Eureka 8851AVZ Capture Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Features A complete clean and improved indoor air quality. Introducing the New Eureka Capture+. Capture+ has an exclusive sealed HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97% of dust, allergens and small particles, including pet hair, so only clean air is expelled into the home. Eureka's acclaimed Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster, Power Paw with Riser Visor, Dual Powered Edge Kleeners and sporty EZ Roll roller blade wheels, also make it easier than ever to get a complete clean. Combining comfort with a powerful 12-amp motor, Capture+'s looped handle features a soft, rubber liner, providing a cushioned, more comfortable grip. Additional features include an electronic on/off brushroll that allows for carpet and hard surface cleaning, a large, easy-to-empty dust cup, a 15-inch extra-wide cleaning path for faster cleaning and a performance indicator light that alerts users when the filter needs changing for optimum cleaning. Capture+ - Captures Dirt Others Don't?On More Surfaces! Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster: The industry's only electrostatically charged, high-tech duster that can reach up to 3 feet to attract dust like a magnet. Dual-Powered Edge Kleeners: Our edge cleaners, located on both sides of the vacuum, reach dirt and dust nestled along walls and carpet edges. These circular spinning brushes on each side of the vacuum actively grab dirt within millimeters of baseboard edges - so less time is spent going over the same area with multiple cleaning tools. Power Paw with Riser Visor: This unique cleaning brush is designed to tackle stairs, upholstery and stubborn pet hair. Flip the Riser Visor shield up and it exposes the brush on an angle that makes tackling stair risers and upholstery backs a breeze. Flip the shield down, and the brush converts to horizontal cleaning for upholstery seats and stair steps. EZ Roll Wheels: Similar to roller blade wheels, our soft EZ Roll wheels glide smoothly and are gentle on floors as they won't scratch or nick bare surfaces. Loope

  • Bagless upright vacuum cleaner with 12 amps of power
  • Dual-powered edge cleaners; cleaning brush with Riser Visor
  • HEPA filtration system; telescopic duster; EZ Roll wheels
  • Electronic on/off brushroll for carpets and hard surfaces; looped handle
  • Measures 15 by 13-1/2 by 43-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Poorly Designed Product
    I've tried BOTH this product and the regular Capture and both had the same problem. First, the dusting brush is absolutely pointless, does not work at all so I'd recommend saving time and using your Swiffer Duster. The vacuum itself does not seem to pick up larger dirt all that well, for instance spilled salt, coffee, or baking soda off the floor, or gravel/dirt from outside. If you vacuum over that type of mess it kind of just throws the dirt around, it even hurts your bare legs because it's throwing dirt up at you.

    The thing that made me return this model and the Capture is that pet hair got caught in the corners of the roller, the bearing overheated and started to melt the roller! Went on their website and did not find that part to be replaceable (plus, would you want to replace a roller on practically a monthly basis due to poor design?) This happened with rather LIGHT usage, I would vacuum maybe once a week, and I have had this model for one month. And my house really is not even that bad, I only have one dog and one cat. Save yourself money, time and grief and pass on this product. This vacuum is NOT made for pet hair!...more info
  • With time, the greatness fades
    I bought this to replace a dieing canister vac. I have to agree that it is very loud and heavy. But I was extremely impressed with it at first. It has awesome suction and picked up everything within and inch or so of the edges. The stair piece was great at getting all surfaces of the stairs. I had 3 cats and 2 large dogs that really "fuzzed up" The carpeted stairs! There was a ton of fur. Now, at least 6 months later, after losing 2 cats, it doesn't seem to work as well. I am constant;y cleaning the filters - including the last hepa filter. One of the prongs broke off of the small filter above the dirt can. Last week, the suction light came on. I had just cleaned everything except the hepa filter. So, I cleaned it and the light went off, but it didn't seem as powerful. Today, the ligjht came on again - it was clean and I only vacuumed one small, unused room. I took the entire thing apart and could not find a reason for the light to come on. It was definately low on suction, compared to the first day. I am finding that most things these days are great at first and then, after any warranty is over, they start declining. I gave it 3 stars because while it was working right, the air in the house felt much cleaner without the floating hair that got stirred up from the floor. My neighbor, who is allergic to my critters, even noticed. They just need to make it last longer....more info
  • best vacuum ever
    my last vacuum just wasn't sucking as well as it should have been and it never really did a "great" job. i did i lot of research and read a lot of reviews on a lot of different vacuums before i settled on this one. i have been through 3 or 4 vacuums in the last 7 years and this one is by far the best. when it arrived i put it together in about 15 minutes and vacuumed. i then vacuumed the house the following morning. my carpeted area is about 1000 square feet. as i was finishing vacuuming the second time i noticed the brushroll was off. so with just suction the dust cup was about 3 quarters full. so i dumped it and turned on the brushroll and went over the house again. WOW!!! the dust cup was nearly full with about 3 inches of sandy dirt that had been caught in the carpet along with fuzz and lint. my carpet is fluffy again. for the first 2 weeks i had to clean out the foam filter and the tray that sits in under the dust cup every day. since then i have to clean it about every 3 days or so. to clean the filter and it's tray i just rinse it until the water runs clear, no soap. when i walk on my floor i can actually feel how clean it is. i love that i can turn the brushroll off and use it on the kitchen floor. the hose is also see thru so you can see if there is a clog or whatever. ...more info
  • Excellent
    It works great, picks up everything, comes with extra goodies (and parts), and the customer service is absolutely wonderful (unlike my previous vaccum from Hoover). Would be 5 stars but it's quite heavy and hard for a small person like me to get up the stairs with....more info
    This is one of the absolute BEST vacuum cleaners I've ever owned and I've owned a LOT of them with a Great Pyrenees for a house dog!! He's 7 yrs old and we've easily gone through 9 vacuum cleaners so I do consider myself an expert here.

    Yes, hair will get clogged/wrapped around the top of the bagless container but that is a small inconvenience compared to the amazing suction power this thing has.

    I used a Dyson with all the bells and whistles when I worked in a funeral home..........this Eureka Capture bagless is much better, far less complicated and a lot lighter than a Dyson.

    I looked at the Bissell Healthy Home vac but decided against it and bought this Eureka Capture bagless and I am soooooo happy with my purchase.
    I used my old vac then used this new one and let me tell you, it sucked up hair we didn't know existed!! I mean our dog has 12-14 inch hair on his haunches.....we have lots of HAIR.

    I've had this vac for over a year now, not a thing wrong with it. Having a dog with long hair I expect hair to get tangled up so a chopstick will unclog the hair and I'm on my way again.

    Don't forget to clean out the sponge type filter under the bagless part. It collects a lot of dust, no biggie just toss it in the sink and wash it by hand, dries quickly and off you go.

    I do love this vac!!
    ...more info
  • Useless
    Does not pick up on thick carpet on any setting. It is a useless piece of junk. I am getting a different brand immediately. It deserves zero stars, one star is too high....more info
  • Doesn't Last-Not good for dogs
    I recieved this product from my parents as a Christmas present and had been waiting for this great vacuum. Well it worked great when I got it, but then after time it didn't work so well. It picks up my dog's hair (who is a lab mix), but it gets clogged in the filter and it is a pain to clean out because you have to either stick your hand up the vacuum in the very little space allowed or take it apart (which is what my sister did before hers totally stopped working about a month or so ago, which she did get at Christmas also!). Well last night as I was vacuuming all of a sudden the vacuum stopped working. I walked around the corner to see if the plug had come out of the wall even though I knew I was still pretty sure hadn't. The vacuum died and I haven't even had it a year. Hope I can still return it!!! I would not recommend this product if you have pets. You can make the choice if you don't have pets, but I had just got my puppy the first part of Nov. so he isn't that old yet and he is just now starting to really shed! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for pet owners!
    I have two dogs with LOTS of hair, I have a lab/border collie mix and a golden retriever. I was and still am amazed with this vacuum! The main thing is the floor roller part does not wrap hair around it like others do, and I have longer carpet and it gets all of the hair and gets right up to the base boards! I have and will continue to recommend this to many!!!...more info
  • Not if you have dogs with a fine undercoat!!!!!
    I have 2 American Eskimo dogs and their downy undercoat blocked the Power Paw attachment in 5 minutes of use on my stairs. The light weight fur also wouldn't drop down into the dirt receptical, but instead clung onto and blocked the filter reducing suction. To clean it off I had to jam my hand into a tight area and remove the filter that was totally wrapped in the hair. I had a mess in the air and on the floor. After 2 tries even my cleaning ladies will not use this and have reverted to using my 20 year old Panasonic.(It was made in Japan which explains why it's still working) ...more info
  • great vacuum
    I just love this vacuum. I just got it and was very very suprised at the amount of dust and hair in the canister! The attachments are better than any other vacuum I have had! Just love it thats all I can say!
    ...more info
  • heavy and noisy but cleans great
    This is one heavy vacuum and it has a louder than usual noise, a pitch that hurt my ears. However, the amount of dust and lint in the canister was amazing and the "power paw" is great for stairs and furniture and the duster is really a nice feature. The way it cleans itself is so cool. Overall, I'd say this is a great vacuum, but he noise and weight take away a few stars. ...more info