok, but I think Allie is the best. Allie and Emily are easy to follow and warn you in advance of the next move.

    They do move a bit quicker between moves in these DVDs than the past, but after a few times through you'll have it down. They use most of the basic moves and combinations in all the workouts.

    The weights are ok, but I did have another set as well that I had been using with the Fanny Lifter DVDs. I just leave my weights assembled, I find it takes too much time to take them apart each time to put in the case. ...more info
    I have been a big fan of the Firm for 12 years. I was a bit disappointed when I realized this is not the exact set shown on the informerical(that set has 16 lbs., this one only 8) but it is atill a great way to introduce weights into your Firm workouts. The weights add just the right amount of resistance without overpowering you. I plan to get the add-on weight kit directly from the Firm but buy my workouts from here....more info
  • Great workout
    This is a great product, I bought it for my girlfriend, who had been wanting some dumbell training. When I saw the infomercial on tv,I knew this was perfect for her since it also covers the cardio workout as well. However, there is a warning I'd like to make as I give this product a 5 out of 5 stars: I have been told by her that this is no product for beginners, the workouts are somewhat intense and if you've been innactive for a long period of time, you should first do some mild cardiovascular exercise like walking for a couple of months, four times a week, and work yourself up to walking briskly for 45 minutes. After that I would recommend starting with the short version of the workouts, and only when you feel fit enough you should go with the full length version of this workout.
    Eventhough I haven't actually used this product, the previous recommendations are based on my own experience in becoming fit, through different cardiovascular exercises and weight training. I couldn't even run for 12 minutes when I began, now I can run for up to an hour, or even distances of 4.5 miles, which is a great improvement of me, your typical EX couch potato.
    God bless,

    Guatemala City...more info
  • The Firm
    I really like the workouts and they are enjoyable and effective. The only thing that was a bit irritating is that the weight system that they give you is one set of weights short. I just bought another set of 5 lb weights to use with the ones that they give you. That solved the problem but they make it seem like you won't need anything but what they send you. ...more info
  • fun
    i have most other firm workouts, and i love them. but the step for the last year or so has been a major deterrent in my wanting to work out, as that my knees are not great. when i saw that the firm had a new set without using the step, i was super excited as that i love these ladies even though they may sometimes make mistakes and workout to pretty terrible music.

    i learned a long time ago not to purchase anything through the firm website directly or from any infomercial as that they automatically sign you up for stuff you dont want or in my case, cant afford (im just a student!). i happened to find this set in walmart for $35 dollars which is even cheaper than you can buy it on amazon. i already had all the weights, it was really just the four dvds that i bought the case for. i ended up giving my mom the small weights with the handles on them for when she jumps on her treadmill or goes walking.

    all in all, i love the firm. i love these workouts. if you already have a set of weights, id recommend checking out target or walmart. youll save yourself around ten dollars. and even if you dont have weights, you can always use the beginner weights the set provides and then buy some more weights cheaper at dicks or something. ...more info
  • Great Workout!
    I am an exercise beginner and this program kicks my butt. I find it to be VERY challenging. I have alot of weight to lose and am losing weight and feeling much better and more energetic since beginning this program. The tapes provide instruction for beginners as well as for more advanced exercises. I really like that there are 4 dvds to choose from so there is alot of variety. I do wish there would have been a wider range of weights included but overall, I give it 5 stars....more info
  • Great Workout for the $$$
    I needed to loose weight because I'm in a wedding and have to wear a strapless dress (of all things) but I also wanted to tone up and develop some muscle,too. I started out doing Walk Away the Pounds - 4 and 5 mile walks along with walking 2 to 3 miles at night on my treadmill. This combination helped me lose a few pounds, but I wanted more. I bought this kit, and so far have only done 4 workouts but can really feel and see a difference. I must say that even though I was doing 7 miles a day, my first run through with these videos was a little tough because the moves are so quick. I wouldn't recommend that anyone who's just beginning an execise regime jump right into this program. I gave it 4 stars because the weights are not that great quality wise. I have to keep tightening them throughout my workout, and I'll have to buy another weight set to double them up. Also, I have tile floors and they keep rolling away on me. lol I think I'll just buy a separate weight set - but you get 4 DVD's in this set so it's deffinately worth it!!!! Oh, and it comes with a one month calendar filled out with which workouts to do on what days so you don't have to figure it out on your own....more info
  • kicked my butt!!!
    This product is absolutely AMAZING. My husband bought it for me, and I lost 16 inches off my body in 8 days. If you follow the program, it's going to kick your butt, but it's worth it! -AshLee Willhite...more info
  • Great Exercise
    I bought this Total Body Transfirmation System and have been using it for 2 weeks. Love it, especially the Hi-Def Sculpt by Annie Lee. If you get it thru Amazon, you have to order extra weights....more info
  • A Great Workout
    I have been using this product now for a week. I felt results after one workout. I wasn't someone who worked out previously, so that would be why I saw results so quickly. I lost a few pounds in one week just through exercise. I would recommend this product to any one who has on on again off again exercise routine, like me....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I just got the set in the mail and started with hi-def sculpt first. i enjoyed it thoroughly and found it to be one of the best sculpting sets i have ever done. cant wait to try the others. i am following their calendar as to the workout sequence and look forward to the next tape. so glad i bought this one. ...more info
  • Wholly Cow... I love this!!
    I've been using the Tranfirmation System for a month now and I love it. I'm always a little sore the next day after each workout, but that's just letting me know my muscles are being challenged and are sculpting. My husband says that I'm becoming more curvy, and that's all I need to know that this workout system is working for me! I would recommend this to everyone!...more info
  • a disappointment
    I purchased this set in anticipation of the amazing results I got with the older firm kit with the fanny lifter. 1/2 through the first video, I was lost and bored. When the instructor said, "Isn't your heart really pumping?" I almost laughed. The choreography was off, and I missed the intensity of the fanny lifter set. I haven't worked out in a long while, and was hoping to jumpstart my workout. I ended up doing Allie's Cardio sculpt and loving my old favorite....more info
  • Good Intermediate Workout
    This is a good workout intermediate workout for those seeking a challenge. It's still not as tough as previous Firm workouts (e.g., BSS1, BSS2, BSS3 and the Transfrimer series) but it's still a decent workout....more info
  • Challenging Workouts!
    I am a long time Firm user and have many dvds from different years. This newest system does not disappoint! The "express" option on these dvds is a nice feature. The workouts (four total) are a nice change and target the "trouble spots" we ladies want to improve. Included hand weights are all that is needed, but if you are used to working out with weights, you will want to use your own heavier ones. The leaders are using multiple sets of weights that do not come in this set. Worth the investment!...more info
  • Love it!
    As the proud owner of a whole library of unused workout DVD's, let me start by saying I'm no expert on workouts. I'm a novice, to say the least, and more often than not I quit my fitness plan before it's even started. But not this time.

    I bought this set for myself for my birthday, and I have been using it for about a month now. I absolutely love this set, almost 100% -- with the exception of Cardio Party. I usually skip that one, mainly because my feet get tangled up trying to do some of those moves. On the other DVD's, though, the workouts are varied and always changing, and just when I think I might pass out, the instructor moves on to something else. Using the weights has really done a lot for my muscle tone, and it gets my heart rate up while making me feel strong. I love that!

    Using this system -- and Crunch Pilates on the days Cardio Party is scheduled -- I have already lost several inches over most of my body, all except my arms, which are getting toned and defined like never before. I love that I feel successful when I do these DVD's, and even if they're not challenging enough for some, they certainly do the trick for someone like me. :)...more info
  • fun
    I am about 20 and had no problem doing all of the workouts on the tape because I have had previous experience with a lot of the workouts, but I can see where the one reviewer said it might not be right for beginners or older people. A lot of the moves require a good amount of flexibility and high energy movement and are based on a lot of dance moves. The DVDs are pretty well structured and usually give me a pretty good workout. It is also cool that it comes with an express option in case you don't have an hour to spend in front of the TV. I would buy it again. I did see results in 10 days. If you do the workouts correctly, and faithfully, it works! ...more info
  • Good Product
    Good videos but weights aren't very heavy. But for the cost, it is great....more info
  • I feel this workout
    I know that this workout is working - can feel every muscle and it feels good. I am at 7 out of 10 workouts. At 10 workouts (they have a schedule of 5 workouts and 2 rests per week) I will be measuring. I am certain I will have lost at least an inch in my waist and other areas....more info
  • Not the FIRM I know and love
    I've been working out with The FIRM for 7 years. I have all their "kits" - Body Sculpting System 1, Body Sculpting System 2, The TransFIRMer and many other individual tapes/DVDs. This TransFIRMation is a disappointment. It lost its own FIRM identity. The layout of the studio where the workouts were taped at looks so much like that of Prevention's. The instructors have added some "light talking" (which they never did before), very similar to Chris Freytag's style (who's one of the best Prevention's fitness experts). The moves and sequences are almost identical to those of the Tracie Long Training DVDs. (Tracie Long and Jen Carmen, former FIRM instructors started the TLT business together.) Although you can still get results from the workouts in this kit, as a long-time FIRM user, I'm disappointed. Also, I don't care much about the new crew. I still enjoy Allie Del Rio and Emily Welsh, but other great trainers such as Stephanie Huckabee, Nancy Tucker, Lisa Kay and Libby Heath who helped put The FIRM on the map are no longer there. They were fantastic trainers! ...more info
  • So far so good
    I just got this the other day and am thrilled with the convenient carrying case. I've only had a chance to do one video - the Body sculpting one - but I really liked that video. I can feel it in my muscles today that I had a good workout. I can't wait to do the Cardio Dance Party tonight!
    My only disappointment with it would be with the weights. I like the weights and how they're designed, but they are a bit misleading when they say they can fit up to 8 lbs. That's only for ONE weight. In my workout last night for body sculpting, I wanted to use 5 lb weights. I found I couldn't do it because it doesn't come with enough weight disks. Had to go with only 3 pounds - the max you can put on there for 2 weights that comes with the kit. Bummer....more info
  • Still on the Fence....
    I've been a FIRM user for many years now and I was a little bit disappointed with this latest set. I find that there isn't as much weight training involved as there was in the past. This most recent set uses lighter weights with more interval cardio training (or stretching in some cases). The weights included in this set aren't even enough for you to complete the workout. You need more dumbbells (which I think are offered in a more expensive set). I just feel I'm not working out as hard with this set as I was with the others (not sweating or out of breath as often). The stepper I think really added an extra kick to the workout along with the use of heavier weights which this latest system is lacking. I do appreciate the new moves but enjoy these workouts mainly for the added benefit of incorporating weight training which is missing from a lot of other fitness DVDs. For women, it's really important to do some weight bearing exercises and I like that the FIRM does that. I've done these DVDs a few times now but will continue to rotate them into my workout....more info
  • TheFIRM
    This product is really great. I enjoy working out and the routines are not super difficult. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This is only an alert for other purchasers. I love The Firm but was very glad that I skimmed the comments on the website because this is NOT the kit The Firm sells on their website. It has the same DVDs but less actual weights, one less book and no vitamins. I just wanted to let the buyers know as I almost purchased this and it would have not been the complete kit. The maximum weight you can make is 1-5 lb weight, or as someone else already pointed out 2- 3 lb weights. The other kit you can make two 7 lb weights and it comes with four handles. Once again, love The Firm, would recommend it to anyone, really like the Hi-Def Sculpt DVD that comes with this kit and Annie Lee. Just it is not the larger kit that The Firm sells....more info
  • Great product
    I was a gym rat for years and was interested in cardio and weight lifting. Recently with my job and other life changes I am unable to get to the gym and workout like I used to. I have always felt I would feel silly following a workout video in my own home, but I was really surprised when I popped in the DVDs and could follow most of the direction. The videos are intense but not so much that I'm searching for the IBProfen bottle afterwards. I really enjoy being able to workout in my pajamas in the comfort of my own home, and hit the shower right after. The only complaint I have is that the pack comes with 2 sets of 1 lb handles and only 4 1 lb weights that you twist onto the handles (in other words you can assemble two 3 lb weights or one 5 lb weight, but you will have an extra set of handles that are useless. They do include a flyer to buy more of their weights for around $30 extra dollars). However, if you are thinking about getting this kit you will definitely work up a good sweat even if you use no weights....more info
  • Great "intro" to the "new" FIRM!
    I love this product. Period.

    My mother got into the FIRM back in the mid-90s, and I saw how it changed her body. However, I was never (and still am not) a fan of the fanny lifter/TransFIRMer for a myriad of reasons. So, when recently shopping around for a new workout system, and remembering my mother singing the praises of the FIRM workouts, I went on their website looking for workouts with just weights and cardio, and found this product.

    I understand that the version only comes with 2 sets of 3 lb weights, rather than 3lbs and 5lbs (which my set came with). I would recommend getting an extra 3lb set and "doubling" the weights to make one 5lb set. The exercises that use "heavy" weights (and only Allie uses these in her Hard Core Fusion) are so that you can easily double 2 weights in one hand (i.e., 1 3lb and 1 5lb to make 8lb).

    As for the workouts, I personally like Hi-Def Sculpt the best, with Hard Core Fusion being a very close second. For those saying these aren't for beginners, I suggest trying the abbreviated versions first, and once you've learned those then going to the long versions. This is what I did, and I found it an effective way to learn the workouts and build up my strength.

    I liked these so much, that I recently bought a package of additional workouts with these girls! What a fun, effective way to get in shape, and the best part, I can do it in my own home, on my own time....more info
  • great videos
    the videos are really good. I am a stay at home mom and when i cant get out i do these workouts (two or three times a week). The weght set is not enough. you definetly need more weghts....more info
  • Not much of a TransFIRMation
    I typically have very good things to say about The Firm series, but these DVDs are just okay. The Cardio Party quite honestly just sucks!! Absolutely no new moves. How many times must we do the tri-star or low jacks?? I get so bored with Annie Lee's segment, I just want to fall asleep. For those that have used The Firm might be a little frustrated with the same moves taught by Emily in her other videos. I only use Cardio Party when I travel because it is so very basic that it can be easily done in the hotel room.

    The other three videos are a little bit more challenging. I do like some of the moves in Cardio Overdrive. Annie Lee is very annoying to listen to in her DVD so I can only do the 25-minute version.

    Overall, if you don't have any of the other Firm DVDs, this is a good option. But if you have been using The Firm for awhile, have low expectations.
    ...more info
  • Love It!!
    These DVD's are great! I have purchased many workout DVD's. They are all sitting in the cabinet collecting dust. I love working out to these DVD's!! Love the variety, good music, simple moves! Fun, Fun, Fun. Feel the burn, work up a sweat...more info
  • arrived quickly
    I am sure this product will be great for me and my family. All three of us were looking frorward to its arrival, less than one week! I slipped and fell, broke 2 ribs and cracked my pelvis, so I guess it will be a while before I can do the workouts--but my grandddaughter (3) loves to bring the weights to me. SHE is getting a great workout :)...more info
  • Fresh, Fun & Effective
    I had very good success with previous Firm workouts; in particular the older ones & the BSS2 (Total Sculpt plus Abs, Maximum Cardio Burn, & Complete Aerobics & Weight Training). The reason I strayed--as much as the fanny lifter did great things for my posterior, it wreaked havoc on my knees. I was so delighted to see these new videos without the step! They have helped me build up my strength & endurance again, where I'm able to throw in some of my Firm's with the step back into the mix. They've updated the workouts, with new moves, good music & an overall fun factor. The lunges without a box makes you feel muscles you haven't in awhile & that's great, because not everyone can do or wants to do step aerobics; or if you just can't master that 14 inch platform like myself. I have a problem with the cuing at times--especially in Hi-Def Sculpt. Annie doesn't do a very good job. In a live class a miscue is understandable; but when something is taped--it should be re-done to present a professional & polished product.

    Hard Core Fusion will make you sweat as will Cardio Party. Cardio Overdrive is a nice cardio with light weights and all these are cued well. There are some different moves & twists on old standards. Tweaking tried & true exercises never hurts & will only help you see continued results.

    While in most cases new weights aren't needed by most, the neoprene grip on the cardio weights is a much welcome design. (I sweat alot & sometimes am worried about slippage). There isn't enough weight for itermediate/advanced exercisers to use for sculpting; but for a cardio/sculpt workout, you shouldn't use much more than 5-6 lbs anyway. It is enough weight to start for a novice.

    The retail kit available here is quite different than the infomercial kit. There are far less weights--thus the cheaper price. I would rather have seen four extra weight plates so you could make a pair of 5 pound dumbbells rather than the extra set of 1 pound handles. I ordered the retail kit & will say the case that comes with that is much nicer. Why? The center of the retail case is big enough to hold a DVD case. The infomercial purple case IS NOT. This makes the other case great for travel. The Transfirmation DVD's (all four discs) are in one DVD case, which means I can put any four exercise DVD's in that case & have a pair of 3lb weights (which is fine for cardio intensification when on the road) all together.

    I'm glad they've gone back to the basics. The first two Firm volumes there was no step in sight. This new series provides some great variety & will give you results....more info
  • The Total Body TransFIRMation is the BEST!!!
    Iam here to say that despite all the negative reviews this product had recieved I LOVED IT!!! Even though I purchased my own kit directly from the firm's website, I did however do some research on the product at amazon. There were alot of naysayers as to how you do not an effective workout or that it was too hard and alot of people felt discouraged by this. Well, I haven't been in the best shape in the past couple of years and I made it my mission to be able to do at least 10 mins, then 20, them 30 and so on and pretty soon I completed my 10 workouts. Now I am on my second month.

    I did agree that if you haven't been physically active in the past then this isn't the exercise program for you. And I guess poeple getting the kit from other sources than the firm don't get the full set of 4 dumbells, but that shouldn't deter you from wanting to get the kit.

    My daughter and I love to do the dancing segments from Hard Core Fusion and Cardio Party even when I'm not working out. My son is learning some weight training form Annie and myself. Most importantly they are learning that you can achieve something you set your mind to and that exercising CAN be fun (lots of kids don't realize that, and therefore our children become more and more obese at younger ages). The money I spent on the firm is well worth every penny invested....more info
  • Great!
    These new FIRM workouts are great! I have been a fellow FIRMer for years and these new updated chorography dvd's area a great addition to my FIRM collection. I still mix in my old TransFIRMer videos with the Jiggle Free series for a complete total training workout! I don't get bored. True this doesn't have all of the weights that you need to work out, but I also bought this for the new videos. I also can add weight if I still want to use the cardio weights. The Hi-Def sculpt with Annie is great, a little slower pace then what I am used to, some of her cue's are off as well, but still agreat work out. The Hard Core Fusion and Cardio Party is my favorite. There are days when I really don't feel like working out, and all I have to do is pop in the cardio party, and it's an instant mood booster!!!!! Love it! Cardio overdrive challenged me, I really love the new moves that this new FIRM system has!...more info
  • Firm:Total Body Transfirmation System
    Great product. I started using the firm and at first it was very tough, but as I kept exercising, my energy picked up. I feel so much better. This is a great step to better someone's life (and health)!!!...more info