Duracell Mobile Charger With 2AA Pre Charged Rechargeable Nimh Batteries, CEF23DX2

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Product Description

charges 4 Aa Or Aaa Batteries At One Time led To Indicate Charge Status compact Size Is Great For Travel charge Plugs Directly Into Wall With No Cord Necessary

  • The Duracell Mobile Charger essentially serves as a portable power hub, delivering power from 4 charged batteries to a variety of high drain ranging from digital cameras to Blackberries to MP3 players
  • Allows users to charge AA or AAA rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries by plugging the unit directly into a wall or car outlet
  • Also features an USB port to enable users to charge a wide range of USB-enabled devices with built in rechargeable batteries, such as MR3 players and Blackberries
  • For ultimate flexibility, the Duracell Mobile charger can provide power to USB enabled devices in three ways: 1) via 4 pre-charged NiMH batteries 2) by plugging the mobile charger into a wall outlet or 3) by plugging the mobile charger into a car adapter
  • Contains 2 AA pre-charged rechargeable batteries

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great
    I got this charger after doing a lot of research. Pre-charged rechargeables are the way to go. Go read N Lee the Engineer's reviews if you don't believe me.

    This is the only charger I have and it works great. I've used both the plug-in and car charger options for the batteries. I love that it has individual indicators for each battery. I haven't tried it as a USB charger yet, so can't review that function....more info
  • Most Versitile Hybrid Charger
    Thanks to NLee's excellent review, I was turned on to Duracell's Mobile Chargers. Yes, the included batteries are hybrids similar Sanyo's Eneloop. I own both and can't perceive much difference. The recharger is an excellent value, as versatile as described.

    Definitely go with Duracell Mobile Chargers if versatility is important.

    Unfortunately Amazon's description doesn't do this product justice. This is a common problem and I'm sure sales suffer. I think Amazon and the product's Product Manager share blame....more info
  • Best AA and AAA charger I've used
    Ok, it charges batteries, removable plug, auto volt for world use, automatically powers off when batteries are fully charged, so on.

    Additionally, it can be used to power up or even charge your USB devices. Yes! it functions like an external battery pack for your USB devices. I was really suprised when I read this feature in its little instructional paper. The feature wasn't mentioned in the product details (or I didn't notice it when i bought this) and I didn't read any reviews about it. So I tested my drained PSP with this charger. I put in 4 AA battery, pressed and held the button until the USB led light turned on, plugged in the USB cable to my PSP...... charger indicator light in PSP lit to orange (meaning unit is charging) and I was able to power up my PSP as well!!!

    Note though that this feature will only work for USB devices using 6 volts and below. 4 AA batteries are equal to 6 volts =D.

    Must buy for your AA/AAA battery powered devices and even USB devices ;).

    Oh yeah, it also charges USB devices directly from an outlet hehe....more info
  • Great Charger
    I use this charger for portable power hub for my USB devices. Just make sure that the batteries are topped off and good brand batteries like the precharged Duracell rechargeables.

    Great charger I highly recommend this to anyone, especially the third option of allowing you to charge your devices from 4xAA or 4xAAA charged batteries that provides power to the USB port in this charger, which makes it good for emergencies.

    Only downside is the drain on the batteries while charging a USB device is pretty high. Don't bother using alkaline batteries unless you really have to. But other then that this charger is great....more info
  • Please God, save me from the odor of this charger!
    I just received this product. I have not used it yet, but the smell on it is so bad that I think it is hazardous to my health. Why has only one reviewer mentioned this? It is nasty and I'm airing it out in a window. I'd rather not touch it for assuming it was made with some highly toxic chemical plastic compound. I've never smelled a consumer electronics plastic like this? Horrible!...more info
  • Much Better than Eneloop Charger !
    This charger is working like a champ.Before buying this product I read all the customer reviews from Amazon web site and also from other sites then decided to go with this charger.

    It comes with four individual battery status indicator lights. The status light for each cell turns RED when charging and GREEN when the cell is fully charged.

    I bought Eneloop charger almost 5 months back but it worked only once after that it died. ...more info
  • Works as expected - but the smell...
    I have a LaCrosse BC-900 and bought this to hoping to get a smaller smart charger to travel with. However, it's only slightly smaller in size and weight. The batteries that came with it worked fine as 'pre-charged' batteries; I won't quibble about a few percent max storage between brands (I have the Kodak brand as well). However, no one warned about the intense chemical smell upon opening the package. It would be a disaster packing it with your clothing on travel, and having them smell like strong mothballs in a meeting. After a few weeks of opening the package, it still reeks. This is the first electronics I have ever had that smells like that. ...more info


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