Ultrasonic Humidifier Blue Bear Built-in Negative Ion Device 5 L

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Product Description


  • Fun bear shape looks great in kids' rooms
  • Durable titanium alloy guarantees long life
  • Moisture Capacity: 380 mL/hour
  • Multifunciton unit humidifies and purifies air
  • Ultrasonic humidifier
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Design!
    I purchased this after returning a loud and leaky Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier, #V3500-N, 1.2 Gallon - 1 EaI was pleasantly surprised by how quiet this Fujitronic humidifier is! It hardly makes any sound, and has a soothing cool blue light. I haven't had any problems with leakage and my humidifier has worked perfectly. It has helped a lot with our infant's nasal congestion, and my toddler loves the fun "little bear" design. ...more info
  • I hate this stupid humidifier.
    The first night my husband and I used this humidifier, it took three hours for any mist to trickle out. When the mist started coming, it was so light and faint. We used it in our bedroom, and I ended up getting congested because there wasn't enough moisture coming from this humidifier. Once it got to morning, the mist started coming out more, but it was already 8 hours later. I tried using the humidifier again last night using distilled water like the instructions asked (hoping that was the problem), and it's been 7 hours and there's still no mist coming out of it. I give this humidifier a big fat "F."...more info
  • reliable and hygienic
    I used one for two seasons and found it very reliable. More importantly, there seems to be very little algal/baterial growth on the wet plastic surface. I have ultrasonic humdifiers from other makes and they all need to be scrubbed daily to remove the slimy coat on the wet surface but this one from Fujitronic works a lot better. ...more info