Marsona TSCi-330 White Noise Travel Sound Conditioner For both USA and International Use

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Product Description

The Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner is ideal for the person on the move, helping to create a familiar sound environment while either home or away. The TSCI-330 is compact and lightweight, yet offers the noise masking capabilities of many full sized sound conditioners. Utilizes solid state technology to create "white noise" emulating Rain, Waterfall and Surf to effectively mask unwanted sounds and noise. The TSCI-330 operates at a touch with simple slide controls: one for volume, one for tonal range, and a three-way sound selector on/ off switch. The portable TSCI-330 fits easily into an overnight bag or suitcase and comes complete with a handy nylon Travel Pouch. Unit is equipped with a dual voltage power supply which allows it to be used at home and when travelling in countries with 100 to 240 volt power. This unit will work in the USA.

  • Sleep and Rest Better
  • Compact and lightweight. Comes with Dual Voltage Power Supply and operates from 100 to 240 volts - good for home and abroad!
  • Fits easily into an overnight bag or suitcase and comes complete with a handy nylon Travel Pouch.
  • Utilizes solid state technology to create "white noise" emulating Rain, Waterfall and Surf
  • Mask unwanted noise or create acoustic privacy where needed

Customer Reviews:

  • an ocean in the bedroom
    Great product, just a couple of issues:

    1) the on/off slider is a bit flimsy
    2) I wish the deeper waves sound went louder. The 'rain' noise goes extremely loud, but it's not a very pleasant noise....more info
  • What a wonderful product!
    I bought this product for a cruise my husband and I just took. We have a wave machine at home which we bought when we had teenagers in the house to have peace and quiet at night. We missed it when we traveled. I bought this one after reading other reviews and I'm happy to say it was perfect!...more info
  • It pleased the hard to please!
    My husband really needs his white noise to sleep, and right now he uses an air filter fan that suffices. But now, he loves his Marsona. He's very sensitive to "patterns" in his white noise, and with the Marsona he was able to manually create the white noise by adjusting its dials. He travels a lot, and never can find good white noise, now it won't be a problem....more info
  • Excellent product for improving sleep quality.
    Excellent sound quality really fools the mind into thinking you are listening to natural effects. Improves the sleep quality even when there is very little background noise. Very good....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I have been a long time mechanical style Sleep Mate user. It is a little heavy and bulky for travel, however. My old digital Radio Shack noise generator that I used for travel recently fried in France. Having had good luck with Marsona in the past, I decided to try this one. The dual voltage feature has great appeal - no more need for voltage converters, a quirk of which I suspect fried my old Radio Shack model.

    The TSCI 330 works as advertised. I find it plenty loud for my purposes. It doesn't have a great variety of sounds, but that's fine with me. The included pitch and sound variation slide switches are adequate. As noted by some other reviewers, it doesn't have a distracting sound loop repeat that I found a little anoying on my old Radio Shack model. Instead, the sound is continuous. It's small enough for travel and simple to operate. For what it's worth, it "feels" like a quality product, and I have had good luck with Marsona in the past. So far, I'm very pleased....more info
  • Great Marsona TLC330
    Great! covers the sound of cars, pipes, toilet flushing. Light and easy to carry around. The international model allows you not to take any transformer....more info
  • Good for travel...
    I bought this for travel in Europe to use in place of my Marpac home unit. It is compact and works well on European current (with a small plug adapter). Drowned out street noises very well....more info


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