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Lose weight the fun way with My Weight Loss Coach. This game creates customized coaching sessions based on skill level, and includes a pedometer. So take control of your physical well-being by taking positive steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you take healthy steps, how far will you go? My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS is a game for every adult, male and female, who considers reaching and maintaining their target weight a challenge. A program that fits your own objectives and respects your daily life constraints, My Weight Loss Coach supports you and tracks your progress and achievements by improving your energy balance. Developed in conjunction with a nutritionist, it helps you take control of your weight efficiently and feel better. Via an exclusive pedometer (included free with the game), you will be able to measure your real physical activity level and balance it, following the advice of a fitness coach. Your motivation will increase with coaching sessions, daily challenges, mini-games and quizzes - play for only 10 to 15 minutes per day and you will feel the difference!

My Weight Loss Coach

Key Features

  • Personal Profiles: Create your personal profile and evaluate your improvement potential, then set up your objectives following the recommendations based on your personal profile.
  • Input Reward System: On a daily or weekly basis, overall, per input category, via a pedometer, physical activity and nutrition.
  • The Pedometer: Free with the game and easily updated through your DS, it’s the best way to control your daily physical effort, challenge yourself and balance your food intake.
  • Real-Life Landmark Checkpoints: As a reward, all physical activities you achieve and good nutrition habits you acquire are converted into distance. Didn’t you notice you’d already been traveling the distance equivalent to the Great Wall of China?
  • Mini-Games:
    • 10 coaching sessions, with different themes like alimentation and physical activity, help define your profile and give you strategies
    • 300 to 500 fun challenges, depending on your profile and your needs
    • Four trivia games, featuring about 300 questions with learning and awareness objectives
    • More than 160 tips and hints within the game
  • Real Experts: Developed in collaboration with a fitness coach and a nutritionist.
A Game That Wants You to Lose
A Game That Wants You to Lose
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  • Create your personal profile and evaluate your improvement potential; then set up your objectives following the recommendations based on your personal profile
  • Input reward system on a daily or weekly basis, overall, per input category via a pedometer, physical activity and nutrition
  • The pedometer - free with the game and easily updated through your DS, it’s the best way to control your daily physical effort, challenge yourself and balance your food intake
  • All physical activities you achieve and good nutrition habits you acquire are converted into distance
  • Developed in collaboration with a fitness coach and a nutritionist

Customer Reviews:

  • My Weight Loss Coach
    When I ordered this item, I did not realize that it was for Nintendo DS. Being electronically challenged. Therefore, I bought a DS and I have really enjoyed it. I am just getting started on the weight loss coach, but I like the fact that you can update your pedometer readings using the pedometer which came with it. This can be done by plugging in the pedometer and it is read into your system. I also like the challenges you are presented such as
    walking 500 steps, and there are questions and quizzes showing just how much you know about nutrition and exercise. Once I get more into it and on a schedule, I believe that I am going to like it....more info
  • Great weight loss tool
    I started using My Weight Loss Coach one week ago. According to the game I did not need to lose weight, but maintain my current weight. I disagreed (I have gained 10 pounds since getting married). I edited my profile to make myself 3 inches shorter than my actual height. Since then the game has worked great. I love the motivation that it provides. I needed this accountability. I have already lost one pound. You must follow all of the advice and assignments from your "coach". I love the challenges!...more info
  • My weight loss coach is lacking...
    I agree with the other person's review. This game is fun and cute, but I feel that it would be more beneficial to someone who is clinically overweight. If you are in the healthy weight range, this game might not be for you.

    The pedometer that comes with the game is rather large and difficult to conceal. It also makes a little bit of noise. The game relies on the use of the pedometer. If you don't live in a safe neighborhood that you can walk around in you will not be able to do some of the challenges.

    If you are overweight or are looking for something that will put you in a healthier mode--this game is for you. If you are looking to lose those last five pounds this game might not be for you. ...more info
  • Great concept.....very poor support
    I own Brain Age, Big Brain, and PicrossDS......All are great and easy to learn. So I was very excited to order My Weight Loss Coach. It has been very frustrating. Very very poor support. Wrote to the support team and they sent me to other sites that had nothing on them about My Weight Loss Coach. Also, couldn't register because it didn't have this game listed.
    The game itself has a great concept and I think could be fun, if it wasn't soooo frustrating. Can't go back.... difficulty trying to hook up the pedometer......Have spent 4 hours trying to get it to work and still can't get the pedometer to register the steps in the game. I think it could be a great game if it had a better manual and support. I finally gave up on support and will see if my grandkids can help....LOL...more info
  • Could be so much better
    I've had "My Weight Loss Coach" for about two weeks. I've been using it and the more I use it, the less I am impressed. The pedometer is cool and I have not had a problem with it falling off when I am on the treadmill. The software could be so much better. It is cute and works like it should, but the food choices are limited as are the workouts. If they develop a second version, they should increase the number of food choices per category (you can only choose about 5) and should differentiate between the types of workouts in a lot more details. I don't like the fact that it converts portion sizes of the food into "energy units" (my term), as it is confusing. If you are just getting started in working out, this might be a good motivator to track progress. I'd just like a lot more details. They had the right idea for the game, it just has the potential to be so much more than it is......more info
  • Disappointed
    This game is a good concept, but it's too easy to put down. The pedometer is a bit bulky to wear with my work clothes at the office. The "side games" are informative and your little coach character is the cutest thing. Unfortunately, that's not enough to keep me coming back. Logging the food you eat each day was very difficult. Instead of picking from a written list you tap on pictures of food. Sometimes I wasn't quite sure what type of food the picture represented. The foods shown are very limited and there is no way to know what a serving is. If you tap on a food and realize you made a mistake, you can't fix it. I used the game for about a week and then lost all interest. Chalk up another wasted $[...] to my weight loss quest. My recommendation is to use the old reliable Weight Watchers program. Leave your DS for video games....more info
  • Getting Ready for the Big Day
    Being a Bride to Be and a bit out of shape I needed something to help motivate me to be more active. I have a desk Job and I love having my DS with me for a game on my breaks. Now instead on my DS Breaks I go for a walk around my office and parkinglot. Getting Fresh air and logging my food intake and keeping track of my steps.
    I love the challenges they are tailored for me. (Every time you walk through a door way Suck in your stomach and hold it for 5 seconds) Well I never realized how many doorways I walk through. I have had Gastric Lap Band Surgery I used to weigh 500 pounds. I am now at 250 and I have 100 more that I would like to go. But I have a wonderful man who loves me and bought me this to make the last 100 pounds a game. He has given me a treadmill, yoga mat, DVD's and now this game. Not only does he join me in my work outs but he motivates me to keep going. Since he is working so much at EA Games now this is my new motivator. And I love showing off my progress. I am so glad Nintendo has come up with a FUN Motivating Tool to help me loose weight. Now excuse me I have a Minute Challenge I have to go do Dishes in my kitchen......more info
  • A Great Addition to the Rest of the Fitness Games and Gadgets!
    My husband got this game (and the DS to play it!) after he saw me oooing and aaaing over it in the Best Buy ad. Played it first thing and I have been playing it for five days now. I think it's adorable and handy. It's reminded me twice to take food out of the freezer for dinner as one of the daily challenges (I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached so my husband's getting better meals). It makes me motivated to walk more, use my Wii Fit more and use my YourselfFitness game more. It also makes me more motivated to watch what and when I eat. I plan on using it until it no longer functions (which will be years, I'm hoping). Add it to your collection today....more info
  • Fun Little Weight Loss Helper
    At first I thought the thing was crazy. There was a little stick figure guiding you through the process that never stopped talking. I have to say I didnt think it would work. If you are looking to lose weight right away do not buy the product. It is meant to change your habits and help you lose over time. It gets you off the couch and eating healthier. The pedometer that it came with helped a lot because it made me want to walk the recommended steps. The clip broke after a week though and I had to get another pedometer. I use it with my Wii Fit and Weight Watchers and I'm losing three to four pounds a week. I dont know which is working the best but all three are doing the job. My only recommendation is to not think this product alone will help you lose weight. This product is meant to get you off the couch and convince you to eat more veggies so for me it worked. ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    Very disappointed. I've been trying to use it for 3 weeks now and I have decided to put it in the box and hope that I can sell it to someone else. It is probably fun to someone with very little experience in dieting but not for me. I had hope I could carry it and enter my food throughout the day. And I mean enter, calories, quantities, etc. But you can't on this - I guess because it is a "game". (You pick bananas and drop them into the stick figure's mouth. You can't select quantity. If you eat a chef salad, it is very hard to pick all the ingredients for the salad.) Like others have said, I didn't care for it "lowering" my healthy attitude because I don't walk to the corner store - 3 miles away.

    The pedometer was a major pain. I nearly broke it trying to get the belt clip on and as mentioned, it won't stay on your clothes. In 3 weeks, it has fell off my pants at least a dozen times and believe me it is not built that sturdy.

    I could go on an on. It was just a major disappointment. ...more info
  • Sharon
    I love this! It's easy, it's fun! The tips are helpful, but most of all it is so much fun I stay with it. You never know what the next challenge will be or what reaction you will get from your workout pal. ...more info
  • So Far, So Good.
    I've only used this product for a couple of weeks so far. So far, so good. It mostly just helps you get started moving, and helps show how what you eat relates to the different activities you do.

    It's great because it gives you little daily goals. Here's an example of the daily goals:
    - walk 6,000 steps (which, by the way, is not as far as it may sound)
    - Do 30 minutes of physical activity
    - Do one challenge
    - Balance your food intake with your activity level

    I love that "physical activity" pretty much includes any moving around. Most people probably think that they would have to do aerobics for an hour, or run a mile ... something extreme. This program counts household chores, or even shopping as a physical activity. Have to go grocery shopping? That counts as physical activity. Have to vaccuum the carpet, dust, or clean the bathroom? That counts as physical activity too.

    The daily challenges are pretty simple too. You have minute challenges, which may include doing 5 sit-ups, or running to your kitchen to find out which spice jar is the fullest. Some are 24 hour challenges, such as don't skip any of the next 3 meals, put away your salt shaker for 24 hours, or research how to make soup from scratch.

    Balancing your food intake with your physical activity. You enter what you ate that day. It's a pretty generic list: cereal, soup, sandwich, soda, etc. You feed your stick person what you ate. I find it easier to update it a couple times a day so I'm not trying to remember every little thing I've eaten in the last 16 hours. Each food is worth a certain amount of energy points. Every minute of activity is worth a certain amount of energy points. What's nice is that the program does all the math for you. If you do more activity one day, it automatically updates how many energy points you should take in. Or if you've taken in more points than you've spent, it will let you know that you should probably spend a little more time doing a physical activity.

    It also has a few coaching sessions. It's nice because the coaching sessions have a few multiple choice questions to answer. Which means that the coaching is geared more to your needs. It's not just a general "applies to everyone" type of thing.

    One thing I absolutely love, is that it gives you a healthy, realistic weight loss goal. Safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. Having small goals helps a person feel less overwhelmed. Instead of seeing it as, I need to lose 30+ pounds, it's I need to lose 5-6 pounds over the next month. 5-6 pounds seems so much more attainable.

    So far, I've only used it a couple of weeks. So I can't really tell how well it works yet. So as time goes by, I'll try to update this review to include that.

    One thing I would suggest is to invest in a pedometer other than the one included with the software. The pedometer they give you is nice because it plugs into the Gameboy Adv. port so you don't have to manually enter your step count. The problem with it, is that it is bulky. The thing is huge. If you bend over, it may knock it at a weird angle and keep it from counting your steps correctly. Also, the reset button gets pushed a little to easily. I had 2,000+ steps logged in, and the next time I checked it, it read 20-something. Which seriously stunk. If you're not doing a ton of bending over, or sitting down, you may be okay with the pedpmeter that came with the software. Although, you have to be careful. I lost the dust cover for the part the hooks into your DS by the third day.

    So, it's enjoyable. It's easy. It's something to help you get started toward your weigh loss goals.
    ...more info
  • Motivator and Helpful to an extent
    It is interesting to keep track of daily food intake and exercise so that I can see where I need to make improvements. However, there need to be improvements in the game. The food intake guide is very limited so you cant get a real accurate count of calories. Also the fitness input is limited. If you are just looking for an assistance for motivation this is a good "game" to purchase. But if you are looking for precise details, you may not be pleased....more info
  • My family always says...
    If you want me to do something, turn it into a game. Well that's exactly what this program does for weight loss. The only downside is paying a little extra for a not so great pedometer - my solution to that is when it eventually dies (which if I drop mine a couple more times I'm sure it will) I'll just get a really good pedometer and enter my steps manually. However, the pedometer part is just a fraction of the game - the rest is definitely worth it....more info
  • Pretty Good
    The game is ok. I have been doing it for a week, but I honestly don't think it will help loose weight. The food tracking is really sketchy. It doesn't even have all the food choices so I have to kind of guess at what's there.

    The quiz games are just to easy. I don't like the pedometer at all. It is to bulky and it always falls off. Thankfully the game always the steps to be entered without it, but it only lets you put in an estimate. I have been using my own pedometer.

    ...more info
  • Who says videogames are bad for you?
    This cute, little game provides playful, positive enforcement of healthy lifestyle behaviors that should help most people make improvements gradually. Its major emphasis is on getting you to move more, an essential factor in sustained weight loss and long-term health. Focusing on easy adjustments, such as a gradual increase in daily step count, this product should fit into the life of most American adults. It accommodates a wide variety of pre-existing fitness levels, allowing you to count nearly any movement from housework to karate in your daily minimum of 30 minutes of exercise.

    The way it tracks your calorie intake each day is particularly friendly, and a great improvement on most fitness programs I have tried for handheld devices. Tossing aside detailed lists of foods that make recording intake a time-consuming chore, you select foods from categories based on average number of calories for average-sized servings. Nearly any food can be accounted for, even when eating out.

    The program is educational in a friendly way and provides customized feedback and suggestions based on your preferences and the results of mini-assessments. You have daily objectives and challenges to meet - some are playful and funny. But every objective met is rewarded in terms of miles traveled to interesting sights.

    There are some downsides and places where the game can be improved. The provided pedometer is a little bulky, but you can substitute any pedometer you prefer and enter your daily step total by hand. The food lists also do not give you feedback on nutritional value of choices. The program itself reminds you to eat a diverse diet, but you could live on junk food with this game and still make your objectives. Finally, as another review mentioned, there is no way to correct mistakes, and I have yet to find a way to review details about food or exercise in a day.

    Overall, if you have DS already and want to lose weight, I recommend this program.
    ...more info
  • Encouragement for this 52yr old.
    I've been working on losing weight for 6 years and had reached a standstill. I don't have anyone around me encouraging me on so this has been great. The little stick figure greets me each evening and gives me tips and gets excited when I meet my challenges.

    It figures out what your metabolic rate is and how much food to exercise that you need to lose weight.

    It comes with a pedometer that attatches to the game boy advance slot on the DS and it collects the info into your file.

    The steps are counted and you see your little figure walking on the screen. She has landmarks that she passes. Like I just finished walking the distance of the Panama canal. Every time you reach one you get a pictue of her infront of the site and it is kept in a scrapbook.

    I love the way you enter your food. You drag and drop the items into the stick figure and she chews them. LOL She helps you to balance you intake and output of energy.

    I highly recommend this item....more info
  • Too Complicated for a Lazy A** Like Me
    My main problem with this game was the food. You have to remember everything you ate every day -- and the portion size, which isn't easy to do -- and log it in. And make it fit the game's generalized food categories. If you hit the wrong button by accident, you can't undo it. Logging in my food was not fun and just a chore, and even when I barely moved at all that day, the game was telling me my food to exercise balance was good. I know it's not. Many of the challenges the game was offering me -- like put away the salt shaker and clean up the kitchen -- were things I was already doing.

    To walk the number of steps on the pedometer it wanted me to walk was a lot of walking! And here's where I failed the game. Instead of getting out at night and walking around the block until I logged in those extra 3,000 steps I was failing to achieve, I just stopped wearing the pedometer. So if you are amendable to being challenged to walk more, than I guess this would be good for you.

    But it started off good. It told me to drink a whole glass of water and walk 300 steps to calibrate the pedometer. But after that it never asked me to drink a glass of water again. I wish it had demanded that every time I turned it on. It reached the point where I was just laying on the sofa, trying to log in my food. So I guess it's back to the Wii Fit.

    Now that I look at the review, I think I'm the one who should get 1 star and the game should get 4 stars! ...more info
  • Perfect for the out-of-shape gadget geek
    I've had this for a week so far and love it.

    I'm a bit of a tech geek -so I enjoy using it and it motivates me to keep "playing the game."

    This is definitely NOT for someone who already works out and is very knowledgeable about diet/exercise/nutrition. For someone like me, however, it has already made a huge difference.

    I am walking every day and keeping a close eye on what I eat. It's with me all day - either as the pedometer or using the DS at mealtime to enter my food intake and answering questions/playing games.

    Two downsides - you can't lock your profile, so if someone else gets a hold of it (like my kids did) your profile can get all messed up. Relative to that, unlike Wiifit, you can only have one profile and one user (obviously) of the pedometer. It's too bad because my entire family is intrigued by all the fun I'm having.

    My recommendation for future versions would be to provide for multiple users and sell the pedometers like they sell extra game controllers for other games.

    Another thought that ocurred to me would be that having this interact with Wiifit would be awesome.

    Summary - good for the middle-aged guy or gal who wants to get in shape at a reasonable pace, enjoys gadgets, and wants to have fun. ...more info
  • anon
    I love this product. It is very similar to having a weight loss program online but it is on the DS. I liked the ease of using the pedimeter. Unfortunately I have only had the program a month and the clip for the pedometer already broke. I contacted Ubisoft the company that developed the program and they don't replace the clip. You would have to buy the whole pedometer for $10. They did claim that it would work if you carried it around in your pocket. I have yet to try that. I have been using a cheap pedometer out of a cereal box in the mean time. Otherwise, I think the program is useful. ...more info
  • fun way to exercise
    A fun way to exercise and watch what your eating. The pedometer works great, keeping it on all day shows how many steps you do on a given day. The eating journal asks for honesty when supplying your daily intake. The only problem is not using it every day. Overall an excellent support for weight loss!...more info
  • my weight loss coach
    I have not had a chance to use it yet,but am looking forward to it....more info
  • pedometer a pain
    Pedometer clip is hard to attach to any but the thinnest clothes. Pedometer resets itself all the time - I assume the reset button is too sensitive and I am bumping it. The food and exercise input is not exact enough for anyone who is obsessive, but it will at least keep you accountable. This is a GREAT use of the DS and I hope Ubisoft redesigns the pedometer reset button and I would be happy to get a "My advanced weight loss coach" that is more exact with calories and has more sophisticated trivia questions and such for those of us who are lifelong dieters and are looking for a database/log of food and activity but don't need to be told that fried Chicken has more calories that celery....Oh, and my biggest gripe of all is that Ubisoft has no easy way to leave them feedback, so I had to come over here and gripe....more info
  • My weight loss coach
    My weight loss coach is user friendly, but that's it. The pedometer falls off constantly. Not a lot of detailed information can be put in. It's okay for a beginner, but I want something with more details....more info
  • iphone
    for those of you that have an iPhone/iPodTouch, you can buy the same application at iTunes store for $5! ...more info
  • Very Cute! GREAT for motavation
    The Little stick figure as mentioned in other reviews is absolutely adorable! it was fun to get started with that cute lil thing. I rated this game 4 stars because there are somethings i think need to be improved, Overall the pros of this game far out weigh the cons. The Pros of this game is its fun, its easy to follow, it doesn't make you feel overwhelmed with the amount of steps you have to take. The challenges are small and simple but overall they make a big difference. The Pedometer that came with the game is pretty accurate and easy to wear. It's a breeze to upload your steps into your Nintendo DS. It really threw me off to see it logged down how much i ate (the choices i made) and how much exercise i get in a day. WOW! im a total bum! lol (my words,not the game) The food intake and choices you are required to log down benefit EVERYONE! skinny ,thin ,average and overweight see with their own eyes what they need to do to make healthier choices in there life. MOST IMPORTANT for me was the goals were not intimidating or out of reach for the average person and it's a EXCELLENT motavation tool. The CONS of this for me were when i was going through step by step and a the page turned their was no way you could go to the previous page, VERY ANNOYING! some stuff i wanted to read over and had no way of getting back to it, you cant stop and save right on the spot either so if you shut it off you have to start all over again. This was just in the beggining part of the game, the other annoying part was not being able to reverse a wrong choice or being able to cancel a challenge, maybe im not doing it right ( i am new to nintendo ds ) but this game should have a "go back" or something like that on all of its pages so you can back out and re-read things or make changes. And hey Nintendo!!! did you even consider that people have different diets??? im a vegetarian ( no eggs and no dairy in my diet ever!) so that is a problem for me when it comes to some of the food choices, i just skip that and replace it with something similar, its not that hard, it just would of been nice if the game had asked about the foods you ate or avoided when making your profile. Surely im not the only vegetarian out there! Hope this review helps! ...more info
  • A good start, but needs improvement
    The game in itself is cute and entertaining. It does well in suggesting challenges to get moving and actually thinking about what you're eating, but it has definite room for improvement.

    I was aghast when it told me I was in a healthy BMI range. I know from experience that I'm healthiest and at my fittest weighing 30lbs less than I do now, so I had to actually lie to the game to make it suggest weight loss goals to me. I had to tell the game I was 30lbs heavier than I am, and 2 inches shorter. I don't think a game should decide for you if you should lose or maintain weight; that should be a personal decision and you should be able to adjust goals accordingly.

    The way of keeping track of calories is pretty cute, selecting options from a list and feeding your little avatar person. What I don't like about it, is that the calorie content of the options is very generalized, estimating calorie content for the different food options. I'd like to be able to enter in my own calories if it differs from what it presented. Also, I wish there was an option to judge your diet based on nutrition and healthy choices, not just calorie counting.

    I've had the game for about 3 days now, and it really isn't bad for being the first one like this on the DS. It's not as comprehensive as I'd hoped, but it's good for what it is. I agree with the other review that said they should release a second one with more customization options. ...more info
  • Want to loose weight on your own
    This game is great for people wanting to loose weight on there own. It makes it fun. Why dish out hundreds of dollars a year to go to a gym when you dont have the time or money. Now for [...] or less, we can play a fun game to help get us motivated, learn whats better to eat and maybe some other things we didnt no. Now who could complain of that when it gets you moving? I love this "game" and use it every day....more info
  • Intentions good, but execution fairly bad!
    My Weight Loss Coach

    I'm going to start with why you SHOULDN'T buy this product (the list is long - go get a TALL glass of water!):

    1. The pedometer is one of the crappiest I've ever had the displeasure of TRYING to use. The clip is hard to get over anything that isn't thin and flimsy in the way of a waistband (like the waist of your jeans, for instance);

    2. the pedometer also misses steps because all it has is a little ball that moves around inside to trigger a sensor. The sensor is not adjustable to different step lengths or anything at all;

    3. the long flat piece that goes into the Game Boy cartridge slot of the DS can cause the pedometer to be pushed up and off your waistband as you bend to get something or retie shoes. Wearing it while walking your dog might get your pooch hurt in frustration - I wouldn't recommend it;

    4. there is no accurate calorie counter - the program takes an average cal. count and uses that for its' calculations of whether or not you've actually met your energy needs for the day. This is HIGHLY inaccurate because most folks wanting to lose weight are going to be eating at least *some* low fat/reduced calorie foods and beverages and this app doesn't take MOST of those into account;

    5. the lack of accurate calorie counting is also dangerous because many people UNDER eat - skipping meals in a vain attempt to lose weight. I'm guilty of underfueling my body but you wouldn't know it from this program! And this is the DETAILED accounting I'm talking about - I tremble when I think of what dangerous inaccuracies you'd get in the QUICK view!

    6. the company's customer service absolutely SUCKS! Ubisoft should train their call center much better! When I called to ask why the food and activity logs were locked for two days all the rep could come up with was "you're not far enough into the game." "What does THAT mean? This isn't a game so how far in do I have to be in order to simply enter my food and activity for a day? I've had this for a week!" "Umm, you're not far enough into the game - umm, hold on." After I was on hold for a full minute she proceeded to tell me (since someone evidently informed her this was a health app, not a game) that I should test the product by going to a retailer and using THEIR DS in order to see if the logs would unlock.

    As I discovered when I skipped a day due to extreme busyness, the logs lock for 24 hours after your last entry of data so even if you don't say yes when asked "Wrap the day?" the logs become inaccessible anyway! I find this extremely STUPID because you should be able to enter your consumption and activity at any time of day or night that you feel like it and can fit it in! Ubisoft customer service apparently doesn't even know its' own products! And DON'T write/e-mail them through the support site. They looked at my (predetermined) headline and didn't read my question AT ALL. The headline had something to do with "Gameplay Trouble" (no other headline even approached being right and you didn't have an "other" option) and they sent me a bunch of links to a forum on action games. This was simply inexcusable. That's why I finally had to call them long distance and try to get some help. When I wrote them back they hadn't even read my question I never heard another peep out of them. Shame on you, Ubisoft!

    7. The nutrition and exercise advice is fairly old and stale - just standard stuff being pushed by an animated stick figure with cheesy musical effects;

    8. speaking of the stick figure - if you have low self-esteem and are significantly overweight I'd recommend avoiding this app altogether. I'm about 80 pounds from where I want to be. I entered my weight and watched the animated stereotype of a girl (a dress and a bow on the bald head) grow to humongous proportions while straining the scale and ending up with ONE LARGE TOOTH. What the H -E - double hockey sticks is THAT about? Being fat turns you into a one toothed freak or something?? I'm copying this review and sending it to Ubisoft so that they know *precisely* how unfunny I think that particular animation really is.

    Now for the pros (don't blink, you'll miss 'em!):

    1. It's a good place to keep track of raw data as you lose (or detect "some" patterns when you don't);

    2. If you're fairly motivated it's a nice place to get some tips and general information in one place instead of having to surf the 'net all over;

    3. If you NEVER pay full price (I found it for $19.99 on sale locally) you won't regret a HUGE loss of the money - just some buyer's remorse cause it could have bought four really good Starbucks' drinks!

    4. It 'does' give a daily nudge when used daily and sometimes one does need to be reminded even of what one already knows.

    That's it from my end - what did YOU think of it?...more info
  • My Non-Hollywood Fitness Coach
    I just bought this product today and I had some expectations. I will say that the little stick figure they use to coach me through is pretty darn cute. Especially when she mumbles (like a better version of a sim character). However I was not happy when I entered my weight and it figured that I was in a healthy BMI range, therefore telling me I only need to work on maintaining my current state of flab.

    I am not writing this because I am trying to be anorexic or unhealthy. But I know for a fact that there are areas that I would like to tone and lose inches from. I think the weight loss coach would be more effective if it asked you how much you wanted to lose and then based its program around that. As it is now, it'll probably only recommend exercises and food intake that'll keep me where I'm at.

    Pay attention Nintendo! My Weightloss Coach needs a part 2 with improvements!

    Other things I've noticed during my limited use:
    1. If you accept a challenge by mistake , there is no button to cancel the request.
    2. Also, I got a food challenge of eating hard boiled eggs... this stuff makes me nauseous even when I smell it. Where's the menu option that lets you cross out foods you don't eat??

    I'm going to keep using it and hopefully some of these cons will be out weighted by future results....more info
  • Quickly sits on a shelf
    This is a great idea in concept, but not thought through so that it is convenient to use.

    The pedometer is huge. It is not easy to clip on and you can't put it in a pocket, etc. like many others.

    After awhile, you realize there really isn't a "game" involved at all. You do have a few quizes, but that is about the extent of it. It is really a "tracker" and "general info giver."

    I would think of selling it used, but no one takes the pedometer when it is used, therefore you end up buying something that you really can't use. Of course, after awhile it allows you to put in the steps you walked, but the plug in function is so convenient, even if the pedometer itself is not....more info
  • used to hate exercising...
    I agree with the other reviews that the nutrition part is lacking in this game, but it is a lot less stressful to pick foods i've eaten than spend time researching exactly how many calories a food has. The pedometer has really motivated me to get up and move a lot. I'm a junior in college and my weight fluctuates a lot because it's hard to eat healthily there and i only exercise intensely before spring break. This game has helped me get on a steady routine that I can definetely keep up with, even if it does just include walking 30 minutes a day on the treadmill. People who are really serious about weight loss should maybe count their calories separately but I am just trying to maintain weight so I like that it encourages me to eat more than I normally do....more info
  • It's not a game!
    To me, this is not a game. It's a help-aid for those wanting to lose weight. It's not fun, because it's very hard to figure out (for me anyway) Also, if you have any kind of exercise regiment already in place, this tool has new exercises which are kind of lame. Just not my cup of tea, I guess....more info
  • huge motivator for weight loss
    I was in a slump with my weight loss program but then got this game. I was motivated from the first day. It challenges you to walk more and the games are fun. The graphs showing your progress keep you motivated. Three of my friends have purchased this also....more info
  • A Good Idea, but Rather Insulting
    I picked this up for my daughter and was helping her get the profile set up. The principle of this game is great. However, when creating the profile in it, it asks you to enter your weight using a slider like you find on the scale at a doctor's office. As you slide the weight up, the character grows. What I found insulting is that at some point the back of the scale starts to bend backwards due to the size of the character. If you take the slide as far to the right as is possible, the character can no longer touch the groung with its feet. The facial expression also becomes less pleasant as you increase the weight. This is the image that you have to look at when you update you weight. It's an insensitive depiction. Overweight people know that they're overweight, they don't need a game, that is supposed to help making healthy choices be fun, giving them images that are insulting and demoralizing. ...more info
  • Great Game but Pedometer Could Be Better
    I like this game a lot. It helps keep me on track and gives me encouragement to continue in my weight loss goal. However, the pedometer needs to be revamped. It keeps falling off of my waistband and at other times, my movements cause it to reset to zero so all of the steps that I have taken up to that time are lost. Other than that, I love this game....more info
  • Great game, I'm losing weight!
    I have started losing weight after one week! I have tried so many other things with no results. I am trilled at the results so far. I love the idea of weighing food vs exercise. You don't have to get so detailed with the food or exercise imputs so it's fast and easy to keep up to date. It's got me moving more and the weight is coming off. There are lots of sites and programs where you can monitor these things but I like that I'm not tied to a PC. It goes with me. ...more info
  • I bought it, I LOVE this!
    I bought this and wondered if this was going to be easy to use. Diets are not easy and lets face it...unless exercising is your hobby...exercising pretty much $uck$!! LOL I had to get something that motivated me! I am pretty much 100 lbs. overweight, short, I'm 38 years old and this "game" is perfect for those that are overweight. And it IS easy to USE!

    I AGREE with one of the last opinions made by someone that if you are mostly fit and have just a bit of flab to lose, this isn't for you and that Nintendo SHOULD come up with "My Toning Coach"! GREAT IDEA (Im sure if people get thru this coaching...they would WANT to explore the next

    I like how it compares things to how far you walked (and believe me...walking is my only option of exercise right now...). I've been walking with the pedometer now for less than a week and already I've walked the distance of "up and down Mt. Everest"...WOW! ME? Who knew?

    I am a cook at home and love to make and eat everything in the world. I like how this coach tells you to enter all the food you ate for the day and shows you how your exercise balances with your food sometimes tells you to set a goal of, for example, "try not to eat anything today that has any form of grease."! I can do that for 1 day or two...but you dont have to do that every day!

    This is way cool. And would LOVE a part 2 later on down the road. I would buy part 2 now if they had it just so I'd be ready for it. It's so interesting what they do with a Nintendo DS these days! WAY TO GO N2DS!...more info
  • Pretty Good, but Don't Try Contacting UBI Soft
    I really enjoyed this game, Since I'm retired I had plently of time to enjoy my walking and doing weight loss tips that the game gave me. But I lost my pedometer (which I really loved) and wanted to see about getting a replacement so I contacted the makers of the game, UBI, and they were not helpful at all--tryed asking them twice about a replacement pedometer and they never really answered my question so I gave up....more info
  • I'm 45, and I LOVE it!
    This game is VERY good for people trying to get healthier, especially if you're currently sedentary.

    The first thing it asked me to do was drink a glass of water. The little stick figure was hilarious to watch until I drank the water.

    The second activity it had me do was walk 500 steps using the pedometer that comes with the game. It took 5 minutes.

    The first food related task I had to do was put the salt shaker into the cabinet.

    Good ideas . . . and very simple for this inactive Mom of 3. I know I need to get healthy, and I am proud of myself for starting.

    ...more info
  • "Food Balance" Section Measures Only Calories, Not Nutrition
    This product could be dangerous if you expect it to calculate a "balanced diet" for you. What it means by "balanced" is that the calories of the food you have consumed are sufficient to "balance" the calories you have expended. I had been reporting the food I had eaten (you pull various food icons from the different food groups over to a cartoon figure) for over a week but one day, when I had eaten too many carbs and not enough vegetables, I started to get uneasy. While the program said the diet was "balanced" I knew it was not nutritionally balanced. The next day I calculated my food exchanges on a piece of paper, but instead of what I had actuall eaten I put down that I had consumed nothing but chicken. The program said this diet was "balanced". The next day I did the same thing, only instead of what I had actually eaten I told the program I had eaten nothing but candy. Again, it said my diet was "balanced".

    This game is good in that it offers incentive to exercise, and a lot of good information about nutrition. It is a shame that it fell short when it came to the "food balance" part. Surely information about the food pyramid and healthy food exchanges is not too difficult to program into a game? Instead of the wonky pedometer, the manufacturers could have included a small calorie counter.

    I think Nintendo DS would be a great platform for a program that encourages exercise *and* helps you select a balanced diet. I am looking forward to it....more info
  • Very Kludgy Interface but you do get a free pedometer
    My Weight Loss Coach DS is an awesome idea. It comes with a free pedometer, that you can plug into your DS! It lets you track your steps each day easily. The rest of the 'game', though, is a mixed blessing.

    The game is broken out into a number of areas. Each day you plug in your pedometer so it knows right away how many steps you took wearing it. I already own a pedometer which plugs into a computer, and I have to say my other one is much better. This one just counts total steps. The other one actually tracks them by hour and by intensity - so you get an instant graph of how active you were each hour, which were quiet steps, which were energetic steps and so on. It's much more helpful.

    You can input other activities you've done, but it's a very kludgy interface. You choose an icon of what type of general thing you did - housework, team sports etc - and then manually spin a clock dial to point at an interval. It won't even let you check the box if it's under an hour worth of effort.

    Then there are challenges - both food and activity related, both short term ("do now") and longer term ("do by tomorrow"). Sometimes the items are easy - hide the salt, clean out the fridge. Sometimes they are more complicated, like go out jogging. However, sometimes they are just non-doable for some people. Go jogging and don't come home until you spot an animal? Go bake some bread from scratch? Organize a team sport and get your family and friends to play? I can easily see some gamers getting frustrated by these types of challenges because they simply don't have the supplies or ability to do them in their environment.

    The DS will say something like "do 20 lunges" but give you no idea how to do them. You have to go find your manual and look it up. With other activity DS games I have, they explain the activity to you and have animated demonstrations.

    Even some of their "coaching tests" seem not quite kosher. They rate you down if you drive a car to the corner store rather than walking. Some of us don't have "corner stores" within safe walking distance.

    For daily food tracking, they don't use calories or carbs or other normal units. They use "energy units" which means the things you're learning will be completely unhelpful in the real world. Also, the interface is again extremely tedious. Let's say you ate a serving of turkey. You have to go paging through the general food types, find the poultry area and drag down a poultry item. It then separates into different types of poultry - turkey, chicken and breaded chicken. You drag one of the turkey items onto the person. You have to do that with every single food you eat, all day long.

    I definitely appreciate what it is trying to do, and I imagine most people would find it cute for a week or two, but I really don't see most users going through that tedious interface for more than that.

    Finally, the game is very much set up for completely sedentary people. Its idea of activity is to stand and sit 10 times. If you are not in the "obese" range, I am not sure their activities are really going to help you become more healthy. Even for obese people, I think there are many other better options out there to help you improve your health.

    Still, if you really love your DS and don't own a pedometer, this isn't a *bad* choice. I am all for people using whatever works for them. If you don't mind this interface and enjoy the little challenges, then have at it! Being active this way is far better than being inactive.

    Rating: 3/5...more info
  • Use it, love it!
    My Weight Loss Coach is a great program to use. It's so encouraging and positive. It give you workout goals, challenges that you choose, keeps track of what you eat, and other things. And it's so fun to use.

    I recommend this program to anyone who wants to try to lose weight....more info


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