OzoneLite Air Purifier Titanium Dioxide Light Bulb

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"Ozone Lite Air Purifier Titanium Dioxide Light (23 Watt, 120v) Bulb. Ozone light bulb for everyday household use (use 1 per 100 sq. ft.). Although Oa?¡éZONELite DOES NOT EMIT OZONE, the name 'Oa?¡éZONELite' was chosen because ozone is created electrically during thunderstorms. This electrical discharge, ozone, creates a positive sweet smell that we understand as fresh air. Light output equal to 100-watt incandescent bulb; 2700?¡ã K warm color. Oa?¡éZONELite is perfect for allergy sufferers, parents with young children, pet owners, smokers and anyone who wants a safe, natural, non-toxic way to help eliminate germs, smoke and odors without the use of harmful, poisonous chemicals "

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Customer Reviews:
  • Dah
    This bulb does emit ozone. If not it would not work. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent. Ozone is a form of oxygen (I'm keeping this simple) that readily degenerates into the form of oxygen we freely breath. The amount of ozone generated by these bulbs is minute, but sufficient to oxidize (destroy) oder causing compounds. The unreacted ozone rapidly reverts to normal oxygen. ...more info