FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer with Nano-Fuzeion Technology

List Price: $270.00

Our Price: $164.95

You Save: $105.05 (39%)


  • Three distinct Nano technologies (Nano Ti + Nano Ti02+Nano Ag) maximizes shine and eliminates frizz while detoxifying hair
  • Ceramic heater produces gentle far infared heat for healthier hair
  • Powerful heavy duty speed motor with 2 speed settings, 3 heat settings and cool shot
  • Low EMF
  • Includes diffuser & concentrator
Customer Reviews:
  • Simply Silky!
    This blow dryer is exactly what I was looking for in a blow dryer. I am African American, with type 3c hair and no matter what I do my hair looks amazing. I can use the diffuser to let my hair remain curly, get a soft sheen and elongated looser curls that what I would get if I let my hair air dry. I also use the diffuser when I coil, shingle or put my hair in rods or curlers to achieve lengthen my curls and freshen them up daily when I wake up.

    Besides using the dryer for curly styles, I use it the straighten my hair and the results I get are simply silky. I glide a brush through my hair and it straightens all the frizz out of my hair. Also the dryer get my hair so smooth that I can glide my flat iron through my hair in a matter of minutes to complete styling. On hot days in the summer, I used the dryer to touch up my roots to help keep my hair straight.

    As a plus, this is the quietest blow dryer I've ever used. The highest setting I use is warm with low heat although I occasionally use the warm heat setting with the high fan. I haven't needed to even try hot with the low or high fan, yet, but I can say that warm dries shoulder length hair in about 15 minutes or so. I could not give this product a higher review. I've tried my share of dryers and nothing works like this. definitely worth the money since I can get professional results at home. It saves me tons of money since I don't have to go to the salon as often....more info
  • love this hair dryer!
    Like the first reviewer, I also did a great deal of research prior to making my purchase. If you're going to spend an obscene amount of money on a hair dryer, it better do what it claims. I couldn't be happier with this one. It dries my hair in less than half the time and my hair looks at least twice as good than with my old $20 conair.

    I have very fine, wavy, hair, and I have alot of it. It always took a very long time to dry, and nothing I tried ever seemed to tame the frizz. This hair dryer has made a huge difference! It's a little heavier than my old one, but I don't have to hold it as long, and the results are fantastic. No more frizz!

    It's quite a bit of money to spend on a hair dryer, but the results I achieve with it, and without having to use any styling products, is completely worth the cost. ...more info
  • Couldn't ask for more!
    I spent several weeks researching hair dryers before making this purchase. This dryer was recommended to me by my hair stylist. I have very thick hair with a slight wave (just enough to be annoying - not completely straight or curly) and was looking for a dryer that would cut down on frizz and dry time and just plain make it easier to dry my hair - this has done it all. It is also very lightweight and much quieter than my previous Conair dryer. Now to be honest, this is the first expensive dryer I have ever purchased so I can't personally compare it to others out there on the market, but I read every review I could get my hands on before buying and I didn't see any negatives where other expensive dryers (T3 for instance) seemed to have just as many unhappy customers as happy ones. Even though it was quite expensive I don't regret it one bit. And, even though FHI won't honor their warranty if you buy it from Amazon, Amazon will honor the manufacturer's warranty. It was much cheaper here....more info
  • Excellent heat, power and speed.
    I have fine texture, naturally wavy, but very thick hair. My stylist marvels at how long it takes her to dry my hair. This hair dryer is super strong and it has taken time off of my drying and styling. (I am considering bringing it to my next hair appt. for her to try.) My hair has never been this soft from a hair dryer before. Other than wanting funky, jagged texture sometimes, I have stopped using my flat iron! It also gives my hair volume, despite the wonderful softness. I am very happy with this hair dryer, although I still feel guilty for spending so much.

    I have justified the cost to myself because I am expecting and HATE blow drying my hair. I don't want to be "that" wife/mom/woman who lives in a ponytail after the baby is born. Honestly, with this hair dryer I am far more likely to style my hair.

    Oh, and last thing. My hair is always greasy the second day after washing. IF there is any oil I run the dryer and brush through my dry hair and it looks as good as the first day. I am able to wash my hair every two - three days without feeling self-conscious. That was NEVER the case before. I used to use powder in the roots of my hair the second day. Not anymore!

    Bottom line, if you are willing to spend the money, I would highly recommend this hair dryer. IMHO, it really does make a difference....more info