Pure Oragnic AMAZON THUNDER 100% Acai Fruit Berry Freeze Dried Powder with Camu Camu ~ 90g Jar ~ Incredible Superfood

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Product Description

If you are taking a non-organic A?ai Fruit antioxidant, then you are wasting you are money. Non-organic antioxidant products contain chemical pesticides, chemical preservatives, herbicides and other toxins. This is the most concentrated, potent and natural form of A?ai on the planet! Freeze Drying is a process used to de-hydrate fruits with high technology for products that are highly sensitive to heat. Moisture is removed from the product using a very low temperature (-20C) and a vacuum there is no pasteurization or heat used and our freeze dried A?ai is made from whole, unpasteurized A?ai berries! The process keeps the product taste intact, fresh and in its natural color. It maintains almost all of its vitamins, enzymes and nutrients, mainly carotene, anthocyanin (antioxidant) and vitamin C. There are no other ingredients and it is 100% organic! There are no carriers or fillers, just 100% pure freeze dried organic A?ai! Did you know it takes 10kg of pure A?ai pulp juice to make just 1kg of our pure A?ai freeze dried powder? Dont be fooled by 4:1 powder which are made from spray dry powder that is filled with 25%-50% corn starch, multidextrin, maltodextrin, or rice powder and contain little or no antioxidants (anthocyanins) because of the 4:1 spray dry process which literally cooks out all of the antioxidant properties of the A?ai! Our freeze dried A?ai powder is the only powder on the market that is just pure organic A?ai! How can you tell? Place a small amount of our organic A?ai powder into your hand, you will see that it is a dark rich purple and the powder clings to your hand because of the omegas 3, 6 and 9 which it is so rich in.

  • 100% Pure Acai...No added fillers...Look at the ingredients on the label
  • Camu Camu added for maximum absorption
  • Simple, easy to use....add to water juice cereal or yogurt
  • Promotes Body Detox, Energy, and Immune Health. Highly Alkaline....promotes PH Balance...Anti-Aging

Customer Reviews:

  • I feel better
    I noticed a difference in how I felt in about 10 days for taking this twice a day. My joints are not as sore, more energy and a general feeling of well being....more info
  • Great!!!!!
    This product is great. 3 days after my first use, I've experience more energy and I sleep better at night. I have constant pain in my legs, back and shoulders and that has also gone away. People these results where in just 3 days of taking the product!!!! Try it you have nothing to loose.

    About the flavor. Yes, it's not pleasing but if you mix it with yogurt (I use Activia strawberry flavor) you will not notice the powder is even there....more info
  • review from a Board certified Integrative Medicine Physician
    This product is phenomenal! I will address some of the criticisms briefly:

    1. Come on folks, use your imagination regarding taste. There are many obvious ways that one can consume this powder that all but negates it' unusual taste. Some have been mentioned by other reviewers. The smoothie with frozen fruit and Jay Rob's Protein Powder (strawberry for me :) tatstes great. Throw in some honey and a scoop of Salba and your arteries will thank you!

    2.This powder has fat soluble components in it namely as omega fatty acids. For this reason, much of it is not that water soluble. Unless you would like the company to process the heck out of the stuff, you just learn to deal with it. i put 2 scoops in Green or white tea and have come to enjoy the very organic experience of drinking down the organic berry pulp floating on the surface:) Add some honey if your programing for the taste of sugar will not allow you to get used to it as is. It might help to consider what this stuff is doing inside of you while you drink it!

    3. Acai is a super-food for sure. Please do not evaluate the quality of this product against outrageous marketing claims created for the sole purpose of sales. Some of these outrageous claims do Acai a great disservice! I can say without question that regular consumption of this powder will have a multitude of health benefits. Some will be perceived and others may not. Realistic expectations are key. I have a great sense of energy, clarity, and peace when I ingest this product. I often will add some authentic guarana powder from the Amazon and my energy levels are phenomenal for the better part of an entire day. The other things you consume and how you take care of yourself will all predict how immediately you will respond to this product. One thing is for sure, it is IMO, the purest most native form of Acai available and I have tried and researched them all. Give this product a try. Teach your kids to develop a method of enjoying this product. It will have a dramatic impact on the health of your family for years to come:) ...more info
  • Surprisingly high quality
    I am always skeptical about the "newest, greatest" product of the day. However, this product does live up to the hype. When I first opened the canister it looked and smelled pretty close to dirt. I immediately looked for the size of the scoop hoping it wasn't huge because I really couldn't imagine drinking this stuff! After finding a rather small scoop, approx. 1/2 tsp. size, I mustered enough courage to taste it. Not bad. Not much of a taste, chalky with a hint of dirt, but I figured in a smoothie I could deal with it. Well, it is UNNOTICABLE in my smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt..(Woot, Woot, Woot!!!) Can't taste Acai at all, but WOW what a feeling! I am a deep tissue massage therapist and by the end of the day I would be ready for the couch and a book...now I don't feel exhausted and I am much less sore after a long day. My joints seem less stiff, no bloat after lunch, no pain in my wrists. I only take one scoop a day and that seems to work for me. I am recommending this to my clients. I don't usually do that, but I really like this product. I am also allergic to seafood so I don't eat fish and this product provides me with 30mg of Omega 3, 500mg of Omega 6 and 1200mg of Omega 9. No sugar and 1g Carbo. All Natural. Put in BLENDER for best results...mixing with a spoon doesn't work at all....more info
  • if you're having trouble with the taste...
    I'd gotten the capsule version of this product, but had trouble swallowing them... so I wound up breaking them open to take it. First tried the powder in water -- not a good experience... it floats and sticks to the side of the glass and was just odd & unpleasant. The flavor reminds me of very strong black tea leaves with a hint of raspberry... not awful but fairly strong and strange. The mix I've found that works well and tastes good is to mix the powder in a little bit of cherry flavored jello -the little snack packs with the mixed fruit are good- the flavor of the acai powder and the jello complement each other. Now it's a treat instead of an ordeal and I do find I have more energy :)...more info
  • It is OK
    Just an OK product, I blend it in vanilla yogurt and it tastes nice, but I did not notice any results what-so-ever after consuming it. And it tastes like c--p when blended in plain yogurt or milk. Yikes....more info
  • Revisit earlier comments
    I did not believe this product did anything good. Now at the end of the use of my first purchase I may be changing my mind. I am ordering another Acai container by Amazon Thunder and I will give it another chance. RWT

    100% Pure Acai Fruit Powder with Camu Camu- By Amazon Thunder - 90g - Powerful Antioxidant
    ...more info


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