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philosophy: we pioneered a next generation medical microdermabrasion procedure that rapidly resurfaces the skin as it replenishes the skin with vitamin c. the treatment is known as the microdelivery peel. we are proud to introduce an in-home version of this revolutionary treatment. clinical results show that after just one microdelivery peel, 82% of respondents agreed their skin appeared to be resurfaced; 65% of respondents agreed their skin felt brand new; 80% said their skin felt smoother and more refined.

philosophy pioneered the first medical microdermabrasion machine that rapidly exfoliated the skin as it delivered vitamin c deep into the skin. the treatment is known as the microdelivery peel and is popular among plastic surgeons and their patients. philosophy has a less expensive, less invasive at home version of the microdelivery peel that provides immediate results with no downtime. it resurfaces and replenishes the skin with peptides and vitamin c so skin feels significantly smoother and appears positively radiant.

clinical results
results show that immediately, after only a single use, 65% of all study participants showed improvements in overall appearance, 94% in increased smoothness, and almost 80% in radiance.

  • you want to give your skin a complete makeover
  • you want to help de-age your skin
  • you want to instantly brighten you skin
  • you crave a radiant glow
  • you are an exfoliator aficionado

Customer Reviews:

  • I wish I didn't have to write this... AWFUL
    This product is NOT for everyone. If you have sensitive skin or don't want to risk a massive breakout, stay away.

    I've used a lot of skin products, and quite a few by philosophy as well. My skin can be problematic at times, but usually it is pretty balanced and normal- not particularly sensitive. Well, I bought and used this product due to the great reviews, and it dried my skin out and made me break out. I had flakes peeling off as well as several zits. It was close to my period so I figured that might have been responsible, and since I paid so much for the product and it got such great reviews I tried it one more time. Boy am I SORRY!!! It has been three weeks and my face is still covered in acne, with red splotches and dry patches that are taking much longer than usual to heal. My friend asked what had happened to my face and when I told her she said she had experienced something similar with this product. If you have sensitive or dry skin, definitely stay away. Everyone else should proceed with caution.

    I hate to give philosophy a bad review, but my skin was great and now it is destroyed......more info
  • Best home treatment ever!
    Seriously, this is amazing! Totally worth the money. I saw results the first time I used it. My skin is glowing and smooth. I had almost giving up on my face till I switched to Philosophy. Now I am hooked!...more info
  • Philosophy Vitamin C Peel Kit
    I really like this product, it leaves the skin feeling clean and smooth.
    I like the warm sensation after you apply the lotion to the orange scrub!
    I would purchase this product again! ...more info
  • Excellent
    I am a big fan of the Philosophy line - make up optional skin where less is more. Basic skin care - it is that simple. I love almost the entire line. I use this treatment once a week and it is easy, quick and makes my skin feel and look great. Awesome product. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • The Real Deal Peel
    (From the perspective of combination skin in its mid-twenties)

    I've had really bad skin damage: Almost immediately after I went off Retin A, I went out in the tropical sun, and hiked and swam. My skin looked rough and dull.

    I got the microdelivery vitamin c peel packets as part of the makeup optional kit. I noticec a difference immediately. My skin looked brighter, and smoother. The peel did not get rid of blemishes, or red spots, or places of hyperpigmentation (I believe for those problems you need a skin lightener), but made my pores smaller and my skin texture a lot more even. After the peel, I applied the when hope is not enough serum and help me. ...more info
  • Excellent Product with RESULTS that you can see & feel
    This is one product that I have definitely spent my money on and that I truly believe in. I too received a smaller sample version that, once it ran out, I had to replace.

    I use this product once every couple of weeks. When I do, my skin looks completely refreshed, similar to when I get a professional facial at the spa. In fact, I felt a bigger difference using this product than I did after my last facial!

    This renews my skin and the renewal feeling and look last much longer than a day. Another reviewer mentioned that you could use a facial scrub and get the same results, but I disagree. With a regular scrub, the result lasts only a day or so. With the peel, my skin looks great for days, even for a couple weeks. In addition, the last time I used it, I noticed a few days later that the skin on my hands felt great, and then I remembered that I had used the peel. So, no matter where on your body you try it, you'll see results.

    For me, it's not that I look spectacularly different. I just know that in the past, I'd have clogged pores and they were visible to the eye. Now I use Purity soap on my face daily, and this peel no less than once a month (and often more!)...... and I get compliments on my skin often. I don't have the BEST of complexions, but I get compliments! To me, that's the best part. And I only started getting compliments on my skin when I started using these products.

    Many people tell me my skin glows.

    I hate to spend this much money on something, but I have to say, I am a loyal customer of this product by Philosophy.

    Oh, and my ONLY complaint? If I am spending that much on a product, I sure wish Philosophy would put the product in a MUCH nicer container. The activator bottle is as homely looking as a bottle of glue! At least with some of my other products that I splurge on (Bobbi Brown, Chanel) you get beautiful packaging along with the great (and expensive) product....more info
  • I am hooked!
    I have become a Philosophy fan after trying several of their products and have recently purchased about all of the skin care line! After using the product you can immediately see and feel the difference! I am totally hooked! My skin is the clearest it has ever been and people comment on how radiant my face looks! I use the whole skin care line now and I would recommend this to all the 30 and 40 somethings out there that are tired of spending a fortune on products that promise and dont perform. I just LOVE Philosophy!!!...more info
  • Instant Gratification!
    After reading several testomonials from Philosophy customers, I shelled out to purchase several products from their skin care line for both myself and my husband. Neither one of us have been very regimented in taking care of our skin. After just one treatment of Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel, our skin was left feeling soft and looking flawlessly smooth. It has motivated us to treat our faces daily with Philosophy products to maintain the rosy glow and can't-keep-your-hands-off-it softness. The Microdelivery Peel has instant results and I would recommend it to anyone who has had less than expected results with other products. We are very satisfied with all the products from Philosophy. This is one company whose name lives up to all the hype....more info
  • sounds great
    I'm 13 years old, and have heard all about how wonderful these philosophy products are. I'm just curious if I'm old enough to use it, or if it will damage my skin because I'm younger than most people using this. I am already used to washing my face every morning and every night (and trust me, I haven't forgotten to wash my face since february 19 2005.) Along with scrubing, steaming, and put a mask on once a week, I also get a facial once a month. Hope these products work for me, please reply soon!...more info
  • I hate to rain on this parade but...
    What a disappointment. I have oily, sallow skin with clogged pores on my nose. It did nothing for me but make me break out. I've since used other products with Vitamin C and gotten the same result. If you've never used a Vitamin C product before, try out something cheaper before buying this--just to be on the safe side....more info
  • One of the best exfoliators I've tried!
    I am a very big fan of exfoliating - it helps with cell turnover (dullness from aging AND breakout prevention). I've used mechanical and chemical ones. I like that this system gives me some of both.
    I like to do this twice a week at night... and follow up with some Ole Henriksen Truth serum and night gel. I swear my skin has NEVER looked better... NEVER. For a day cream, I use the Ole Henriksen Truth serum and Sheer Transformation. You can just get the Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders ($95 Value)set... match it with this Philosophy Microdelivery Peel kit and I promise you'll be blown away!!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    This treatment is super easy to use and smells yummy. I have used other philosophy products and have generally been pleased with the results. This product is probably the best I've used so far, with the exception of the purity face wash which is the absolute best thing on earth. My pores have almost totally disappeared and my skin is smooth and creamy looking. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I really like all the products I have gotten from Philosophy, but this is one of my favorites. Works great!...more info
  • Unbelievable!!
    I got this as a sample with some other products I ordered. It is amazing! It is gentle enough to use 1-2 times a week as in the directions but has instant results! My skin was baby soft and had a glow to it! Even my husband noticed! Excellent product....more info
  • Not For Sensitive Skin
    I have sensitive skin, but the Philosophy counter people tried selling this product to me for YEARS despite my protests. Finally, I bought it as part of a kit. Every time I use it I break out within 48 hours after! I get REAL microdermabrasions and it's a TOTALLY different experience (in the GOOD way!) ...more info
  • Immediate Results!!
    I am a skin care junky. I have gone through so many products and brands that promise immediate results. Most things take time to work however from the moment I used this peel I saw immediate results. You want your skin to look clearer, radiant, more even toned instantly? Not to mention the unbelievable soft feel. Then this is the product to use.

    I am also sensitive in certain areas so I don't use the peel in those areas like the folds of my nose. However this has never made my skin irritaed or red. I am very impressed by this product. It promises to get rid of dull skin and that is exactly what it does!...more info


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