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Surya Cream is a temporary coloring and hair treatment in a ready-to-use cream presentation. Practical and easy-to-use it is a natural and organic product made from rare and exotic herbs and fruits of Brazil - Amaz?nia - and India. This product also colors white hair with no peroxide heavy metals or ammonia.It treats and conditions due to the action of the natural properties of herbs and fruits

  • Does not contain: Peroxide ammonia heavy metals parabens PPD Resorcinol
  • * No animal testing. Does not contain ingredients of animal origin.
  • * Raw materials extracted with environmental responsibility pursuing sustainable development.
  • * Does not contain genetically modified organisms.
  • Does not contain ingredients which may cause harm to the health or to the environment.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very surprised...
    I was very surprised that this product works so well. I'm about 30% gray and yes it does cover the gray in a deep rich dark brown color.
    Shampoo and work into hair. I left mine on for 1 hour and then rinse out. I've washed it 6 times now and it seems to still be holding its color with no gray showing through. I'm amazed. It is watery though so it takes practice to not use too much. I think if I'm careful next time I could get three applications from this bottle....more info
    I tried this las week for the first time and I absolutely love it. It covered all my gray hair. I have a lot in the front part, and it bothers me a lot. I read in the instructions it's got some chemical products, but I can take it! compared to the 100% chemical ones I have been using to cover my gray hair, this is the best. Doesn't smell, doesn't fill funny in my sking and it removes easily from my skin (forehead and ears) and from my tub and sink. Love it totally recomend it. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I love the color and it was a very easy process. Clean up was very easy, no stains on my skin or my sink. My only complaint is that I feel the color chart is a bit misleading. My natural color is darker than that of the henna results color pictured on the chart, so I doubted this would have much effect on my hair. It gave me a beautiful rich brown color. Surya also left my hair feeling soft and healthy. It was just a lot darker than I would have guessed based on the info in and on the package. I will definitely order this product again, I just thought that warning was worth posting. ...more info
  • Great product!
    This is a wonderful semi-permanent color. It covers grays completely and doesn't damage your hair at all. Shiny and natural....more info
  • Natural color--semi-permanent?
    The color came out really natural! My natural hair color is light-medium brown, and the color came out a darker medium brown with a warm reddish tint. I love the color. It lasted only 2 and a half weeks for some reason. The item description really didn't specify how long it's supposed to last... But! the coloring looks natural, it's easy to use, natural and no animal testing! I bought two boxes initially. If you are looking for something permanent, I'd stay away....more info
  • Horrible results
    It looked good the first day I colored my hair. After that the color completely washed away. Very disappointing!!!...more info
  • Does NOT cover gray hair!
    The product is easy to use but it does not cover gray hair. I have a lot of gray at my temples. I tried this product 3 separate times. I left it on over an hour and re applied warm towels over it and still the gray hair came out red. The color was not a pretty red either, it was a Bozo the clown red color. Absolutely horrible!!!

    I'm so disappointed. I was really looking for a natural, easy to use product to cover my grays. This is NOT it!...more info
  • I was surprised by the results!!!!
    WOW! I am still shocked. I loved the product. It was very easy to use. Color is pretty strong in a good way and it makes me happy that it is natural. I have tried powder henna before (the most natural Iranian henna to find) and the results would give me reddish-auburn results since my natural hair color is light brown and not dark or black. I always wanted to have natural black or at least dark brown hair but without dying it was not possible. We all know that dyes of major brands put too much chemicals in and therefore they are of serious harm. Henna is two in one: dye and food for the hair. The only bad thing i have to say about the product despite its coloring effectiveness, price and nature, that it was very hard to wash out. Some say they lost results after so many washes. I haven't lost the color but i constantly see dark water dripping off my hair. Every time i wash my hair (and i have 3 times since dying process) i have seen some dark water dripping off my hair. It is not a big problem; just use dark towel to dry your hair and dont wear any whites if the rain is expected. LOL...more info
  • Great!
    I had to use henna powder to cover the grey hair, because I have a very bad allergy to chemical dies. It was a very messy process. I was so happy to find this henna cream that I don't have to keep on my hair for hours to get the coloring effect, like I did with powder. Syria is a wonderful product: it colors quickly, with no mess and no damage to the hair! ...more info
  • Covers Gray Wonderfully Easy!
    I've been using this product for 2 years on my African-American medium curly hair. My hairdresser was uncomfortable applying henna on top of all the chemical dye (and bleach) she had been using on my hair for over a year to cover gray. I switched to henna on my own, trying various types (forget the powder-it's too messy and iffy for color). None of the hennas caused adverse effect to my hair. Surya Henna was the only henna that covered all my gray immediately. My hair was fabulously shiny! Once a month treatment keeps my gray at bay (approximately the same amount of time to touch up chemical dyes for my hair). Rinse color out of hair well to reduce staining on your pillow. But it is easily washed out of anything that gets stained. If you use a clarifier before shampooing your hair (like lemon juice and water) the henna connects with the hair better, and there is significantly less runoff of color. This is temporary color, so each time you wash your hair henna will rinse out as well. If for nothing else but shine, a once a month treatment will do wonders for hair!...more info
  • Best ever henna!
    I have died my hair with henna for several years now and I love how much healthier it leaves my hair than "commercial" dyes. It is however, a messy and time consuming task. Until this. If you want to try henna this is definitely the way to go! Hair feels great and looks great! Truly the best dye I have ever used....more info
  • Could have purchased Jazzing.........
    I never review anything until I realized how helpful they are. I purchased this product based on reviews and hmmm....i guess some were happier than I.

    Tried this product last night and here's my thoughts.

    Deposited color nicely and covered the gray well! The only downside is the red stained scalp. I would equate this product with Jazzing in Black Cherry. Basically save the money and shipping and purchase the Jazzing for $4.00 it provides the same depth of color and it's a rinse as well.

    What I didn't care for was how thick the product was. Honestly I'm glad I purchased two bottles. My original intention was to be able to use one in the future. However, I ended up needed both! My hair is currently in a short flip, so longer hair would need 4 bottles and beyond!!

    I would truly say experiment with true Henna; this product doesn't give the real effect of Henna. I've decided to go with the real deal and won't reorder this version.
    ...more info
  • GET THIS!!!
    This is the best henna product out there. Trust me, I have been using henna for years and years and I've tried every brand. This is the best because:
    -it has the same benefits as normal henna, natural dye thats good for your hair and helps it grow
    -it has the same texture as no drip hair dye as opposed to the make it yourself messy mud that runs and glops all over everything! great coverage
    -it has an amazing smell thats nothing like the hair or manure smell of the green mud
    -instead of turning my white hair hot pink or scary orange it actually covered 100% dark brown
    -my hair feels and looks amazing, I think it even helped my split ends
    -it is cheaper!
    I will never use another product on my hair ever again. I am hooked! Surya, thank you so much for an awesome product....more info
  • Excellent
    Surya Henna Dark Brown Cream 70 ML
    This is an excellent product. I have been using this for over two years. It completely covers my grey and washes out naturally over time. As the henna washes out the grey strands look a bit more reddish and most think these are natural highlights. It lasts about 4 weeks. I do this at home and it is very easy to apply. ...more info
  • Love it!
    Great hair product! Gentle, easy to use and it delivers its promise of covering grey hair the first time you use it. I've been using this product for almost two years - I highly recommend it....more info
  • easier to use than powder
    Henna cream is much easier to use than the powder form, but it doesn't seem to last as long. Loved the color, though!...more info
  • Great product
    This product is really is easy to apply (you must wear gloves) and covers grey hair well. I have a small portion of grey on the right side of my head underneath the hair (but it is really noticeable...) and this is the only henna product that covered it! I have tried many other hennas, but this is the best. I had to reapply after 5 weeks, and probably could've waited a bit, but I wanted my hair to look good for a wedding. It also shines the hair and keeps it looking great. I have longer than shoulder length hair and got two uses out of the one bottle. It does bleed a bit in the shower when you wash (for a couple of times) after coloring. It also doesn't smell bad. Love it!!...more info


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