Conair Lightweight Ionic Ceramic Dryer - Silver/ Black

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  • Dryer
  • Ideal for Finishing Styling
  • 3-pc. Set Includes Diffuser Attachment, Concentrator Attachment
  • 2 Power Levels
  • 3 Temperature Levels
  • Made of Plastic
  • Matte Finish
  • Features Ergonomic Design
  • Features Removable Air Intake Filter
  • Push-Button Operation
  • Also Features Cold Shot
  • Do Not Operate Near Water
  • Shock-Prevention Safety Plug
  • Interchangeable Pieces
  • 1875 Watts
  • Plug-In/Electric Powered Design
  • Spot Clean Only

 Customer Reviews:

  • If you can't afford a thormaline dryer you could like this
    Cons the cord is quite short and you can't use an extension cord. The cool heat setting is warmish too.

    Pros if you don't use the highest heat setting at all this is a very good dryer if not better, excluding it's thormaline lack. The cool setting is about warm the warm is hot and the high hot is steaming and after about a minute smells like somethings burning. I have found that to be true for any ceramic not thormaline dryer I have tested/tried on high settings particularly on high speeds. I didn't use the hot but I did turn on the highest hot setting for a couple minutes for this review. The bottons aren't the easiest to turn on and off but there not that bad either. I highly don't recommend using the high heat not only for your hair but because it harms your skin also even if you can't see/feel the skin damage.
    There is a fairly unique accessory that could be good but I'm not certain of it's usefulness- it is the hair straightner, smoothining one.
    It is certainly lightweight, but if you can afford to spend $8. more I'd recommend the RevlonRv544 with free shipping on here or any other thourmaline dryer. This conair dryer used as I mentioned shouldn't damage your hair (Unlike cheap non ceramic dryers that will. Thourmaline in my mind is a higher quality ceramic) but it won't give you added benifit or make your hair healthier like Thourmaline is proven to do.
    P.S. If your interested the number 1 reason I bought this is for it's three heat settings and overall value as a backup 2nd dryer. My first dryer I still use as my main one I love the 3 heat settings rarily if ever using the high heat for my normal long hair and sensitive skin and scalp. My first one is Thourmaline and better and I was okay with that staying that way. I returned this because of it's cord length mostly. But, I wouldn't be surprised at all if conairs strength doesn't rely in there hair dryers. My other dryer is from Remington but not lightweight unfortunatly. ...more info