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Encourage your youngster to explore his wild side and embark on tableside adventures while you prepare a meal. This rainforest-inspired booster seat is chock full of interesting activities and jungle pals to keep little hands busy prior to meal time. Three spinning bugs, a colorful parrot, monkey, frog and gecko slider beads are all eager to make eating fun for Baby. The booster also features: three height adjustments, a dishwasher-safe tray, a back that remove easily so an older child can use, plus a three-point restraint harness and straps for securing it to a chair. Other features include a seatback that nests for portability with the chair straps working as a shoulder strap, and an easy-clean seat with no crevices to trap pesky crumbs. Measures 13" x 15.5" x 17". Holds up to 45 pounds.

Keep baby safe and entertained at feeding times with the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. This durable, convenient, and comfy seat features a fun rainforest toy insert that fits right into the eating tray and allows baby to play while you and your family prepare meals or dine out. Designed for babies weighing up to 45 pounds, this easy-care chair also adjusts to fit your growing child.

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat offers:
  • Fun rainforest toy insert fits right into the eating tray
  • Adjustable harness, three seat heights, and removable seat back
  • Adjustable front and rear straps securely attach seat to virtually any chair

Rainforest toy tray entertains baby while you prepare meals. View larger.
A Rainforest Full of Fun
Keeping active babies safely occupied while you get things done can be tough. That's why the Healthy Care Booster Seat includes fun, interactive toys that snaps onto the feeding tray. Geckos, monkey, and other rainforest buddies engage baby's imagination with bright colors and lots of action. A tree with three spinning bugs joins a cheery, bobbling parrot on one side and a monkey swinging from a bead bar vine with bananas on the other. And frog and gecko slider beads help transform any ordinary tabletop into a jungle adventure. When it's time to eat, simply snap the toy tray right off the feeding tray.

Adjustable, Easy-Clean Design
Both kid- and parent-friendly, the Healthy Care Booster Seat has a straightforward, no-fuss design that grows with your child. First, a three-point harness safely holds your child in the proper position in the seat, and adjustable front and rear straps securely attach it to virtually any chair, making it a great option for restaurant dining. As your child grows, you're sure to appreciate the adjustable harness, three seat heights, and removable seat back.

Additionally, the seat has no crevices or seams to trap crumbs, so you can simply wipe it clean and go. For more thorough sanitization, simply put the feeding tray in the dishwasher after use. Finally, the seatback nests for portability, with the chair straps working as a shoulder strap, so you can truly take this chair with you wherever you go.

The Healthy Care Booster Seat measures 13.0 x 15.5 x 17.0 inches.

What's in the Box
Booster seat, rainforest toys, and shoulder strap.

For an older child ready to eat at the table, remove the booster seat's back and tray. View larger.

Sanitize the feeding tray right in the dishwasher. View larger.

Folds up and goes anywhere, with a handy carry strap. View larger.

  • The Rainforest booster seat is the perfect product to keep baby or toddler entertained at the table while the parent prepares a meal.
  • A fun rainforest toy insert fits into the eating tray for the child to play with.
  • It features a tree with 3 spinning Bugs, a colorful bobbling Parrot on one side, and a Monkey swinging from a bead bar vine with bananas on the other.
  • Frog and a Gecko slider beads on the base of the item.
  • Other features include a seatback that nests for portability with the chair straps working as a shoulder strap, and an easy clean seat with no crevices to trap crumbs.

Customer Reviews:

  • Useful for grandparents
    Sturdy booster seat and serves my need. I brought this for when my 10 month old grandson comes for an overnight visit. Straps pretty easily onto my dining room chair. Tray adjusts for baby. My grandson does love playing with the removable jungle tray. Cleans up easily too....more info
  • Great booster - toys are a bonus!
    We bought this when our daughter was 16 months. It fits her perfectly (on the 2nd tab so we have room for her belly to grow!).

    She loves to play with the toys and it fills the time if she finishes eating before us.

    I also like how compact it is though we don't actually travel with it - it stays on our boat.

    Finally, my only complaint is the stickers, they are not high-quality and rip off easily. I might call F-P for replacements....more info
  • Cute, practical, simple and fun for babies
    We didn't want a high chair because it takes up too much space. So I decided to buy a booster style seat after the Chicco hook-on we bought for our bar/island didn't fit properly. Our daughter just turned 5 months old and she loves to sit up and see everything, so I wanted something simple with a tray that's easy to clean and portable. She immediately grabbed at the toys and was all smiles when we put her in it. I love that the tray has 3 settings and the snaps are easy to use. She's still quite small but she's very secure in this, I plan to use it for her to play independently. She can play while I take a few minutes to fold clothes, etc. What's great is that it's small so I can put it on the floor in any room. Love it!!!

    ...more info
  • Great To Travel With!!
    I bought this so we would have something to take with us when we visit friends and family. It works great at restaurants too. It keeps him entertained and provides safety while feeding....more info
  • Great for everyday use
    I purchased this for my 9 month old granddaughter and I love it! There are two belts that secure it onto a regular dining room chair and the toy and food trays easily snap into place. It's great for a smaller home because it doesn't take up any extra floor space; I leave it strapped to one of my dining room chairs. Best of all - my granddaughter loves it! My mom liked it so much she purchased one for her house....more info
  • Good price, great value
    I was skeptical about purchasing this booster seat but needed it fast and the price was reasonable. My needs were met and then some. My child enjoys the toy tray and he is comfortable sitting in it for a while. We took it with us traveling and each time we ate at a restaurant, there was minimal fussiness and he felt a part of the activity. Other times, I used it to feed him where we were staying and the ease of use is wonderful. The chair cleans up nicely and the shoulder strap makes it that much more portable. With the weight limit of 45 lbs, we can use this one for a while and not have to worry about buying something else in a few months. In addition, the seat can be raised or lowered which I thought was a handy feature. We did not notice it until we got home, but thought it would have been helpful. Would have liked it to be less obnoxiously colored, but otherwise a great purchase....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    We bought this to use at my parents home. No doubt about it, this is a sure buy. My daughter loves it. She loves to play with the lizards & enjoys spinning the tree in the center. ...more info
  • Booster seat
    Awesome seat, however when you wash the tray and toys in the dishwasher they fade. ...more info
  • Perfect timing!
    Received quickly! In time for our six month old grandson to enjoy! It's now his favorite seat in our house! ...more info
  • Great seat
    This seat is very easy to take with you. Lite and easy to carry.
    My son loves to play with the toys while I prepare our meals. The removeable tray is excellent. This is a great seat for my 7 month old, and he can have his meal on the tray....more info
  • convenient
    great value! very sturdy and well made. my 9month old granddaughter enjoys playing in the chair.very handy...more info
  • So worth it!
    I bought this for our vacation, but quickly found how valuable it is to have for dining out locally after a couple of occasions when a restaurant-provided high chair was broken, dirty, or all taken. And the rainforest toys engage my daughter while we get to eat, which also means I don't need to bring additional toys, just this booster seat. The first time we used it, a mother dining next to us eagerly inquired how to get one. I couldn't find it locally and am a huge fan of Amazon (I always manage to spend the $25 required for free shipping)....more info
    Don't be fooled by the other reviews as I was. This booster seat is very small. I could not imagine even the skinniest 2 year old still being able to use it. It may be used for up to 2 months old, but not two years!! ...more info
  • Best Booster seat ever!!
    this booster seat has been a lifesaver, I use it with my 2.5 year old who likes to sit at his table with it and with his 7 month old brother as a first high chair. It doesn't take up a lot of space and is super easy to travel with, the detachable play tray is awesome and my little one loves it. He can be entertained for 15-20 minutes if I need a moment to get dinner ready or anything. The tray is dishwasher safe and the whole seat is very easy to clean without troublesome nooks and crannies to trap caked on baby food. I would tell others to get this booster, over others that are not as nice or entertaining, overall a great value, worth every penny....more info
  • my son loves the seat and toy
    My son loves this booster seat! The seat is great because it is easy to wipe down as it is all plastic without any hidden areas. the 3-setting adjustment of the feet allows him to sit at our kitchen table and even put his arms on the table when the tray is off. The toy keeps him happy while I prepare his meal or just while I eat. It is a great way to introduce sitting together for a family meal. We also used it out at a restaurant and it felt much safer for a little baby and helped us have a great time. I am so glad I went with this rather than a traditional high chair.
    ...more info
  • Such space saver
    This chair totally eliminated the need of cramping my small apartment with another big baby item. My baby loves to sit in it for meals....more info
  • cute but not practical
    I bought this seat because we have two other items from this this line (the gym mat and the jumperoo). It looks cute and the toys also made it more appealing to me. The downside was that it is frustrating to operate. The tray snaps into three places depending on the size of your baby. It is not easy to adjust the tray or remove it if you are holding your baby. Locking it into place also is not as easy. Although it has three adjustable height positions, even on the highest, I felt it was too short for my daughter. The toys are nice but for smaller babies. Mine is 8 months and she has limited interest in them. I would opt for something a lot more user-friendly....more info
  • Very practical!
    I love this. I actually got rid of my $150 highchair after using this. This is very practical, portable, easy to clean, easy to use. It's just a great product. Wish I had purchased one sooner....more info
  • The rainforest collection keeps getting better!
    I have purchased so many rainforest items and this was a natural next step out of the highchair as well as for ease of having a feeding seat in the car always. The toys don't make noise which is really nice for times when other people want some peace and quiet but may not hold your child's interest for very long. The seat itself is easy to attach and clean and I find it handy and simple. If you want to save yourself the $10 and bring your own toys, the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat - Yellow & Orange is the same exact seat without the toy. I enjoy it and it does what I need it to do. I keep it in my car and am considering purchasing another one to use in the house since the highchair takes up so much space. ...more info
  • I love this thing!
    As soon as my son (11 months) saw this, he couldn't wait to get to the toys. I have no problem putting the tray on one side at a time with one hand. I also really like that the height is very easy to adjust... so many baby products seem to require some serious muscle to adjust. The only thing I don't like is that the toys don't fold down flat or fit inside and so increase the size of it when folded up for travel....more info
    This was a lifesaver for us. Our grand daughter came to visit for the holidays. She loved it. It was the first time she ate solid food. She really loved playing with the toys on the chair. I bought my daughter another one and sent it to her in California!...more info
  • High Chair
    This is a great space saving and cost saving highchair. It has all the toys that the bigger more expensive highchair has at a 1/3 of the cost! Toys are durable and easy to clean....more info
  • Baby loves it but it's not durable...
    My baby loves this booster seat, however we've only had it a few weeks and the painted eyes on the monkey and parrot are already wearing off. Same goes for the stickers under the slide-along salamanders. I sure miss the days when they made things that were built to last......more info
  • gud product
    i bought this chair around 2 months back. the toy keeps my 9 month old son busy.
    he sits and plays in the chair, but does not eat. maybe it will take another 2 months when he can eat in his chair....more info
  • Rainforest Booster Seat
    My grandson loves this booster seat. I purchased it for our house and he loves to sit in it and play with the toys. He just turned 5 months old and I put him in it while I get his bottle and food ready or while I am cooking dinner and he will sit and play with the different toys on the tray and laugh. I have also attach a few other of his favorite toys to it. I would recommend it. ...more info
  • If it only had....
    This is a great product. We use it for every meal time. It entertains baby while preparing food. It is small enough to take anywhere, but very strudy. The only thing we wish it had is some sort of cushion. It would seem to make it a little more comfortable. Since baby doesn't stay in there for long streches, it's not that big a deal....more info
  • Convenient and fun for baby
    The first time I put our four month old grandaughter in this seat, she immediately grabbed every toy on the tray. We have family dinner on Sundays and it is so nice to have her sitting at her own place at the table. I particularly like the idea of using this seat as a booster chair as she gets older. It replaces having a highchair sitting in my kitchen and can be stored out of sight easily....more info
  • booster seat
    Very practical and easy to use. And the toy is perfect for the little one for a distraction before the meal and a play after the meal....more info
  • AWESOME! But maybe skip the Rainforest model for a basic one.
    We own 2 of these regular non-rainforest high chairs, plus 1 with the rainforest toys for Grandma's house. It's love! But your probably don't need the rainforest version.

    We have limited space, so one of these is our permanent kitchen high chair, strapped securely onto one of our dining room chairs. It adjusts to 3 heights based on the chair's height from the table and the baby's size, and the tray comes with 3 pieces which are dishwasher safe (tray, divided tray insert, and a cover). The tray can also be put into 3 different distances from your baby's tummy depending on his clothing and size.

    The tray is very easy to get on and off in a hurry. This is good for when your child inevitably gags or chokes and you need to get to him in a hurry. Also, unlike other high chairs that we've used, he can't remove the tray himself. Some other styles of high chair have a pull latch on the front of the tray--which has the big design flaw of releasing when it's easily kicked!

    This folds into a nice, trunk-friendly bundle for carrying around in your car for visiting relatives, etc. The back of the seat has a handle for your hand, or you can use the under-chair strap as a shoulder strap for carrying. I also prefer to take it into restaurants to have the tray available instead of pushing a high chair up to a table. The snap-in tray cover keeps the food tray clean no matter what else is bouncing around in your trunk.

    Now we have a second basic one which permanently lives in the car until our next baby comes along, then we will have both our kids in these at the dining room table.

    When the baby becomes a toddler, you can stop using the tray and use it as a regular booster chair with the adjustable height for any chair/table height combo.

    We bought the rainforest version when we flew out to Grandma's house to keep there. It is super cute, but there is a VERY NARROW window of time in which your baby will be a) big enough to play with it and b) small enough to be interested in this instead of food. The toy insert is snap-in and easily removable. But, it does not get any more compact, which really increases the amount of space it takes up (if that's a concern for you). You can theoretically remove the toys from the "jungle" to conserve space, but they snap in very securely so it's a pain. So, when we traveled with Grandma and Grandpa to the beach, etc, the rainforest part stayed behind. Plus, our baby at 1 year old was too old to be interested in it for very long. He just wanted to eat and then get down and crawl/walk around instead of hanging out and playing with the toys. I hoped it would buy us some time at the table, but not at this age! Maybe for a younger baby....more info
  • A must-have if caring for babies less than a year apart!
    I love this booster seat! I babysit a little girl around a year old while also caring for my 5 month old son. This booster has made meal time so much easier! I am able to prepare food for both babies and put her food on the tray, plop her in the booster seat, and she can feed herself while I spoon-feed my little one. It is easy to clean and the toy that attaches keeps her entertained while I am cooking. She loves the seat and says "YAYYYY!" whenever she sees me reaching for it. I'm sure that's partially because she is excited that she's getting ready to eat, but she obviously must not mind being in the seat because she sits in it and plays with the toy for the whole 20 minutes it takes to prepare lunch without complaint. I feel that this booster is a life-saver when it comes to caring for two babies less than a year apart....more info
    I was searching for a portable seat/high chair we could take with us when visiting or for those weekends away for our older kids sporting events. This seat is great! It just arrived yesterday and my daughter loves it. The detachable and washable activity tray kept her very busy. While I was not looking to replace her high chair, it probably could if you're limited on space.
    The chair it's self is very sturdy, the tray goes on and off every easily, not like others. It folds up for portability and beats using the ones they have at resturants which can be quite dirty.

    Overall a great buy, you will not be disappointed. It even has three height adjustments as your baby grows. My daughter is 9 months old now and fits into it with room to grow. ...more info
  • Easy to use and Kid loves it
    We love this booster. We take it to every place we are going to eat. He loves to play with the toys on top. We feel like he is nice and secure in the booster with the straps. If you strap to the chair the chair correctly then it doesn't move either and you feel safe with your baby in it. He is 9 months old and it was a good purchase for travel and just around town....more info
  • very good and best for small space
    great product Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat - Rainforest

    This is best for house since space is always an issue wtih kids stuff. this fits perfectly on the chair or can be kept on floor with less space. can carry to frnds house and use it. toys r great with every rainforest product...more info


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