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Fresh Cab Scent Pouch is a five-star product. Fresh Cab deters rodents and moths, freshens stale air by absorbing odors, and is made with natural ingredients and is made in the good 'ol USA. Invented out of necessity, this herculean pouch includes a mix of corn cob chips, zeolite and natural essential oils to fight odors and deter rodents. The innovative design of the Fresh Cab Scent Pouch gradually disperses fragrance for up to 3 months in enclosed areas while shoo-shooing away pesky critters. Use the scent pouches in your garage, boat, RV, garden sheds, tack rooms, snowmobiles, lake homes, farm equipment, garden sheds, car, under hot tubs or airplanes. Fresh Cab works for small, enclosed areas during storage. Each box contains 4 Fresh Cab Scent Pouches - toss in 2-4 pouches per item depending on size. We don't recommend this to be used indoors as it can be overpowering as potent essential oils are used. Fresh Cab Scent Pouch Ingredients: Corn cob chips, zeolite, fragrance (cedarwood, fir balsam, fir needle, lavender, sweet orange, patchouli, Spanish rosemary, clary sage, white grapefruit, lemon, eucalyptus, Boreol Leavo, fixatives). Each box contains 4 2.5 oz pouches. Proudly Made in USA

  • It deters rodents and moths
  • Freshens stale air by absorbing odor
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Each box contains 4 pouches
Customer Reviews:
  • Fresh Cab works great!
    Last fall, we had mice trying to take over our Motorhome. We were setting traps every other day, they just kept coming in trying to nest for winter here in Iowa. We had poisons, glue traps, and regular traps all over the RV.
    I decided to give Fresh Cab a try and could not believe the results. We cleaned the RV perfectly and saw NO TRACE of a mouse anywhere. This spring we opened it back up and had ZERO mouse turds or nests anywhere. This stuff works great and smells good to us. It smells fresh, like we just spring-cleaned the RV.
    Also, our friends place, just down the lane, was nearly destroyed this winter by the mice they had because they didn't want to spend the $13.00 on Fresh Cab. They killed over 30 trying to reclaim there place. We had ZERO. I would highly recommend you try this product....more info