Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

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You are the perfect weapon. You are Jason Bourne. Robert Ludlum's best-selling spy novels and blockbuster film adaptations have thrilled millions. Now become Ludlum's most famous spy Jason Bourne, going deeper than ever into his world of espionage and conspiracy. A signature Jason Bourne video game experience is born in an original title fusing the viscous tension and depth of the novels with the aggressive style and frenetic action of the films.

  • Be Jason Bourne in an action experience that seamlessly blends hand-to-hand combat, shooting, and dramatic escapes
  • Weaponize the environment to perform deadly attacks and multi-opponent takedowns
  • Combines the big moments of The Bourne Identity with all-new back story developed by Bourne trilogy screenwriter Tony Gilroy
  • Aggressive cinematic presentation
  • Employ signature techniques to weaponries, improvise, and always survive

Customer Reviews:

  • really cool looking
    The look of this game is amazing. You feel totally awesome beating everyone down with all the different take-downs. It's a little unrealistic in that you kill EVERYBODY, but then again, you are Jason Bourne.
    I loved it. The overall feel is the best part about it.
    Plus if you die it doesn't send you too far back so that you have to do a million different things all over again....more info
  • Bourne Combining the Book and Movie
    First review so please don't be too harsh.
    When I first bought this game wasn't sure what to expect as to graphics and storyline but wasn't dissapointed it combines shooting which usually works satisfactorily ,the driving section which the other drivers seem to be part time police officers as they will intentially try to cut you off during a chase,and the fighting where this game excels ;True to the books and the movies Bourne is a human weapon able to use the environment and his own body to take down opponents often larger and equally skilled as he is at hand to hand with no problems except for some difficulty on the boss battles often times the health bar for the boss will not move whereas your own drops quicker than the temperature during a blizzard; storywise as some of the other reviewers have said it incorporates some settings of the first movie into the story namely the embassy escape,the farm ,and the safehouse but most of it is played in flashbacks as to the events leading up to the movie such as how he gets to Mombasi in the first place.the big element of this game is the use of andrenaline which is built up through combining moves ,driving and shooting once the meter is full it can be used for one button shooting attacks or fighting multiple assailants with a single button press if the level is high enough ;extras include option of replaying levels and the chance to relive some of the first movies memorable fight scenes as Jason Bourne....more info
  • Good rental
    I rented this because I enjoyed the movies and hoped the game was a worthy companion. It didn't quite measure up to the movies (which isn't very surprising), but I enjoyed the game. Although the melee fighting became somewhat repetitive, I liked it anyway. It seemed like movie-type fighting.
    It would have been nice if you could carry more than 2 weapons (one single-handed weapon and one two-handed weapon), but that didn't ruin the game for me. I also would have liked to see more than one car chase mission, but at least the one it had was well done. Overall, it had the feeling of a Bourne movie.
    I finished the game in 3 days on Agent (middle) level. I would've been disappointed if I'd paid $50-60, but it was a worthy rental. I was going to rent the new Bond game, but it was out, so I rented this instead. It was a worthy proxy for a Bond game.
    ...more info
  • Better Than Most Movies Gone Game

    +Very good graphics
    +Good music
    +Simple gameplay that's easy to grasp
    +Has a good level of action the movies are known for
    +Feels a lot like the movies


    -The gameplay gets repeitive
    -It's short
    -There are a couple of camera issues

    When it comes to video games, those based off movies are typically just an average affair. Usually there isn't that much effort put into it and it quickly becomes nothing more than a cash cow. It's hard to say that about The Bourne Conspiracy. On one hand, it is pretty much based off a movie, on the other hand, it seems like there was a lot more care and devotion put into this game as it didn't have a movie to meet the release date of. As a result, you get a game that suffers from less problems than most video games based off movies. There are still a couple of the same old problems, but you don't mind them nearly as much because regardless of what it seems, you're getting a much better quality game.

    If you've seen The Bourne Identity, then you already know the basic premise of the story. The Bourne Conspiracy gives you a chance to see some of the events that happened before the start of the movie. Overall, though, you're ultimately playing The Bourne Identity. The game presents itself a lot like the movie does. There are some good cinematics here and even some good voice work to accompany them. A lot of music is pulled directly from the movie. In terms of feeling like the Bourne movies, The Bourne Conspiracy does a bang up job. As you watch, and even as you play, you really feel like you're part of the Bourne universe. Not to mention the game just looks good all around with detailed environments and good character models. The only real problem with the production values is that the Jason Bourne doesn't look that much like Jason Bourne. He doesn't sound much like Jason Bourne either. That still doesn't mean you won't feel like Bourne as you play.

    In many games based off movies, the gameplay always suffers more than anything. Becoming repetitive very early on or just not going the distance to be engaging enough. The Bourne Conspiracy makes an attempt to be better than those games and it actually does a fairly good job. For the most part, combat is engaging and exhilarating. You can string together combos and there's even an adrenaline gauge that allows you to perform some brutal attacks on your enemies. The best part about the combat system is that it keeps you on your feet. There are times when it can become a button mashing affair, but for the most part, your enemies aren't so dumb that they will stand there and get wailed on. Something very few games adapted from movies can attest too. It does become somewhat repetitive after a while, but at least there's variety as you can string together different sorts of combos.

    Ever since Resident Evil 4 debuted in 2005, the mechanic of having to make quick button presses during a cutscene has become popular. Even overplayed. While it has its place in The Bourne Conspiracy, this little trend is starting to feel a little gimmicky. There's nothing wrong with it. It works just fine. Some would even say that The Bourne Conspiracy is a game that should have something like this because of the movies intense action and Jason's quick reflexes. The big problem is that it's overplayed quite a bit in this game.

    The moments where you use a gun are a bit more fun than the hand to hand combat. They're intense and work out just as well. You have to be a bit precise in your aiming, however. There's no feature that locks on to your enemies automatically. Sometimes you'll come out of cover and sustain damage simply because you couldn't line up the shot in time. However, this is something you can easily adapt to. These moments are a bit better than the hand to hand combat because they're not quite as repetitive.

    The Bourne Conspiracy isn't perfect, however. As mentioned earlier, it does suffer from the same things as some movies gone game have suffered from. As I noted, the hand to hand combat can be repetitive. The camera is a problem, getting in a little too close at times instead of letting you observe your surroundings. While the game is really neat to look at, there are times when you'll see enemies appearing through walls and whatnot. Though, that's hardly a problem. For the most part, The Bourne Conspiracy does a bang up. However, the big thing this suffers from is the same thing almost all games based off movies do: It really isn't that long. There's only so much you can put into a movie-based game. At the very least, however, The Bourne Conspiracy doesn't feel like a game that was rushed through development. There are no horrible bugs, and while some of the gameplay is repetitive, there's enough variety to keep it interesting. Top that off with the fact that the game isn't all that hard either. It's very straightforward.

    Easily the best part about The Bourne Conspiracy is that it carries the atmosphere of the movie very well. There's a lot of intense action here. In terms of emulating what made the movies good, The Bourne Conspiracy delivers. You're probably better off sticking with the movies, but at least it makes for a good companion....more info
  • fun fighter but a poor shooter
    The Bourne Conspiracy is part fighter part shooter game. The game does a good job of following the movie and incorporates his unique "counter and strike" style of fighting.

    When you get close to an enemy u will automatically square off with the enemy. You attack using X and Y which represent light and heavy attacks respectively. when you do enough damage to an enemy you can perform a "take down" which results in slamming the enemy into whatever happens to be lying around at the time, such as a kitchen sink or TV. These "Take Downs" will be an instant kill on regular enemies and will do a great deal of damage against boss characters.

    The game really makes for some really amazing action sequences involving "Multiple enemy Take Downs" simultaneously to using some really odd things as weapons

    The shooting aspect of this game is relatively poor and what i found to be the must frustrating part of the game. Aiming is difficult and very unresponsive. The shooting parts of the game really do detract from the overall greatness of the game.

    Every level has between 5-10 passports to find that will increase the repeatability as well as 3 difficulty levels.

    Overall i was very happy with this game and enjoyed it. Hopefully if they do decide to make a sequel they can concentrate on tightening up the shooting mechanics.

    on a side note i re-watched the movie after playing the game and i was pretty amazed how close the game was to the movie...i mean yeah there was a level or two added to the game but overall very close...more info
  • Gets the Adrenaline pumping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This a good change of pace from most action or stealth games.
    If you have seen the movies then this is just like playing the movie. The fighting is very innovative and the take down moves are awesome. The fights look just as hardcore as they do in the movies.
    The button press inserts never get repetitive and if you have to play a certain part over you feel good when you nail it just right.
    If you loved the movies and the books then pick up the game. It's a nice change of pace to the regular action games on the market. challenging and fun are balanced equally. ...more info
  • close, but no good
    I'd like to start by saying I never write these kinds of reviews, but this game was just that bad. The concept is great, the graphics are good, but the gameplay is terrible. The hand-to-hand is so poorly thought out it's pathetic...yes every cop/terrorist/whatever who your fighting is just as skilled as a government trained assasin. Moves are far too limeted, and because of the way the camera rotates you get lost easily in a fight...when you beat the guy you need to get your bearings and hope no one with a firearm is waiting for you. Could've borrowed some "Splinter Cell" concepts when they made this one. While it did make me want to watch the movies, and is strikingly similar, the poor gameplay ruins what should've been an amazing video game. ...more info
  • very boring
    the graphics and explosions are terrible and the hand to hand is way too repetitive. the demo and game still have the same flaws the context sensitive button presses are terrible i want to control the action not press a timed button. the missions are stealth and running and very tiresome. overall a way too annoying game who ever did the combat moves ran out of ideas. ...more info


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