Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Glass Bottle 2-Pack, 3.5 oz

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Product Description

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles are the only bottles designed by a doctor to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. Dr. Brown's bottles feature the patented internal vent system, which creates positive-pressure just like breastfeeding. This fully-vented bottle design produces a more comfortable feeding by eliminating the vacuum and excess air ingestion. It's the venting system your baby deserves, in a choice of bottles to fit your lifestyle. Dr. Brown's bottles are also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Includes 2 Standard 3.5-ounce Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles with Level-One nipples.

  • Helps colicky babies settle down or sleep
  • Reduces colic, spit up, burping and gas
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear or no vacuum
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Customer Reviews:

  • bad size
    This bottle is only 3.5oz so its pretty useless given that most formula is measured in multiples of 2 - 2oz, 4oz, 6oz 8oz. The only one you can use it on is the 2oz. This is quite frustrating because your baby will need 4oz quite soon after he/she is born and this bottle can't hold that amount....more info
  • Great bottles
    These were recommended to us and now I'm passing it on!

    - love the fact that they're glass...don't have to worry about the effects of plastic, etc.
    - my exclusively breastfed 6wk old baby has no trouble switching between these bottles and the breast
    - we've been very lucky and have avoided the colic phase...but we just recently started using these bottles, so I think the real reason behind that is that I eat almost no dairy products (babies often can't process the milk proteins, thus making their tummies hurt...plus research has shown an association of dairy products with diabetes, allergies, etc. Off topic, I know, but I'm a doctor and had to throw that in there!) Anyway, our baby has no problem with gas/burping when using these bottles.
    - cleaning them is an extra step due to the ventilation system, but if it helps my baby avoid tummy troubles, so worth it! Comes with a little brush to clean the ventilation system.
    - perfect size
    - reasonable price (usually around $12.99 for two bottles)
    ...more info
  • BPA Free Glass Baby Bottles
    These are a bit more costly but are BPA free bottles. IMO, worth it!...more info
  • glass is best
    these are good. not too heavy and glass is best even with the advent of the bpa free bottles ...more info
  • We like them
    I'm nursing my first child and we use Dr. Brown's glass bottles when I can't be there for her. Because this is my first child and we started off with Dr. Brown's, I have nothing to compare these to but they were recommended by the home health nurse that visited us after my daughter was born and we think they're fine. I like using glass with her rather than plastic for health reasons and there were only two brands to choose from when we went shopping. She is a gassy baby, but I can't blame the bottles for that since she is mostly breastfed. The only negative I can mention is that there is a piece of the venting system that is somewhat difficult to keep clean - we have to be extra vigilant about scrubbing in hard-to-reach places, but Dr. Brown's does include a tiny brush for this purpose.

    There must have been a typo in the price which inspired many negative reviews of this bottle, which everyone seems to like. Looks like it has been fixed now, but they are still cheaper at my local Babies R Us....more info
  • Great bottles
    I love these bottles, because i dont have to worry about BPA that is found in alot of plastic. I love that no air bubbles are in there when my daughter is drinking from it, therefor she doesnt get as much gas....more info
  • Capitalism gone awry
    Really? At this price? Supply vs. demand for an item that is deemed the only truly safe product for babies? We all hope you bought a ton and end up eating your shirt on this one....more info
  • Great Bottles - HORRIBLE PRICE!
    I love these bottles! They are great! I just got online to see if I could order them instead of taking my 1 week old baby to the store and I am SHOCKED to say the least at the price of them on this site!!!!! I just bought a 2 pack of these exact same bottles last Monday at my local "Baby Store" for $12.99! So, I will not be ordering them... looks like my baby boy and I will be taking a little trip out to the store!...more info
  • Bottles Great Overpriced on Amazon
    This Vendor sould be tared and feathered for the price that they are charging...look other places they are cheaper....more info
  • taking advantage of fears
    The price of these baby bottles is just outrageous, Amazon, and Dr Brown are taking advantage of new parents fears. To try to make money on the safety of babies is no better than Exxon or BP. I really feel sorry for all the new parents out there that are being price gouged, I would hope that a huge corporation like Amazon would stand up for their customers to prevent such poor business practices....more info
  • $50 for 2 - 3.5 oz bottles????
    How can this vendor post such a high price for these bottles??? They retaial for $13 at Babies R Us... I will be waiting for them to get them in stock rather than paying $40 plus $10 shipping. THAT IS INSANE!...more info
  • Lifesaver!
    So, before I begin my review of this product, here's our background... our son who is currently 6 weeks has had to be sent to the hospital with gas pains so severe that the emergency room doctors were concerned that he might be trying to pass a kidney stone. Turns out he was allergic to soy, we had tried breast, standard formula and lactose intolerance formula. He had a negative reaction to all (including breast believe it or not, I went through tests also to determine what was in my milk even though I was on a mild diet.... cause was deemed later on to be for a substance need, our baby needed rice formula). So..... we tried just the rice formula with the children's mylicon with the VentAire bottles.... somewhat of an improvement, but our child was still needing to go to the doctor weekly for checkups without much success, our pediatrician would even call us daily to see how he was doing. Constipation was questioned, but was never an issue. Our breakthrough occurred when we took our son to a specialist appointment and the lady asking us if our son had excess gas since she noticed that Mylicon was listed as one of his meds. I stated quickly yes and told her of our ordeal. I was told that she was the grandmother of 5 children and a mother of 3 and had tried EVERYTHING to cure their extreme colic. The remedy they found, Hyland's colic tablets, Dr. Brown's bottles, and rice formula. After the doctor appointment I went to the store to give these products a try....... and it was like an angel had spoken to us. Our child could breathe again and was longer tense in the body, as he was making progress against constantly trying to push. I know that I'm being candid but I am hoping that this will help other parents and children that have been or will be in our situation. We are on day 4 of the product switch and WOW, he's a brand new baby! If these products can help a child who's been hospitalized, hopefully these can help yours as well. Pedialyte also works as well to help calm the tummy. I've been using tylenol every 5 hours (excluding when he sleeps) for the first week and have been continuing to use the Mylicon to help with the surface gas. Burping has never been an issue, but his burps and toots have become louder and more productive, sometimes just shifting him in our arms can help him to expel gas! I'll be making this post in numerous areas in hopes to help people.

    Hyland's colic tablets, Dr. Brown bottles, Enfamil AR Lipil, infant's tylenol, gas drops is literally our formula to success....more info
  • Glass Baby Bottles
    I JUST LOVE THESE! My son likes these much better than plastic bottles and so does the environment....more info