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Webkinz features the exciting online experience where your plush pet comes to life! It all begins when you bring your Webkinz plush toy home, and you pick the name and determine whether it's a boy or a girl. After adoption, you are shown your pet's room, and can use your 2,000 in KinzCash to decorate, buy furniture, clothes and food from the W Shop. Your pet relies on you to take care of it by monitoring the Happy, Health and Hunger meters. Webkinz received the 2006 iParenting Media Award and 2007 Toy of the Year (TOTY). Measures 10". Not recommended for children under 3.

Minimum Supported Browsers: Windows - Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0, AOL Explorer 1.5. McIntosh - Safari 1.2.3, Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Fire Fox 1.5, High-speed Internet Required, Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768. Requirements may change; check www.webkinz.com for latest revisions.

  • Webkinz Reindeer Special Edition Virtual Pet
  • The virtual version of the plush animal comes alive online in Webkinz World when activated with the special code that comes with the plush animal

Customer Reviews:

  • Xmas gift to friend's child
    This was given to a friend's gdaughter who is
    4. She thought it was a cute stuffed animal.
    I explained the real treat behind the gift to her
    mom. Once they both discover the fun and learning
    tool behind it..it will be even twice as much fun....more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer is a nice edition to collection
    My wife and 2 daughters all recieved the Webkinz reindeer from Santa, they make a nice addition to there respective Webkins families, we would have liked to see it have more room related Christmas items, ex the black cat came with Halloween room decorations and items. ...more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer
    Since one webkinz is not enough for my great niece, she selects the ones she wants and she really wanted this one. The delivery was great (even though not fast enough for her--she doesn't recognize the money part). The item was perfect and she really enjoys it. Thank you...more info
  • Great Toy
    Webkinz are fun toys that you can go online and play with. The reindeer is adorable and tons of fun online! I am now and owner of 5 webkinz and the raindeer is my favorite. I give this toy 5 stars. I recommend all Webkinz products for ages 5-13 years of age....more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer
    This Webkinz Reindeer was the perfect gift. She has a plush toy to play with and a computer game to log onto. Love the computer sight. It is a safe place for kids to play by themselves or with others. Highly recommend!!!!...more info
  • Join the Webkinz Mania
    We bought, I mean Santa brought the Webkinz reindeer for our 5-year-old daughter for Christmas and she love, love, love, love, loves it, her. She aptly named her Dancer and enjoys taking care of her. The site is secure as far as I have been able to tell. I like that fact that the way to earn the most Webkinz $$ is to play the quiz game which leans more toward the educational side. Although, being 5 she is not able to read it all on her own, so I play with her. We enjoy the time together. You have to be willing to set aside a little time every couple of days to be on the computer with this if you decide to register the Webkinz. Fine with me as it builds computer skills she's going to need in this day and age without just mindless use of the arrow keys as most games require, e.g. familiarity with going to a site, key board skills, etc. It's a virtual pet & it's cute, it does "teach" a bit of responsibility, decision/choice making, math skills--harmless fun. ...more info
  • Webkinz reindeer
    Webkinz in general are the new beanie babies with a modern twist - the technology of the internet. It is genius marketing actually because kids want them so they can go online and care for them and play games. The website keeps you coming back with things like the Wheel of WOW and a job center where you can only do so much in one day. Its all perfectly harmless fun and there's even some learning involved too. Now they even sell Webkinz clothes and who knows what will come next to buy for them. Overall, its good clean fun for the kids and genius marketing makes for a good product. It's parent friendliness is pretty high also because they are pretty reasonably priced and require no batteries. The accoutrements are a bit much, but that is up to the parents to control. It's a good way to get kids to do their chores to earn extra money to buy Webkinz clothes, right?!...more info
  • Make sure your child is ready for a Webkinz!
    Make sure your child is ready for a Webkinz before buying this or any other one! My son wasn't ready when he got one last year - he was completely overwhelmed by the website and very disappointed. So we put it away until now, when he's more mature and has seen others play online. But little did I know that use of the website expires after a year! They send you a notice - but only on the site - so if you're not on the site, you don't know. There's a one month grace period, and then that's it - you can no longer use that Webkinz pet online. Now it is simply a so-so stuffed animal Their answer? Buy another one! ...more info
  • Holiday Webkinz
    We purchased two Reindeers for a girls christmas stockings. They are cute, very soft and just the right size to peek out the top of their stockings....more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer
    My daughter is having lots of fun both with the reindeer itself as a toy and on the Webkinz web site....more info
  • Awesome product
    I saw this online, and it was less expensive than in the store, and it was here so fast. Convienient and economical...works for me...more info
  • A MUST have for the Holiday Season!!!
    THis is one of our favorite Webkinz. A Must have for the Holiday Season. Would make a great Stocking Stuffer or pre-Christmas gift. Super cute stuffed animal and on-line. The special Reindeer gift is the sleigh and makes a great Christmas feel. We built a snow room for him "Blitzen" and enjoy seeing him in the snow and sleigh. Dont let this one come and go before it is gone. Enjoy- Happy Holidays....more info
  • Awesome and as CUTE Online as In Hand
    These are one of the newest of the Webkinz line and the deer is as much fun to play with online as it is in your hand. Excellent addition to a great line. Soon to be a favorite of many -- great value for two toys in one (online and durable plush) ...more info
  • Wonderful Webkinz
    The stuffed animal itself is very cute and well sewn. The best part is that it opens the door to Webkinz World on the computer. There are so many games and things to do - My daughter and I visit the site everyday and encourage my daughter to do the trivia questions and math questions. It helps her reading without her noticing that she is practicing her reading skills. It really is fun. ...more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer
    This was the first time buying a Webkinz. It was for my Nephew's birthday present. I really did not know much about them. I was surprised how soft and cuddly it was. Very well made. It came in time for his birthday. I had to research these online to see what they were about so I could understand what I was buying. My Nephew loves it. I will also buy the Penquin for him. (This is on his Christmas list). Its more than just a stuffed toy. I would recommend Webkinz. Although, my nephew will have to show me what you do online with them. Seams like a safe online interactive toy. From what I understand these are very popular with the kids. Thanks....more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer
    My daughter loves all the animals in Webkinz World. She enjoys visiting the website and playing with all her animals. I'm sure she will be adopting more pets to play along with her Christmas reindeer. Webkinz are soft, cuddly, and are great friends....more info
  • Webkins
    My granddaughters have quite a few of the Webkins. They have a great time on line playing the different games and winning the different prizes. The Webkins web site is the best one. My 4year old granddaughter has learned alot and even does the games by herself. ...more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer
    I bought this as a gift for my younger sister. She loves it. The reindeer is great for the holiday season. You can never go wrong with a Webkin. Great Toy!...more info
  • Good Webkinz for Xmas
    I own 5 webkinz right now. This reindeer is seasonal for Christmas time. This webkinz will probably never retire since it is seasonal. On Webkinz World, you can feed your pet, play games, take it to the doctor, and all kinds of things. Do not buy Kookeys, Shining Stars, or E Pets. They are all copies of Webkinz.

    If you want to see all of my pets select.

    WEBKINZ - Hippo
    WEBKINZ - Googles
    Webkinz Black Lab BLACK
    WEBKINZ - Reindeer
    .............. and more to be coming
    ...more info
  • Webkinz Reindeer Review
    I would give this webkinz a rating of 3. It is good on webkinz online but it isn't that cute of a stuffed animal. The animal is a seasonal webkinz so start buying around the holiday season!...more info
    My 7-year-old LOVES this webkinz. It arrived Super-Fast - before it's estimated arrival date. It's difficult for a child to order something on-line and then have to wait for it. But this arrived so quickly, it was a terrific learning experience for him (ie, how the world works, patience, delayed gratification, etc.)...more info
  • Stupid Toy
    My kids got this toy along with about 10-12 other gifts for Christmas. As usual, on Christmas morning my kids rip their toys out of the packaging and wrapping paper and then we clean everything up before heading out to Grandma's house 3 states away. Now that we are back in town after 4 days, we want to figure out all of toys and decided to get to get my daughter's webkinz adopted. Now we come to find out that we probably misplaced the special "Secret Code Tag". Well that's the end of the story for this toy. Beware, you can't do anything like register or play with the pets online without the "secret code tag". And the company cannot help you if you lose the tag code.

    Now my child and I are very frustrated. Why did they not just put the code on the fabric tag, or just attach the secret code tag more firmly to the toy? I don't understand why the company can't provide another code help if you lose the code tag. It's a stupid stuffed animal for crying-out-loud, not classified military intelligence!...more info
  • webkinz reindeer
    Must admit know little about the product except that it was on several of my Christmas List. Arrived prompt in soft sided mail bag which was durable. The price was excellent...more info
  • Grandpa's Reindeer
    I purchased this toy for my grand daughter. The product was as advertised, in new condition and arrived before anticipated. My grand daughter is thrilled which means I am as well. Thank you for an enjoyable experience. I look forward to doing it again soon. ...more info
  • Damaged Reindeer
    Extremely disappointed with the service I received! One of the reindeer arrived with a hole in it's ear before Christmas and I still have not heard from the toy company (not Webkinz) about what they were going to do to correct the problem! I purchased two for Christmas gifts and one of them was not damaged. I will never buy anything from this company again!...more info
  • Christmas Reindeer
    I purchased this item for a Christmas gift and the little lady who received it was very happy. Product was like expected and was really cute. I know she will enjoy using it on her computer....more info
  • My grandson loves it!
    My five year old granson has little experience with computers but that is changing fast. He loves this webkinz. He went online and named it as soon as he got it. Maybe it will lose its appeal now that the holidays are over, but he surely has enjoyed it....more info


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