Hoover L2020-081 Road Rat Hand Vacuum

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Product Description

The Road Rat Wet/Dry Car Vacuum features:

  • Quick mobile cleanup - The Hoover Road Rat wet/dry car vac is the perfect accessory for the family car or van, SUV or light truck, boat or RV. Just plug it in to any vehicle outlet and catch spills before they set.
  • Removable filter - the Hoover Road Rat wet/dry car vac's filter and collector cup can be easily removed and rinsed off for fuss-free cleaning.
  • 12 Volt power plug - Plug the 12-volt power plug directly into your car or boat power source and the car vac's heavy-duty 12 amp motor delivers plenty of suction power to pick up wet liquid spills or dry dirt and debris.
  • Multiple cleaning tools - The versatile wet/dry car vac includes a crevice tool to get dirt out of tight spaces and squeegee tool to make wet cleanups a breeze.
  • Handy storage bag - Store the Hoover Road Rat right in your car, van or RV in its handy cloth storage bag for easy access whenever and wherever spills happen.
  • 18' power cord - The extra-long 18' power cord on this versatile wet/dry vac lets you reach anywhere in your vehicle or boat, from floors, seats and trunk to deck, galley and storage compartments. . .and more.
  • Warranty - This quality crafted car vac is backed by a full one-year warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Features:
    • Model No.: L2020-081
    • Warranty: One Year
    • Origin: China

     Customer Reviews:

    • Not worth the money
      Tried to clean my carpet in my car with it and it would not pick up a single piece of dirt....more info