Golden Axe: Beast Rider

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Product Description

As the unstoppable Tyris Flare, players will engage in vicious melee combat both on foot and atop massive mythical beasts, savaging enemies with blades and magic on a quest for vengeance.

  • Quest for vengeance and engage in vicious melee combat in fantasy world
  • Unleash barbaric killing moves and dismembering attacks
  • Explore huge, ravaged, destructible landscape
  • Weapon upgrades and powerful unlockable elemental-based spells and magic
  • Features never-before seen character skills and abilities

Customer Reviews:

  • For the love of Pete
    So let me get this straight, this is a next gen golden axe game, right? What, no block button? Instead you have to evade or parry depending on the enemies attack. The defensive moves don't react quickly and good luck if you are surrounded my several enemies doing different types of attacks.The storyline and voice acting are laughable. You have 3 main attacks, 4 if you count magic attacks. Huh? No crazy combos? Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. This review is based on a rental with no game manual and it isn't like the intro fight explained the controls very well. Co-op would have been a nice touch. The graphics? They're okay for a Sega game, though I've seen better....more info
  • It's ok, not bad, but not great.
    The game is decent. The graphics are about a 7, and the game play is about an 6 or 7. The cinematics are great though. It is difficult to get the timing down and you have to use the special moves to get a good score and do well in the game or else you die to easily. Worth playing but not a top winner. ...more info
  • Mundane Gameplay
    This is a standard platformer. There are hundreds of games just like it and some of those are a lot more fun than this game. Insert old Golden Axe enemies. Insert a few of the original sounds. Very linear and generic....more info
  • A Little Disappointed
    I found there are too few power-ups along the trail. I can ignore the gore, but it gets frustrating when you come across frequent surprise attacks, but too few powerups. Frequently I find I have to go back to the previous save point in order to make it through to the next save point. Also, I agree with previous reviewers that indicate the beasts are too slow and killed too easily. As a consequence, I had to return to respawning areas more often than I'd like, especially when I require a beast for the larger power-ups and/or gates to crash through. The "Golden Axe" is difficult to control in my view. It's easy to use when the object I'm trying to hit is stationary, but when it's a moving target, I find it difficult to focus the crosshairs.

    I bought the strategy guide, but I found the walkthrough awkward to follow and the maps leaving something to be desired. If I had it to do over, I would save my money for the two FF's and upcoming 2009 RPG's....more info
  • Disappointing
    Sega's Golden Axe series was once a revered franchise in the 16-bit days, then just seemed to die off as new generations of consoles came and went. Golden Axe: Beast Rider attempts to put a new spin on Sega's classic series, and utterly fails. Playing as returning heroine Tyris Flare, you are on a journey of revenge against the evil Death Adder. There are hordes of enemies to duke it out with and dismember, but the game is pretty much a bore from beginning to end. Not because of the gameplay itself per se, but just how the game is designed. There are some good looking environments and effects, but much of what you see in Golden Axe just looks bland. It doesn't help that the game's controls are awkward (and occasionally unresponsive) during combat, and especially when trying to handle the game's assortment of beasts. The few high points of Golden Axe are that the game is quite brutal in terms of bloody violence, and there is a decently lengthed quest as well. Getting through it however is a different story all together. One last thing though: where is the co-op mode? I seem to remember half the fun of the old Golden Axe games was teaming up with a pal, and there is no such thing to be found here. All in all, no matter how much of a fan you may be of the original, classic Golden Axe, Golden Axe: Beast Rider is an ultimate failure that doesn't live up to the pedigree of the original in the least, and in the end is best left on the shelf. ...more info
  • Great idea; not quite perfectly executed
    I do not regret spending the money I did to buy this game. It looks fantastic plays just like the first golden axe. The only problem I had with this game was that the difficulty curve is a bit much for people not used to this game-play style. With that being said, I would recommend this product to anyone who asked. ...more info
  • A Solid 4
    I was excited when I saw this game online before it was released. I watched all the gameplay movies and went to wal-mart to buy it the day it was released. However, walmart didn't have it. I came back and got back online to see it again. I was extremely disappointed to see how terribly the critics had reviewed it. Still I kept my hopes up and bought it over the weekend. A horribly underrated game. I was not a fan of the original Golden Axe and I can see why some would be disappointed with this debut on next-gen consoles, but it is a traditional hack-and-slash game. Lots of blood, but that makes no difference to me. Several things the critics hit on:

    Poor storyline: This is true, the storyline is lacking. Yet the developers were trying to make an arcade game next-gen and still stay true to the original. I didn't expect much for storyline.

    Counter and Evade lags: Counter and evade work like Heavenly Sword where an enemy glows a certain color before attacking. Counter is a little slow, but once you realize this, it is easy to correct with proper timing.

    Bad graphics: It's not the most beautiful game for PS3 (Uncharted or Heavenly Sword wins that for me), but the graphics are as horrible as the critics make it sound. I don't have an HDTV, so I'm just using composite and it looks great to me. Kinda bland with colors of the environment, but that's it.

    Problems with Beasts: Yeah, they're slow and hard to turn. That was a disappointment as one expects beasts to be faster than the player's running speed. Another complaint is that the beasts die quickly. I haven't had a problem with that. It makes sense in the gameplay that the beasts shouldn't last long. If your beasts dies, just go back and respawn another one. Last thing about beasts, the critics were hard that you can get knocked off of your beast and replaced with an enemy. The solution is simple. Just jump and swing your sword in the air to knock him off. It works for me.

    No Multiplayer: For fans of the original Golden Axe, I can see how this is disappointing, however the majority of games I play are single player. So I guess it's a personal preference.

    In a world where most next-gen games are first-person shooters, a good hack-and-slash is hard to find. Saying that, I would recommend Devil May Cry 4 and Heavenly Sword over Golden Axe, but if you love hack-and-slash games like me, it's a worth a try. ...more info
  • Disgraceful
    There are so many things wrong with this game, I barely even know where to start. So I guess I will start with the good. The ground combat had some pretty clever ideas. While fighting hand-to-hand, the game is focused on chaining together strings of parries, dodges, and counter-attacks. It's fast-paced, and would be a lot of fun. When enemies attack, their blades will glow different colors to indicate which type of defensive maneuver you need to use (similar but not identical to Heavenly Sword). But here the problems start. The camera doesn't track combat well at all. Enemies will often attack you from off the edge of the screen because, for some reason, the game thinks you want to see the terrain behind you rather than the enemies in front of you. This problem is further exacerbated by the frequent screen tearing, sometimes obscuring enemies even when they are on camera.

    Things get even worse when you start delving into the mounted combat, which as you might guess from the title is the central focus of the game. The animals are slow, clunky, and bulky. They also have only 3 abilities, two of which actually drain the animal's health to use. Most of the time, riding an animal into combat probably just means that you are going to get knocked off and have your beast jacked by an enemy.

    Lastly, if you are a fan of the old Golden Axe games from the Genesis era like I am, prepare for more disappointment. There is no multiplayer whatsoever in this game, and you cannot play as Gilius or Ax Battler at all. Not that Tyris isn't hot, but seriously I wanted to play as Gilius too.

    Realistically, there is no reason to ever play this game. Ever....more info
  • SEGA!
    I LOVE Sega.

    I wanted to love this game. It has flaws. It is still a good game, but it's not what the fans wanted. It needs more. It needs a special edition with the battle system revamped. It needs online. It needs new practicality.

    Don't be mad at Sega, they tried something new and it did not go over.

    Sega, please still release the great games you always have! Please give us a new and revamped version of Golden Axe.

    The graphics are great, and the boss battles are FUN! Especially Death Adder at the end of the game. There are so many great things about Golden Axe that it sucks that they messed it up.

    The battle system is only half done. Broken (although not terribly broken) is the word for it.

    Riding the beasts is fun, and they are powerful, and add a whole new dimension to the battle. Develop this, Sega! It's a good idea! Just work harder on it!

    I still recommend this game because SO much IS right with it.... but we still need to send the message that we will not accept things like this!!

    Amazon's price is worth it, so pick it up today.... just know that Sega always rules, and I hope all the very best for Sega's continued success.

    Bravo Sega!
    ...more info
  • Terrible...not even worth it as a rental
    I was so stoked about this game for so long. I even had it marked on my Outlook at work for the release. I thought to myself, "A next gen Golden Axe?!? Are you kidding?" I thought that this would be the game to end all. I was however......EXTREMELY let down. I got this game and when it first started I thought to myself I was going to be let down but I kept going. I made it as far as beating the first twin and then it just got ridiculous.

    The 'block' system is a joke. I've never played a game where I couldn't just block an attack. At first I thought it might be something I could get used to, but again I was wrong. This game pins you against impossible odds. The only reason they're impossible is because there are so many enemies and if you miss the color they attack with and hit the wrong button then you're stunned. At this point the 30 other enemies on the screen attack you at once and you're dead. It's stupid.

    I didn't really have a problem with the beasts actually. They served their purpose and that was all well and fine.

    I guess I had such high hopes for this and was extremely let down. I really should have saved my money for some of the better games coming out this winter.

    A waste....more info
  • Fun, cheap, short.
    Fun, cheap, short. The controls leave a little to be desired. It doesn't always recognize when you pull of counters and it looks and feels very klunky....more info
  • OK Game
    Personally, i feel that this game is more a renter, than a buy-er. I did try get into the game, and while i love titles like MGS4, and Devil May Cry 4, this just wasn't there. Can't say that I'd buy it again :( A good teller is that one of the suggested tags for this recommendation is 'rubbish' ...more info
  • Underrated
    This is a good game- not perfect, but good.

    Yes, the camera can get in the way sometimes- but that's hardly unique among modern games. It's easily adjusted with the right analog stick and it's only a real annoyance when you're backed into a corner... so stay in the open.

    Anyone who thinks the beasts are hard to control and are too easy to get knocked off of clearly hasn't played the original Golden Axe in a while- now THOSE were easy to get knocked off of. Yes, some are big and lumbering and none of them turn on a dime- but they're beasts, not ballerinas. When you get the right beast in the right situation, you can really do some damage. There is something very satisfying about using an enraged Miragar to tear apart an opponents beast, or trampling hapless enemies and bowling them off bridges with a timely Cronoth charge.

    On foot, combat can be challenging- no doubt about it. But why is that a bad thing? Some complain that you can't simply button mash your way to victory...Good! You CAN button mash and do some damage, but without parrying or evading you're eventually going to get surrounded and take a beating. Once you get your timing down and start pulling off Brutal Counters, combat really starts to get enjoyable with the Tribute bonus system encouraging you to fight better and avoid damage.

    Overall, this is a fun, very underrated game. It has some flaws, but should appeal to anyone who can appreciate it's old school gameplay. ...more info
  • Possibly the worst game ever played!!!
    This game has the worst control system I have ever encountered. Basically you parry when the enemy shines blue using the R1 button and evade using R2 when the enemy shines orange. That's about it to the entire fighting system. Nothing more nothing less, though I very much doubt it can get any less than that. Don't think you can hack and slash through this game because you'll die before you know it using that technique since the lag time between each slash and every parry or evade will allow you to get hit at least 3 times by your foe. The environment is pretty much the same all around, although the graphics make it look really enticing to explore you're forbidden from doing so. The entire environment is surrounded by what I like to call "invisible walls" - don't try to jump on top of a stoop or try to stray from the one way path you're on. And the most fun part of all -- watch out during combat because these invisible walls will push you off of a cliff if you're near one. Probably the most appealing part of this game is the fact that you can ride several beasts, who each have their own strengths and weaknesses and powers. However, the beasts operate like a mechanical robot who desperately requires someone to oil that machine up. The beasts are sluggish, slow, and terribly awkward to operate. Sure it's fun to watch those beasts and enemies gush with blood if you're actually successful in defeating them, but you would think that being on a beast would give you great power and flexibility -- not so. Finally, this game lacks any story to follow by. If you don't care about story, then you're in for a treat because there is none. You basically follow Tyris through several identical looking environments to save her great god she has worshipped her entire life. There's nothing more to it than that. No upgrades, no items to find, and nothing to strive for in mastering the combat system since there is nothing to master at all. If you dare to get this game I wish you good luck but be prepared for hours of frustration and looking forward to the end....more info
  • my favorite game right now

    I bought this game on amazon a few days ago. I have gotten about half way through.

    Anyway just wanted to write this review to let you know that it is a great game especially for the 19.99 price.

    Some background on me for this game. I was looking forward to the game for a few months before it came out. I love the premise of the game and the hot female lead. Then when it came out it got poor reviews and the fact that it was rated mature I decided not to but it.

    prior to this I bought legendary for 29.99 and thought it was good and it got avg to below avg reviews too, and it was rated mature too, I thought it was ok just had some blood....So I checked the price for golden axe beast rider and at 19.99 took a chance.

    I have about 8hrs into the game and most say I love it.

    I actually enjoy it more than heavenly sword which I though was to easy.

    Anyway, it is a hack and slash. When fighting the enemies turn colors when they do their offensive attacks. Then you have to use either L1 or R1 to either block or move out of the attack and then counter it with a offensive attack. When this is done correctly you take no damage and your offensive attack is more powerfull than usual. I have read regular gamers reviews as well as profesional reviewers say that this is hard and even when you block or evade you just hack at air. I have found the game to function very well here. I am by no means a expert gamer but this works. I feel maybe because this makes it a little harder than just hacking away that people may not like it. I like it because it makes it more of a challenge. But it seems like it feels much cooler to strike any enemy this way. You still have a lot of times where you can hack away at enemies whithout blocking or parrying to though. And you could always just run back when they strike and then hack if you want.

    Another problem I read about was people felt the beasts were to easy to be knocked off from and didn't move well. About them being easy to be knocked off from, this gives it a little challenge, especially since the beasts are so powerfull. I felt they were easy to get back on and if one of the bad guys got on your beast when you fell off, all you have to do is jump up and hack him off and get back on. I feel the handling is good just press L1 to make the beast sprint. I have been on a beast for a few minutes without getting knocked off and cleared alot of ground. I have found it very fun to ride the beasts.

    I also like the sort of puzzles. I like puzzles that make you think for a minute but do not stump you for a day or so. I also like the puzzles more than heavenly swords. Most of them are like throw your axe at a few spots to open a door, or light some things to open a door, but unlike heavenly swords puzzles they seem more logical and are not so trial and error. I know I said this game was harder than heavenly sword but I meant combat wise not puzzle wise.

    The graphics are also great. The female character looks great as well as the large enviroments with towns, bridges, woods, and the enemies look good and the ai is good. There are a lot of enemies to fight and at times a lot on the screen at once.

    I read that the reviews thought there was frame rate drop. I haven't noticed much to any of this. I noticed more in the other games I have had like heavenly sword.

    Another complaint was the imaginary walls. This is just a linear game. Exploration is not what this game is about, It is about combat and you see and cover some cool scenery while doing this. This is not grand theft or mercs 2, its golden axe. Linear games are not bad. Sometimes it makes it more challenging when you can only go one way instead of more. Regarding combat though it is open world. You can kill an enemy many ways.

    I really like this game. It is faced paced with combat, combat, and more combat with a little exploration and puzzles.

    Most of all the game is fun. I also enjoyed Mercenaries 2 and have finished it a few times. Long live the games where you can pick a hot female protagonist.

    Kevin...more info
  • Worst Game played on Xbox
    When I got this game I was looking forward to playing it. That feeling didn't last long once I actually started playing it. Like most other users I found the block & dodge system terrible. Having to wait and see what type of attack an enemy was going to make and then pressing the correct manouver is just plain silly. Most of the time the clumsy camera view will make this even harder. With your view being blocked by a shrub or piece of building. You wont be able to see what colour your oppenents weapon has changed to. Another grippe is the health or lack there of health potions and chargers. The little gnomes that pop up now and then are extremely annoying and hard to hit in any real succession. Over all this game feels as if the developers just threw together a bunch of ideas but never bothered to actually test them or even play the game. Which makes for a truely un-enjoyable game. Basicly your gaming experiance will be rushing around frantically trying to press the correct buttons getting more and more fustrated with the game until you come to the realisation that life just isn't worth it and return the game to your local gameshop and demand your money back. Avoid at all costs...more info
  • A carnal game!
    This game is for carnal folks who enjoy chopping people up into pieces! The level of realism is very sickening to a young soul. Blood and gore is just not my thing. Maybe there should be a setting with the blood off. The graphics is true 1080p!...more info


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