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ZetaClear contains a proprietary formulation of natural oils each of which has been demonstrated to contribute to the promotion of healthy looking nails. The Science of healthy nails is complex and hence achieving healthy appearing nails requires a special product. If you are tired of creams that don't work or prescription drugs that have serious side effects then Zetaclear is your solution. Nail fungus is tough to treat because it has a cozy home under your nail. Its hard to get medication to reach the fungus. The fungus is protected by your nail, and its warm, and moist under there. Those are perfect growing conditions for a plant. A plant? Yes, fungus is a plant, not a virus or bacteria. It grows like a mushroom or moss. And, just like getting dandelions out of your lawn, nail fungus is hard to get rid of. Obviously, you cant spray herbicide on your feet or hands! The next best thing is Zetaclear Anti fungal Solution. Its made from all-natural oils derived from plants. People try creams and lotions, and the doctor can give you pills to take, but the results are iffy. Thats why we offer you Zetaclear. The special soothing oils in Zeta Clear Anti-fungal Solution move under your nail to reach the fungus where it has put down roots. Zetaclear is easily applied morning and night with the applicator brush that comes in the bottle. These oils not only work on the fungus, but also smooth and soften your skin with each application. The combination of Lavender, lemongrass oil, and clove oils give Zetaclear a delightful fragrance without any medicinal smell. The fragrance is not a sweet girly scent, but one men like as much as women. It smells clean and natural. Even if only one nail if affected, its a good idea to use Zetaclear on all your nails (hands and feet) with each application. This way, youll protect all your nails from further invasion.

  • A Natural Solution for Healthy Looking Nails
  • Exfoliate of yellowing keratin debris
  • Topical Brush Application
  • Natural, Safe and Effective

Customer Reviews:

  • Does the trick!
    Don't let the price or the hype scare you away. I was skeptical about the price, and the fact that the advertising suggests buying several bottles at a time "to save money". Don't. Unless you have a severe case of toe fungus on several toes. I had (the active word being had) moderate fungus on one toe for about a year. I bought one bottle of ZetaClear to try out, totally expecting it not to live up to its claims, and it began working immediately. Applied three times a day (as per the instructions), I found that the fungus was actually dying within two or three days. My toenail went from being the icky dark brown from the fungus to being an icky-er shade of black for a couple of weeks. The fungus was dying and the nail was growing back clean and fungus free! Then it was just a matter of time, waiting for the old nail to grow out and be replaced by new, fungus free nail over a period of about 8 to 10 weeks, with ZetaClear still left in the bottle. Try it, you'll like it....more info
  • Worked for me!
    I've had toenail fungus for years and each year it got worse, more painful and ugly. It started spreading from my big toe to the other toes. My doctor was reluctant to treat it because of the potential side effects of the available drugs. So, I bought two months supply of Zetaclear. After less than one month, I noticed a definite improvement but was not absolutely certain. Now, after two and one half months, I can say with certainty that this stuff is working for me! My nails haven't looked this good in years! The damaged part of the nail has almost completely grown out and the new nail is absolutely clear and healthy! I'm so excited about this product that I highly recommend it!

    One caution. I gave my daughter half of my second bottle and the second bottle of the spray. She used it two days and got some sores on the tip of her tongue and under her tongue. She stopped using the spray and in two days after stopping the spray the sores started to go away. I didn't get any sores at all so this could be unrelated but seems very suspicious. Just be aware of this possible side effect.

    I'm going to continue to use this product for one more month and probably keep some on hand in case the fungus returns. I love this stuff!...more info
  • Great product it really woks
    This is a great product!! I used it once a day for one month and no more fungus. The only thing that you will loose with this product is an ugly toe nail. I bought two more bottles for my mom and brother. ...more info
  • Beware of this product and the company that makes it
    If I could give it no stars I would. It does not work. If you think it works, you are only seeing a cosmetic effect or it is not nail fungus you are treating. Most importantly, ZetaClear is a Healthbuy.com product. Healthbuy.com practices predatory sales techniques and return policies. There are plenty of legitimate e-commerce companies that sell alternative medicines, but Healthbuy.com is not one of them....more info
  • Zeta clear clears fungus fast
    I have used this product and it has done everything that it claimed it would. If you have nail infections or fungus try Zeta Clear before getting a prescription. The infection is clearing up and the new nail bed is clear and smooth. I have not used i/2 of the bottle yet but I do intend to use it until the nail is all regrown without any fungus. It is worth every cent!...more info
  • Buyer Beware: Possible Scam Remedy
    Many of the web sites you will find that speak about ZetaClear such as publichealthforums.com, healthynailsworld.com and others like them seem to be directly associated with the product manufacturer. It appears they are heavily involved in a sort of official looking viral marketing campaign. The same woman appears under different names, on different sites as a moderator or official source of information. All of the reviews on these sites are anonymous for the most part. It may be legitimate but my readings suggest otherwise. I recommend talking to your doctor or pharmacist at Walgreens before buying this stuff because it's not cheap....more info
  • Scam Alert
    Look at the "active" ingredients (can be found on their namesake website)

    Undecylenic Acid - That's a fancy word for "vinegar". $1.50/gallon at the supermarket. Yes, vinegar helps remove keratin. No, you shouldn't pay $30/ounce for it.

    Tea Tree Oil - It's a pretty good natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It might help with your nail fungus but it costs $5 for 8 oz, not $30 for 1 oz plus shipping!

    Clove Oil - smells nice. Kills fungus? Not so much.

    Almond Oil - nice oil for back rubs...

    Jojoba Oil - wha?

    Vitamin E Oil - Good for lots of things. But not for fungus.

    Lemongrass Oil - Smells nice on Thai food. Not so much help with fungus.

    The bottle is a 30 days supply. Treatment takes 6 months or more. That's $200+ with shipping. It will take 6 months before you find out it didn't work... well past the return period....more info
  • Great results so far!
    I bought Zeta clear to use on my big toenail, which had a pretty severe case of fungus. Within a few weeks my nail had turned a much darker color, and I acually lost most of my nail which must have been dead already. I have been using the oil for about 3 months now, and the base of my toe nail looks clear. I was pleasantly surprised with the results! Nail fungus is very difficult to treat, most medications cost hundreds of dollars and have very dangerous side effects. I thought this product was well worth the money!!...more info
  • Does Not Work
    I purchased this product and have been following the instructions on usage (3xs daily) since Oct 5, 2008 with the same bottle to help w/ toes, one of which has turned black. After 3.5 months I have noticed no improvement at all. While the oils smell nice and keep the nails moisturized, I would caution others to try other cheaper remedies before using this. It may work for some, but did nothing for me. Good luck....more info
  • Expensive but seemed to do the trick quickly
    I had thickness and what looked like fungus on both my big toes for several years that wouldn't go away. I purchased the ZetaClear (two bottles) and after using it for a couple of weeks, it looks almost cleared up. I'm sorry I got two bottles as it was so expensive. Perhaps two bottles are a good deal if you have a serious problem, which I did not.

    But it does seem to do the trick!...more info
  • Zeta Fantastic!!!!
    I saw this product and really didnt expect anything but hope. I have tried everything I could find before and had no results. I have had a discolored big toe for years and it had continually gotten worse by chipping/flaking and practically disentegrating on my foot. While I became concerned that it was a symptom of something worse; I googled for products/solutions for the symptoms I experienced. I ordered one bottle and had remarkable results. It was pretty severe; so I ordered another bottle and voila! I have a toenail again. I have gotten in the habit of never wearing flip flops or being barefoot in public but this product really delivered for me. Although I am still in shock, I highly recommend it for anyone at their wits end. I looking forward to a summer vacation....more info
  • Try other remedy before spending $$ on this!
    I have been having problems with fingernail fungus for years. It started with one thumb and seems to be spreading to other fingers. It recently has gotten worse, so I thought I would go to the web and try to figure out a way to get rid of the problem. ZetaClear seemed like the solution, but it wasn't! I tried it consistently for a month with no change whatsoever. Then I remembered a solution that was mentioned in my initial research which suggested trying Vick's Vapor Rub (in the small blue container.) The people that mentioned this said it would take awhile to work. Well, instead of shelling out $70, I should have tried this for less than $5!! The first day I noticed a difference. It is working great and my problem is slowly fading. Use a Q-tip to work the medicine into the area under the nail, and cover with a band-aid for maximum effect. Try this cheap solution before you go blowing it on this stuff. Maybe it does work, but not for what ails me... good luck, it is a bothersome condition with few remedies.
    ...more info
  • It works
    Having used other medications, this one worked the best in a very short period of time....more info
  • The Miracle in a Blue Bottle
    Have tried a number of other products on the market prior to ordering Zeta Clear, with little or no results,so I was a bit hesitant about another product.However my physician said the only treatment was a long course of Oral anti fungal meds which were very expensive,and some possible bad side effects....so I tried Zeta Clear and bingo---all clear in 3 weeks.I continued for several more weeks just to be sure it did not return...and this was a problem that was persistent for 10 years,without relief!!!I talked about the product at a family reunion and now 3 more folks have now found relief of all symptoms...This is the Miracle in a Blue Bottle!!!...more info
  • Be patient, it works.
    I didn't have such a terrible problem, but applying 2 times a day worked in a month, my big toes were cleared of yellow-ness. If I would have used it 3x a day like it said, it probably would have worked faster....more info