Germ Guardian GGLS11 Light Sweep with UV-C Sanitizing Technology

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Product Description

Germ Guardian, UV-C Light Sweep, Lightweight Design & Cordless Cleaning Power Makes Cleaning Up Messes Fast & Easy, Includes UC-C Light Technology The Technology Hospitals Use To Sanitize Will Help Kill Germs On Floors While You Sweep, Cleans Variety Of Surfaces, Including Carpet, Area Rugs, Hardwood Tile, Marble & Linoleum, Light Weight Design Makes It Quick & Convenient For All Types Of Dry Messes On All Types Of Floors, Rechargeable Convenience No Cords, When Fully Charged Has An Extra Long 30 Minute Run Time, Includes Plug In Charger, Easy To Empty Dirt Cup, Low Profile Swivel Design Makes It Almost Effortless To Maneuver Around Corners-under Furniture & Other Hard To Reach Areas

  • Rechargeable, cordless motor-driven power sweeper
  • Cleans up dry messes on carpet or hard-floor surfaces
  • Sanitizing UV-C technology destroys germs and kill odors
  • Dirt cup; 30-minute run time on a full charge; charger included
  • Measures 11 by 6 by 36 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Not worth the money
    The Germ Guardian Light Sweep is a piece of Chinese junk. Actually the device has some pretty good engineering. The belt driven agitator does a pretty good job of picking stuff up. It bogs down a little on carpet and has to be cleaned if you got somebody in the house with long hair. It even has a safety switch which prevents dummys from looking at the light unless they turn it upside down, turn on the power switch and then depress the safety switch. There are four led headlights which is cute but a waste of power unless you like to vacuum in the dark. The rechargeable battery allowed me to vaccum most of our 2300 sq. ft. house before it needed recharging. The dust container is made of flimsy plastic and a pain to get apart for emptying. I see that breaking first

    The problem with this thing is that it was made as cheaply as possible and will not last long. It was made in China and companies like Germ Guardian just stick their name on it. I know of another company that has their name on it and charges 100 bucks for it.

    I went to the Germ Guardian web site to look for support like replacement parts such as battery, brush roller, brush roller drive belt and dust container. Guess what? They no longer carry this thing and they didn't bother to respond to my three emails. That is certainly not encouraging. So when this thing breaks, and it won't be long, there goes 50 bucks.

    This uv-c light concept in a vacuum cleaner is a new concept. The only other company that puts out a real vacuum with a uv-c light is the Halo for 500 bucks. And that vac is overpriced and, from what I can see, is cheaply made in my opinion. Also their repair part replacement availability is weak. They told me they were working on that department. I would avoid both devices as money is a factor. Being a janitor for 20 years and having owned numerous commercial vacuums I know what I'm talking about.

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