K-Y Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant, 1.5-Ounce, 2-Count Bottles

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Product Description

one+one=everything. It takes two to make chemistry, to make magic, to make love. That's why it takes two lubricants to let your lovemaking add up to a totally new experience. You do the math: An invigorating sensation for him. A thrilling sensation for her. Put the two together and suddenly, everything's just right. Better than just right. Completely new and unexpected. More exciting. More satisfying. More everything. Contains his 1.5-ounce bottle and hers 1.5-ounce bottle, package contains 1 of each Both lubricants are compatible with latex condoms When the individual lubricants mix during sex, they combine to create an exciting sensation The blue goes on him for an invigorating sensation The purple goes on her for a thrilling sensation Compatible with latex condoms ONLY.

one+one=everything. It takes two. To make chemistry. To make magic. To make love. That's why it takes two lubricants to let your lovemaking add up to a totally new experience. You do the math: An invigorating sensation for him. A thrilling sensation for her. Put the two together and suddenly, everything's just right. Better than just right. Completely new and unexpected. More exciting. More satisfying. More everything.

yours+mine Couples Lubricants
his excites, hers delights. together they ignite.

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Whether you have a flame that needs rekindling or you're looking to take your relationship to the next level, we've got the perfect adventure for you both.

It's simple. You apply the product to each other. The blue goes on him for an invigorating sensation. The purple goes on her for a thrilling sensation. And when they combine, there's an amazing reaction.

So grab each other's hands and discover this special product we've created for the two of you.

What is K-Y? Brand YOURS+MINE??
Created by the top brand that truly understands intimacy and couples' needs, K-Y? Brand YOURS+MINE? is a new first for men and women seeking to enhance and heighten their intimate journey. The idea is so simple yet the results are explosive chemistry. Knowing it takes two to create a magical encounter, K-Y? Brand Yours+Mine? offers two lubricants with different sensations. One is invigorating for him, the other thrilling for her and when they combine there is an amazing reaction.

What does the product feel like exactly?
Actually, it's a very unique and personal experience. When we developed YOURS+MINE? we had some pre-conceived notions of what couples would feel. However, after testing the product with real couples, the results were eye opening.

Different couples felt different sensations. We discovered that it was dependent on the individual, how sensitive they were, how much product was used, etc. More importantly, they shared that the product encouraged more communication making the time they spent together even more enjoyable.

Who should use this product?
K-Y? Brand YOURS+MINE? is ideal for couples who are open to adding pleasure and excitement to their sex life and exploring new ways of deepening their relationship overall. For couples today, life is so filled with juggling family, relationships, work health, etc. that they have little time for anything else.

These couples believe that every encounter is an opportunity to deepen their physical and emotional connection through mutual pleasure. That is why they try to make each moment more exciting than the last: more playful, more adventurous, and more experimental.

Was K-Y? Brand YOURS+MINE? tested with real couples? What was their feedback?
Yes, we did test the product with real couples. The most surprising feedback to come out of our testing was that couples said that the product encouraged more communication. Many said they took their time and talked about what they were feeling. Basically,they said the experience was more fun and exciting than what they had been doing before. Couples told us:

  • The liked a combo product to "help break the routine."
  • Sex and foreplay were more playful than usual.
  • They felt more aroused and more playful than usual as well.

Is it safe to use with condoms?
Both lubricants are compatible with latex condoms and we recommend men use it on the outside and inside to enjoy the product benefits.

Do the vials glow-in-the-dark?
The test-tubes themselves don't glow in the dark; rather the words on the vials do making his "Yours" and her "Mine" easier to find. The ingredients in the special inks that are used undergo a thorough safety assessment.

  • Contains his1.5-ounce bottle and hers 1.5-ounce bottle, package contains 1 of each
  • Both lubricants are compatible with latex condoms
  • When the individual lubricants mix during sex, they combine to create an exciting sensation
  • The blue goes on him for an invigorating sensation
  • The purple goes on her for a thrilling sensation

Customer Reviews:

  • Pricey, but fun and YES, THE TUBES STAND UPRIGHT!
    My hub and I have been trying to be more "adventurous" so I bought this to spice things up.

    It was very fun, the hot/cold sensations weren't too overpowering. We had a GREAT time.

    The only caveat is the price.

    I bought it w/ a coupon and I still found it pricey at $14.

  • Yours + Mine - Mostly Cons
    All in all, this product was a let down.
    When we first saw the comercials, my boyfriend and I both got excited, and with a long trip coming up, we decided that this was just the stuff we needed. We opened it up on a cruise ship, and gave it a spin. He said that his felt "nice" - not great. After trying the pink tube, and then mixing them together, I was a bit disappointed as well. I've had different heighteners from companies such as pure romance and slumber parties that were both more inexpensive, and better quality. Maybe "Yours + Mine" is good for people who rarely step out of their sexual comfort zone, but for those of us who are looking for a little "oomph", this is not the product.
    While neither of us disliked the product, we HATE the packaging. While very clever and cute, they are not functional. First of all, the bottles can't stand up, due to their rounded bottoms, so they have to lay on their side. Which causes them to leak. A lot. While we have only used this a few times, the leaking has left us with a miniscule amount in the bottom, which due to the extremely rigid bottles, cannot be squeezed out. What a pain.
    My recommendation is that you steer clear of KY Yours + Mine. It just doesn't live up to the hype. Stick to KY's warming lubricants instead, or, if you're daring, try a heightener from another couples company....more info
  • Interesting...........
    Try this if you want to add a little adventure to your life. You may like it (or not). ...more info
  • Not for everyone, but for some ....wow.
    From reading other reviews this is not for everyone but I have to personally give it a very high review.

    I got this a while back for my wife and I to try out. We have never really used lube but I figured it might be something that would add a little excitement without being threatening.

    Well the first time we used it as directed and my wife seemed to react very well to it. In our 7 years of marriage I have never seen anything like it in her and so wasn't sure. Well the very next time she suggested it again and again same results. She hit the ceiling (when I asked her the next morning if she really like the stuff and she said "it's magical").

    Personally I noticed a slight warming when she applied mine, and a pleasant cooling added when ahem combined.

    This is absolutely going to be a VERY regular purchase.
    ...more info
  • lubricant
    I recieved the item when I was promised. The only problem I had was that the package was leaking when I opened it. The bottles were covered in k-y jelly. The bottles were sealed and didn't seem to be broken....more info
  • Ok for something different
    I think it is a fun item just to try something different but all in all it was more distracting than not....more info
  • "Are you trying to tell us you want another grandchild?"
    I gave this item to my daughter and son-in-law a month after my daughter gave birth to their first child, who is my first grandchild.

    Their first comment to me after using it was, "Are you trying to tell us that you want another grandchild, like soon?!"

    I asked them if they liked it and they looked at each other and beamed, smiled, and nodded, then looked at me and still beaming, smilling, and nodding, said, "Wow!"

    They also said they plan to buy more.

    I hope to try it myself someday (but not "by myself")....more info
  • Amy
    I think that this product is horrible. I found myself running to the bathroom with a cool but umcomfortable burning sensation. When I washed off It took 15 min for the product to where off. I think that you should use caution when trying this product....more info
  • Does work!
    This really does make loving making more fun.
    It does have a good feeling to it.

    I'm in a looong term marrage, and this gave us a boost-o)

    Packaging is well done.
    Well buy more of this.

    ...more info
  • Playfully...Slip Sliding Away
    Clever packaging in test tube like vials in appealing colors, playfully packaged together to plant the thought that there is something special in store for each partner. I had planned the initial use as a surprise, but when she found the package, I think the anticipation lent an added level to the first use.

    The instructions are pretty simple, the act is more complicated , blue for him, purple for her. The blue is lightly warming increased in intensity a little by any breeze, the purple is cooling, I could say minty. Mix the two and you get a little bit of both, not quite distracting, but certainly a unique feeling. The products are both water soluble, so cleanup is pretty effortless.

    Bottom line, hmm, we liked it. P-)...more info
  • It does the job but packaging is a problem
    K-Y Yours and Mine is an extension of the K-Y brand of sexual lubricants. Rather than simply tap the market of those needing a bit of extra lubrication, K-Y is stressing the extra kick its lubricants can give--warming, tingling, etc.

    The Yours and Mine product arrives in a pair of test-tube (or phallic) shaped containers--one for the man, the other for the woman, with the idea that when the two are combined during intercourse, both man and woman will experience the heating/tingling and improve the experience. The shape of the containers is cute--but the rounded bottom means that they can't be stored vertically--and I found mine leaking slightly on my nightstand (not a positive). From an ecological perspective, the combination of boxes and plastic packaging seems a bit excessive, although you do receive a generous amount of lubricant.

    Packaging aside, how does the tingle work? Both my partner and I felt a certain amount of very pleasant heat from our respective lubricants. And the lubrication does the job, making up for those moments when our bodies don't provide all of the moisture we might want. Neither my partner nor I, however, experienced the explosive impact of the two lubricants combining.

    Overall, Yours and Mine is effective at doing its basic job and has the bonus of a definite warming effect. I found the packaging a bit impractical, and the advertising hype a bit over the top. ...more info
  • Modest Mom Marvels at Motion Lotion
    My momma raised me to be a modest gal. I don't wear Daisy Dukes or thong bikinis. I don't visit nude beaches. And I don't kiss and tell...

    ...Well, maybe not habitually. I will make an exception in this case, since the nice folks at Amazon were kind enough to send me this product for free with the understanding I would use it and post a review.

    Now, you might think K-Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricant sounds like a marketing gimmick, but I have to say (blushing, of course), I found it to be the lube that thoroughly and delightfully greased my squeaky wheels (wow, that conjured up an unflattering image).

    The male lubricant was drier, satiny and turned a little gritty to the touch. We are not talking sand down the Speedos gritty, just a little fabulous friction. My husband did no complaining (but, then, a stiff breeze will put a smile on his face).

    The female lubricant felt wetter and colder, like icy hot for your hooch without the burn. I didn't love it, wouldn't use it as my go-to everyday motion lotion, but enjoyed it enough.

    All in all, I would discreetly purchase this product again (insisting on a plain brown paper bag, of course).

    ...more info
  • its okay
    The K-Y yours and Mine, is okay. It is nothing fantastic (as showin in the commercials), but I liked it all the same, the girl one has that cold tingle factor to it which is really nice because it makes you just a little bit more sensative and its actually soothing for those long nights :o). I'm guessing the guys has a warm sensation to it or something, but my boyfriend seemed to think it was pretty good. When mixed together, I didnt notice that big of a difference because the girl "cold tingle" overpowered the boy one, so it was just really slippery lol. Maybe i'll try less of mine next time.

    The only thing that sucks is the bottle shape. It looks cool, but its not great for storing w/o "leakage". Also, if you use this with a condom... the product dries out a little faster than the original K-Y jelly, im guessing because it isnt near as thick.

    however, if you have the money, i'd say try it. But, I'm not giving it a rave review because I'm sure there are cheaper products that you can find that will do about the same thing....more info
  • Not worth the price.......
    What can you do with lubricant?
    Clever marketing- design a nice looking package with a cool sounding concept. However, this product did not deliver anything special for the price. Other reviewers have said it all. Is somewhat sticky and the tubes are not designed well. Could be that this product will create competition that will bring us something different and fun. For now though, save your money. ...more info
  • sexy for couples' playtime, but average for lubricant
    First, kudos to K-Y for creating a package aimed at enhancing intimacy in a broader sense than their usual product: something to make you "play" with your partner, compare notes, try different things. Kudos!

    There are two tubes, his and hers. His is a warming style lube and hers is a tingly minty/menthol. Hers dries out faster in the open air than his. The tubes are pretty looking but a bit non-ergonomic especially with slippery hands. The caps seem to loosen up easily during normal use (making spills likely).

    I would categorize this more with novelty sex-play products (think "edible body paint") than traditional lube.
    Apart from the making something as basic and dull as lubricant an interesting shared experience, you're probably better off with astroglide, for traditional lube: Astroglide Personal Lubricant - Water Based, 5 oz. or Pjur for longer-lasting silicone stuff: Pjur Eros Original 100 ml Lubricant...more info
  • Simply loved it!
    My husband and I simply love this product! Hers is icy, cold and it feels even better when combined with His, which is menthol-like... Its awesome! Worth every penny!...more info
  • Interesting concept
    These two personal lubricants work perfectly fine, but I think they fall a little short of the hype. On the plus side, the scents are very light, and the liquids are smooth and not at all sticky or tacky. On the negative side,okay, I really couldn't find any but from the commercials I really expected something explosive.

    So these products, while pleasant enough, don't seem all that revolutionary to me. Motion lotion certainly gets warmer and there are other, um, stimulants, that will work just as well.

    But the packaging is really cute, and just seeing the two vials on the nightstand helps to set the mood.
    ...more info
  • Pretty Nice Product...
    There's nothing I can write that hasn't already been written about this product. I am weighing in with my stars, and I will leave you with some parting thoughts:
    - 1 package of this is a lifetime supply.
    - How this works for people is going to be verrrry subjective. I think it works for my wife and I now, but can see a day in the not too distant future where its lost its pizazz, so to speak.

    Bottom line...if you want to spice it up a little, this is worth a shot. But it's not going to take you from a zero to a hero on its own. There has to be some existing chemistry, and this will just enhance it....more info
  • Nothing to write home about
    While there is nothing wrong with K-Y Yours And Mine, it does what you'd expect, lubricate. A little cooling sensation, which one might get from a Lifesaver, but no sparks or fireworks....more info
  • Um...slippery
    Well, I have friends and family that read these reviews so I'm not inclined to get to specific. Let's say that the stuff works, and works well. There are some sensations that would not be there if you didn't use this product. It lubricates very well. I haven't found any reason not to recommend it!...more info
  • Save your money!
    Underwhelming product, overwhelming price. The generic brands of lubricants work better actually, as there is no burning, stinging or distractions from mouth-wash-type harshness...just naturalness.

    Imagine how it would feel to use VicksVapoRub ..Yikes! ...more info
  • Its good but not great...
    My wife nearly killed me for ordering this (and thus agreeing to write a review for Amazon Vine), but hey, we're all grownups right? This twin pack of K-Y lubricant is a clever marketing idea, but we found the contents of the purple (women's) vial to be too thick and sticky. As for the claim that when mixed together, they create an exciting sensation: Basically that boils down to a mildly warm, menthol like feeling. Nothing to write home about... ...more info
  • Interesting idea, poor execution
    The idea that two different gels combined are supposed to be greater than the sum of their parts is novel, but it lacks any true affect....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    A nice gimick to try to spice up a couples love life. "Yours for him" is just awful. "Mine for her" is a very interesting concept but my wife said it was a distraction. The containers are terribly shaped and they do not stand upright without the plastic ring that holds both them both upright side by side by it is not practical in real life use. Try "Mine for her" once on your second honeymoon. Probably over priced for the experience....more info
  • Works as it should
    I don't have any thing negative to say about this product. It does work as a lubricant which is after all what it's supposed to do. But, as far as anything else going on---not really.
    Your not going to feel anything "special" as a result of using these two slightly differently formulated lubes.
    But, thats not to say that you can't have a real good time using the appropriate product on your partner. As for self stimulation, no help other then the obvious....more info
  • Good Idea but nothing too special...
    I think the product is good in concept, but to be honest it didn't do anything awfully special. Good in function, but I don't think it is going to change your evening....more info
  • It's Lube... nothing else.
    As other reviewers have pointed out the marketing behind KY Yours and Mine is brilliant. This review is about performance of the product and what it claims to do. It is a lube and it is safe for most people to use but together these products do nothing. "Yours" is for the male partner or partner that will penetrate the other -- the product is thicker and frankly has almost no scent at all. "Mine" is for the penetrated partner -- it is much thinner and has an obvious but nice scent. Mixing them together did nothing unless actually friction was being created strongly suggesting that it isn't a chemical reaction but simply sexual activity in play here. I wouldn't randomly mix together different lubes but I don't think you need spend the cash on fancy packaging and promises that don't pan out....more info
  • For those interested, works as advertised...
    The item works as advertised, but frankly, it just didn't do it for me. The added sensation distracts more than anything, although it isn't unpleasant by any means. If you're into such products, you won't be disappointed, but for me personally, it's a rather unnecessary purchase....more info
  • A Good Start
    This is a product that no doubt reveals some personal aspect of the reviewer.

    The deal: KY, makers of personal lubrication often used on conjugal activities, developed a new formula to add, well, pizzaz to the marriage bed. It's called "yours+mine."

    Now, the name is confusing. "his+hers" might have made for a less stressful time of "which do I use, which do you use?" Compound that with the fact the explanatory text is in small type and not in good contrast with the packaging. Did I mention this is used in the bedroom where the lights are low and a mood is set? Yeah, you get the picture that a mood might be fleeting.

    Now, my wife is sensitive. And I am bound to try this product only with her, so I cannot get a large sampling to make a more informed judgment on the product. She tried the hers formula and I the his the first night. Needless to say, she felt a burning sensation and wanted to end right away. Yeah, you know how guys love that. It's likely most women would like that; not my wife.

    We swapped formulae soon after. I did feel a tingling, which I didn't feel when I tried the his formula. OK, not too bad. But then when we joined, then she felt the tingle again and wanted to end it quickly.

    Most likely, in our marriage, we will go back to the standard KY. If I were with a different woman I am confident this would be a great product. But I don't have that option. I believe KY has a good start with this option. I don't dount they'll develop other formula/ae to address certain sensitivities women may have. And make the labeling easier to understand and/or read....more info
  • K-Y Yours and Mine
    The first thing we noticed when experimenting with this new product is that the packaging needs to be redone. We found out first hand that it doesn't take much to cause a spill. Another good appealing point is that it easily washes, so the spill didn't ruin the fun.

    At first application, you get a strange sensation. Each application has a different sensation for the male and female. The male blend is not just slightly warming, but probably the best we have ever tried. You can really feel the warming effect. The female blend has a cooling effect, but is also slick. The combined effect is different than both individually, so that adds to the intrigue. I would also recommend switching for an additional sensation.

    Fun addition to normal foreplay, and worth giving it a try. ...more info
  • WOW!
    That is all I can say about this product! After reading mixed reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect. My husband and I got it for Valentine's Day. We have 3 children and are always looking for a little something different to add some spice back into things. After a wonderful dinner out, we came home and read the package out loud together (which is almost worth the money itself) sitting on our bed. It's very comical. When it came time to do the deed I was a little anxious after reading all the hype that I was just going to have one big let down. On the contrary, I was extremely pleased (and quick for a female). After everything, my husband's quote was "What was that?!" I don't know maybe it was part the romantic day devoted to lovers or the wine with dinner but I do think it had a lot to do with the product. Good job KY! You helped me have a fabulous Valentine's Day and in 2 marriages I don't remember ever saying that.
    I do agree with other reviews regarding the bottles. They should be re-designed. However, we did find it amusing that the lettering glows in the dark. ...more info
  • Apparently, some people are more sensitive than others...
    I just can't put myself in the head of those people here who complain about the "fire & ice" descriptions of these product. My gal and I found them to be pleasantly warming and pleasantly cooling, and a rather nice but hardly necessary additional sensation. Like one of the ads suggests, we personally find them especially great for a more mutually-satisfying quickie, as they do a respectable job of taking the place of foreplay (think "lubrication") and certainly seem to increase the odds that both partners will achieve the same state of bliss when time in pressing... In fact, we may come to avoid using them too early in normal love-making as they can lead to a hastened finish on both sides.

    Anyway, ignore the bozos who hated them, give them a try, and see if you enjoy them. If not, you're only out a few bucks, and if so, they may just be another "cool" tool in your "arsenal of love", and how bad can that be?

    ...more info
  • lame no "fire"and certainly not worth the price
    What a let down this was... If you really want to try it go to your nearest Walmart ot Target and save the exta $5.00 Amazon is charging you + shipping. Have not tried any of their other products and never will.

    ...more info
  • Mandatory review: It is what it is
    I can't believe Amazon Vine is requiring me to review "personal lubricants" now. LOL. It's a lubricant. It's personal. I presume it does whatever it is supposed to do. ...more info
  • K-Y yours + mine = PAIN
    I have NEVER had an allergic reaction or irritation to a KY product before, but this stuff put me in a lot of pain and ruined our night. It has clever and cute marketing, but that is the only thing appealing to it. Save yourself the pain and the doctor bill and use something else!...more info
  • Ouch......
    The only reason I gave this product two stars was the anticipation in what an aweseome experience we were going to have. My wife and I were shopping around and thought it would be great to try it out. The commercials made us think that it was going to be soooo great, but we should have read these reviews first.
    First off, $15 is way too much to spend on lubricant. Second, the warming "his" was lame and boring. The "hers" smelled like a peppermint stick and so we knew that it was going to be a cooling sensation (go figure). Long story short, it killed the mood and sent my wife running to the bathroom to wash it off. Unless your a sadist or into some freak pain fetish, do not buy....more info
  • It worked great
    I saw the add on TV and thought I would give it a try. My wife was a bit skeptical when I told her I bought it. I've always enjoyed sex with my wife but she didn't always get fulfilled through intercourse.

    I'll tell you I put this stuff on her and within 1 minute she was ready to do it and within in another 2 she was satisfied, that never happens. She told me it made intercourse awesome. However, I think I used to much or it desensitized me because it was very, very slippery and I couldn't finish where usually I have no problem at all finishing within 10 minutes if I want to.

    Next time I'll try a lot less on her and make sure I'm really ready to go before having her apply it to me.

    It did accomplish the mission though and that was to change her attitude towards intercourse in the bedroom.

    ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    There is not much to say about this. Both bottles accomplish the same purpose, so I'm not sure that there is anything to be gained with the his/her advertising. Having said that though, both types do their intended job very well....more info
  • Not really special or different
    I can't say that I'm confortable sharing a lot of details of my experiences with this priduct. Suffice to say that, with the exception of some added scent and some counter-effective sensation additices (one cooling, one warming), this isn't much different that run-of-the-mill lubes. It's all fancy packaging, but doesn't add much to the experience, if you know what I mean. ...more info
  • tingly pleasure
    K-Y Yours + Mine definitely provides that little extra tingle to add a little more excitement to a sexual encounter. I have to admit I didn't notice that much difference once 'his and hers' were mixed (yeah you know what I mean) but I felt plenty of tingle before then.

    What I didn't like about this product is the shape of the containers. Since they don't have a flat bottom you have to be sure to make sure the lid is properly secured and lay them somewhere so that they aren't rolling around or falling off the nightstand. Of course it does come with that handy little holder thing but realistically if you're getting 'into it' then are you going to want to be hunting down the gizmo or worrying about getting the containers back into it before engaging in other more ummm, pleasurable activities.

    This is a fun product that couples can certainly use together and add a new level of excitment to foreplay :)...more info
  • Last thing I thought they'd ask me to review...
    Okay, so Amazon wants me to review some personal lubricant. On a public website. (Hi, mom!)

    Let me say to all friends, family members, former students... that this review is based on PRE-use and observations.

    The idea is that the blue container is his, the purple hers. Each gives an opposite reaction, warm for the guy and cool for her. Application is part of the fun. By virtue of mixing, you can experience tinges of both reactions in unusual and unexpected ways as the fluids swirl, blend and separate across different point of your happy zones. Interesting, playful, and certainly more spunky than just some lube. Yes, its a gimmick, but who doesn't like a gimmick when it works?

    But the packaging. Why oh why would you create a product to promote intimacy that you CAN'T SET DOWN? There are many better ways to use the hands.... Since it can't lie flat and upright, you're forced to either stop and prop it up or hope that it doesn't leak all over the sheets.

    Nice idea for a product that is undone by packaging....more info
  • Interesting product
    So we tried this and the sensation was interesting but not earth shattering. The premise seems simple one is for the woman and one the man it is supposed to create the ultimate reaction from each.

    We enjoyed using them but honestly the sensation was not much different than not using anything. There was tingly feeling tha felt like they had some kind of menthol or mint in the ladies version. Won't be buying this but won't throw out the ones we got either....more info
  • Well, maybe. OK, not so much
    We had a baseline for hers. We had been using a different female "enhancing" lube. KY wasn't even in the same league with our other product for "her." The purple half would get zero stars if it was a stand alone product.

    The "his" provided an arousing warming sensation during our first use. During subsequent uses there hasn't been any warming. It is no more arousing than any lube would be. It earn the star because of the first experience.

    The idea is great. The commercials are better. The product just doesn't perform. Don't waste your dollars....more info
  • A great start........
    I have to give this product 4 stars because it is a great way to work lubrication into your foreplay, but not completely as advertised. We love the purple and blue bottles, though them being able to send on their own would be nice. The sensations are definitely enjoyed by both, but the combination doesn't seem to do anything special. Perhaps just the feeling of sex overwhelms the mixture of the two lubricants. However, on their own, they are awesome. Would be nice to be able to buy them seperately, however....more info
  • Gimmicky, but Fun
    The product does not quite live up to the hype, but it can add spice to a romance. ...more info