The Fat Flush Cookbook

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The popular weight-loss program now has a companion cookbook

"(Ann Louise Gittleman's) rundown of the therapeutic and culinary benefits of her favorite 25 cooking herbs makes a perfect introduction to her popular nutritional philosophy."--Natural Health Magazine

The Fat Flush Cookbook contains more than 200 recipes using fat-flushing foods and featuring the thermogenic herbs and spices--including ginger, cayenne, mustard, anise, fennel, and cinnamon--introduced in the popular diet program The Fat Flush Plan. This indispensable cookbook can be used as either a standalone volume or a companion book.

This tasty, heart-smart volume includes:

  • Time-saving, one-dish dinners
  • Packable lunches
  • Vegetarian-friendly ideas
  • Recipes with delicious and unique fat burning herbs and spices
  • An extended list of name brands suitable for Fat Flushing

In addition, The Fat Flush Cookbook shares new research explaining why certain Fat Flush staples speed up fat loss and provide profound detoxifying benefits while protecting overall health. Key ingredients such as lean proteins, phytonutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, psyllium, lemons, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, thermogenic herbs and spices, high-protein whey, stevia, cooking broths, and more are prominently featured in these delicious recipes. Cranberries, for example, which are now ranked among the best health foods we can consume, are an essential component to the success of Fat Flushers everywhere, and The Fat Flush Cookbook provides creative ways to enjoy this delicacy--along with tips on simple ways to sneak all these staples into existing favorites without making any major adjustments.

With delicious recipes, Fat Flushing information, and meal choices to suit every lifestyle, The Fat Flush Cookbook is perfect for the millions of Fat Flushers around the country.

Customer Reviews:

  • Recipes to the Rescue
    This has lots of short and simple recipes that help to keep one on track with the eating requirements of the plan. The extra tie-in of each recipe to the three phases of the eating plan are of real value....more info
  • A Godsend!
    This is a program where participants can only win by losing (weight, that is). The Plan is designed to ensure steady weight loss to all who follow this regimen. If you are following a gluten free regimen, you can continue to remain gluten free on this as well. In addition to clearing your body of toxins which impede liver functions, you will feel more alert and energetic.

    This is a Diet Boot Camp for some and a Godsend for all. Part of what makes this a rigorous regimen is the absence of salt, sugar and butter. Flax oil and fax seeds are major staples and do help boost weight loss and fat reduction in the body. Although many may not find the flax oil and seeds palatable, the outcome is well worth the effort.

    The recipes are nutritionally balanced with health properties listed throughout the book. That also makes this a distinctive book in re health and lifestyle changes. Followers of this program are treated to an array of delicious recipes and, as a bonus get to try many new things! Losing inches is part of what makes this program appealing and effective. Although it is not initially easy to follow, the payoff is worth it and staying with it gradually becomes easier.

    ...more info
  • The Fat Flush Cookbook
    Great ideas, however if one were to follow this plan it would be very costly... Most, not all products recommended need to come from specilty stores which have a high price range. IT would be great to go to a "Spa for a month" and have someone cook all your meals, however I am not in that income bracket.... ...more info
  • A Must Have
    If you are doing the Fat Flush Plan, this cook book is a must have. I bought the Fat Flush Plan, the journal and the cook book when I began Fat Flush. I can't tell you how often I refer to the cookbook for recipes! Some I cook just as is in the cookbook, others, I make slight substitutions to (as in the veggie of choice, an approved spice combination etc). This cookbook gives you a variety to choose from so that you don't get bored with food choices from menus listed in the Fat Flush Book.
    ...more info
  • wanted another copy
    I had loaned a copy of this cookbook to some friends and never got it back. And when I wanted to get back on the fat flush program I needed this book, because without the variety and recipes it offered I would never have been able to complete the Fat Flush Plan....more info
  • Fat Flush
    I got this book to start a detox and drop a few lbs in the process, what happened is nothing short of life changing. I lost 8 lbs in two weeks and over 40 lbs since April 07. The book is a good start point to structure eating habits and awaken you to how much you really need to eat and how much garbage you really do put into your body due to bad food choices. Energy levels went up, and body weight went down. ...more info
  • Good to start, hard to sustain
    I give this book kudos for pointing out how harmful many of the toxins we regularly eat and drink are, and for suggesting avoiding artificial sweeteners. Pointing out that it's best to eat low glycemic carbs is good, but overall, this diet is unsustainable for the long haul. Especially if you have a family. The book itself is worthwhile for the information on detoxing, but then the "typical" consumer is going to have to tailor, significantly, in order to make it work....more info
  • Great help for detox
    Chock-full of delicious recipes, this book will be a great help if you want to detox or lose weight....more info
  • Cooking for flushers..
    Fat flush food isn't exactly what I would call 5 star food. The cookbook is a must if you plan to follow the plan for any period of time or plan to be feeding any non-fat flushers....more info
  • Awesome book
    This book is chalked full of recipes that help to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is the best companion book to the The Fat Flush Plan book. I highly recommend it. I haven't even had time to try all the delicious recipes yet--there are so many. I will be eating some thing new every day for a long time....more info
  • The Fat Flush Cookbook
    Good ideas, but a lot of the ingredients are not available in my area....more info
  • Lousy resource
    First off, I am on the Fat Flush Plan, and enjoy it very much. However, several things about the plan and this book in particular really offend me:
    1. The name. This is supposed to be a plan about cleansing the liver and following a healthy lifestyle. I tell no-one how I lost so much weight, because the name is embarassing and offensive.
    2. You have to buy many books to understand the whole plan. I find this to be greedy on the part of the publisher. Just publish the plan, or even all the recipes in one place!
    3. The cookbook has much filler material, very few recipes, and an absolutely useless index. I don't know about you, but the index is the most important part of a cookbook for me! This was horrible.

    So, this book has turned out to be one more waste of money!...more info
  • Lose weight, lower cholestrol & cleanse your Body!
    After my sister was told that her cholestrol was 319, I asked what she was doing about it. She told me that she and her husband (who lost 35 pounds: she lost 23 pounds) were doing the "Fat Flush Diet." I asked what that was and ended buying the book. After 18 months my sister's cholestrol was 198 and our family history points at heart disease. I read the book avidly, did the 2 week 'flush' and lost 12 pounds. "The Fat Flush" food plan was how I usually ate anyway, however new ideas from "The Fat Flush Cookbook" (which I have since purchased) for making 'good for you' foods was welcomed. Try it as a lifestyle! It makes sense! You are what you eat!...more info
  • The Fat Flush CookBook
    Book was OK. Written for everyone, house people, career people, etc. Different occupations require different time allowances....more info
  • Fat Flush cookbook
    I have enjoyed this cookbook with its many time saving dishes. I would though have enjoyed some pictures for getting a better idea of the recipes. But all in all its a great book!...more info
  • Don't bother
    This is a cookbook for those who may be very very new to the concept of feeding themselves. Defininitely not for anyone who knows their way around a kitchen. I think itwas a waste of money....more info
  • Loved the diet, but HATED the cookbook
    Let me start by saying that the diet works. I lost 40 lbs over three years ago, I feel great and I look great. The cookbook is one of the worst cookbooks I have ever bought. A few of the recipes are good, but most were dreadful. Titles like "Cauliflower and Peas in Yogurt" and "Brussel Sprouts With Curry" are about as tasty as they sound. It's the only cookbook I have used where I have baked an entire dinner only to throw it away. It's happened a few times, so now I don't use this book. Look elsewhere for good, low glycemic-index recipes using non-processed food and flax oil.... ...more info
  • Anyone on the Fat Flush diet plan needs this book.
    Maybe in the next edition Ann will not feel that it is necessary to tell us that we need a sharp knife to cut tomatoes with. That said, the wife and I have lost almost 20lbs each in a short time using this cookbook and would have been lost without it. The recipies are tasty easy to prepare. As in any cookbook we have a few favorites. We also use it as a guide to getting creative, making our own dishes while still staying within the plan. Indispenspable. It goes well with the Fat Flush Plan which is a more of a "tell you about how the diet works" book. If you are really ready to start losing those extra ponds and keep them off this cookbook will do it for you. ...more info
  • No recipe index ruins a great book
    I can't add anything to the effusive praise in other reviews. We use this daily and anyone on fat flush plan must have it. But the lack of an index for recipe titles and ingredients--something found in every other cookbook published on earth--makes it impossible to be creative. You can't look in the fridge, see what's getting old, and flip through the index. Since for many fat flush folks this is the only functional cookbook, that would be a big plus and you have to wonder why it was left out....more info
  • The most frustrating cookbook ever written.
    I was looking forward to using this book to get started on the Fat Flush Plan. Unfortunately, I now need to buy another book entitled "The Fat Flush Plan" to actually get the plan. My mistake. This book is supposed to be a cookbook filled with receipts that conform to the Fat Flush continuing program.

    The problem is that, while the receipts may or may not be any good (see review from May 30, 2003), the book cannot be used for reference, as say, OTHER COOKBOOKS! Want to look up a recipe the sour cream substitute? You won't be able to find it in the index or table of contents. Want the author's recipe for yogurt dip? Good luck -- there are no listings for yogurt in the index AT ALL! How about a recipe involving nuts? You guessed it, NOTHING!

    The recipes are complex and time consuming. For example, if a recipe calls for catsup, it means Fat Flush catsup you made from scratch. But if you need to whip some up in a hurry, you're out of luck. There is no listing for catsup in the index. You need to go through the entire book -- page by page -- until you find it. (I'm not joking!)

    Also see review from May 30, 2003....more info