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The Salin? device: is an air purifier/ salinizer that's quiet, using forced ionization of the indoor air by salt sublimation. The salt micro crystals are under 5 m diameter and are able to penetrate deep into the lungs for natural relief of asthma and respiratory conditions specifically. It creates a micro climate of dry aerosol salt therapy in your living space like that found in underground speleotherapy clinics. Clinical studies show very good results in various respiratory, chronic diseases, sinusitis, ear infections, reduce snoring, smoking cough, an over all improvement of air quality. The device contains halite salt crystals formed in the Middle Miocene era, from Transylvanian Praid salt mine. The? Salin has two international?awards and recognition and is recognized at the 24th European Cystic Fibrosis conference in Vienna, Austria, Europe. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.