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Fitness magazine is the authority for women who want to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Fitness inspires women with personalized workout guides, timely health & nutrition advice, and beauty & style tips to achieve balance in mind, body and spirit.

Customer Reviews:

  • Been reading forever!
    I have had a subscription to this magazine for about 7 years. Every new issue has something new to learn about fitness and exercise. I love all the healthy eating tips and new and challenging workouts they offer. This magazine will always be a part of my mail order collection!...more info
  • Waste of Time
    I subscribed to this magazine for a year and found it a waste of money. Every issue has a girl in a bikini on the front (can't a woman look sexy in anything but?) And every issue claims to have "the best ever exercise for...." ok..what about the last 10 issues that claimed to have the same thing..those exercises are no longer "best ever?" I didn't like the fashion sections, and I also don't like how there really aren't any articles. When I subscribe to a magazine I'd like to be able to read it, not just look at pictures. The only thing I liked about it were the success stories..and even those seemed repetitive...are we only allowed fruit and grilled chicken??...more info
  • All Around EXCELLENT...
    I really do love this magazine. I also subscribe to Shape - but I find I get more real-life use out of my Fitness subscription. It has countless tips, tricks, information, suggestions and tons of recipes each issue.
    Sure, the gals in the magazine are thin - but most are muscular and FIT and make you want to strive and keep working hard toward your goals...
    It's a REAL magazine for us REAL (and realistic) girls.
    Add it to your cart (or your Wish List!) - you'll be very happy that you did....more info
  • I Like it!
    Fitness has always been great. I've read it for at least 5 years and love the articles, especially Q & A. It's worth the money........... However, watch their billing dept. Once, I didn't renew, they threatened to send me to collections, stating that they had sent me the magazine for 6 months (they did not)prior and I had to fight it. Anyway, they couldn't provide proof and fixed the problem, so I'm back to buying Fitness AND considering another subscription through Amazon! ...more info
  • On your way to the top!
    If you are currently on a diet/exercise program or are thinking about starting one, this magazine provides information and motivating articles that will help you along. There are success stories, easy to follow exercise tips and other helpful articles pertaining to the subject of looking and feeling better about yourself. There are also helpful monthly reviews of widely advertised exercise equipment.

    The models are a bit too "thin" or this magazine would get 5 stars....more info

  • mind body and fitness my ass!!!
    This mag is all hype. They don't give you anything other than a bunch of ads of beautiful looking people who lost weight on diet pills and a bunch of girlie advice on what to wear and how to feel and the exersize routines make you look stupid when you try them at the gym. I'm tried of magazines that make you think you won't be happy till you obtain a certain "dress size". ...more info
  • Fresh & Informative
    I've subscribed to Fitness for several years now. It's a well-rounded magazine that blends topics on fitness, nutrition, health, and beauty without seeming pedantic. I save every copy to read on the elliptical machine (I do this with other mags too) as inspiration to continue with my own fitness program. It's amazing how quickly 30 minutes goes by when you're reading this magazine!...more info
  • Good content, bad models
    I have found this magazine to be fairly good as far as content of the articles and helpful health tips. It does disturb me that the magazine keeps placing skinny models in bathing suits on the front that do not look like they work out consistently but are just very thin. I hope the magazine will read some of these and make a change to some healthier options....more info
  • Chicago Personal Trainer gives review on fitness magazine
    Mind, Body & Spirt Fitness Magazine is wonderful. I get a lot of exercise ideas from them and I try to incorparate them into my workouts for my clients in Chicago.
    Thanks Fitness...more info
  • Some good, some not-so-good
    Fitness magazine is aimed at women who are interested in living a healthy life. Yes, some of it is a bit "fluffy" - like listing reasons to exercise. They also mix in practical advice - how to exercise to get a flatter stomach, to get stronger legs.

    There are interviews with inspiring women of all ages, letting you learn what their tricks to stay motivated and active are. There are healthy recipes so that you can always jazz your menu up with something new and delicious.

    On the downside, some articles seem fluffy to the point of incorrect.. In a recent issue they have an article picking on various diets including vegetarian, vegan and low carb. Talk about a way to not make friends!

    Apparently vegetarians are "weakening their immune system", and vegans are depressed. The article makes giant assumptions that everybody one one of these diets is doing it incredibly poorly and is therefore suffering from a variety of nutrition-related maladies.

    Along the same lines, the article claims low carb "doesn't provide enough fiber" - when really low carb is about cutting out SUGAR. There's no fiber in sugar!! Low carb is about eating a lot of broccoli and fiber-rich vegetables - most people on low carb eat far more veggies than people on a "typical American menu". The article's "fix"? "Eat good-for-you carbs". Isn't that exactly what low carb is? Eating the good carbs - avoiding the sugary carbs?

    It was frustrating reading good "here is how to exercise to do X" articles alongside "vegetarians aren't getting enough key nutrients - such as iron, which afects energy levels and the ability to think clearly."

    I found the inclusion of numerous fashion articles a bit suspect. I don't want or need a healthy fitness magazine to tell me which jeans to buy. I also wondered why a magazine which promoted healthy body image and living would include a promotion (an article, not an ad) for a $90 eye cream. I'm not sure most of us would find that either in our price range or a worthwhile expenditure of cash.

    In the end, there really aren't that many options out there for a woman who wants to stay in shape. I would get this for its new exercise ideas and to scan the recipes - but take any other content with a grain of salt.
    ...more info
  • lots of expired coupons
    We subscribed to this for a school fundraiser. The first issue came November 13 with many useful coupons, ONLY they expired in October 2006! I wish I could get my money back on a useless magazine filled with alot of advertising. If you want a decent health magazine, try PREVENTION. They have alot more to offer than this rag. Save your money, I wish I had!Take the time to search around. I hope this saves someone from making the mistake I had....more info
  • very nice
    very interesting magazine about women healthe...more info
  • Great for a Gym workout person...
    Fitness magazine has went downhill over the years. It is not worth a subscription anymore. Once you have read one issue you have read them all. And unfortunately Fitness, Self and Shape are all running the same articles as each other so when you have subscriptions to all then you are just rereading content. I will say that Fitness is better than Shape, but not as good as Self.

    One thing I dislike about Fitness is that they assume everyone goes to the gym. Instead of working out at home-which they used to plan everything for you to work out a home-a no excuse method. Yet, now every article revolves around gyms. And I personally don't attend a gym I work out at home. I also don't relate to a lot of the articles as I have just read them in my Self magazine. I personally don't feel this is worth a subscription. If you are a gym workouter then this magazine may be great for you!
    ...more info
  • great magazine!
    this magazine covers four main aspects: physical fitness, food & nutrition, health & beauty, and mental/spiritual health. it offers something in each and always has new and interesting information that is easy to understand for a person that is just a beginner in the fitness world or experienced. the focus is on physical fitness, and food, and the information is valid and easy to transfer over into everyday life. workouts are easy to understand, with good photos to illustrate, and almost all can be done without making a trip to the gym.

    i compared this magazine to self, and found this one to be superior in all ways. although self was almost twice as thick, when i counted the pages of usable information that i wanted to pull out and keep (whether for good recipes, work-outs, articles, or products), fitness had over three times the amount of pages than self. it also has a minimal amount of advertising, compared to magazines such as self that seem to be pages of advertising with a little fluff inbetween every once in a while....more info
    I couldn't wait for my subscription to end. I started out reading each issue from cover to cover because the fitness tips are really good. After a few issues, though, I got so bored with the content and no longer felt inspired to workout. I haven't bothered to read the last three issues. Plus, the covers with the super skinny models wearing flimsy bikinis really started to annoy me after a while. I was embarrassed to leave the magazine lying around the house!

    I just picked up an issue of Self at the drugstore and I think I will get a subscription. I found that one issue really inspirational, with good fitness advice and other interesting articles. ...more info
  • Fitness (2 Year Subscription)
    I received the first issue of my 2 year subscription of Fitness Magazine 2 months before the anticipated arrival date. I am very pleased with the timeliness of the order and also the quality of the product....more info
  • Get ready to Get In Shape!
    If you want to get in shape then Fitness can help.I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and love all the ideas and tips I get for excercise from this magazine.
    It offers nutritional information,diet plans,workout gear and beauty advice plus always has a new excercise routine and tips on staying fit.The success stories are great too.I could send in my photo to be in one of the success stories since I lost over 40 pounds a year ago but I am too shy.(lol)
    All I know is that this magazine reminds me how good it feels to be at my best and I have learned some really great information from it.
    I don't think you will be dissapointed if you really are serious about losing weight.Just remember that nobody can do it for you and that a magazine can only give you the information but you have to do the work yourself!...more info
  • Poor circulation department
    Not a bad magazine (Shape is better). I have to agree with several other reviewers when they speak of customer service. It took forever to get my first issue and than I got 3 issues (different months) within 2 weeks. I thought my subscription had expired because I hadn't received April's issue which was already on the supermarket shelf. Five days later, it showed up in my mailbox. I'm going to stick with Shape....more info
  • great balance: major fitness, minor fashion
    I've gone through nearly every fitness genre magazine and found this one to really focus on it's namesake. With new exercise tips each issue and focus on both whole body conditioning and isolation techniques, there are great tips for people at just about every fitness level. there's also some nice fashion and style sections, but they don't bombard the mag. The cooking section is more than I can do, but the option is great. This mag covers just about everything to get you in shape and looking good-- I highly recommend!!...more info
  • used to be
    This magazine used to be better like 10 years ago. It had better weightloss success stories. Now its just small boring sentences. What happened Fitness?...more info
  • Paying $1.97 an issue is about right!
    I read Fitness for the first time about a year and a half ago... and I liked it. So I subscribed to it for two years. Well, a year into it, I've decided it's just not for me. See, if you're like me, wanting to gain something out of reading a fitness magazine involves knowledge of how the muscles work, when to work them, what nutrients are best for them, and basic health, because let's face it ladies, even if you DON'T have a degree in biology, you know losing weight and staying healthy involves a lot more than a fashionable pair of hot pants or just a few crunches. You have to understand your body - each person requires different exercises and different diets (by which I mean different types of foods, not an actual act of dieting) in order to look their best. So, if you want to gain the education you REALLY need to lose weight or stay healthy, Fitness isn't what you need. They've got great ads for great fashions and great UNREALISTIC looking exercise models (who personally don't have "perfect abs" or "sexy arms" - they look like size 4 girls that haven't lifted a weight since high school gym class). A magazine like Fitness Rx is LOADED with information and women who look like they really work for what they look like - something we all have to do in order keep our figures....more info
  • Not impressed
    articles weren't anything new. mostly fluff and cosmetic/clothes ads. better info and exercises in Oxygen and Women's M&F. ...more info
  • Never received it
    I ordered this in February at the end of April I called to find out where it was and the first issue wasn't to arrive until June? That's absurd. I cancelled my order, if that's the kind of customer service then I doubt the other issues would arrive in a timely fashion....more info
  • Great!
    I love the magazine, and I got it in a very timely manner. Woot woot!...more info
  • No Women of Color on the Magazine Covers
    Occasionally when I go to the grocery store I pick up a magazine by the check out counter. So I bought an issue of Fitness magazine and then decided to get a subscription. I don't know what the heck I was thinking. Each time I got the issue I noticed there was always some skinny blond chick on the cover wearing a bikini. There were NEVER any women of color on the cover. So when I was sent a letter, asking if I'd like to renew my subscription, I said he11 no. I'm not wasting my money on a so-called fitness magazine that doesn't feature women of color on its cover. There's just no way. I thought fitness was for everybody, not just for skinny blondes who wear bikinis. And just because your skinny doesn't make you `fit' either. Skip this if possible....more info
  • Fitness....
    A very good tool in using the examples they have in exercising. A magazine that can keep you motivated with lots of tips. I really enjoy reading this magazine every month. I don't really care for the bikini clad women on the front but I can't have everything!...more info
  • An exceedingly pleasant surprise!
    Never one to exercise of my own volition, it takes an extra kick to make me get up and burn calories--much less eat healthily. This magazine presents such a positive, real-world face to well-being that after one issue, I was totally hooked on fitness, in every sense of the word. Their editors and contributors seem like real people with sense and spark, and their advice is on the mark. That first edition I picked up a while back belonged to my sister, and I have continued to snag her copies as much as I can. The investment of a sound self, however, makes me think it's time to buy my own subscription....more info
  • Consistent
    FITNESS helps give good, solid workout and diet ideas that are realistic to my busy life. But unlike the rest of the health and diet mags out there, FITNESS does not motivate you through there articles and then bombard you with a ton of ads for Chocolate Cherry Pies and "recipes that can clog your arteries in 5 minutes". Instead, FITNESS really stays true to the reader. They provide instruction and motivation along side of advertisements that support a healthy lifestyle!...more info
  • Inspiring & Motivational
    I love FITNESS.While I am not one of the perfectly proportioned size 6 models they almost always use I AM a more fit and healthy person because of the motivation I have gotten from this magazine.I have gone from a size 14 to a 10 with the help of excercise and nutritional tips I'v gotten from this magazine.I love to read the inspiring success stories of others who have reached theyre fitness goals.
    I finally realized that if I put in the effort I too could be strong and healthy even if I am not tiny like a super model.
    FITNESS has excercise routines that you can do at home that don't require lots of expensive equipment or a gym membership.I like the make up and fitness clothing articles too.
    Overall FITNESS is a magazine for those that need motivation and information on how to get and stay healthy and have fun while getting there....more info
  • to little helpful tips and to many advertisements
    The magazine did have about two seperate sections with actual tips on how to workout effectively. However most of the magazine was filled useless advertisements and pictures of models that were not fit but naturally skinny....more info
  • Inspiring!
    When the publishers of my all-time favorite women's fitness magazine (Muscle & Fitness Hers) decided to stop producing it, I had to find a suitable alternative. While it's not as "meaty" as Muscle & Fitness Hers, it's a good, inspiring read. It devotes too much space to fluffy stuff like clothing and makeup (and ug, even a few celebrities), but overall I would recommend least until something better comes along!...more info
  • As far as women's fitness mags go this one is on par with the rest
    For the price, Fitness is the best buy for women's health and wellness magazines on the market right now. I've bought most of them at least once and while Shape and Fitness have similar content, my pick is definitely the latter. One of the best parts of the magazine for me is the number of stories from actual fitness readers. Each month there is an "I Did It" story where we hear someone story of how they managed to reach their goal whether it's losing weight, toning up, or leading a healthier lifestyle. It's encouraging to hear stories from people and not just look at pictures of models in bikinis. Furthermore, the stories and fitness advice is varied and will usually give advice from a number of perspectives. For instance recently there was an article on how to work your problem areas and it not only covered a wide range of body areas, but provided nutrition information as well. Fitness is definitely on par with the rest of the women's health magazines on the market and in my opinion is one of the better options. Also, they're currently running a special where if you subscribe to one year, you get a second for free (you can keep it for yourself or give a gift subscription). ...more info


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