Sanyo ECJ-HC100S 10-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker

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All in one, a Healthy Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker. This cooker comes with separate inner pots and inner lids for rice and slow cooking to prevent flavor contamination and conveniently prepare a whole meal with one machine. The titanium-coated, extra-thick (3mm), non-stick rice cooking inner pot has rounded edges at the bottom for maximum heat distribution and optimum cooking. The multi-menu selections are ideal for white rice, mixed rice, rinse-free rice, sushi rice, brown rice, haiga rice, quick cooking, tofu cooking, slow cooking and steaming. There are High & Low slow cook temperature settings for up to 12 hours and the LCD clock and 24-hour preset timer allows for cooking completion at desired time. The convenient keep-warm function keeps rice warm and delicious after cooking without over-cooking. There is a special Tofu (soy curd) function for preparing nutritious and perfect homemade Tofu every time. The Steaming function includes a unique tray for preparing healthy steamed foods. Includes two Inner Pots and two Inner Lids, Tofu Container, Steaming Tray, Measuring Cup, Spatula & Multi-Language InstructionRetractable CordManual with Recipes IncludedCapacity - 10 cups uncooked (20 cups Cooked)Power Consumption - 910 Watts

  • Micro-computerized 10-cup rice cooker and slow cooker
  • Steaming function with programmable timer; slow cook up to 12 hours
  • LCD clock; keep-warm function; carrying handle for easy transport
  • Includes tofu container, steaming tray, measuring cup, spatula, and recipes
  • Measures approximately 14 by 11 by 10 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth Taking out Your Credit Card!
    In regards to the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S, this is a great buy.

    Instead of writing a long review...simply put it makes great rice, both white and brown (softer parboiled brown too).

    As for the slow cooker, this will be a step or two up from your average "crock pot". In one word...Perfection! I slow cooked a beef stew for 12 hours and it came out incredible! So for folks who are not sure how well the slow cooking function works on this unit, rest assure it is just fine.

    Easy to use, easy to clean, and decently priced for such a multitasker.

    I'd say go for it!

    ...more info
  • Its a Keeper ...
    This rice cooker/slow cooker does a great job cooking rice of every kind and works great as a slow cooker ... this two in one appliance belongs in every kitchen ... you won't be sorry if you add this rice cooker/slow cooker to your kitchen ... it will make you smile every time you use it .... Rodney; Houston, TX...more info
  • what would i do without it!!!!
    I have to old bullterriers and I feed them brown rice and a moist dog food twice a day.My husband and I also eat the brown rice.This product has freed me from watching the pot and the clock.I love it!!I use it every three days.There are no funny smells that I read in alot of other reviews.I would recommend this to every body who loves rice and the slow cooker part is also great.I made an awesome meatloaf in it while i was out food shopping and when it was time to eat, it is was moist and very tasty.Please try this product if you eat alot of rice or want to slow cook something- it is the product to help you out.
    Please read the instructions first and then have a great time.One other tibit when you cook the rice-turn it off when the cooking cycle is done.Do not leave it on the warm cycle.You don't need it.Just keep the lid closed and the rice stays hot for quite sometime.SR...more info
  • Incredible!!!!!!!!!
    I love my new toy!
    I'm eating like a king and in most cases healthier than ever.
    This baby can cook almost anything and it'll take years to enjoy all the possibilities. I'm so glad I waited to buy a slow cooker and found this rice cooker, slow cooker combo. It's easy to switch between the two and cleanup is a breeze. I don't understand why it wasn't designed for normal cups instead of the rice cup but I'll get used to that minor annoyance which is a small price to pay for such an incredible machine. ...more info
  • This thing is awsome.
    I had a cheap rice maker and decided to upgrade when my daughter moved out and wanted mine. This is one of the greatest additions to my kitchen. As well as making the greatest rice, expecially for sushi, it also makes wonderful hot cereal that you can wake up to when you set the timer the night before. Throw in some dried fruit and spices and it is a wonderful smell to wake up to as well as good for you. The old rice maker used to get crunchy stuff on the bottom and the brown rice was sometimes chewier than it should have been but never this one. It also steams stuff to perfection in a couple minutes. I haven't used it as a slow cooker yet but I have no doubt it will be great. I love it, it is worth every cent and Amazon was spectacular at getting it to me. I ordered it right before Christmas not expecting it till after the holiday and it got here in 2 days, just in time to make Christmas sushi....more info
  • I feel very satisfy with this!
    At the beginning I read some of the reviews and I was afraid of it will have that chemical smell, but after I used it, it did have any chemical smell come out after the rice was done. So, basically I like this product and it works just fine with my family....more info
  • My hero.
    I come from south India, which means that I grew up eating rice every day. This also means that for me, rice is not just an important food, but a way of life. At any given time, you can expect to find five different kinds of rice in my pantry at all times (10 kg long grain white rice, 10 kg white sushi rice, 5 kg Basmati, 1 kg brown sushi, 5 kg long grain brown). I still eat rice every day, although the noodles, pasta, and bread are easy to find.

    When I was young, my mother would by the typical rice cookers, where it would have a flimsy aluminium pot, a cheap electric part, and a cheap glass lid that didn't actually keep the moisture in. Measuring the water was a game of roulette, because although the rice always got cooked, variations in the moisture levels inside the cooking pot were bound to get wonky rather quickly. Furthermore, they never lasted too terribly long if you weren't extremely careful with them.

    When I moved out on my own, I continued the tradition of getting the standard, cheap rice cookers. I was unwilling to spend this sort of money on a rice cooker. Until my third one fried out on me.

    This model keeps rice piping hot, and tender, and fluffy, for three days. It cooks up the following rices perfectly (as in, I've tested it myself): Jasmine, White Basmati, Parboiled Basmati, Haiga-Mai, White Koshihikari, Brown Koshihikari, long grain Brown, and long grain White.

    When using the slow cooker pot, I can churn out a pot of lentil soup quickly or slowly, depending on how much time I have on my hands. The tofu cycle works for the Indian dish known as idli. You end up with rather a large idli, but it's easy enough to cut up into four pieces. It makes steel cut oats in one hour flat, but makes sure that they're tender but not mushy. The minimum capacity is 2 cups, and the maximum is 10. It comes with a steaming basket to steam vegetables, however, I doubt that I'll be using it any time soon for steaming vegetables. What that basket is good for is a no-fuss Chinese dim sum steaming, without having to turn on the stove. Just set your buns down on the little steaming tray, and set your rice cooker to do the work for you. No poking around and watching the water levels for you!

    The instructions are easy to follow: measure the dry rice with the provided cup, and then fill water to the line indicated on the inside of the pot, depending on the type of rice (or porridge, as needed). Also, get used to measuring the rice out exactly, because that will get you more consistent pots of rice, especially when you're working with unknown rices. There is no guesswork.

    You will be cooking with less water, because the steam is contained inside the chamber, and not flying out into the air. In the last few minutes of cooking, you will notice a bit of steam being vented from the top, but that's minimal in comparison to how much steam is produced from a conventional rice cooker.

    The rice pot is EXTREMELY nonstick. For easy cleanup, wait for the rice and the starch and the rest to dry out. Then wipe down the inside with your hand, and watch everything fall away like magic. Then, go ahead and wash as normal.

    The plastic chassis is easy to clean with a soft cloth and a bit of water. Give it a wipe down after every use, and it'll look sparkling clean and beautiful there on your counter top.

    Go buy this now if you're considering it. You won't regret it. ...more info


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