Barney Miller: The Complete Second Season

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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 01/22/2008 Run time: 565 minutes

Changes are in store for the men of the 12th Precinct in the second season of Barney Miller, which is presented in its entirety in this three-disc, no-frills collection. Chief among the wrinkles to the show's proven formula are the departure of Gregory Sierra's Chano Amenguale, who would leave for his own series after this season; also, Barbara Barrie, who made a strong impression as Barney's wife Liz in the first season, would be relegated to the sidelines for much of this episode run before leaving the series, though she does earn her own storyline for the first and only time in "Social Worker." Otherwise, the second season is focused largely on Barney and the rest of the detectives (as most fans preferred) as they wrangle with crazed gunmen ("The Sniper"), a marauding rodent ("You Dirty Rat"), job insecurity ("The Layoff") and a punishing New York city summer ("Heat Wave"). Hal Linden's smart performance as Barney remains the glue that holds the series together, though there is excellent work from Abe Vigoda as Fish and Max Gail as Wojciehowicz, especially in "The Kid" (Fish becomes enamored of a pickpocket's mother) and "Discovery" (Wojo investigates police harassment of a gay couple). Series followers will also note the presence of future cast members Steve Landesburg and Ron Carey among the guest cast; both would join the show (as Detective Arthur Dietrich and Office Carl Levitt) in the third season. Video quality is a little worse for wear in certain episodes; the set also features two superfluous "mini-episodes" of Charlie's Angels and The Facts of Life as its supplemental features. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • It's about time!
    More of this classy series has finally became available on DVD. The first season (a paltry 13 episodes) came out several years ago, and it has taken a long time to add to that collection. With all of the garbage that is being released on DVD, we need more of this level of quality.

    Barney Miller is an ensemble piece about a group of policemen trying to control the chaos without losing their humanity. Today's "cop shows" are so obsessed with realism that they forget the value of a little perspective, especially a humorous one. Like MASH, Barney Miller can take you from a guffaw to tears in a heartbeat, and the streets of New York City in the 70s provide an even more varied backdrop than does the Korean (or its analogue, the Vietnam) war.

    The episodes in this collection are classic, from "The Layoff" which was written in response to the city's plea to the Federal Government for emergency funding, to which the Feds responded with a resounding "Drop Dead" to the colorful characters that are always multidimensional and unique. The quality of this show is unsurpassed. I sincerely hope that the rest of these shows are released at reasonable intervals. They deserve far more respect and will deliver far more enjoyment than most of the rest of the drivel that is out there....more info
  • They'll finally get my money!!!!
    Five Stars. Hopefully this will sell off the shelves, and "they" won't wait so long to release future seasons of Barney Miller. ...more info
  • good stuff
    excellent stuff just as I remembered it from years ago laughed all the way
    who could live with a man like Fish great series recomend it I only wish that there was series 3&4 out because I will be the first to have it...more info
  • Season Two - Barney Miller - just gets better
    Season two of the Barney Miller series is a pleasure to watch. Each season, to me, gets better as the series matures. New characters come and go, new cast memebers are introduced and brought into the show. The writing and situations are crisp and funny. The women characters (the wives) are slowly being removed from the show, which I felt hampered the quality of it. This series is one of the few that got better as it went on. Great stuff and can't wait for the remainder of the series to make it on DVD. ...more info
  • Great Series Enters its Prime
    I had nearly given up hope that the second season would ever be released as the wait since Barney Miller - The First Season arrived has dragged on for years. Fans of the Barney Miller Show will be happy to see that the wait is finally over and perhaps we can even hope that subsequent years will be released at a much more rapid pace than what we've seen so far.

    While the first season was short and still finding its way, we start to see the show develop into its true routine here. Barney's wife is in just two episodes (a welcome relief) and life in the squad room clearly takes center stage. The one exception to that rule is a single episode that revolves around Fish (Abe Vigoda) that feels very much like a pilot for a spinoff series that never happened. That same episode also introduces the character of Det. Dietrich (Steve Landesberg) who becomes a regular in Season Three.

    Watching these episodes again after such a long time has been a real treat. The cast is stellar and the writing much more intelligent than the typical sitcom. Abe Vigoda is especially deserving of praise as his deadpan delivery makes almost anything seem funny. If you're a fan of the show, you will definitely want Season Two. If you haven't seen it and are curious this is actually a great place to start since the first season is very uneven in quality....more info
  • Excellent series
    It brought out good memories from the 1970s when they came out with the second series. The video and the audio were excellent. I can't wait for the third season when it comes out in December 2008. Thank you Amazon....more info
  • It's About Time!!!
    Thank goodness for the appearance of Barney Miller Season 2! :) I do have all the episodes from all 8 seasons, but most of them are edited TVLand copies so thank goodness for this! Please give us all 8 seasons! I was a kid when this series came out and I didn't remember half of it so these DVDs are great!

    Cannot wait for Season 3!! ...more info
  • good old shows
    it sure is good to see good quality programing like this, its a damm shame that now days after paying $100 or more a month for cable you have to buy dvd's because there is nothing on but crummy reality shows. nice to see good writing and acting and storys....more info
  • Hilarious and long overdue......
    BARNEY MILLER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is a great addition to anyone's DVD collection.
    The show ran from 1975 to 1982, but, other than clothing and references to current events of the day, I found myself forgetting that this second season was originally broadcast more than thirty years ago. The jokes are fast and furious and Hal Linden (Barney Miller) and the rest of the cast are wonderful. The episodes run the gambit of scenarios. Everything from retirement to on-the-job romance to gay bashing are dealt with intelligently and humorously. I'm almost certain you'll find yourself watching these episodes again and again. These are hard times and it's important to make time for laughter. Life is too short....more info
  • nostalgia
    I still think Barney Miller is one of the best comedies.The relationships between the main characters is a delight to watch and some of the "customers" are a real joy.w.u....more info
  • One Of The BEST!!!!
    Thank Goodness....FINALLY The Second Season!!!! One Of The All-Time Classics Is Released!! The Show Had A Great Cast, Sharp Writing And Some Of The Great Guest Stars!!!!! I Hope That We See Season Three Soon!!! I Am Very Happy Today!!!...more info
  • Long overdue.
    This is about 4 years overdue. I look forward to picking it up, and I hope the next installment doesn't have to wait another 4 years.
    The cast is just beginning to settle into their roles, though they are still adding detectives here an there, trying things out.
    Season 3 is the golden season. The really hit a groove that year. I am looking forward to seeing some of these episodes though.
    Detrich makes his first appearence this season in the episode Fish, about halfway through this season. But it's only one episode. Steve Landsberg also makes an appearence in the first episode of season 2 as Father Paul. His first full season is season 3 when he gets trained by Fish, and is constantly having to move from desk to desk....more info
  • DVD TV
    I bought season one long time ago, now bought season two. I now remember it on TV growing up. Still good and funny....more info
  • Barney Miller Season 2
    This is one of the all time classics and is always good for a laugh. I don't think their is anyone funnier than Fish with his dry humor....more info
  • It's Finally Here!!!!!
    The long awaited second season of one of TV's greatest comedies has arrived. The second season is even better than the first for a series that is good enough to carry great comedy for eight years without leaving the squad room.

    Now I just have to wait until the 3rd through 8th seasons are released......more info
  • Barney Miller: The Complete Second Season
    The producers found their niche in the second season of Barney Miller. The laughs are cranked up as is the realism. Will they survive the layoffs? Will they ever get heat again? Will the federal government bailout New York City? And, yet, they find ways to make us laugh at what many consider to be the most real cop show on television.

    Linda Lavin makes four appearances as Det. Wentworth (Before she became "Alice"); She & Wojo are developing a relationship. Dietrich makes his first appearance (appearing a few episodes before as a priest who never was). Fish is on the verge of retirement, we even get an episode of him at home. Harris begins his writing career for the local police newspaper.

    The comedy is turned on high, we can't help but laugh at what goes on at Precinct 12. Even Barney himself carries on as a trooper maneuvering through a couple of episodes with a broken foot. This set has 22 episodes on 3 discs but there aren't any bonus features. I'm not going to count the two excerpts from other ABC series going on DVD. Get this season 2 of Barney Miller & see what made this show a hit!...more info
  • Barney Miller Season Two
    Price was good and arrival time was quick. It is fun to watch the old comedies....more info
  • now,.....................
    lets get more episodes available. i want them all and why are we having to wait for them? someone is going to come out with them on bootleg sets and we wont need Amazon anymore........ ...more info
  • Needs more stars for the rating
    Barney Miller was(along with Hill Street Blues and the first three seasons of MASH) the last prime-time, commercial television show that I actually scheduled into my weekly "To-Do" list, so I greeted with absolute elation the news that somebody had finally made the second season available. I check here almost daily to see if additional seasons have been released (and would appreciate if anybody in the know would let me know if the release of additional seasons are on the way.)
    It isn't hard to figure out why Barney M. was, and still is, the high watermark in television comedy: Good writing. The story, the humor was everything. No exotic sets (basically the entire eight seasons are shot in the squad room) no special effects, no sex, no violence. All the money seems to have been spent on writing good scripts. The cast look, talk and act like real, believable people in the real world. (There are actually old people in the cast, women who don't bulge from low-cut blouses and parents that don't look like high school students.) Even more amazing, most of the characters dealt with here are actually non-people like taxi drivers, plumbers, waitresses and street urchins who take a bus to work. Everybody in entertainment today knows that real people are doctors, lawyers, advertising executives, bankers and handsome corporate heads who drive expensive sports cars. Character development is fantastic, and even semi-regulars like Lugar and Skanlon are unique, superbly developed characters..and hilarious.
    This show is, above all, a rare adult comedy. I understand it hasn't been released before (aside from the first season) because there didn't seem to be a market for it.
    ...more info
  • "Barney Miller" Really Gets Rolling
    After a somewhat shakey start in its short first season, "Barney Miller", here in the second season, develops the format that made it so popular that it could last eight seasons. Although Barney's wife, Liz, is shown in the show's opening we actually see her very little, which I think was the right move. Whereas in the first season we see numerous scenes that take place outside the squad room, by the second season, almost all activity is restricted to that one set. However, the most important change was making Wojo (played by Max Gail) the frequent main focus of the stories. I think this came as a disappointment to Gregory Sierra who played Sgt Chano Amangual, the Puerto Rican detective who left the show after this season. Sierra was the most well-known actor when the series began, and yet as the second season progresses, we see less and less of him and there are few episodes in which he is the focus of attention. In the first season there was an episode that showed him undergoing a crisis because he was forced to shoot and kill and suspect and we see him in anguish over this, an episode in which he was able to show his acting abilities to the fullest. However, the creators of the show felt that this type of story was not appropriate for a comedy so by the second season we no longer see stories of this type. I presume that it was frustration over this that led Sierra to leave the series, which I think was unfortunate. Linda Lavin appears in several episodes as Det. Wentworth, but this also didn't last very long. Steve Landesberg is introduced as Fish's nemesis, Det Arthur Dietrich. Although we don't see much of him in this second season, he later became one of the stars of the show and we see flashes of his dry humor that added so much to the show. I also feel that Abe Vigoda's role as Det Philip K Fish was too restricted because almost everything he says is a complaint about his age, his health, his wife Bernice and his need to go to the restroom. Having mentioned these minor complaints of mine, I still want to say that the show is one of the finest comedy series ever made. Many comedies of the 1970's that I once found hilarious, such as "The Odd Couple", "Bob Newhart" and "All in the Family" now seem dated to me but "Barney Miller" is the exception and it is still fresh as it was then.
    My favorite episode is "Fear of Flying" in which Wojo's reluctance to fly in an airplane while extraditing a prisoner to Cleveland (of all places!) is the centerpiece. His charge is a bigamist played by the always deadpan Jack Riley and whose wife in New York, played by the underappreciated actress Valerie Curtin shows up at the 12th Precinct and overdoses on sleeping pills. Wojo calls the hospital and they tell him that she must "emtpy her know...upchuck!" as Wojo tells Barney in his inimitable Polish way. Upon hearing this everyone turns to Yemana and says "give her coffee!". See it for yourself to see how it turns out!...more info
  • OH The Good Old Days!!!!
    Nice to watch some of my old time favorites with all that is put on TV today
    it's great clean family fun to watch!!!...more info
  • Barney miller 2nd season
    My only gripe is, what took so long for the 2nd season to come out? Well-acted, witty, and really not too far removed from reality. They don't make shows like this anymore........more info
  • Barney Miller: Timeless and Classic
    Barney Miller is one of those shows that holds up over time, even if its' ideals and naviete are of a bygone era. Barney, played by Hal Linden, is the fatherly figure that leads this wonderful ensemble of actors through daily life at the 12th precinct in New York City. Whether it's dealing with the myriad of characters his detectives come into contact with or helping his men deal with their own problems, he is a thoughtful listener as he guides them to their own solutions. Two of the detectives, played by Abe Vigoda and Jack Soo had a deadpan delivery of their lines that would have been the envy of Jack Benny or Steven Wright. Ron Glass-the hip dectective is also a part time writer and full time clotheshorse and trend-setter; Maxwell Gail, Wojohowitz, finds his ideals don't always jive with those he comes into contact with. His temper tends to get to get the better of him when this happens, and when it does, fatherly Capt. Miller steps in to calm things down. Gregory Sierra, as Det. Almanguada, is the Latino that seesaws between what the writers saw as the Latino temper stereotype and a more subdued and reflective individual. Sierra, rises above the writing to deliver wonderful performances. While the writing relects some stereotypic ideas and traits, Barney Miller is and was a sensitive and idealized portrayal of not only the realationship between law enforcement and public but also between individuals themselves. The humor is smart and crisp. Best of all, Barney Miller is never maudeline, much to the credit of the writers, director and cast. It is one of the best series ever produced. ...more info
  • About time, of course!
    Finally releasing it, so very glad of that, the first season dvd is getting worn out ;)
    ...more info
  • Criminally Overlooked and Forgotten!
    There are several sitcoms from the 70's that have worn well - The Bob Newhart Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show, and this, Barney Miller. The first season, which was just a half season, set the stage for the second season, and the series only got better. A terrific ensemble cast, great stories and very well directed. Linda Lavin's best role was here as Det. Janice Wentworth, definitely NOT Alice. Abe Vigoda as Fish reels off great one-liners. Much was made at the time (I was 15) about the diversity of the group and it genuinely made a difference. Plus you get a better insight to the 70's than just about any show with respect to the issues of the day. I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out!!!...more info
  • Top five favorite shows
    This is a great series. Even with the changes in the cast at various times, the writing is great, and the characters are very well drawn. ...more info
  • Season 3 and onward are even better
    I remember watching Barney Miller when it was on the prime time schedule in the late 70's and early 80's, and I remember watching it on reruns in the 90's. This is great and has it's moments, but like many sitcoms, it improves with age. I believe Season 3 will have much more Dietrich, Inspector Ruger, and Officer Levitt, and that's when the show really came into it's own. Jack Soo as Nick Yemana was hilarious and so understated. To tell you the truth, I did not even remember Linda Lavin being on the show, and I liked her show Alice. Thank God for DVD's of old shows to keep us entertained during this vast wasteland state of current television....more info
  • Great show, great cast, low quality transfer
    I am so glad to have this show, it has been worth the wait. The cast is stellar, the writing smart and what a trip down memory lane. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5: I am disappointed with the poor quality of picture on some of the episodes -- this is DVD man! But to be able to laugh over and over is definitely worth every penny. It is time for Sony to get on the ball and release the rest of the show. Thank you Hal Linden, Ron Glass, Max Gail and everyone in the cast for delivering great timeless performances....more info
  • Losing faith in TV on DVD
    I'll keep it short. Let's face it. Barney Miller's first two seasons were the weakest, especially the first. The wife doesn't even fit into the stories, and it is obvious this dimension was forced. If printing stops after season two, my review will drop from three stars into the negatives. If a series is committed to DVD, do it RIGHT, and do it COMPLETELY....more info
  • My only real problem was the long wait.
    I have always considered Barney Miller, from start to finish, the best overall comedy series ever created. Having purchased the first season several years back I had given up on seeing any more seasons released. So I was pleasantly surprised to see season two available. The show picks up steam in the second season and becomes more definitive of the kind of show it will be in the long run. Season two, as were all the following seasons, were intelligently written, brightly funny, and the entire cast throughout was excellent. Barney was one of the few shows that retained it's quality throughout it's run which was very hard to do. This was accomplished even through major character changes, including the departure of Abe Vigoda as Fish, and the sadly way too early death of Jack Soo and his excellent character of Yemana. It probably helped that some character changes were for the better as Steve Landesburg as Deitrick (sorry if I misspelled both of those names) was clearly a step up over Gregory Sierra's Chano and he helped fill the gap left by Fish. And even though she was amusing, I am glad Linda Lavin was not there for the long run. But overall, much like M*A*S*H and Cheers, the quality was there throughout the run of the show, which was quite an accomplishment for a show lasting the 8 or 9 or so years Barney did.

    The only negative thing I could say about this set is it has the most cumbersome menu screen of any set I own and regretably the official copyright infringement warning is included before every episode which I thought was rather excessive. I think most people who own more than two DVD's or sets are well aware of the meaning of Sept. 8, 1977 by now. But that alone will not deter me from buying the rest of the seasons if they are released. I would hope the menu would be changed on future releases but even if they are not I would buy every other season right now if they were available. And it could be worse, at least there are no previews on disc one of shows that might be totally uninteresting to the viewer that cannot be fast forwarded through like I have on at least two other sets.

    All in all this is a great product and a great set of a great show. I would encourage everyone who ever enjoyed Barney Miller to buy this set, and the first one too if you haven't already, so we can maybe help influence the release of further seasons. ...more info
  • Barney Miller. Second Series.
    Along with Police Squad, this has to be one of the funniest Police skits of all time. It rarely steps out of the squad room, but the programme seems richer for it because we can really get to grips with the depth of the characters within the series. There's seriously funny one liners alongside some really subtle stuff, as well as some very pertinent moments that tug on your heart strings like a bulldozer. On top of that, you get the wierd and wonderful characters that occupy the cage from time to time.

    Thouroughly recommended....more info
  • Desert Island TV
    I'm not a DVD collector. No TV episodes. Only two exceptions: 1) Homicide: Life on the Street. 2) Barney Miller. These shows offer superior writing, casting, acting and story lines that literally embarrass the drivel festering today's airwaves. Always witty and oftentimes poignant, Barney Miller is simply great yucks and a joy to watch. This series improved consistently, especially from season 3 onwards, as the characters settled into their groove. A truly great ensemble cast! If all the remaining episodes were released today, Amazon would have my order within the hour. Essential television....more info


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