Eureka 6510A WhirlWind XL 12-Amp Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

XL Dust Cup - One of the largest dust containers on the market at 3.6 quarts. The cyclonic system allows more clean air to pass through the filters leaving them cleaner longer. On/Off Revolving Brushroll - Agitates carpet fibers and loosens dirt for better carpet cleaning. The brush can be turned off to protect and clean bare floors. Quick Release System - With the touch of your foot you can quickly release the cleaning wand from the powerhead and add accessories to clean above the floor. Power Paw™ with Riser Visor? - The Power Paw Stair Brush with Riser Visor is a handheld attachment that uses a powerful brush roll to get deep down dirt and pet hair from stairs and upholstery better and faster than other tools. The Riser Visor allows for vertical cleaning to easily clean stairs, upholstery and pet hair. HEPA Filter - A HEPA filter captures 99.97% of all dust and other allergen particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

  • 12 amp canister vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration
  • Cyclonic/bagless design with extra-large 3-3/5-quart dust cup
  • 8-foot hose; on/off revolving brushroll; quick-release system
  • Carpet brush, bare-floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and hand tool included
  • Measures 24-1/8 by 15-1/8 by 15-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Very good for the money
    I've waited a few months to write this, to make sure I'm still pleased with this vac, and I am. I give a lot of thought to my vacuums, because I use it every day (dogs that shed a lot). Here's my vacuum analysis: 1. I like canister vacs vs. uprights because pushing just the head of a canister vac is less tiring than pushing around the total weight of an upright vac. 2. When considering the power of a vac, I don't buy anything less than 12 amps. (which this vac has) AND I purchase one with a power head too (which this vac has). More power! 3. When replacing my old vac (a Sears Kenmore which I loved, but they no longer get good reviews), I decided to go bagless because the price of bags has gone up so much. I chose this one because it has a large dust canister, unlike some of the other brands. It's easy enough to remove, empty, and replace back into the vac. 4. This vac is lightweight too. Not relevant, but it's also cute. 5. A few of the tools -crevice and brush- attach onto the long wand. No, they're not onboard. But you have to lose something to make up for the dust cannister. 6. I tried an experiment regarding the suction. I vacuumed the den carpet first with another vac. Then vacuumed with this vac for the first time after receiving it. I couldn't believe how much dirt it picked up! Cupfulls! 7. The cord is a little short for me, my rooms are large and I do have to unplug it and plug it again into another outlet. (Lazy me to complain about this.) 8. This vac has 3 filters in all. The HEPA filter in the vac; replace yearly. Then another [thick] filter on the dust canister. This one can be washed. And another [thin] filter on the vac that the thick filter then filters into; can also be washed. Nice feature - to be able to wash filters. I'd like to get duplicates for these 2 (for while those others are drying) but can't figure out which filters these are via limited info Eureka (or other) websites give. Sigh. 9. By the way, cheapest price for this vac I found was thru ABC Vacuums website, also free (and quick) shipping. ...more info
  • Sucks
    This is by far the best vacuum I've ever used. The suction is fantastic, it's ridiculously easy to clean and empty, and it doesn't kick up a lot of dust.

    The agitator is perfect for relatively short carpets. It's nonadjustable, however, so it'll chew up thin carpets and do nothing on shag....more info
  • Can a Vacuum Be Fun? Yes!
    Let's face it, vacuuming isn't fun. Right? Wrong! Using this new Eureka Bagless Whirlwind canister is actually fun. How can that be? Well, for starters, the power nozzle 'walks' across the rug on it's own, so the pushing effort is, well, effortless. The very aggressive brush bar raises the nap and picks up all the pet hair first time over. I love the self adjusting nozzle, no buttons or knobs to turn. Also, I especially like the fact that there are NO cords to plug and unplug every time you want to use the hose end with attachments. Sure, the dusting brush could be a little bit larger, but the fact that it is RIGHT THERE on the wand, along with the crevice tool, is heaven. No searching for lost attachments, or stopping to go back to the canister, open a lid, and retrieve an attachment. I love the large bare floor tool, I can cover the kitchen floor quickly and it picks up everything first time over. The power head can be used without the wands, directly on the hose end, so it's PERFECT for someone with carpeted stairs. The turbo brush works like a charm for pet hair on the furniture and for cleaning the inside of the car.

    Now, the BEST part is the dirt container. It opens at both ends, which means it's a breeze to clean. I wash it out when I empty it, and there are no odors of last week's dust. The washable pre-motor filter system (both foam and electrostatic filters) keep the dirt OUT of the motor, and the post motor Hepa filter leaves the exhaust air smelling like, well, nothing. Which is far better than the smell of last week's dirt. It's easy and convenient to clean out.

    The build quality is fine, not as good as you might have found twenty or thirty years ago, but very good for 2008. The light weight power head should perform well for a number of years, and it's very easy to change the belt and brush bar. The once-a-year change for the Hepa exhaust filter is nullified if you buy the replacement WASHABLE HF-1 Hepa filter, which is washable and doesn't need to be replaced (a cost savings of $20 per year). All in all, I love this quiet, efficient vacuum and feel it's a GOOD VALUE FOR THE MONEY SPENT....more info
  • Eureka Whirlwind
    Minuses: The rug brush is too long causing it to lose suction. The dusting brush and the crevice tool are too small and flimsy. Hard to remove various tools. The product description says "on-board tools" which is untrue. I complained about it, but the ad still hasn't been corrected.

    Pluses: Relatively light weight vacuum. The power carpet brush is good, lots of suction and good size for maneuvering around things.

    Would not recommend. ...more info