Healthway EMF 20600-02 Air Purifier 1000 sq. ft.

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Absolutely the most advanced and effective portable air purifier available. Better than HEPA! The EMF 20600-2 is the most advanced air purification system in the world when trying to control airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, mold & fungi and viruses. 1. Electronic Control Panel -Filter Light: indicates when to replace main EMF Filter -Bio Monitor Light: shows EMF germ killing zone is working at peak efficiency -Convenient three speed control -Low speed: ULTRA quite air flow mode 2. EMF Filter - Better than 99.97% particle capture at 0.3 microns. 4x the particle reduction as a similar sized HEPA filter. Traps microorganisms for germicidal exposure. 3. Revolutionary FDA listed GERM KILLING ZONE! -98-100% of virus -98-100% of bacteria -98-100% of mold & fungi 4. 100% Sealed Filtration -All incoming air is treated in the 100% sealed filter chamber 5. Dual Air Intake Blower -All incoming air is treated in the 100% sealed filter chamber 6. 4 Stage Filter -Provides particulate prefiltering and multiple gas/chemical scrubbing -Dual pre-filters are cleanable for extra particulate reduction -Carbon/Zeolite media for gas odor and chemical reduction 360 Degree Air Entry Design - Allows placement anywhere ensuring all of the room air is treated Four Stage Filter -10 Micron Pre-filter - Zeolite -10 Micron Pre-filter - Honeycomb Activated Carbon Specifications Replaceable Filter As similiar to HEPA Media Filter with 4 times the capture as similiar sized HEPA Dimensions 15 width / 16 depth / 27 height / 36lbs. Decibel Levels Speed 1- 70 CFM 45 db. Speed 2- 130 CFM 51 db. Speed 3- 200 CFM 58 db. Maximum Coverage Area 1000 sq ft on maximum fan speed an 8.5 ceiling height. System efficiency for particles 99.99% at .3 microns. Energy consumption 120 volt- 60Hz, all components UL certified. Features

  • - FDA listed as CLASS II Medical Device.
  • -Low speed: ULTRA quite air flow mode
  • - Electronic 3 speed setting unit is effective on all 3 settings.
  • -Unique vacuum cleanable and reversible filters to increase compacity for longer life.
  • -Bio-monitoring light. To assure germicidal field is operation at optimum efficiency
Customer Reviews:
  • Review by Owner who happens to be an Electrical Engineer
    Healthway EMF 20600-02 Air Purifier 1000 sq. ft.

    As an engineer, I tend to analize everything - especially products used in my home for the betterment of my family. I am extremely impressed with our Healthway air purifier. I actually tested this product with a particulate meter and was very impressed with the actually effectiveness of this filter.

    It is extremely well built, runs very quietly and knowing that not only are the mold, fungi, virus and bacteria particles captured but actually destroyed by their use of a high energy electrical field has really improved our air quality in our home. We sleep more soundly and wake up without the stuffy noses!

    This is worth the money!!!...more info