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Dead Space from EA is sure to please any action-adventure gamer looking for a bloody battle against deadly aliens. Dead Space for Xbox 360 begins when a massive mining ship, the USG Ishimura, comes in contact with a mysterious alien artifact and suddenly loses its communications with Earth. Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair

Deep Space pits Isaac Clarke against deadly aliens. View larger.

Zero-G game play allows you to walk on walls and the ceiling. View larger.

EA delivers an incredibly frightening experience with state-of-the-art graphics and effects. View larger.

Neutralize the attacking enemies with weapons and telekinetic powers. View larger.
the Ishimura's communications, but arrives to find a floating vessel that has become a complete bloodbath. The crew is mutilated and infected with an ancient alien scourge. Clarke's repair mission is transformed to one of survival as he fights to save himself and return the artifact to the planet at any cost.

Fight with Weapons and Telekinesis
The alien hordes are incredibly resilient. You'll have to find creative ways to neutralize the attacking enemies by shearing off limbs with powerful weapons. And when the ammo runs out you'll be thankful that you can use your telekinetic powers to pick up objects (even the aliens' own severed arms and legs) and hurl them at your advancing enemies.

Graphics, Effects, and Sound Increase the Horror
EA delivers an incredibly frightening experience with state-of-the-art graphics and effects, an audio system that will have you jumping out of your seat, and a truly horrific atmosphere that is permeated with death, mutilation, and despair. You'll have to be resilient to slash through the alien onslaught and stop this virulent scourge. As you explore the ship, the tragic story of the USG Ishimura will unfold in gory detail as you discover frantic logs from the hideously transformed crew in their final days.

True Zero-G Effects
You'll be able to take full advantage of zero gravity in Deep Space. Battling enemies and solving puzzles takes on new challenges and present ingenious opportunities with the Zero-G game play. You can use zero gravity to create your own path around obstacles by walking on walls and the ceiling. Leap across vast distances or change your perspective to gain a strategic advantage over your enemies.

  • Dead Space for Xbox 360 is sure to please any action, adventure gamer looking for a bloody battle against deadly aliens
  • Gameplay takes place on the USG Ishimura where the crew has been infected by an alien scourge
  • Neutralize the attacking enemies by shearing off limbs with powerful weapons
  • Telekinetic powers allow you to pick up objects (even the aliens own severed arms and legs) and hurl them at your advancing enemies
  • Battling enemies and solving puzzles takes on new challenges and present ingenious opportunities with the Zero-G gameplay

Customer Reviews:

  • A lot of hype, not much delivery
    Okay, I can understand why some people might rave about this game, because the graphics are really, really pretty and might be a bit overwhelming. But one you start playing, I don't see how anyone could give this game an above-average (or even average) rating. The controls for the main character are clunky, the 3-D mapping leaves a lot to be desired, and the weapons controls are pretty unimpressive. The plot itself is uninspired, and involves the following formula: A) Walk down creepy corridor, B) Kill Event-Horizon rip-off critter, C) Emerge into a lab, D) Repeat step "B" multiple times, E) Move something with your mind, F) Go back to the beginning, G) Go to next level, H) Repeats previous steps. Seriously, this is one of the most linear games I've ever seen, and I was completely bored with it after just a couple of hours....more info
  • Perfect!
    I can't think of anything I didn't love about this game. It's gory, nasty, hardcore manic action and at the same time it's creepy and suspensful to the extreme. I'm blown away by this one, I think it's one of the best games the 360 has seen yet. Horror fans will love it. Action fans will love it. Shooter fans will love it. People looking for something a bit different will love it. This is a game I'll play again and again. Maybe with the lights on next time!...more info
  • Fantastic, ambient horror game.
    This is one of the best space horror works I've ever encountered. The ambience is incredible and the visuals are just breathtaking. So much thought and care was put into all the little details on the ship, and hte plot is great too. I really hope that EA makes a sequel to this....more info
  • All Alone
    Not Bad. Some cool weapons but not a big variety. No on-line play mode. Lots-o-blood and guts. Killing the same creatures gets tiresome. Not a big variety there either. I haven't finished it yet but my nephews said it had a good ending....more info
  • horror adventure
    after the first 30 minutes I know a game is good and this game is exellent
    control: are easy to get used to it
    gameplay and sound are : is creapy and scary( some puzzle)
    and play a perfect role to the scary experience
    over all. exellente game .resident evil fans will feel familiar playing this game. recomended....more info
  • Just an awesome game.
    I am pretty picky when it comes to games. After reading reviews on Amazon I decided to buy it and see for myself. I have to say that this is the most entertaining game I have played in awhile. I pretty much had no life until I beat it. The graphics are amazing. I enjoyed the sci-fi story. The action/horror is top notch. The upgrades to your weapons and gear are strait forward and give you the choice of which you want to upgrade. The controls are a little hard to get used to AT FIRST, but once you get them down they are easy to use. I definitely recommend checking this game out if you are into action/horror games. I really hope there is a sequel!! ...more info
  • If you thought Gears of War and Resident Evil was good..
    Think again.

    This game will freak you out and blow your mind.. ALL AT ONCE!!

    I'm not dogging Gears of War or Resident Evil because I love these games but it's been awhile since a game had adrenaline pumping thru my veins non stop and DEAD SPACE has achieved this without trying to hard.

    Everything about this game is great:


  • Best game of 08
    Its all been said before but Dead Space is just an amazing experience that seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm not a fan of EA by any means but they really hit this one out of the park. A rare combination of great action and even better atmosphere, delivering genuine chills from start to finish.

    A+...more info
  • Survival Horror/FPS Galore
    From the sight of the first alien creature to final boss, Dead Space has you at the edge of your seat with its non-stop action and its variety of "what the hell is THAT?" moments. If you love being scared and love ripping aliens in half with an arsenal of weapons even more, Dead Space is the game for you!...more info
  • Best experience of 2008
    I think I've been waiting for Dead Space for a few years...

    Yes, I've played every other awesome game this year. I'm a diehard Gears of War fan and I loved GOW2, but I have to truly say that Dead Space captured my imagination, heart and soul.

    The level design is awesome, gameplay is captivating and the design choices awarded by the loss of gravity or the absence of oxygen (read, vacuum) make the game soo fun.

    If you haven't tried it, please do, you will NOT be disappointed....more info
  • The Next Generation of Horror Games
    When I first got this game (actually my brother did), it was the title that hooked me into the story. You play the role of a ship maintenance worker that stumbles across the stranded "Ishamura", and you and your team must find out what has happened to, or rather killed the crew. After following through the lengthy story (the length a real video game should be...) and taking out several "bosses", this turns out to be a great game hands down, and if you are a die hard horror game fan somewhat like myself or you greatly enjoyed Gears of War, Resident Evil, and the others, you will love this story that keeps you on edge every minute with great graphics that realistically imitate the inside of a space cruiser. I highly recommend this game....more info
  • What a fantastic surprise! Highly recommend.
    A lot has already been said, so let me just say this. If you liked Resident Evil 4, you'll love this one. Same kind of controls and game play. I gave this 4 out of 5 because it does (seem to) get a little repetitive after a while. Probably for the fact that it's all on a space ship which limits the scenery somewhat.

    Otherwise, it's a great game that I've been recommending to everyone....more info
  • My Favorite Game on X-Box 360
    The game is a cross between Aliens and Event Horizon. Very cool looking game. Very fun to play. The creatures are very unique and there's a lot of interesting stuff I have never seen in a game before like Zero-gravity combat and dodging astroids off the hull of the ship while trying to keep your air from running out.

    I love this game. ...more info
  • Horror Hope!
    Combine Alien and John Carpenter's version of The Thing and there's Dead Space. Addictive, fun, and actually really creepy. I'm going to immediately play it over again. ...more info
  • Great game, but rent don't buy.
    This is a really great game. The visuals are amazing, and the story is pretty well written. The greatest aspect of this game are the zero gravity combat and when you enter and leave the vacuum of space. Unfortunatly the creatures are only scarey for the first hour or so of game play and then they lose their fright potential. However, this game isn't so much about the monsters as it is the atmosphere. The ship itself is creepy. I see alot of similarity to the Nostromo from the first Alien movie. The ship also has borrowed from Event Horizon. There is a gothic look and feel to the architecture of the ship.
    Furthermore, the lighting effects are really well done. I love games that have strobe lighting and flickering bulbs, and Dead Space delivers.
    The action is over the shoulder 3rd-person shooter with an limited assortment of weapons ranging from a plasma cutter to a flame thrower. However, where the game falls short is in replayability. The game can be concluded within a day or two of gameplay and then there is ultimatly nothing else to do (Unless you are an achievement hunter). My suggestion is to rent the game for a few days or get it really cheap in a bargain bin. ...more info
  • Resident Evil 4 in Space
    A simplification but a high compliment at the same time, Dead Space indeed does play similarly to Resident Evil 4 right down to the over-the-shoulder camera angle, alien organisms using and modifying human bodies, and purchasing upgrades and replenishing ammo and equipment via a vendor.

    That being said, Dead Space stands alone just fine and a science fiction survival adventure. I purchased an Xbox 360 only a few weeks ago (having owned a PS3 for over a year) and this is the first game that I took to right away and played to completion.

    You play a very tough character equipped with a RIG (body armor/spacesuit) and various powerful and destructive tool-weapons with which to dispense various alien monsters. The enemies aren't usually overwhelming. You can maintain steady progress by balancing the use of your weapons and special abilities: kinetic force (telekinesis) and time stasis. I felt the balance of challenge and progression was just right for me on normal difficulty.

    Solid gameplay aside, there are some excellent realistic science fiction elements. The game takes place on an enormous mining vessel (like the BBC show Red Dwarf). There are different points when you need to accomplish specific tasks like: restarting the engines and gravity generators, jumping around in zero-G, and untethering a large asteroid. These are all a big bonus to the avid sci-fi reader.

    Overall the game has quite a bit going for the player: gameplay, setting, cinematics, sound, and graphics and I recommend it. ...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised. Here's Why.
    I picked up Dead Space because I saw on a few sites that I trust that it was getting some pretty good reviews.

    I must confess that I was extremely reluctant to do so at first for two reasons. Primary among them was that it was an EA title and most games that aren't sports - well, EA has a way of killing the game.

    The second reason I was hesitant is that I'm not good with the scary thriller type of anything, most especially when I feel that the "thrills" are cheap ones.

    So, with hesitation, I installed the game to my Xbox (yay new XBE) and then fired it up.

    I've now been playing for the last five days...

    I'll say this. I scare *easily* and don't like to be scared. But I wouldn't consider this overall to be a scary game. I measure that by the number of times I furiously find myself scrambling for a controller I dropped when I jumped etc. In this game, that count is exactly ... zero.

    Sure, some moments are built up, the music climbing to cause a heightened sense of drama, things jumping out of walls, etc. And yet, most of the time, I feel like I'm ready for it. And even when I'm not, I have no fear of just dying.

    And so I spent some time asking myself why that is. It certainly has the potential, at least, in that I get close to being scared and I have come to a conclusion. The problem is that nothing feels life-or-death.

    Even if I am jumped, I can respond in a timely fashion, kill my opponent, use some med spray (whoops, umm "medical pack") and be back on my way.

    For many people, they will find this to be a misgiving of the series - I find it to be a welcome change from the cheap thrills style of play.

    So, now that I've finished with my drivel about thrills, on to how the game actually plays, and more importantly, how I found myself unexpectedly "hooked" on playing it.

    Perhaps the number one contributor to my enjoyment is immersion. In the same way that thrillers want you to become unaware that you are a part of a system, and instead want you to become a more active part of the environment, most have realized the value of keeping the interface out of the way.

    But none have managed to hide the interface in such an admirable way as this.

    There is none. Zip. Nada. Instead, things that might be on an interface have become game elements.

    Your health, for instance, is represented by a glowing band upon your back which depletes as you take damage, also eventually changing from glowing green to glowing red. Ammo counts are reflected directly on the weapons your avatar is holding. While the weapon is not being aimed, there is no read out from it. The only hot key is for using med packs. While aiming, you press different buttons to jump to where you are aimed at, or to use your mind powers to move objects, young padawan (whoops, there I go again).

    The environments are both varied and yet the same as you progress through sections. In short, you are inside a ship, and there's only so much you can do with steel d¨¦cor to make it different and yet not seem like Lego Space Shooter! So, areas are more or less themed according to the ship's function the area serves. As you walk around the medical level, there are posters about med care, cross sections of physiology and med beds abound... all cast upon the bland steel walls and floors that persist everywhere. The engineering section has orange and black striped construction zones, tool shelves and warning lights ... all cast upon the bland steel walls and floors that persist everywhere.

    I am not really complaining about the walls and floors - they make sense to me and for someone as logical as I usually am, that is soothing enough for comfort, but could see how some people would feel at odds about this.

    But what makes this game is the way that everything comes together and the sense of accomplishment you get from certain things.

    There are scenes that are just too awesome to describe. Being pelted by meteors, including ones that crash through the room you're in while you're trying to get the automated defenses online is great! Going through Decontamination and the computer complains about decon being present while you're shooting at aliens, then once they're dead, the computer says "thank you for being patient" is a good smile.

    Or perhaps, one of the best things of all. "New entering vacuum." Some areas require you to traverse the exterior of the ship or rooms that have blown out. Your suit kicks in to life support mode, complete with a minute or two of air! And the vacuum takes over, drowning out all but the loudest of sounds, which are still a muffle at best... And intensifying the sea of sound inside your own body, including your heart beat.

    Yet another twist to the game is the combat system. I love FPSes. And this is a welcome change from the norm. You *can* kill the monsters with head/body shots. But it's not efficient. The premise is that what you are fighting are basically reanimated corpses anyway, they don't follow the usual laws of life. Instead, shooting off their arms or legs is best. I have only used the first weapon they give you. (I am trying for one of the achievements that requires you don't use any other weapon - so far I'm 75% through the game and haven't even bought a new weapon -so I'm on track!) It appears each weapon fires projectiles that are suited to cutting. (Well, most anyway - some notable exceptions, like the flame thrower, exist.) So, you aim at a limb, fire, a leg flies off and the Necromorph topples over. Then, it starts scooting across the ground to et you, so you sever another limb, and another, until at last, final death finds it again.)

    This game has placed a new spin on an old concept. This new spin fits in perfectly with the game world it has created.

    But the real success in this system comes from something very simple. There are times where I am suddenly assaulted by four, five, six monsters. Instead of my usual FPS strategy of back pedal and aim for the head, I find myself blowing off limbs to either cripple their attack power, or slow their movement speed, then moving to the next monster while the first yet lives, so that I can get crippling strikes all around, before then shifting to killing each in turn after they are reduced to stumbling around blindly or crawling along the ground clumsily.

    Some have complained about the speed at which the protagonist moves. I disagree with them. The speed is very appropriate given that I am constantly on the lookout for Necromorphs flying around corners, out of ceilings or from walls. I move with my weapon aimed and prepared to shoot the smallest bit of movement in a presumptory preemptive strike. When I feel confident enough about the area I am in, I can use the left bumper to jog around. And that is a good mix of the two, I think. I am grateful that I don't have a super fast character for which I find moving tactfully is impossible.

    And one last aspect I am really enjoying is that the game is semi-RPG. You get to choose what to use cash and upgrades on. Do you make the suit better, or your kinetic abilities last longer, or go for more damage in your gun (all the upgrades have limits)?

    Leaving the player with choice is a good thing. It makes me feel like I am more involved in my own success. And I like that.
    ...more info
  • A solid sci-fi action/survival horror shoot-em-up!
    Take 2 parts Bioshock, 2 parts Condemned, 2 parts Doom, 1 part Resident Evil a dash of any space shooter salt and pepper to taste and you've got Dead Space.

    So mankind has destroyed Earth by draining its resources so what's the next logical step? Well, lets drain resources from other planets by cracking them open like eggs and exhausting all resources. You are Isaac Clarke, part of the Maintenance crew stationed on Ishimura - a ship that has been overrun by Necromorphs - disturbing alien creatures. There is more to this story, but I'm not one for spoiling anything.

    Dead Space is a third-person action shooter/survival horror. Most of your time will be spent traveling through creepy corridors and fighting many Necromorphs which seem to just pop up out of anywhere. There are plenty of jump moments throughout this game, if you like tense edge-of-your-seat games then this is definitely for you. Dead Space breaks up the monotony a little bit by throwing you into zero-gravity areas that allow you to jump on ceilings and walls thanks to your anti-gravity boots.

    One cool thing about Dead Space is the fact that there is no HUD (Heads Up Display). Your health is displayed on the back of your armor and your guns display how many shots are left. There are areas in Ishimura called "Benches" that allow you to upgrade your weapons, Stasis (which I'll talk about in a second) and Armor. Ishimura also has shops so you can purchase ammo, health packs, stasis packs, weapons and more.

    The primary method for killing Necromorphs is by blasting them with various weapons. Each weapon has a primary and secondary firing mode. You can also stomp on them, or punch them. Stasis is a cool feature where you can aim at a Necromorph (or other fast moving objects) and cause them to slow down drastically. This is especially handy because it makes killing the enemies much easier - however you are limited in the amount of statis energy you can use before you have to use a stasis pack or find a recharge station.

    When disposing of enemies it's best to go for the limbs rather then the head. Different Necromorphs have different weak spots, some die easiest if you blow off their arms, some are easiest to dispose if you blow off their legs. Head-shots are not a guaranteed kill, in fact often-times it results in a Necromorph becoming aggressive and blindly attacking you before it finally dies.

    Now for the review, I'll rate each aspect of the game independently

    Gameplay 8/10
    The gameplay in this game is pretty straight forward. You run around in different corridors blasting away at enemies that tend to jump out at exactly the wrong time. It's a lot like Doom 3, but with more in the way of weapon upgrades. Stasis adds a cool element to the game allowing you to slow down the enemies and stop them in their tracks. The anti-gravity areas are pretty neat at first but they became my least favorite aspect of the game, it just feels a little bit tacked on (and it makes me dizzy!). The 10-16 hours it takes to beat this game is just enough time, any more and it would become too monotonous. The gameplay is solid, but it's far from breaking new ground.

    Sound 10/10
    The sound in this game is amazing. When you hear the heavy horror movie style music you better watch out! There are creeks, bangs and whispers heard throughout the game. The voice acting is solid as well.

    Graphics 8/10
    As far as textures, lighting and visuals are concerned this game is top notch. I will ding it because the environments are very repetitive. Most areas look about the same, which becomes a bit drab after awhile. Animations are done very well!

    Controls 7/10
    The controls are pretty solid for the most part. It does become a little bit of a hassle at times because of the button combinations, a lot of actions are done by pressing the left trigger and something else, at times it just feels awkward. This becomes more of a non-issue the more you play. Overall the controls are pretty solid.

    Story 5/10
    While I wont give away anymore of the story I will say that it does start off well but it didn't hold my interest too well. This game has a suitable enough plot, but it's far from gripping. I don't care though, I just want to kill more Necromorphs!

    Overall this game is pretty solid. This game will take you 10-16 hours to beat and if you're like me and don't really care about achievements then a single play-through is probably enough. Because it doesn't have a high replay value I would suggest renting this game, you can easily beat this game within a week....more info
  • I crapped my pants
    Not exactly, but this game is quite scary. To me, it plays how Resident Evil should. Same behind the back camera angle, but no having to stop and shoot. You can run and blast monsters, which is good, because you will defiantly be running. Also, you can turn corners much smoother, and move while your inventory is up. That comes in handy.

    The game showed up sooner than I'd expected, and in a second plastic wrapping to insure no scratches. Took longer to open, but very nice. Anyway, this game is a must play if you dig survival horror. Make sure to get resident evil 5 too!!!

    Recommend playing this during the day boys and girls. Thanks Edward!...more info
  • Stands on the shoulders of giants
    Dead Space is an excellent first attempt by EA. Yes, the EA that vomits out a new and unimproved Madden every year. This game is a step in the right direction for the company and I'm guessing a sequel is already in the works.

    Dead Space is the definition of survivor horror. The designers must have played tons of Resident Evil. This game basically takes the best aspects of that series and adds a few innovations.

    Story: The story for Dead Space is OK. It is an homage to every classic horror movie and game you can think of. Monsters designs remind you of John Carpenter's The Thing; Experience Hell in deep space a la Event Horizon etc.. Nothing too special happens here.

    Graphics/Sound: Both are great. These are some of the best graphics around, not the best but close. The surround sound is awesome. You can really use your speakers to track those out of sight baddies. This game was made to be played in the dark with the volume up.

    Gameplay: This is the selling point for me. Gameplay is very well balance. Though I've heard complaints of the enemies being all guys with claws, that is an understatment. Every creature has different moving patterns/attacks/weaknesses. Enemies range from infected fetuses to bloated walking larval sacs. Some enemies are on the cheap side. Dont just expect to shoot wildly at enemies till they drop. That won't work and you'll waste all your ammo. The key to killing enemies isn't even headshots, the key lies in strategic dismemberment of the enemies limbs. Sounds weird but it's quite do able with practice.

    There are a few things to upgrade(special abilities,weapons,armor etc.). These are upgraded by trading in nodes found around the ship or rewarded for completing tasks. Take these nodes to shops found throughout the ship and upgrade your equipment. There are several weapons in the game ranging from the starting laser cutting tool up to a futuristic energy cannon. I only used the starting laser(arguably the best gun in the game once leveled)/ flamethrower and cannon and had a blast with the game.

    Replay Value: This is kind of lite. The only unlock is a new suite plus the bonus of using all your items from your previous save. Since the game is heavily influenced by Resident Evil, I expected a RE style side mission game. Kind of like the Mercenary game in RE3 or the Ada Wong Game in RE4.

    In summary

    good graphics
    good sound
    balanced gameplay
    extremely fun

    Some enemies are on the "cheap" side of things.
    Low replay value ...more info
  • Happy Space
    It's rare I write a review for a game. I just got done beating dead space and I feel a strong need to spread the news on how awesome this game is. Before I wrote this review I went and read the single star reviews, because I couldn't understand how anyone could not like this game. So before considering this game further you need to consider some basic things. Do you like action games? Do you like scary games? Do you like space? Did you like Resident Evil 4? If you answered no to any of those you may end up rating this game as a single star. If you answered yes to most or all of those you should probable get this game. Let me now go into some details.

    This game plays a lot like resident evil 4. The variety of feelings you get from the game range from creepy suspense to adrenaline pumping fights. The environments in the game are very well designed and often times very creepy. The enemy design could have used some work but given this game relies on dismemberment as the main way to dispatch enemies there aren't a whole lot of different ways to take the enemy design. The storyline wasn't really that impressive but the delivery was very nice. The graphics in this game are excellent aswell as the sound. The mission variety for the game is somewhere in the the middle. You do alot of the same kind of missions traveling around the ship, however from time to time it's mixed up with something different. The achievements for the game are also very nice, nothing out of the ordinary. The game lasted me around 12 hours on medium, which is short in my opinion, but I intend to go back and the get the achievement which I am guessing will take another 18 or so hours. In conclusion, the game may not have the best story and the graphics may be to par with other games of next generation console; but the game play, the environments, and the variety of missions make this game a must buy.

    ...more info
  • Survival horror gets off life support!
    Many survival horror fans have gotten jaded. They think the genre is dying and in one review I heard someone saying Dead Space was RE 4 in space. While dead space has similar controls as RE 4 and even an over the shoulder 3rd person view point it is NOT remotely similar to RE 4 in atmosphere or level design.

    For one thing,Issac is not a super elite mercenary. When the Ishumura planet resource harvester ship goes haywire Issac's job is to do some routine repairs. However there is a bit of worry right away when he receives an odd SOS from his main squeeze Nicole who is a medical officer aboard the space ship he is charged with fixing up. Luckily her message is so subtle and obscure it does not give away the whole story right away.

    Along with Issac is a tough as nails take charge leader type and a female crew mate who is the shiznet at hacking and cracking. While these characters "help" Issac through a holographic communications screen with advice our poor protagonist ends up separated from his team and completely alone.

    Dead Space is really good at telling you everything you need to know WITHOUT accessing a menu. Issac's health is measured by the glowing tubes down the spine of his armor and almost all information is relayed to him through a pop up screen device on his helmet he can manipulate at a whim. Likewise the crescent glowing icon on Issac's right shoulder gauges his "stasis energy" used to slow the opening and closing of malfunctioning doors. This makes Dead Space a more seamless experience and lulls you into a creepy train of thought of playing the game without always having the reminders it is a game.

    Much like Bio Shock Issac comes to terminals where he can buy equipment such as ammo, health packs, and even new weapons. Each main ability or weapon is upgraded by circular disks called "nodes" you apply at fold out work benches. Nodes are rare, luckily they can be bought as well albeit at a high price. Issac even gets telekinesis. He can move things around and toss them similar to how Gordon Friedman does with the gravity gun in Half Life 2. Add all this atop of using gravity boots to mag lock onto walls and ceilings when in zero gravity it quickly becomes apparent Dead Space is not a tired retread or lackluster clone of Resident Evil. The only similarities it bears is that it is a hybrid between action thriller and survival horror. Luckily for those of us who love a good scare it is more terrifying and surreal than it is cheesy and over the top epic.

    You can run and gun in dead space (further accentuating the differences between it and RE). As a matter of fact when hordes of necromorphs attack it is a good strategy to run backwards while firing away, or at least getting your bearings as you occasionally let fly with some sizzling plasma bolts.

    So what are necromorphs? Apparently after busting apart a planet for resources the Ishumura away team found an odd artifact with ruins on it. Somehow this began mutating crew members into monsters. While that is not very original as a concept Necromorphs make ganados and zombies look tame by comparison. Even after having legs or an arm blown off these hideous freaks will still come after you and sometimes they may play dead after you hammer into them with a few rounds. As you confidently twirl your plasma torch and turn your back "wham!" you get a bone blade appendage through your kidney for not being thorough. I wasted a lot of ammo to make sure I decapitated every dead body or slain monster. Call me paranoid but hey, I rather be safe than sorry!

    Each level has a series of mission objectives that range from refueling the Ishumura to recovering the captain's log. While these may seem a bit dull at least they make sense within a science fiction setting . In dead space you never have to find a ruby and an emerald then put them into the eye sockets of a gargoyle statue. Normally a puzzle requires using your telekinesis to move something or using a stasis shot to slow down a dangerous moving obstacle so you can past through into the next area.

    While dead space is gory it does not just rely on blood n guts to frighten you. Even when you are not attacked by necromorphs the ship's metal haul creaks menacingly and the voices of the dead are heard whispering in select locations. You even pick up data pad diaries from Ishumura's crew and as you can well imagine their last moments were filled with dread and hopelessness. Witnessing Issac having to wrestle for his dear life while locked in the clutches of a necromorph is not nearly as bone chilling as helplessly watching the person who seems safe behind a window get impaled and dragged into the shadows screaming or having to look at a nurse cackling insanely right before she fires up a bone saw and cuts her own throat. You wonder who you have to pity more...the grotesque creatures or those who were left unaltered as normal human beings?

    If you approach all this from the optimistic perspective of an enthusiast instead of an embittered fan boy Dead Space is a wonderful horror game. As much as I covet RE 4 and RE 5 and herald them as awesome games they are "thrillers". Dead Space quintessentially is "true dread" pumped right into your veins. It's not toying with your emotions or trying to be something it is not.

    I began playing it in the day time and it still got my heart pounding. For the foolish elitist bigots out there unshakable in their stance that "western developers" don't know diddly about true horror this game has arrived to bust their chops!

    In closing if you have played these games for many years you're not going to jump from fright every 2 minutes. Once you become accustomed to scare tactics it can NEVER compare to the glory days when you were a virgin of the genre playing Silent Hill or RE 2 for the first time. However to me this game is so excellent at what it does it deserves some grudging respect from the survival horror community.


    +Intriguing story

    +Unrelenting terrifying enemies that give their all even after their limbs fly off.

    +Atmospheric creepiness that balances out the blatant blood and gore

    +Easy to learn controls

    +Can run and shoot.

    +Things such as anti gravity exploration and using telekinesis "mix up" the usual horror experience.

    +No annoying menus to jolt you out of the fear. Every aspect of the game from your health to gathered information is all woven seamlessly into the technology of Issac's suit!

    +Issac's "weapons" are actually tools to start with reminding us he is a mechanic and not a steroid popping space marine.


    -It's a space ship so some areas get to look very much the same after awhile.

    -Reading text logs via Issac's holographic visor is near impossible. In my opinion everything should have been voiced.

    -Enemies are varied at first but get repetitive later on.

    Pro or con??

    +/- Issac is a silent faceless protagonist very much akin to the hero in Bio Shock, Gordon Friedman in Half Life 2, and Master Chief in Halo. To some of you this maybe a problem however my take on it is as follows.

    "Issac doesn't talk but it is the very fact he doesn't spout cheesy one liners or ridiculous catch phrases that makes his struggle that much more realistic, horrifying, and genuine."

    +/- There's alot of gore, perhaps moreso than any other game I've played. Sadly those that pride themselves on loving "psychological horror" are going to snub their noses at Dead Space a lot for that reason alone and in so doing miss out on the parts of it that are very surrealistic, thought provoking, and haunting. ...more info
  • One of the few games that made me jump...
    First off, I'm more of an RPG advocate in my preferences simply because, for me, a roleplaying game offers a richer, more in-depth experience. I do play shooters if I want a little bit of mindless fun from time to time, but they don't hold my attention like, say, Elder Scrolls III or IV. That said, I picked this game up as a distraction due to the fact that I have about 1000 hours invested in Oblivion and wanted a change of pace. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. The people over at EA Redwood Studios earned their money with this sucker.

    At some point in the future, resource mining has become involved enough that entire worlds are dismantled for their mineral contents. You play an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who's one member of a 3-person team (well, there's two other members on the team initially, but the nasties chew them up within the first fifteen minutes). You've been assigned to investigate why communication's been lost with the ISG Ishimura, the first of the planetcracker class of mining vessels, with over 62 years of service. Once you come out of shock space (the game's term for faster-than-light travel) into the Aegis System, contact is re-established, but what the team hears coming out of the speaker is not encouraging, and things quickly go south from that point. Your shuttle ends up crashlanding on the flight deck and very soon you end up on your own, trying to fix the ship (you ARE an engineer after all) and find out what the hell is going on. It turns out to be an uphill battle.

    Dead Space pays homage in a roundabout way to the 'Alien' series of movies. Like that franchise, this game tries to emulate real world demographics taken forward a few centuries. It's dark. It's edgy. People don't necessarily act in a noble fashion while running around in silver lame (lam-ay) jumpsuits. Governments and corporations are greedy and sinister. The Ishimura is ungainly. Its corridors are dark, ribbed with bulkheads and cluttered with assorted 'gakk' that induces a definite feeling of claustrophobia as you wander around. The creatures you fight were once human, but after being infected by whatever has overtaken the ship, they are as alien as anything you might find. Even the members of Ishimura's crew that have managed to remain unnaffected by the alien spoor are not always to be trusted...

    Gameplay-5 Stars
    I read a lot of the other reviews before I wrote this one. Two of the primary complaints were: the game was too short, and the game was too easy. The first time I played through this game, it took me a good 15 hours to complete. For the typical shooter, a game might last about 8 hours. Halo 3 took me all of 5 hours from start to finish. Granted, it didn't take me as long the next time I played Dead Space, but by then I knew what I was doing. Now, I don't buy a game just for the pleasure of it kicking my hind end all over the yard, so I found the difficulty level adequate for what the game was trying to accomplish. I have played other games where after twenty minutes I just shook my head and shut off the console because the game itself seemed determined to take out on me whatever frustrations the developers were suffering at the time. This one actually allowed me the chance to see it all the way through. The controls were not at all hard to handle and when something snuck up on me from behind, they allowed me to react quickly enough to save myself from becoming a thin red paste all over the walls. When you kill something, you don't just clip through it like it no longer existed; you have to actually wade through the bodies lying on the floor. It may make the game a little more grisly, but at least that's more realistic. The game also takes a slightly different tack on fatalities in that you have to be more precise and sever the creatures' limbs to take them out instead of just going for body shots. In the boss creature battles, you have to hit specific points on the body to do any damage. The general ambience of the game immersed me completely, and several times, when something jumped out at me from the shadows, I jumped out of the chair. Dead Space is set up on a third-person perspective, but Isaac is centered toward the left side of the screen closer up than normal to promote a more personal feel to the game, so that you feel things are happening to you, not someone else.

    The game is also more than just your typical run-and gun. There are areas where there is no gravity and you have to jump from point to point to get where you need to be (and using the Havok physics engine, everything in the game behaves believably, so if you bump into something as you're sailing through the air from one floor to another, it spins off in another direction), and some of the areas have been depressurized, leaving you only a short amount of time before your air runs out and you asphyxiate. There are two mini-games which place you in the gunner's seat of one of the ship's rail cannons and this helps to break up the cycle of wandering around to find the level's objectives. The obstacles you face also make perfect sense given the nature of the situation, so you don't find yourself going "Whuh?". For example, at one point after you repair and reconnect the fuel for the ship's engines, the Ishimura enters the debris field thrown up from cracking the planet open as it regains a stable orbit. Your next objective is to man one of the ship's guns in order to destroy oncoming rocks until your team leader can get the automated aiming system back on line. You have to exit one of the airlocks and traverse the hull to the gunnery station. There are air-scrubbing vents (at least I think that's what they are) that you have to run and duck behind along the path to avoid oncoming boulders. It's a timed run-and-hide, but it's something you would expect to do while in that debris field. And keep in mind that the ship is pretty beat up by the time you board it so lots of things are not working right. Trust me, you WANT to avoid those malfunctioning grav plates in the flooring, unless you're the type of person that likes to slam into the ceiling. Also, the inclusion of ship-wide store kiosks throughout each of the levels adds a depth to the gameplay by allowing you to purchase upgrades for anything from your health to your available air supply when under vacuum conditions to your weapons, beyond the usual 'push this button, watch that happen and hope you find a better weapon later on' mindset of the typical shooter.

    Graphics-5 Stars

    The artwork in this game is some of the most atmospheric I've ever seen. You stare off into the distance through the haze on a level to see a single flood lamp casting shadows over everything, including Isaac. The graphics are as crisp and fresh on the Xbox 360 as it can be, and none of it slows down the framerate. Halls DO hide things that go bump. The gore is a little heavy-handed, but that's to be expected in a horror game. Just don't play this if you have a weak stomach. The slime dripping off portions of the walls can have an adverse effect of the average appetite. The visuals really draw you in; at one point in the game an escape shuttle from the Ishimura is taken in by a military ship which 'just happens' to be patrolling the system. The shuttle is carrying one of the infected crew members, which then proceeds to wreak havoc with the soldiers on board. You're sitting in the seat of one of the gunnery stations, riveted as you watch the military ship approach on your view screen to crash uncontrolled into the Ishimura, while you go "whoah, Whoah, WHOAH, $H/T!!!" as it happens. All of it works to involve you personally in the action.

    Sound-5 Stars

    The soundtrack of Dead Space fits the action to the letter. Music starts to play frenetically when something nasty chases after you, and the ambient sound effects are perfect. Lifts grind miserably when you ride them. Doors let out harsh hydraulic hisses when they open. And the engines are LOUD when they fire up. All one more piece of an awesome puzzle.

    Replay-5 Stars

    Granted, the ship and the situations you face in it are the same when you play the game the next time around, but the ambience still serves to draw you in. I'm not the type of guy that watches a movie once or plays a game a single time and then gives it away. I get something out of a game each time I play it. In Dead Space, I've noticed other little details that I didn't before the first time I went around. You can also save your game after the ending credits, which grants you bonus items on a replay, so it isn't just a same ol', same ol' type of situation. The downloadable content from XBOX Live gives you nice little perks, so you do get something out of the game each time around. And if you want to become more involved in the universe the game is based in, check out There's an animated movie (Japanese manga style) available there, among other bennies, as well as a novel based on the setting.

    Overall-5 Stars

    Since Sega announced that they were pulling the funding for both the 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' shooter and the 'Aliens Roleplaying Game', I had originally reconciled myself to settling for this as my second choice horror/sci-fi game pick. Now, after playing through it a couple of times, I can only hope that, if both of the former games ever get put back onto the front burner, they can measure up to this masterpiece. Two thumbs up....more info
  • I thought the game was great tuntil chapter 4
    the kind of game I hate the most is a game like this. First it's very good, then a couple of hours later you suddenly see it take a sudden turn for the worst. I don't mind a good challenge but when the game changes modes all together it sucks. third person shooter into astroide shooter? What's up with that. I wasted 3 hour trying to shoot down astroids with a canon and got no where. Trust me don't waste your money unless you want to end spending hours trying to shoot random astroids with a faulty canon the overheats every tenth shot. I am going to sell this peice of junk and buy something thats worth my time!...more info
  • Definitely has replay value
    This game is great. It makes me jump all the time. I can't wait till the prequel, Dead Space: Extraction, comes out sometime during the fourth quarter of 2009....more info
  • Dead Space
    Dead Space is one of better games i've ever played. it's original, challenging, gory, and scifi. i've been waiting for some kind of a space type of game with gravity physics and futureistic weapons. the game is difficult at first but get's easier as your able to upgrade weapons and armor. the only negative i would have for this game would be is the fact that you basically a whipping boy and your doing everything. it's one thing after another and games like that tend to annoy me alot but it's still a great game. it's a buy. 9.5 out of 10....more info
  • One of the best games i've played
    Ever since i have gotten Dead Space, i can't stop playing it. Everything about the game is amazing. The graphics, the design, the environment, everything!

    The enemies are my favorite part. They aren't just some random alien a person made off the top of their head. Each enemy is one of your crew mates and they are each unique. Each one needs to be killed differently.

    Next thing is the environment. The makers really made you feel alone in the environment. You are all by yourself on a ship in space. the graphics made the environment what it really is. They emphasize the creepiness.

    This is a game for people who like being scared. I recommend it to anyone who is at least 15 years old....more info
  • Excelente juego. Terror al m¨¢ximo!!
    Me parecio un juego que aunque sea mas de lo mismo en cuanto al estilo en 3ra persona, con el arma siempre en la mano, matando a todos los monstruos que se le aparacen, ME PARECIO EXCELENTE!!.. Expl¨ªco por que!.

    1- La idea de colocar el personaje de un lado de la pantalla aunque no es algo nuevo tiene un aspecto original ya que muestra distintas perspectivas de dicho personaje y a su vez los movimientos al caminar en diferentes direcciones y al correr son reales, no como otros personajes que corren a velocidades anormales y saltan fuera de las capacidades humanas. El personaje no salta, pero en verdad no es necesario.

    2- Acaba de una vez por todas con los t¨ªpicos screenshot saturados que molestan muchas veces, mostrando la barra de salud, el arma que utilizas, la cantidad de balas, radares, etc..... Este a su vez no muestra nada solo ves al personaje y a su entorno, mas nada, existen otra maneras para verificar todos los aspectos antes mencionados de manera mucho mas original.

    3- Dead Space SI TIENE TEMA obviamente ficci¨®n-futurista pero pos¨¦e algo de l¨®gica, trama y un suspenso constante mas que todo, eres un simple cientifico que no sabe pelear y llegastes ahi sin saber lo que te esperaba, no como otros juegos que empiezas echando tiros a todos lados sin saber por que estas ahi o por que lo haces o sino eres el salvador del universo, ya basta de eso, Aparte este personaje muestra temor, al estar con poca energia no camina igual y no se mueve igual, pero bueno... No digo mas para no revelar tramas!.

    4- El concepto de las armas si me parece original aunque obviamente se respeta lo cl¨¢sico como todo juego de ficcion con armas siempre habra una ametralladora, una pistola, y un laser pero este juego va un poco mas alla en cuanto al diseno de las diferentes armas y usos, algo que vuelvo y repito es original digan lo que digan. El dise?o de los monstruos va un poco mas alla, no es el tipico monstruo que todos nos imaginamos.. ya ver¨¢n!

    5-El unico punto si se puede decir negativo del juego es que el personaje no dice ni una palabra...nada... pero del resto lo recomiendo 100%,

    Estare esperando DEAD SPACE 2 ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    Like a cross hybrid of Halo/ Silent Hill/ Spawn and Bioshock, Dead Space has all it all. Crazy sub-human creepies, awesome suit that makes you look like an engineer who went to hell and got a Spawn-like Knight suit as a souvenir T-shirt, kinetic power (NOT TELEkinetic, mind you)and crazy sound all around, this game really put it's money where it's digital mouth was. Throw in superb graphics (particularly the videos) and total upgrade system and you have yourself a winner. Though, yes, the survival horror theme wears a little thin even in an apparently futuristic setting as such, it still provides enough addicting gameplay to keep you loppin' limbs. However, it really wasn't as overall creepy as a load of reviewers made it out to be. There were hardly any scenes akin to the "zombie dog through interrogation window" scenes of pure heart attack terror (anyone who's played Resident Evil II will most likely be able to attest to that), and I found the story to be slightly (read:VERY slightly) boring. The fact remains; as with movies, just about every good concept has already been used. It's an age old gripe, an' you can't really fault DS for it. However, the game is really quite addicting and has a bunch of replay to it (try impossible mode without using more than one gun), controls are solid, weaponry is innovative, graphics are damn good, and you'll have loads of fun. ...more info
  • I don't want to go in that room
    I have nothing but praise for this game. Awesome atmosphere, gameplay, story, everything. No complaints. A Rock solid experience....more info
  • Another great horror/thriller game!
    It's been a long time I have played a good horror since Resident Evil and Fatal Frame series. This game is like a crossup between movie Aliens and resident evil. You started out in a mysterious empty ship IN OUTER SPACE and find out what or why it came to be. The suspense/surprise element is very good, of course if you explore first time around. However, even you did explore the area, you have to worry about your ammo in the game. The ammo in the game is very scarce, even you can by with money, money is also scarce. You need to decide whether fight or flight depending on your condition. The controls are tight and reponsive. The graphics and sound are top notch. The story so far is very good. I am on level 8 when I am writing this review. Too bad there is not enough promotion of this case. This game is actually good!...more info
  • Awesome action, detailed environments, lousy story
    Dead Space for the XBOX 360 is the best game I have played of the "survival horror" genre since Resident Evil 4. There is allot to like about this game, though unfortunately it has some shortcomings as well. On the plus side the action is top notch. The "futuristic" weapons are fun to use and offer a bit of fresh air on the traditional "pistol, shot gun, flame thrower" mix that one usually expects in these types of games. Furthermore the enemies are challenging, and to successfully defeat them you have to "strategically" target various body parts to most efficiently put them down, simply put the combat is very very fun. Next the environments are beautiful, the various places you will go are reminiscent of a big budget sci fi movie. On the negative side the story is quite poor and does not develop/conclude in a manner that is at all engaging or satisfiying. Furthermore the game is quite short, it is a 10-12 hour experience. Now even though the story is dissapointing, those 12 hours of gameplay are very challenging and very fun. If this game had a more fully developed/executed story this would be a 5 star game. That not being the case 3 and a half stars. ...more info
  • A fun and well polished game.
    I really liked this game. There is nothing particularly innovative-it feels like a mix of Doom 3, FEAR, Half Life 2, and Bioshock. But since I liked all those games, this is a good thing. First off, the game looks really good, about as good as Bioshock. Second, the controls are smooth and logical. Third, the game is fun and thrilling. There are a lot of jump out of your seat moments. Finally, the story is interesting.

    The only drawbacks are that the game is pretty linear and there is no multiplayer component. You get instructions, complete the task, and move to the next job. I personally prefer this to the more open ended games like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, and Far Cry 2. There's not much replayability-just 3 difficulty levels and a fourth is unlocked after completing the game. I played on medium, which was just about right. I never got frustrated, but the boss battles were a tad too easy. I put in about 14 hours total-not bad. This is one of the best games I've played on the 360.
    ...more info
  • Chills and Thrills to the End. Space Horror done right!
    I absolutely love this game. It is incredibly well made, polished in every aspect and accomplishes what it sets out to do - entertain and scare the living crap out of you. My favorite horror game since Resident Evil 2. It is far better than Bioshock, in my opinion, and beats Condemned hands down, a game I enjoyed immensely.

    The graphics in this game are exceptional. From the dark and macabre art style to the detail and crispness of the visuals, you will be in awe at what you see as well as thoroughly grossed out. The game is dark (it IS a survival horror after all) and it takes place in a Space Station but rarely do the visuals get repetitive. It is an adventure for your eyes all the way through and the sights to behold get more impressive as the game progresses. You have to see it for yourself.

    The main character, Isaac, looks fantastic and his upgradeable suit makes feel like a complete badass until some creature tears you half. The animations are very well done and Isaac labors around in his heavy suit just as you would expect him to. It looks so convincing you might feel yourself getting an asthma attack if you're not already suffering from a panic attack thanks to the games surreal atmosphere. The creatures you face are equally as detailed as Isaac and move just as fluid. They look like something out of your worst nightmares and most likely will be in your next nightmare. Shooting off legs and arms looks as grisly as it sounds and there is nothing quite like shooting off the leg of a creature only to have it clawing its way toward you at an increasing pace while you frantically reload. The creatures you face have a decent range in variety but a few more types would have been perfect. The ones we do have are well thought out and must be combated differently from one another. The mini bosses and bosses you come across are jaw dropping. Fighting them is intimidating and intense while defeating them leaves you with a pure sense of accomplishment. Do not be surprised if you are gasping for breath afterwards. This game just looks stunning and that is only part of what makes it such a memorable experience.

    The sound equals the graphics in quality and pulls no punches when it comes to creeping you the hell out. You will be tense and under constant duress thanks to the ominous noises you hear while making your way through the bleak, massive mining ship. The music is great, a classical score which sets the mood perfectly. The grunts and groans of Isaac are convincing when he gets hit, you can just feel his pain and terror. The shrieks, hisses, growls and howls of the creatures will send shivers up and down your spine and cause tightness in your chest. Some of the creatures make noises I can't even describe, all I can say is they sound inhuman and demonic. You will hear these creatures scurrying about in the vents above and around you, waiting to strike or you will hear something massive off in the distance in the direction you are heading. The sound in this game, particularly if you have surround sound or a surround sound headset (I use Tritton AxPros), will fill you with dread while the graphics finish off the deadly one-two combo leaving you begging for mercy. No movie and no novel can get to me the way Dead Space has. To top it off, the voice acting in this game is as high in quality as an animated feature film. The potency of the graphics and sound created such a disturbing atmosphere that I felt like a kid watching Halloween or The Exorcist for the first time. I loved it.

    This is not a movie or book though, it is a game, and the most important part of a game is the gameplay. Once again, Dead Space does not disappoint. The controls are tight, responsive and intuitive. Never was my experience compromised because of unresponsive or whacky controls. You and Isaac will move through the ship as one. Now some may think Isaac moves around too sluggish for their tastes, he is wearing a heavy space suit after all, but his slow movement actually adds to the tension and immersion of the game. It seems every aspect of this game was thought out and pre planned a head of time to provide you with the ultimate experience. The only slight gripe I have when it coems to his controls is that the melee seems a little too sensitive. Sometimes I just want to hit a creature once, to knock it back, but because I am a little freaked out I might tremble a bit and ever so slightly hit the button a second time causing Isaac to immediately melee a second time, backhanded. This leaves me open for an enemy to strike. A minor gripe in what are otherwise near flawless controls.

    The game is essentially a corridor based survival. You will go from room to room and blood soaked hallway to blood soaked hallway. Thanks to the graphics and sound all of this sucks you right in but the gameplay mixes up your experience very well. I don't want to spoil anything so I will keep this brief but you do more than just walk around a "haunted" spaceship being scared and killing bad guys. You will find yourself in zero gravity situations, spacewalking where you must watch your oxygen level, shooting a turret like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo on the Millenium Falcon and even spending some time at a shooting range or playing a futuristic game called Z-ball. You will also find yourself in massive rooms with gorgeous views of an asteroid field and other sights and in thundering, fiery engine rooms which will make you sweat. Now I don't want to spoil anything so I can't go into too much detail but trust me, the game keeps you in interesting situations and surroundings right up to the very end. It does not let up.

    You also have abilities (powers) such as Stasis which freezes your enemies as well as objects (for solving puzzles) and Kineses where you can control objects telekinetically. These abilites are a godsend and work great with the weapons for combat and are used in some interesting puzzle solving situations as well. The weapons in Dead Space can get pretty creative and go well beyond your standard pulse rifle (in the game) and flamethrower (in the game). My personal favorite was the Line Gun which shot out a laser like beam horizontally; perfect for severing both legs at one time. This weapon had a secondary fire where it fired a timed proximity plasma mine and it worked beautifully. All the weapons have a secondary fire.

    The pacing of the game is very well done. All survival horror games start off scary and then lose their steam as time goes on. The same does happen with Dead Space as you get used to the game world but the game manages to evolve its gameplay very well to keep you interested. You will always be creeped out thanks to the graphics and sound but as you progress through the game you will find yourself more involved with the upgrading of your equipment, advancing the storyline and exploring new areas. The game goes from pure horror to action horror to thriller and then back to horror again. It does a real good job keeping you interested and satisfied and always has one more scare to make you jump and keeps your heart rate a few beats above normal. The pacing of the game is very well done other than a slight slow period around the middle of the game, but then it's back to burning on all cylinders again. The end is fantastic and unlike most games does not feel rushed at all. The ending is perfect climax to a wonderful game.

    Obviously I loved this game. It is such high quality that it may sound like I think it is perfect. well no game is perfect and there are areas I think Dead space could have been better in. As few as they are, I'll just list them briefly:

    - The creatures aren't as dynamic as I would like. They crawl through the vents, this is how they get around the ship and get to you. The problem is they only do this in unexplored areas or areas that story has lead you to. If you go back to an area you have already cleared out just to get a health pack you didn't have room for in your inventory last time you visited, nothing will attack you or follow you there. Now I don't need to be constantly harassed because this would make the game tedious but no area should ever feel "safe" just because I have been there before. Once in a while I should have heard some clanging in the vents as something was coming for me. Makes the times you will be attacked less predictable.

    - I already mentioned the sensitive melee button. Not a big deal but a slight gripe.

    - A couple of the middle chapters were slow moving but all in all the game was a complete rush.

    - The story is somewhat generic, with an alien infection plot line, blah blah. The storytelling however is very well done however. Very few cutscenes and everything done in real time. I just wish horror games would go back to using the supernatural and forget all this infection stuff.

    In Conclusion:

    Everything about this game oozes quality and production value. When I first heard of Dead Space several months ago I was interested. I desperately wanted a good survival horror game based in space. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected Dead Space to not only meet my expectations but surpass them completely. There is no multiplayer here, no coop and no established license for the game to fall back on. Dead Space stands on its own two feet as an exceptionally well made single player experience which keeps you captivated until the very end. When it is all over (it took me over 20 hours to beat it on hard mode) you will find yourself watching the credits until the very end because you will appreciate the effort that much. At least that is what I did.

    I couldn't recommend this game more. My letter grade for Dead Space would be an A...more info
  • enjoyable. spooky
    I have enjoyed this game immensely. It is beautifully executed, has just the right amount of difficulty, and broadens the FPS genre. The use of sound in the game is particularly interesting - I would say this is the first game in which I have noticed the design of the sound, and how much it adds to the game overall.

    This is a linear FPS. The creativity comes in deciding how and with which weaponry you can defeat the enemy. I don't think you can just blast your way through. You actually have to plan your use of death-dealing machinery....more info
  • Excellent Game
    Dead Space is one of the most excellent games I have played in a long time. Dark, atmospheric, creep, and fun. The gameplay isn't all that innovative, except for the fact that headshots are about worthless in this game. The graphics and sound are incredible. The controls are smooth.

    My only problem with this game is it is a bit short for the money. I got around 9 hours of play from it....more info
  • The scariest game I've played
    I'm an rpg fan and usually find action or horror games worth a play through at most. However I really enjoyed this game and have played through 4 times already.
    It reminds me some of the movies The Thing and Aliens, and seems to be a cross of both. The animation is Excellent. You may forget you are watching animation and th creatures are horrfying. The voice acting is also good and believable.
    Perhaps the best part of the game is the sound effects, which is top notch. The creepy and scary sounds throughout the game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Things jump out of nowhere are a challenge to kill. You have to be smart with your upgrades and ammo in this game.
    The story is immersive and well done, with plot twists and other unexpected developments, a rarity for this kind of game. The ending is a bit short but appropriate.
    If you like scary games, you should love this game. ...more info
  • Wowzers
    Im a huge fan of horror survival games (Condemned, for example). Ive been on this game for awhile now, college has been a nuisance so the free time has been very slim. I am finally on the last level and I am kind of annoyed. The ONLY problem I found in this game was from time to time it can get annoying if youve been on it for too long. Im also on the hardest difficulty, so that shot up the nuisance feeling pretty easily...but, sometimes a bunch of aliens come at you at once and either you have no ammo or youre very low on health. So typically its impossible to kill 400 aliens (and they are very difficult to kill). Thats the only thing that bugs me. On the other hand, if there were barely any aliens at all (for example early RE games, N64, Playstation) after killing the aliens in that area they typically wouldnt show back up so the game got boring pretty quickly. So its hard to point out what im saying exactly. If you have a short temper and get annoyed easily and you play the game on Hard, youll know what im saying.

    Overall, the game is amazing. Graphic, sound, story, gameplay, everything. The game itself is pretty in-depth. Just walking around the ship you can notice how much detail they put into every little piece of equipment. I give the game a 9.5/10. Subtracted .5 because of the annoyance value over a period of time. Then again, you arn't supposed to play video games 5 hours in one sitting, so maybe it should get a 10. Who cares, the game is intense, period....more info
  • A frightening ride through deep space....
    Dead Space is an awesome product. EA really outdid themselves and managed to make a wonderful original property that is a blast to experience. If you like survival horror style games you owe it to yourself to give Dead Space a try. The environments and creepy atmosphere paired with the fantastic ambient sound fx will make you feel the tension. Don't play it during the day... wait until nighttime, turn off the lights, close the door and you will enjoy the ride. (Assuming you like a good scare.)

    Gameplay is great and the implementation of the menu and HUD elements is fantastic. Overall a very solid game. Recommended. ...more info
  • Does all the hard things right and all the easy things wrong
    For some reason, this game appealed to me since I saw the very first trailers. I am not even sure why, but the Event Horizon-like setting caught my eye.

    And this game has a lot of good things going for it. I like the art style. They do a very good job at conveying the idea that you are in a giant and abandoned space ship. It is a little scary at times. Some people say there isn't enough variety in the levels since it is all the same space ship, but I don't mind that. It creates an overall experience that works and it is consistant.

    Also, the way all the interaction and the UI (or the lack of a UI) works is great. Everything you do, you do in game. Never goes the game go into "play a video" mode, but instead, the character brings up a holographic screen that hovers in front of him, even while you keep moving around. The same goes for the inventory, and so forth.

    I also like the weapons which are unusual. I like the upgrade system. It provides more depth than you would expect for this type of game.

    So what's wrong? Well, unfortunately a lot of the things that frustrated you in games 10 years ago and seem to have generally been fixed are back in this game. The overall controls are very very sluggish. At all times, you feel like the character just isn't quite doing what you want him to do. And he moves sooooo slow! Turning around takes forever. "Running" is probably slower than the average human walks. Except here, scary monsters are after you. But the avatar doesn't seem to care.

    One of the things I really hated in this game is the lack of ammo. I see that they are trying to make things more suspenseful with that, but it just doesn't work. You always only have a few shots and you can never experiement with your weapon. And when you run out of ammo, you have to deal with awful hand-to-hand combat. At that point you might as well reload. And health is another problem too. If your health runs down to far and you have no helath packs, you just know that you can't proceed much further, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Also, some animations take forever to finish and there is nothing you can do about it. Accidentally bring up the inventory in a fight and you are toast, because it takes forever to close it down (or at least longer than it takes to get killed).

    So as a conclusion: I am angry at this game! Angry, because it does so many things right. It creates fantastic athmosphere. It creates a fantasticly immersive UI experience. And then they messed it all up with the controls and the choice of not giving you ammo. Argh!!!!

    Note: If you do not have an HD-TV, then I really can't recommend this game, since you will not be able to read anything on screen....more info
  • Eerie and exciting, great game!
    Dead Space is an incredible game filled with terror and intrigue around every corner. I do not regret for a second buying this game, it's right up my alley.
    I've always liked the fear effect that can come from games. I still remember brief moments in Gears of War(the old factory scene) and Dino Crisis that actually caused my heart to skip a few beats. After reading a little bit on Dead Space, I decided this one might deliver a few scary moments. I'll only play it with headphones on in a dark room, it adds to the terror immensely!

    The sounds and noises you hear along the way create a very disturbing mood, but one that fits the game perfectly. With the sound turned down, I can only imagine the game being a lot more 'tame'.
    The creatures you encounter are very eerie in the manner that they move through the levels, especially when one can still lunge at you after you've, say, severed its legs off.
    The storyline is a lot of fun to follow along to as well. An interesting and intriguing background on what happened to the ship keeps you moving through the narrow hallways and dark rooms with panicked curiosity.
    And lastly the new and altered extra's in the game force you to apply a whole different style of thought process to your environment. Rooms with zero-gravity let you leap from floor to ceiling effortlessly, a limited but NECESSARY stasis module let's you slow down anything that moves too quick for you, and kinesis allows you to move obstructions with ease, or even throw objects at attacking creatures.

    Anyone who loves a game with horror elements mustn't miss Dead Space. It delivers with an eerie presentation full of terrifying attacks, disturbing noises, and creepy areas and settings. Just remember: always be watching your back, because you can bet something else in the shadows is too. ...more info
  • F***ing Great
    Best Game i've played in a while. Also scares the jesus out of you. have fun...more info
  • Dead Space
    Dead space is a true sci-fi horror game; much like "advent horizon" and john carpenter's "the thing". With a lot of replay ability and some frighting scenes, it'll be hard for you to put down the controller. I give this game five stars and it's a game that every gamer should have in their collection....more info
  • if its under 50 bucks buy it now!!
    This game has everything you want in a game. Story, interesting gameplay, absolutely no boredom factor!! I totally guarantee that you will never get bored playing this game. It scares you out of your mind but you certainly will not be bored....more info
  • Great survival horror game
    I was amazed by the work EA has done with Dead Space, which stands in stark contrast to much of their other games. This is a great survival horror game and if you like the genre you'll love it. It had a cinematic flair that reminded me of Scifi Horror movies like Alien and the menus were very immersive. That said, it isn't the longest game but still very enjoyable. ...more info
  • A real sleeper hit
    I was hesitant about buying this game after watching some of the gameplay--reminded me too much of dark sector, which was average at best. But I must say this game is a lot of fun. I concur with all the other reviews out there about the attention to detail, the gorgeous graphics and amazing sound and atmosphere. This is a well thought out, put together package. Time just flies when you play this game as you can't wait to see what happens next. With mediocre games, you just go through the motions hoping to get to the end. You'll enjoy the entire journey with this one. I don't usually keep too many games as I don't play multi-player and most single player campaigns aren't worth repeating, but this is definitely going into the library....more info
  • scary
    this game is great still not threw with it. it had no sraches on the disk and it came as fast as it could. one of the scaryes games i every played but i will say it was weird when 1st playing it since i was so use to the cod5 controlls....more info
  • One of the most frightening video games ever made
    In terms of survival horror games, Resident Evil 4 had easily worn the crown in terms of scaring the crap out of you. Key word there was had. Dead Space is by and far one of the most frightening video games you will ever play, taking the idea of "monsters on a space ship" and upping the ante in nearly every department. You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer dispatched to the ship Ishimura after contact has been lost. It doesn't take long to learn that the crew of the Ishimura have been mutated into horrible creatures, and it's up to you to wreak bloody havoc upon them and learn what happened. First and foremost, Dead Space features some of the most horiffic creature designs you'll catch in a video game. These Necromorphs aren't all that easy to take down either, leading up to some just plain awesome boss battles to boot. What Dead Space manages to accomplish in terms of innovation is also very much worth noting, as the traditional elements like a health meter are featured right on your character via a meter going down his spine, and telling how much ammo you have left can be seen when you raise your weapon into position. Elements like these make Dead Space an all the more immersive gaming experience, and the game's enthralling story only adds to it. Technically speaking, Dead Space is a marvel in terms of graphics and sound design, offering so many moments of brilliance amidst the horror. The game is blood-curdlingly violent, and being able to improvise using your surroundings during battle adds to this as well. The ship itself is wonderfully designed and gives off a feeling of claustrophobic dread; all of which helps add up to make Dead Space a brilliant and immersive survival horror experience. If there's any flaws to be found, it's that the mission objectives can get repetitive, but other than that, Dead Space is nearly flawless. All in all, you are unlikely to play any better, or scarier, survival horror games now or in the near future, and even if survival horror isn't really your thing, you should definitely check out Dead Space regardless....more info
  • Overated
    I really think this game has been overated. I found the whole thing monotonous and referential to quite a few other games that have come before. The setting reminded me very strongly of Doom 3, the alien creatures (Necromorphs- which itself is not a very original name) of The Suffering, and the plot "twist" (which even my kids saw coming from way off) from Bioshock, to name just a few. Gameplay was rather stagnant and the weapons that become available as the game progresses are really superfluous as you can kill most things with the first cutter you get. It wasnt creepy (Twinkle twinkle little star!- please), it wasnt exciting, it was just, well boring. ...more info
  • Sleeper Hit of 2008
    I won't elaborate on plot and gameplay since others have done so. If you are a fan of the survival horror genre, you know what to expect, and this game delivers!

    Excellent graphics, sound effects and voice acting. This is one of the best EA games that I can remember in recent past.

    IMHO this one is worth full-price and is a bargain at any price under $60....more info
  • I should've picked this instead of Fallout 3
    I'll be honest..and I was turned off during the trailer. I did not want to play a guy w/ tin cap on. Plus, I enjoy shooting at zombie or human like figure vs alien's limb. Anyways, I had 2 days off from work and gave this a try... I was stuck on my seat for 3 hrs straight! and 3 days later I beaten it... at 2 a.m. Once I start this game, it is HARD to let go.... Being a horror game... it's not that scary at all. Most of the time I had too much ammunition and even had to sell it to clear the space. Only negative is the replay value... at the end of the game they let you play over again w/ same equipments... but at SAME difficulty!!!! They really thought out everything except this simple MISTAKE!!! No doubt in my mind, I would play again if I can raise the difficulty level.... oh well~ they just lost replay value on this one for me. Overally, it's a MUST play!!! but you can just rent this and easily beat it within 5 days....more info
  • Great game! Even scared my dog...
    As many next-gen console owners have discovered, the market is saturated with high-budget games that look pretty, but lack substance. Dead Space is NOT one of those games.

    When I bought this, I was eager to play, but ready to be disappointed, since EA is somewhat notorious for the types of games I mentioned. I was pleasantly surprised from the first few minutes of play... no dissapointments at all. Now, 11 hours in, I've been continually impressed and drawn ever deeper into the story and game itself.

    This game is scary. I mean, it's not going to give you nightmares (well, maybe for some people), but it will keep you feeling tense while you play it, and is even a tense viewing experience for people watching you play. The environments are beautifully rendered, but also claustrophobic, macabre, and full of scares. In contrast to the close-quarters corridors in the ship, there are some gargantuan open spaces -- usually in Zero-G -- that make for epic fight sequences / exploration.

    Sound here is top notch -- effects and soundtrack both. You're never able to relax when you can hear screams, groaning metal, footsteps, crashes, etc. happening all around you, all the time.

    The story is solid (if derived from the same sort of alien / zombie thing that's so popular in sci-fi), the controls are creative and good, and the lack of pause menus or a HUD keep you immersed in the gameplay.

    While this game isn't for everyone -- it's EXTREMELY graphic and gory -- it is a masterpiece for the new console generation and is one of the most fun titles I've played (and that's going all the way back to the Nintendo days)! Hats off to EA by taking some tried-and true formulas (3rd person horror from Resident Evil 4, or being trapped in a spaceship full of aliens / zombies from lots of games and movies) and developing them into something innovative, horrifying, and addictive!

    If you even remotely like horror / sci-fi / action and can handle gore and some scares, then this game is a definite buy. You won't regret it!...more info
  • Great game
    If this isn't game of the year.....I want the game that gets that award. Great graphics, excellent story line, and it's freakin scary!!!! I loved every minute of this game. The story line is pretty original, and in a world where FPS seem to dominate the baseline of good games, the third person point of view is not only refreshing but adds to the eerie feeling of the story. I highly recommend this game....more info
  • Good Game
    Good game to play, looks good, sounds good, and has a decent amount of levels. Its worth the money. Some improvements I would have liked to have seen: 1. a way to carry over your character and improved items 2. Once you've played all the way through, a way to play whichever level you want to. 3. A co-op option (my biggest peeve about any game) this one ain't got one. I liked the story, the weapons, etc etc. It does have a little bit of replay value, as you could power up different weapons and try different attacks with them, but it'll lose some of its umph after you've played through it once. Would've given 5 stars except for a couple of improvements listed above....more info
  • The Survival Horror Event of the Year.
    I'll start by saying I'm not usually a fan of alien-space-future-themed games. But, as I'm a huge survival horror fan, I decided to check this one out. I'm glad I did.

    The story is, I suppose, simple enough. You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer, who is sent on a repair mission with a few others. You have an especially strong interest in this mission, because your girlfriend (assumed), Nicole, is onboard the ship. You and your comrades arrive near your mission site, the USG Ishimura, an extremely large mining ship, and discover a complete communications blackout. Strange. The botched docking in the Ishimura is only a sign of things to come, as the ship seems to be completely deserted on first glance. Isaac + co. find out very quickly, however, that it's not. The simple repair mission then turns into a bloody, limb-severing fight for survival.

    The graphics are nothing short of gorgeous. I can say that this game is truly meant to be played on a widescreen 1080p television-- fear not, the game still looks stunning even on a normal TV. Everything from the bloodstained environment to the horrifying necromorphs (usually grotesque tentacled creatures) to the texture on Isaac's suit is presented in crisp, clean detail. However, one major fault remains. If you aren't playing this on an HDTV, you'll have problem reading most of the text logs that are scattered throughout. Maybe I didn't fiddle with my video settings enough, but that's something that is completely unacceptable.

    The game is a blast to play. At first the controls feel a tiny bit awkward, but then they soon become second nature and even intuitive. Your main method of combat is dismembering limbs. Awesome. Eventually you will come upon stores, with which you can buy new weapons and then upgrade them. This sort of thing feels silly and out of place (to me) in a survival horror game and makes your fight for survival feel a whole lot less desperate. Also, the extra guns are only mildly interesting at best-- and the game can easily be completed with exclusive use of the first gun.

    That being said, this game's plenty terrifying in its own right. It's got plenty of jump scares (I haven't jumped at a game in years!) and the off-camera sounds of agonized screams and aliens crawling around in pipes will have your fingers resting on the trigger buttons-- just in case.

    It's a great game, but it does have some flaws. The previously mentioned graphical issue, along with out-of-placeness of the store making this not a true survival-horror game. Also, the missions you'll be sent on will mostly be "Isaac, fetch this so you can fix this, but first you'll have to unlock this door and get these items." It's a little grating on your nerves when every mission (practically) is a go-fetch mission, and you'll find yourself yelling at the screen at your lazy comrades who make you, an engineer, a man with little-to-no combat experience, do everything on his own.

    Great game. If you're a fan of gory, alien action limb-severing goodness, this game is a must buy. It's also a must for anyone who's a fan of Resident Evil 4 and any game like it....more info


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